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Rating: PG-13 (eventually NC-17)

Pairings: OMC/Chase, eventually House/Chase

Author's note: In this universe Chase and Cameron dated for a while but decided they were better as friends rather than a couple.

Chapter One

Outside a warehouse/club in New Jersey…

As Jeremy Cummings stood outside of 'The Attic' he thought to himself, 'I'm hungry, I'm cold and….where the hell is Nick? Damn bastard better have our tickets when he gets here because I didn't come all the way out here for nothing. Ugh! If he was lying about having a pair of Trinity tickets, I'm so beating his ass tomorrow!'

"Hey! Jeremy!" a voice shouted a couple of people away from Jeremy "Hey Nick! Up here!" shouted back Jeremy to help Nick find him among the crowd waiting to get inside the club. Nick spotted his friend and excused himself among the crowd to get to his friend with some people looking on in annoyance as Nick went closer to the front of the line. Jeremy could only shake his head in amusement as his friend walked towards him oblivious to some of the glares being thrown his way and possibly rude remarks. Jeremy thought at times that his friend was either being mean or just simply chose to ignore stuff like that because he was just way too happy-go-lucky. He thought it was the latter of the two ideas.

"Dude! I'm glad that you could come out tonight. I really didn't want these tickets to go to waste and I'm just glad that I know someone else that likes Trinity as much as I do." said Nick as he handed what appeared to be a concert ticket to Jeremy. "yeah…I wouldn't miss this in the world! Plus, I can't imagine someone not coming to see Will, Derek and…*sigh*Dylan…" replied Jeremy with a slight blush to his cheeks. "Dude. You sound like one of those teeny boppers or obsessive groupies", said Nick with a smirk. "Oh shut up! I'm not anything like that. I mean come on, you have to admit that these guys are just amazing and it doesn't hurt that Dylan is really, really good looking!" said Jeremy with a bad impression of Ben Stiller as Zoolander towards the end. "Dork. Ok, I concur and yeah I have to agree about Dylan, if I was a woman I would be so drooling over him. But alas, I'm not so I can only appreciate them for their music." said Nick as he looked at his watch to check the time. "One more hour to go." he said after checking his watch.


Meanwhile backstage in a green room at 'The Attic'

"Dylan! Quit making faces in the mirror, you goofball! I went to the john, talked to Roger, went to check the layout of the stage and back and you're still making faces. Narcis much! " shouted Will from the door way as he entered the green room. "Hey you're just jealous and I'm not just making faces here. I'm practicing on how to woo the many lovely men and women of the crowd. Besides Roger said I should try anything possible to help make our fan base grow even more, so….this is how I help." replied Dylan as he proceeded to pretend to hold a microphone and sing in front of the mirror while turning his head this way and that to look at himself at a better angle. Will just watched him and was about to make a sarcastic remark to what Dylan said when a hand was laid on his shoulder. "Leave him alone, Will. He's just jerking your chain. You should know already that when he's being narcissistic AND sarcastic AND taking it out on us, he's just trying to work off a little bit of stress. And it has really been a stressful couple of weeks for all of us. So again don't let it get to you." said Derek as he walked to the couch twirling a drum stick in one hand. Will couldn't help but agree with Derek, and so decided to keep his sarcastic comments to himself, for now, and go over some riffs on his guitar.

A couple of minutes later went by with each member of the group of Trinity doing their own warm up until Dylan turned to his band mates and asked, "So….who should I pick from the crowd tonight to serenade?" Will and Derek stopped what they were doing and couldn't suppress an eye roll when their lead singer pretended to ask for advice. "Pick whoever you want." replied Will nonchalantly. "Oh come on Will! I meant should I pick a guy or a girl tonight?" asked Dylan with a slight whine to his voice. "Pick someone that just catches your eye." stated Derek as he practiced a part of a song by drumming in the air. "hmm…ok." said Dylan and went over to the mini-fridge to get a beer. "Wait a minute. I tell you basically the same thing and you whine about it but when Derek tells you the same thing, you just decide he's the all-knowing master of….everything and you don't whine to him? What is up with that?" Will said with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice. Dylan took a sip from his beer, made a face, turned to Will and said, "Well you say it as if you don't really care…" "I don't…" "and you make it sound like any homeless person off the street will do…" Dylan paused to take another drink from his beer, " I'm appalled that you don't care who I sing to anymore. Plus I just like how Derek phrased his answer which was by the way better than yours" said Dylan as he took another sip from his beer.

