She was scared. She was so scared. The house was dark and creepy with only a few candles illuminating her way. Outside the wind and the rain blew ferociously shaking the house and her all ready tense nerves. "Where is it?" she whispered fear creeping in her voice. "It's got to be here somewhere!!" Clutching the flashlight tightly in her hand she searched the eerie dark living room jumping every time the thunder boomed and the lightning crackled.
"Well the living room is out." she whispered glancing around the room. Her palms felt sweaty and her stomach was filled with butterflies. She was scared. She was so scared. She had to find it. She just had to!!!

She walked into the kitchen and searched through all the drawers and cupboards. "Nothing!!" she cried running her hands over her face. "I have to find it!!"
Sitting down at the table she placed the flashlight next to her and contemplated her next move. "It's not in the living room or the kitchen. But, I know it's somewhere in this house. It has to be!!!" With renewed determination she grabbed the flashlight and headed into the living room. Glancing around the room she decided to look in her study.

He grinned devilishly. He just knew she was downstairs rummaging through drawers and cupboards searching for it. He laughed to himself. "This is so much fun." he snickered. Taking his flashlight and clutching the very sought after item in his other hand he slowly descended the stairs.

She looked everywhere in her study. Under the couch cushions. Behind her books. The wind and rain continued to shake the house as the fear that she would never find it overwhelmed her. She didn't want to admit defeat but it looked like she had no choice. Sighing heavily she left her study.

Lightning flashed illuminating the living room. She jumped when she saw him sitting by the fireplace grinning at her.

"Tony!! You scared me 1/2 to death!!" she cried clutching her her chest.

He got up and slowly walked towards her. "Hello, my love. Is something the matter?"

"Yes." she pouted.

"Oh, my sweet. What is it?"

"Well I....." she stopped. She couldn't tell him. He had all ready given her a lecture about it before. "Oh it's nothing." she tried to convince him.
But he wasn't fooled. He knew and she knew that he knew. Grinning he turned and went back to the chair he had been sitting in and grabbed the item.

"Is this what you've been looking for?"

"Yes!!" she cried grabbing it out of his hand. "You had it the whole time didn't you?!" she accused him giving him one of her famous pouts.

Chuckling he slipped his arm around her waist and led her to the couch. Sitting down he pulled her into his lap and nuzzled her neck. "Well I had to hide this bag after you ate all the other Halloween candy."

"That wasn't nice Mr Micelli." she scolded him digging into the bag to get some candy. "Just for that you're sleeping on the couch tonight." she grinned at him as she ate some of the candy.

"Only if you'll be here with me." he said huskily trailing kisses up and down her neck before kissing her sweet chocolaty tasting lips.