Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own Helsing and Harry Potter.

Pairing: Alucard/Harry

Word Count: 541 (only actual Drabble)

One Drabble a Day Challenge, Date: Saturday, October 31st, 2009


Fortune, for today at least, must have been in my favor. Smirking, I eye the delicious looking sight in front of me:

A slim, lithe figure, drenched in crimson, emerald eyes wide and the contrast of such vivid colors beautiful against snow pale skin. Panting heavily, the lithe boy is covered with nothing more than a tattered night-shirt and boxers that, ragged and tattered as they are, barely do anything good in hiding the smooth expanse of creamy pale neck I eyed with hunger.

He sat in a circle of dead bodies: a thrown, a tribute. Like the only living lily in a field of dead flowers, he stands, as if waiting for him.

Halloween had always been my favorite holiday. Trash had always deemed this a day to lose what little control they had and create ghouls and mates for themselves, and the wandering children and adolescence only made it so much more easier for them.

Little lily hadn't been an exception to this: apparently some trash had decided that this little morsel would made an ideal mate—not that he disagreed, because the little lily would make an amazing treat—and had killed the flower's family before attempting to turn him.

Well, it's attempt had been in vain. Little lily had his thorns, and apparently had no desire to mate with the idiot that now lay in a pile of ashes on the floor.

" you want? Why are you here?"

Little lily panted out, eyes narrowed and hands firm on the handle of the slim katana he had used to kill the trash that lay before him.


Little lily didn't look all too surprised, although his eyes did narrow.

"Who the hell are you? And why are you here...really."

Ah, the little thing is distrustful. Amusing.

"My name, little lily, is Alucard. Feel free to call me master, though."

His eyes widen a little at my nick name before he sends me an annoyed look for the last bit.

"Don't hold your breath on it, or, rather, do," he sounds delectable in his attempt at a dry drawl.

"Silly, silly little lily: I don't need to breathe."

I smile in a manner that my childe repeatedly calls frightening although my little lily does not even bat an eyelash at me.

"What are you doing here?"

He repeats, eying me suspiciously as I circle him slowly, his grip on the katana tightening. I don't bother to tell him even with his weapon I am still faster than he is, so there is no point in him holding it. Let him keep his securities...for now, at least.

"I am here, little lily, because you are here."

"Harry. My name is Harry, so don't call me that."

He demands. I smile, amused, and stop my circling.


I say his name and delight in his shiver.

"How would you like to leave this place?"

He hesitates, faltering slightly before turning to me with a thoughtful expression.

"And where would we go?" He finally asks.

My smile turns into a grin.

"Anywhere you want, Harry."

Fortune, on this day, was most definitely in my favor, because my little lily simply smiles and takes my hand.

Happy Halloween indeed.