"Dude, you're just messing with me, aren't you?" asked Will watching Dylan take a couple more sips from his beer and continued to pull faces after each sip. Derek who was silent throughout the whole little exchange could not hide the small snort of amusement he tried to hold in. Dylan turned to Will, chuckled and said, "Yeah I'm just messing with you." "You dumbass! I swear, you're always picking on me! One of these days I'm gonna smash my guitar over your head!" said Will as he walked over to Dylan and poked him in the chest a couple of times with his finger. Dylan at this point couldn't hide the chuckle he let out after annoying his band mate and Will at hearing his best friend laugh could not help but forget why he was annoyed and chuckled along with Dylan. "Dork."

A sudden knock resounded on the door of the green room and a slightly older man poked his head in the doorway and said, "20 minutes guys and then it's time to go on stage." "Ok, Roger" replied all three members of Trinity. "Well guys, good luck to us." said Dylan as he held up his fist. Will and Derek came up to Dylan and all three men placed their fists together and then made a small huddle with their foreheads making contact in the middle.

After a few seconds went by…"Let's have an orgy happen tonight after the concert, what do you say guys?" Dylan said in way of breaking the silence between them. Will and Derek looked at each other and just rolled their eyes simultaneously and broke the huddle to start walking towards the entrance to the green room. "Hey guys! I'm being serious. Come on guys! I'm sure it'll be fun once we all give it a try! Plus I'm curious. Guys!" said Dylan as he trailed behind his band mates. "Horn ball…" was the last thing heard in the empty room as the door shut.

As the three musicians headed towards the stage, Dylan stopped to lean against the wall. Will noticing that Dylan wasn't next to him anymore turned back and asked, "Dylan, you're alright man?" "Yeah…I just felt a little bit dizzy for a moment there but I'm good now" "You sure?" Shaking his head a little, Dylan walked up to his friend with a grin and said, "Yeah, I'm fine, don't worry I'm not trying to mess with you and make you worry needlessly. I guess I'm just…tired." "Yeah same here, I'm just glad we're back home and we get to take a long break this time around." "Yup, come on, let's not get left behind or Derek will steal all my adoring fans from me." replied Dylan as he wrapped an arm around Will's shoulders. Will could only sigh and do an eye roll with that remark and let his friend drag him to the stage by the shoulders.


At Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, in the emergency room…

"So…got any plans for this evening?" asked Chase of Cameron while standing by the nurses station. "If you call treating a dislocated shoulder, stitching a head wound, stitching a leg wound and trying to avoid House all at the same time as plans, then yup, I'm all set." replied Cameron as she looked at the first file on top of her pile of medical folders. Chase could only sigh at Cameron's reply. "Thought so, so….need any help or a consult?" "Nope, got things covered." came the curt reply. "Do you mind if I just hang out in case you need me." "Go right ahead and Chase?" said Cameron over her shoulder while walking a little bit away from the nurse's station. "hmm…?" "Are you also trying to avoid House as well…you know this is the first place he's gonna look if he's looking for you because I willtell him you're here if you don't stay out of my way." teased Cameron as she walked away. "Yeah…ok…I promise to stay out of your way and keep quiet if you promise not to tell House I'm here." replied Chase as he took a seat behind the nurses' station. Cameron just gave a small smile in agreement to the other doctor as she finally walked over to one of her patients for the evening.

As Chase sat down with a crossword puzzle in front of him he couldn't help but think about House and the reason he was avoiding him. The reason for him 'hiding out' in the ER was not necessarily just due to just House and his latest case. He could count the few times House would approach him personally about a surgery or biopsy but this latest case House had kept pestering him to convince Cuddy that he needed a brain biopsy and it didn't help that House would appear out of no where sometimes and at sometimes the most awkward of places to boot. Like yesterday….

