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It had taken him fifteen years, much of which, sabotage and outright assassination had become a norm in his entire life. But finally, after meticulous planning and assimilation, he had achieved his true ambition. The sight before him now, was one that he enjoyed to the fullest.

Uzumaki Naruto watched in open satisfaction atop the crumbled Hokage monument. Below him, fire consumed the accursed village, mingling with the screams of the scared and dying. The air was thick with the stench of smoke and burnt flesh. Yet it was a smell of victory to the young blond, an accomplishment that he had yearned for ever since he had been but a child.

The village deserved it.

No one had seen fit to acknowledge him as a human. In fact, he was treated as the lowest of the vermins in society. He had to fend for himself ever since his toddler years and the only refuge he recieved was in the wilds, mingling with the beasts who recognized his hidden power.

They treated him as a demon so Naruto saw fit to become one. He eventually found out about his tenant and in sheer cunning and control, assimilated the demon fox into himself, becoming the next Kyuubi.

Ever since, he had methodically planned out the destruction of the village; going so far as to create the persona of a happy idiot with big dreams of becoming the Hokage.

The ruse had worked and he continued to grow unnoticed by his peers. He maintained his persona for quite some time while secretly, began to gather onto him a multitude of abilities and allies. It contined this way until Naruto was sure that everything had fallen into order.

His first order of business had been to take whatever advantage he could get in the shinobi world, whether they be political or blood. His unwitting teammate became the first to offer his aid against his will.

Taking the Uchiha's Sharingan had been so incredibly easy, and his look of absolute shock and horror had only been the icing on the cake.

His new eyes were set and thanks to his ability to harness youki, Naruto had mutated Uchiha Sasuke's Sharingan into something else. Itachi, who had arrived soon after, commented on how it might have been a permanent Mangekyou before Naruto killed him. If he didn't have a permanent Sharingan before, he certainly obtained it after Itachi's death.

The next order of business was to eliminate all possible obstacles that may stand in his way. Jiraiya, Tsunade, and his so called 'friends' from the Academy, were all butchered by him. Their shock at his betrayal only made their deaths all more easier to create.

It was almost sickening at how easy it was to betray them all, at how their eyes widen with sheer disbelief that it was Naruto, the so called idiot with the heart of gold, who stood on top, watching them bleed to death.

A part of him supposed that a dream long since lost would have been fulfilled had he retained that persona.

But vengeance had long since destroyed that dream and nothing short of Konoha's utter destruction would have satiated his desires.

And that desire had been fulfilled.

Without their great leaders and defenders to protect them, Konoha was absolutely defenseless when he launched his path of carnage. No one was spared, not even the women and children. In his eyes, all who bore the symbol of Konoha on their person was an enemy.

And by nightfall, he had smoked his enemies and ruined their homes.

"And with this, I take my leave." Naruto turned and walked away. There was nothing to remember the village now aside from the burnt ashes and the desecrated faces of the Hokage monument. By daylight, shinobis from all around will have sent scouts to check on just what happened. Soon, the lost of the strongest shinobi village will have created a power vacuum and infighting would occur.

Naruto left with a smile, knowing that this marked the destruction of the shinobi world.

The young blond casted an eye back towards the ruins once more, feeling just a hint of nostalgia and regret. Though he had been absolute in his mission, there were a few that he might have allowed to live, were he to have not hardened his heart.

Hinata, who had been nothing but good to him, was one that he might have had started a relationship with. For a time, him being with her had been a pleasant dream, where he was not the village's bane and she was not the important heiress of a powerful clan.

But like all dreams, it had to end. At the very least, he killed her as painlessly as possible and she seemed to have understood even as she laid dying in his arms.

He gave a small, sad smile, and never looked back again.

Naruto raised his arms and began chanting in the demonic tongue of the Bijuus. Ancient knowledge flooded into his mind and the air began to distort all around him. Were anyone still alive near him, they would have been utterly shocked at the amount of youki that was being released. It's volume was so great and thick that it looked as if a new fire had suddenly sprung up from atop the mountains.

Finally, the distortion in the enviroment gave way to a tear, opening up to reveal a river of energy. Naruto slowly lowered his hands and ran in without a second thought. The tear closed up and healed right after his entry, leaving no traces that the young demon had been there.

Naruto's actions had doomed the shinobi world and he had no regrets. He now goes to a new dimension; one where he would no longer have to associate with his past any longer.



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