Trick-orTreat? Treat indeed.

Bella bites roughly, clamping down, with her full pink lips surrounding the ripe flesh. The red juice filling up inside her mouth overriding her senses with the rich sweetness only it can possess.

She closes her eyes in delight as she feeds and savors the taste, devouring it in its entirety while the family watches on. She lifts up her head with a satisfied smile, showing her stained incisors. Edward doesn't know how he found such a natural process to be so erotic, but did anyway.

She let out a small moan of ecstasy and to be honest, Edward did too.

"I don't know what kind of person gives someone strawberries for Halloween, but I have to go and thank them!"

At that Edward mumbled "me too," too low for anyone else to hear.

Happy Halloween America!