He had gone to the men's room to take care of some personal business and while settling in one of the few stalls in the bathroom, he heard a light tapping sound. Chase curious as to where the tapping was coming from had bent down to check if he could see anyone else in the room but the men's room appeared to be empty with the exception of him. "Ducks…" said a voice from above. Chase startled out of his mind yelped, "oh my god!" and looked up towards the voice to only see his former boss and resident nuisance of the hospital looking over at him from the stall next to his. "Ewww…why are you saying my name while on the toilet? Seems to me you're mixing your bathroom time with your play with little chase time." said House as he leaned more on the stall barrier. "House! What the hell are you doing!" yelped Chase as he tried to cover himself selfconsciously. "What does it look like I'm doing, I'm initiating a conversation. Duh!" "Well can't this wait! I'm busy here!" "Doesn't look like you're busy, you're just sitting around." said House with an eye roll. "House!!" shouted Chase. "Fine…but this conversation isn't over, I still need to talk to you about that brain biopsy again." said House as he disappeared over the barrier. Chase thinking House had left just shook his head and sighed. "Oh and one more thing you have to convince Cuddy that we need to do this immediately." said House as he peeked over the barrier again. "HOUSE!!! GET OUT!!!" yelled Chase in mortification. House left after that and Chase making sure he was finally alone sighed out, "bloody insane pervert."

So this was one of the reasons why he was in the ER now, hoping to not run into House and his constant pestering about a brain biopsy. Not that he wouldn't have done it in the first place but ever since Cuddy had told House that he couldn't do the procedure. House seemed to have the idea that bothering him instead of Cuddy would help change Cuddy's mind. Then there was the other reason why he was avoiding the man. His feelings for the man had not disappeared even after House had fired him some time ago. So having the man constantly be in close proximity of him sometimes left him with his thoughts all jumbled and at other times not be able to function properly, plus it didn't help that House knew about his feelings towards him.

Like the day before yesterday, before the embarrassing bathroom incident..

He was in the surgeon's lounge reading over a patient's medical file and absent-mindedly chewing on a pencil and so he was so intent on the file in front of him that he never noticed a certain someone entering the lounge and making their way towards him. It wasn't until House's cane had landed on top of the folder that he gave a start and dropped the file to the floor, scattering the papers as well. "You should be more aware of your surrounding, otherwise anyone can take advantage and pounce ya." stated House as he watched Chase start picking up the scattered papers and place them back in the folder. "Shouldn't you be terrorizing Cuddy or your other employees, instead of me." retorted Chase as placed the files in the folder again. He hadn't noticed that House had stepped much closer to him while he said this. So when his eyes met with a chest and he had to look up at House. "Um…" mumbled out Chase taking a slight step back and thought, 'when did he get so close…he smells good…what?! What am I thinking?!…Robert get a hold of yourself…what was I planning to say?'

"Well as much fun I have terrorizing the dungeon master, I thought it would be much more fun if I terrorized one of her slave boys." replied House with a smirk. "I'm not her slave boy!" said Chase with a hint of a blush on his cheeks. "Oh right…and your "still" not masochistic." "I'm not." "Well either way I need you to convince her that I need this brain biopsy done so I can confirm what I think it is." said House as he finally turned away to start towards the door. "Why can't you just tell Cuddy what it is then so she can ok the procedure?" asked Chase as he watched House start to leave. As House opened the door to the lounge he said over his shoulder with a smirk on his face, " Now that would just take the fun out it and you should know I like complexity. And believe me when I say, that you're going to enjoy this as much as me." Chase could only gape as House left the room and he sat down with a groan. "He knows." whispered Chase to himself.

