This is my first fanfic. I am not asking you to go lenient on me, but to review even harsher.

Summary: Last of the fiendish spawn, born in hate, and unable to reannounce his instincts, Ashespaw is a fox in ThunderClan. As he struggles to remain worthy of the Clans, darkness lurks in every corner, waiting for a chance to rise.

It is not as straight forward as it sounds. I've read a few fics about Firestar adopting the fox cubs from The Sight. They were complete bull. So I decided to attempt something of the similar ideals.

Okay, here it goes....





Leader: Salmonstar- gray and white tom with striking salmon-pink eyes. Finding that she could not find a name suitable for him, Blossompelt just called him 'Kit' until his eyes changed into salmon-pink. Is a just leader and has a sense of what's right or wrong, but his heart clouds his logic

Apprentice: Cloudpaw

Deputy: Quailfeather- brown-gray tom with serious brown eyes. He is wiser than any cat, and is Salmonstar's closest friend, also the logical one. His strategies usually work, and he is very modest about his brilliance.

Medicine Cat: Brookstream- light gray-brown she-cat. She has a strong connection with StarClan, and very good with herbs. Typically, she is gentle, but gets jealous easily.


Redpelt- huge reddish tom with a great sense of humor and scarred pelt. Despite his fearsome looks and gigantic size, Redpelt has a soft spot of kits, pretty she-cats, corny jokes, and lots of food. His mate is Silvermist, who is almost the exact opposite of him. Apprentice: Tinypaw

Dappledleaf-gray with darker flecks she-cat with green eyes. She adopted the fox Ashespaw, making her have a dropout out of popularity and causing a drift between her and her mate Lionclaw. She would do anything to defend her adopted son from prosecutors.

Apprentice: Gingerpaw

Lionclaw- a dark golden tabby tom with blue eyes. He was devoted to Dappleleaf before she adopted "that filth", creating a rift between them. Since then, it was rumored that he refused to have kits with her. His affections now turn to Pigeonflight, even though she is mamy moons older.

Darktail- a black tom with amber eyes, brother to Redpelt. Is somewhat grouchy and spiteful. He was most reluctant to take Ashespaw as his apprentice, but grudgingly admitted that he was a good apprentice.

Apprentice: Ashespaw

Badgerstripe-white tom with a black stripe down his back. He absolutely hates Ashespaw, and tries to end the friendship between Ashespaw and Fawnpaw without much success. He is very ambitious, but a loyal warrior.

Apprentice: Vervainpaw

[X]Brambletail- golden tabby tom with dark brown eyes.

Pigeonflight- pale brown-gray she-cat with blue eyes. Her mate used to be Snowclaw, until he died from serious injuries from a brutal fox attack. They one kit together, but it was stillborn. Despite that her mate died in a fox attack, she does not blame Ashespaw, and welcomes him like an old friend. She is protective and a great hunter. Lionclaw frequently shows her his affection, but she doesn't return them. She remains loyal to her Snowclaw, and her friend Dappleleaf. She is eager for new gossip, and is considered quite a chatterbox.

[X] Snowclaw- a white tom. His mate was Pigeonflight, but their sole kit was stillborn. Still, he remained faithful to her until his untimely death.

Butterflywing- tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. Cats said that she used to be an outgoing, happy-go-lucky she-cat who had a nose in everyone's business, not to mention very playful. But when her beloved twin sister, Featherrain, died, her mind became deranged and crazed. Now she lives with the elders, sheltered and cared. Occasionally, she has fierce, angry fits, and gets violent, but normally she is almost sane and very harmless. She cannot stand Ashespaw, for it reminds her how her sister died in the paws of a fox.


Tinypaw- if you describe him in one word, it would definitely not be tiny. Slightly larger, taller, and more muscled than the average tom, Mapleleaf was just having some fun when she named him. Is a quiet observer and kind of shy among other cats older than him or the opposite gender. He is midnight black with warm hazel eyes. His best friend is Fawnpaw and Ashespaw.

Gingerpaw- a ginger tom with green eyes. He is a descendant of Firestar, and attains some of his ancestor's best qualities. He is smart, talented, athletic, handsome, confident, brilliant, and superb at flirting. His biggest flaws are personal pride, jealousy, and cowardiness. He knows he can woo any female, except Fawnpaw. This drives him crazy, and makes him flirt with her even more, even though she doesn't return his affections.

Fawnpaw- pale gold she-cat with the dark blue eyes. She isn't as pretty as her mother and Stormpaw, but has her father's kindness. She despises bloodshed, and is very gentle, but can be fierce when it is needed, especially when defending friends. Has a small crush on Tinypaw. Her best friend is Ashespaw.

[X] Cloudpaw- white tom with yellow eyes. Very grave and quiet. Died at a young age in a brutal fox attack.

Stormpaw- exact copy of her mother, Silvermist, inside out. She is bad-tempered to her older sister Fawnpaw, and finds Fawnpaw funny to bully around because of her kind spirit and friendship to a fox.

Ashespaw- a red fox with amber eyes. He is constantly surrounded by whispers of his heritage, but is determined to prove them wrong, though his natural fiendish fox instincts get in the way. He is rather snappy and elusive, which can be misunderstood as unfriendliness. He is curious in everything, and wonders occasionally what life would be like if he was still with his birth family. His best friend is Fawnpaw, who he owns her his life.


