The Werewolf Report Part 55 Ianto Jones 2008

Werewolves and their change are not solely ruled by the full moon. They can change anytime they want between human and werewolf, whether it be night or day, half moon or no moon, but they cannot stop the change that will take place during the full moon. There are certain months that changing between bodies becomes more exhausting and difficult than others e.g. March and December, and other months were changing is easier e.g. February and October. Werewolves age at an almost unnoticeable rate, far slower than that of a human, meaning they live to a very old age (no figures at this time). There are rumours about a human being newly turned in the mid 1800's alive to this day (2009). Similarly, there is evidence of a werewolf born in 1916 also alive today (2009). He is officially 93 years old, but because of the slow aging rate, looks no older than early 20's. (See The Blaidd Report 1966 for further details.) Most werewolves will only mate with other werewolves that they have turned; while many others will mate just with werewolves. This means that many wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends have been turned. There is also a very small group of werewolves that don't mate with any other werewolves, these are usually the loners of the 'pack' or don't wish to be involved with any werewolves. A small few of that group 'mate' with just humans. This reluctance to mate with other werewolf's may be a result of the afflicted living in denial of their change, or equally, owing to a desire not to pass their 'curse' onto a beloved.

January - Old Moon/Ice Moon and December - Oak Moon/Cold Moon/Frost Moon Werewolves do not hibernate, but during January and December werewolves do not kill, but will eat the food sorted during October and November. Also, during January and December they take part in very little recreational sex.

February - Wolf Moon/Hunger Moon During February (the wolf moon) werewolves can change more frequently between human and werewolf. This is because strength increases during this month, making the afflicted able to handle the painful transforms more easily. Their senses also become heightened to help them find food and a mate. February has the third highest statistics of kills of humans, sheep and cattle (sometimes even chickens) by werewolves. This is because during the Hunger moon (the wolf moon is also known as the Hunger moon) the werewolf's hunger grows because of their changes becoming more frequent and their participation in more sexual activates. Both the human and the werewolf will eat high quantities of foods from all of the five groups. Instead of the normal recommended servings from the food groups, the human and werewolf will eat three to four times that. Alpha werewolves during this month will look for a temporary mate. Sometimes they mate with the same werewolf every year, but unlike 'normal' creatures, werewolves don't necessarily mate to produce young. One or two remaining families of werewolves (travelling packs) do mate to produce young, but many werewolves prefer to turn people into werewolves during October (harvest/blood moon) or November (hunter's/snow moon) instead in preparation for the next Hunger Moon.

March - Lenten Moon/Sugar Moon Throughout March the werewolves' diet changes. Instead of eating a high level of meat (humans, sheep, cattle and chickens) they will eat a lesser quantity of meat, and as humans will ingest more sugary and fatty foods. Werewolves will also spend more time sleeping than normal. Their energy having been sapped from the activities of the previous month i.e. the mating and frequent transformations. The pregnant female will be resting before giving birth next month, while equally other werewolves will be resting to look after the young.

April - Egg Moon/Waking Moon The female werewolves impregnated during February will give birth after roughly 63 days (April and sometimes early May). More often than not the female werewolves will give birth as a werewolf (there has been an only handful of werewolves recorded giving births as a human). Human werewolf births -a werewolf in their human body- has a much higher chance of killing both mother and child.

May - Milk Moon During the five months of May, June (Flower Moon/Strawberry Moon), July (Hay Moon/Thunder Moon), August (Grain Moon/Red moon/Lighting Moon) and September ( Fruit Moon) werewolves do very little. Werewolves -during the whole year- take part in mass amounts of recreational sex, but only during February do female werewolves (and human werewolves) become impregnated. Most recreational sex happens during these five months. Werewolves are more prone to sexual activity from March to September rather than October to January. Unlike other months were werewolves will hunt regularly they will eat the creatures that they stored earlier and only kill when hungry.

October - Harvest Moon/Blood Moon October has the second highest kills of humans, sheep, cattle and chickens by werewolves. Not many of the creatures killed are eaten. More often than not they are stored either in forests, caves, abandoned buildings etc, for later consumption during December and January.

November - Hunter's Moon/Snow Moon November has the highest kills of humans, sheep, cattle and chickens by werewolves. The werewolves, again, kill and store food during this month much like in October, also turning humans into new werewolves. About 90% of new werewolves are turned during this month.

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