And so here he was trying to avoid the man and maybe the possible knowledge that the man knew about his feelings towards him. Chase sighed and thought to himself, 'He knows how I feel about him and he's treating it as if it's some kind of game. How did he find out anyway? Was I that obvious? No, he can't have known because I've been really careful…' that's when the thought hit Chase, 'Ugh….I've been too careful and bloody bastard figured it out from that. Wait he can't figure that out just like that without some clue…ugh…I just don't' know…' Chase could not suppress a groan and thumped his head on the desk. "Um…" said a voice from the other side of the desk. Chase quickly sat up to look at a man in front of him and blushed in embarrassment. "Yes?" asked Chase. "Are you a doctor?" asked the young man with a hesitant voice. "Um…yes I am." replied Chase as he stood up to get a better look at the man since he thought that the man's attire just seemed out of place in the ER. To Chase the man had a slight boyish face, wore a pair of jeans with two matching patches missing on his knees, a muscle shirt and a mesh shirt over it. "Cool! Do you think you can help my friend out?" asked the young man as he made a grab for Chase's arm and started pulling him towards one of the gurneys.

As they neared a certain gurney, Chase tried to say, "Um…wait…" but didn't get to finish as he caught sight of the beautiful man lying on the gurney who looked pale and sweaty and who was clutching at his stomach and moaning. "Hey Derek, I found me a doctor." said the young man to another man on a stool next to the gurney. Chase took a moment to look away from the patient and turned towards the man sitting on the stool who wore jeans and a tight fitting black t-shirt, with a handsome face but with an almost serious expression except he looked slightly more distressed at the moment. The young man holding Chase's arm let go and walked over to the other side of the gurney and placed a hand on the man's sweaty forehead and tried to soothe the trembling man by saying, "Shh, it's ok Dylan, I got a doctor and he's gonna look at you and make you feel better soon. Ok?" Chase then looked back at the beautiful man lying down on the gurney and couldn't help but admire the man for a second. He took note that the man wore a pair of jeans almost the same fashion as Will's jeans but with more patches, a blue and white pinstripe oxford shirt and underneath a black fitting t-shirt with the number 69, his hair was jet black and what little he could see of the man's eyes they looked to be grey with a hint of blue, maybe from the shirt. Chase couldn't help but raise an eyebrow to the number on the shirt but he couldn't ogle the man forever and so proceeded to question the two men, who he learned were named Will and Derek, about how their friend came to be in the ER.

"Well, we were in the middle of a concert and Dylan was getting ready to serenade to this blushing virgin of a guy for our next number when he just collapsed on stage, we got him to wake up but that's when he started moaning and clutching at his stomach and so we just took off with him and drove over here." said Will as he ran his hand over Dylan's forehead.

"Any nausea, dizziness, vomiting before you got here?" asked Chase. "Actually yeah he said he felt light headed before we went on stage but I just put it off as stress." "Did your friend take any drugs or consume any alcohol before that?" "What?! Dylan doesn't do drugs!!" replied Will. Derek placed a hand on Will's shoulder and said, "Calm down Will, no, Dylan doesn't do drugs but he did drink a beer when we were in the green room." said Derek. "Did he have one or a few?" asked Chase. "Just one before the show, but I did notice that he kept making faces at it and he did mention to me that he thought it tasted really weird for cheap beer." said Will.

As soon as that was said Dylan sat up and vomited over the side of the bed almost vomiting on Chase. "Dylan!" said Will with a worried tone. Chase taking note of the greenish tint to the vomit, grabbed one of Dylan's hands, confirmed what he saw and then quickly called a nurse over to set up a room and to start treating Dylan. The nurse nodded and with some help from a male nurse they placed Dylan in a wheelchair and left the ER room. "Wait! What's going on?" "Where are you taking Dylan?" was asked simultaneously from Will and Derek. "Your friend is being admitted and we are going to start him on treatment." replied Chase. "Treatment for what?" asked Will worriedly. "Your friend is showing symptoms of arsenic poisoning. So I asked the nurse to get him started on the Chelation therapy and he's gonna have to stay so we can monitor him and so we can keep him hydrated." stated Chase. "Oh man, is he gonna be alright?" asked a teary Will. "I'll be monitoring him to see how the treatment is going but if there is no complications he should be alright. You can visit him as soon as his settled in his room." said Chase as he left to file the paper work for his newly acquired patient.