Mapleleaf- brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes. She is nice, and like the rare few pawful of cats, she doesn't hate Ashespaw. Is a close friend and consoler to Dappleleaf. Mate: Salmonstar Kits: Pebblekit, Brookstream, Tinypaw

Silvermist- erotic, extremely exquisite silver she-cat with beautiful blue eyes that are highlighted with hints of silver. She has a slender form, delicate muzzle, dainty paws, and the sleekest fur of all Clans. Although pretty, she is typically useless, because when she was an apprentice, toms of all ages kept on providing her prey, trying to woo the attractive she-cat, so she didn't have to catch it herself. Has a bad temper, likes to be the center of attention, and constantly grooming her shiny pelt. She is constantly flirting with toms, and embraces the lustful attention. Mate: Redpelt Kits: Goosekit, Frogkikit, Heatherkit, Stormpaw, Fawnpaw

[X]Ravenflight- black she-cat with ice blue eyes. She died defending the nursery from foxes. Her kits Crowkit and Birchkit were thus given to Silvermist to nurse. Mate: Badgerstripe Kits: Crowkit, Birchkit, Lionclaw, Gingerpaw


Blossompelt- a once pretty tortoiseshell she-cat (Blossomkit in the Power of Three). Her mate is Toadfoot. Her kits are: Salmonstar, Featherrain, Butterflywing.

Frostheart- White she-cat with blue eyes, a descendant of the great Doveflight, a powerful she-cat. She was very wise in her time, but she has gone slightly batty over the years. Her mate is unknown, and her kits are Quailfeather and Redpelt.

Toadfoot- a black-and-white tom with gray paws (Toadkit in the PoT). His mate is Blossompelt. Very cranky, and likes to bicker with Breezepelt to see who is the grouchiest at Gatherings. Of course, Breezepelt wins most of the time.


Leader: Minnowstar- a fairly young small gray she-cat with amber eyes. She is strict and merciless, but just. Her hostility towards Ashespaw influences her Clan's reaction.

Deputy: Crowtalon- dark gray tom

Medicine Cat: Hollythorn- prickly dark tabby she-cat with amber eyes.


Blackfur- heavy-set black tom

Apprentice: Rainpaw

Tansyheart- black she-cat with amber-red eyes

Treefoot- long legged dark brown tabby tom

Apprentice: Lightpaw

[X] Tigerstripe- orange tabby tom with black stripes

Apprentice: Petalpaw

Smoketail- smoky gray tom

Apprentice: Marshpaw

Owltalon- light brown tabby tom

Apprentice: Goldenpaw

[X] Thistletail- long-haired tabby she-cat


Rainpaw- black tom

Lightpaw- pretty gray and white she-cat with soft blue eyes

Petalpaw- gray she-cat with amber eyes

Marshpaw- dark tom with amber eyes

Goldenpaw- fluffy ginger she-cat


Juniperfoot- gray-blue she-cat with dark green eyes. Mate: Tigerstripe Kits: Goldenpaw, Petalpaw, Rainpaw, Yewkit

Hawkflight- red-brown she-cat with blue eyes. Mate: Owltalon Kits: Cloverkit, Dustkit


Yarrowfur- ginger she-cat with light amber eyes.

Eaglewing- dark tabby tom with white belly, muzzle, and paws and amber eyes.


Leader: Silentstar- a black tom with no opinion about Ashespaw whatsoever. He believes in second chances, but knows when a punishment is justly deserved. He had lost his voice in a battle, and now relies on his deputy or mate to translate his signs.

Deputy: Squirreltail- ginger tom with a bushy tail

Apprentice- Dewpaw

Medicine Cat: Puddlenose- gray and white tom


Brairthorn- a brown tabby she-cat who is accquantaines with Dapple_. Her mate is Sparrowwing.

Sparrowwing- speedy gray tom with amber eyes. His mate is Briarthorn.

Apprentice: Flamepaw

Harewhisker- lean light brown tom with long whiskers

Barkpelt- long haired brown tabby tom

Drifwoodtail- gray tom

Lilypond- pretty white she-cat with green eyes


Flamepaw- ginger tabby tom with amber eyes

Dewpaw- pretty white she-cat


Roseleaf- pretty brown gray she-cat. Mate: Squirreltail Kits: Briarthorn, Flamepaw

Sandfire- light ginger she-cat with brown eyes. Mate: Nightstar Kits: Flyingkit, Dewpaw Sparrowing

Leafpelt- black she-cat with green eyes and white paws. Mate: Harewhisker


Breezepelt- cranky tom, oldest cat in all the Clans. He has lived for a surprisingly long time. He likes to bicker with Toadfoot at Gatherings to see who is the grouchiest, but he is friends with the ThunderClan tom. He sees something special in the lonely fox at ThunderClan, but doesn't dare to admit that out loud. His beloved Heathertail died moons ago to greencough, making him even more unbearable.


Leader: Graystar- gray and white tom

Apprentice: Elderpaw

Deputy: Stonefoot- sleek light gray she-cat

Apprentice: Tanpaw

Medicine Cat: Zenithcloud- misty gray she-cat with dreamy blue eyes

Apprentice: Reefpaw


Amberpelt- beautiful amber colored she-cat with blue eyes (distant relative of the great Leopardstar and some Tigerstar blood)

Apprentice: Dawnpaw

Heatherwind- light brown she-cat with amber eyes

Runningstorm- dark gray tom

Almondpelt- light brown tom

Brackenclaw- bracken colored tom

Swiftheart- gray tom


Elderpaw- dark brown tabby tom

Reefpaw- reddish-ginger tom

Dawnpaw- pretty creamy colored she-cat

Tanpaw- tan colored tom


Lightningflash- light ginger she-cat with dark gray eyes. Mate: Runningstorm Kits: Littlekit, Gorsekit, Meadowkit

Robinfeather- red-gold she-cat. Mate: Graystar Kits: Dawnpaw, Elderpaw, Larchkit, Fernkit.


Stumptail- dark brown tabby tom with light blue eyes

Sootlily- light gray tabby she-cat with blinded yellow eyes

Jaggednose- dark gray tom