After Chase had filed the necessary paperwork for Dylan and his treatment he went back to the ER room to look for Cameron. As he walked into the room Cameron saw him and said, "Hey, where'd you run off too? Did House find you or did you find another hiding place?" "Nope, got a patient admitted for arsenic poisoning and went to go fill out the paper work. Why? Did House come by here?" asked Chase with a hint of nervousness with his last question. "Actually he did, but only to ask me if I had seen you." Chase groaned. "I told him that I did see you but you were only here for a moment and that you left to do some paper work. So he left and he kept muttering something about wandering wombats." mentioned Cameron with a confused face. Chase could not help himself and so thumped his head on the nurses' station. "Chase? Are you ok?" asked a worried Cameron. "Cameron, he knows." came the slightly muffled reply. "Who knows what?" asked Cameron.

Chase straightened up and said with a pointed stare, "House! He knows how I feel about him." "oh. OH! Oh!" was the only reply Cameron could make with stressing the last oh with some worry. "Yeah, oh. I don't know how he figured it out though. I mean you're the only person I talk to about…..hey wait, did you tell him?" asked Chase, hoping he was right that his friend had not blurted out his secret to anyone. "Of course not Chase! I know I'm the only one that knows about your feelings for House, but I'm not gonna tell the man anytime soon. I mean you saw how he reacted when I told him I liked him." stated Cameron as she started to walk away, hurt that Chase would think she was let his secret out. Chase caught Cameron by the arm and said, "hey, I'm sorry. I know you wouldn't tell anyone. I'm just confused that he knows and he's just… messing with me." "Chase, can I ask you something?" "yeah.." "Has House been recently popping everywhere you go and teasing you more than usual?" "how…how did you know?" "Well it's kind of obvious but it seems to me that he's almost doing the same thing that he did with me, he's trying to figure you out and the reasons why you have feelings for him." "oh…so this is just some big puzzle for him to solve?" said Chase feeling his heart break a little.

Cameron noticing Chase's slightly forlorn face placed her hand over Chase's and gave a gentle squeeze. "Hey, I could be wrong you know, maybe House doesn't know about your feelings and we're just jumping to conclusions here." Chase gave Cameron a doubtful look. "Ok maybe he does know, but maybe, just maybe, he's just working out his own feelings in his own way…just give it some time Chase, give him some time. Things will work out in the end." said Cameron as she gave Chase's hand another squeeze. Chase nodded at this, gave his friend a small smile in agreement and told Cameron he was off to go visit his patient to see if he was responding to the treatment.


As Chase walked into his recent patient's room said patient gave a small wolf whistle and said, "Oh you guys, you didn't have to, I mean getting a stripper for me is just too much. Wow, I mean he's beautiful but man right now I don't think I can do anything with him. Plus, don't you think we could get in trouble for this. Oh boy, he looks like a real doctor, maybe when I'm a little bit better we can try something. What do you say, my angel." Chase feeling like he was blushing all the way to the roots of his hair walked to the chart next to the bed and tried desperately to control his blush. "Dylan! You ass! That's Dr. Chase. He's the guy that treated you and is gonna be making sure you get better." said Will, while glaring at his friend. "Oh! Well hello Dr. Chase! Sorry I thought my band mates were pulling a prank on me." "Um, that's alright." "But you know, you are beautiful." "t-t-thank you."stuttered Chase as he checked the IV drips. "Oh wow, up close you're even more beautiful." said Dylan as he leaned more towards Chase while giving Chase's butt an appreciative look. Chase turned his head in time to look at the man admiring his bottom, stepped away from the bed and noticed Dylan pout when he moved away. "ahem…well you seem to be doing much better than when you first came in. Since you need to stay overnight a nurse will be checking up on you as we continue the treatment." said Chase as he wrote down the adjustments that he made on the file. "Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit better now but I think I'd feel even better if you came back over here, my angel" said Dylan with a leer. "Um…I have to…um…have to go check…um…on another patient." said Chase making a hasty retreat out of the room still blushing furiously.

"Dylan." "Dude!" Derek and Will. "What?" asked Dylan with a questioning look. "Dylan, you need to behave." said Will. "You weren't very subtle about your thoughts on Dr. Chase." stated Derek. "Well, I can't help it, he really is beautiful. I bet you guys anything that this is the first time anyone has told him that." said Dylan with a leer. "I seriously doubt it man, but I think you should tone it down a bit, you might scare him into kicking you out of this hospital before your treatment is over." said Will. "Nah, I seriously doubt he would kick a sick patient out. No matter how forward they are towards him." said Dylan as he twiddled with a corner of his blanket. "Hey…" said Derek. Dylan turned to Derek and Derek held his gaze for a moment and then nodded and started to get up. "Derek, man where're you going?" asked Will, confused with the silent conversation that Derek and Dylan had. Noticing Dylan look down at his blanket with a slight blush on his cheeks. 'Strange' thought Will. "I'm going home to see Lily and then I'm gonna make a phone call to Roger on the way. I'm thinking Roger's gonna want to know how Dylan is doing so he can be ready when the journalists show up." stated Derek as he headed towards the door. "Journalists?" asked Will. "Yeah there were a few at the concert covering tonight. Roger told me before that we are getting more exposure little by little so we should expect some kind of media coverage on us from now on and with Dylan collapsing like that at the concert I'm sure it's gonna cause a slight commotion." "Wow, I totally didn't think about that." said Will. As Derek opened the door he turned towards Dylan again and said in a serious tone, "If you're serious about pursuing him, I suggest you act like yourself and stop acting like an idiot for once. I think he would appreciate that more than the way you were acting towards him earlier and you better say you're sorry about that stripper comment. You and I both know you knew he was a doctor from the beginning, so stop behaving like a jerk." Will could only stare at Derek, shocked that he would tell Dylan he was acting like a jerk for once. Not once since they had been in the group had Derek reprimanded Dylan on his behavior and hearing the drummer do so now was just odd. 'Derek saw right through Dylan's façade when he was talking to Dr. Chase. I wonder what gave him away though.' thought Will, looking towards Dylan to see their lead singer look up with a serious face, for once, from his blanket said, "I will." "Good." said Derek as he left the room.



As Chase rounded the corner to head for the nurses station, to check to see if a nurse was going to be available to watch Dylan over night, he walked right into House. "Whoa there, are you blind, cripple walking here!" House said sarcastically. "Sorry." mumbled Chase as he tried to walk around House in hopes that House would not notice his red face. House noticing that Chase was looking down and trying to clearly avoid him, quickly used the handle of his cane to hook one of Chase's arm. Chase thinking he was home free from being mocked by House, suddenly noticed his world spin and when everything was righted again was looking right into the bright blue eyes of the same man inches from his own face. "Uh…" gasped Chase breathless with the little space that House had kept while leaning over to study his reaction. Chase could only think that if someone were to bump into either one of them they would end up kissing, which caused Chase to blush some more at the mere thought. "Are you sick?" asked House with a hint of worry. "No, why?" asked Chase hoping that the slight worry in House's voice was not just his imagination. "Good, then I just wanted to remind you that you need to convince Darth Vader that I need that brain biopsy and stat. Otherwise Obi-wan will be lost to the force." said House as he straightened himself up and took a step away from Chase. " Oh and just because you're cheeks are as red as Princess Amidala's robe, don't you even think of mistaking me for Anakin. So wipe that dreamy look off your face, before I wipe it off for you." said House as he limped away from Chase.

Chase could only feel confused with the way House was talking to him. 'I can tell now that he knows how I feel about him but does he have to be so mean about it, I guess this is his way of telling me that he doesn't like me, maybe he never liked me at all.' thought Chase as he headed towards the elevators. As the elevator doors closed, the scene of Chase stepping on the elevator and leaning heavily on one of the elevator walls was witnessed by no one, not even when he wiped a hand across his face and looked on in surprise to the wetness he found on his fingertips.

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