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Chapter 11

Finally arriving at Princeton General Hospital two hours later…

House didn't wait for Wilson to turn off the engine for the car and was heading towards the hospital entrance as fast as his limp would let him.

Walking over to the elevators, House pushed the button to go up and tapped his cane impatiently on the tile floor as if that would make the elevator move faster.

"You know with our technology, you would think someone would invent an elevator that would travel faster." said House sarcastically.

Wilson ignoring House's sarcasm said while he took out his cell phone, "I'll call Cameron and let her know that we're on our way up."

"Fine, but don't tell her I'm with you. I want Chase to be surprised when he sees me." said House as the elevator finally dinged as it arrived.

"I'm sure he will be." said Wilson with a small smile as he dialed Cameron's number and waited.

Hearing the other end pick up, Wilson said, "Hey Cameron, it's Wilson and I talked to House a little while ago and he told me you were going to get a urine sample from Chase? So…."

"What?" asked Wilson in a surprised tone before he could say anything else, which immediately caught House's attention.

Covering the mouthpiece, Wilson turned to House and said, "She says, Chase has been discharged and she argued with the nurse that, that was impossible but the nurse told her that the patient had left and she was in the parking lot getting ready to leave to head over to Chase's apartment."

"What?!" asked a confused House and said in an annoyed tone "Ask her on whose orders did he get discharged by."

House watched as Wilson asked her over the phone and then listened intently to what Cameron was saying on the line, when Wilson turned back to him.

He said, "She says she was heading towards Chase's room when one of the nurses stopped her and told her that the patient had already been discharged and she was ready to ignore and check for herself but then the nurse told her that there was a different patient occupying the room that didn't want to be disturbed."

"What? That doesn't make any sense. Even though Chase's doctor was an idiot, I doubt he would just discharge Chase just like that. Plus, I find it unlikely that they needed his room when they have other rooms that aren't occupied." said House.

"I know…" bringing the phone up to his mouth again, Wilson said so Cameron and House could hear, "House is with me and I want you to come back up here and we'll meet you at Chase's room.

Hanging up the phone, Wilson turned to House and asked, "You don't think Chase would have ordered his discharge, do you?"

"No, I seriously doubt he would." said House as he looked up at the numbers lighting up as they continued to ascend to the floor that Chase was supposed to be on.

Once they arrived on their destined floor, House and Wilson were headed past the nurse's station but were stopped by a nurse that seemed to be watching people pass by like a hawk.

"Excuse me, but who are you here to see?" asked the young blonde nurse.

"Since when has it been protocol for nurses to question who visitors are going to see?" asked House sarcastically and getting a frown from the nurse.

"We're going to room 414 to see a Robert Chase." said Wilson noticing the young nurse's dislike for House and hoped that maybe Cameron had been mistaken.

"I'm sorry sir, but that patient has already been discharged and there's another patient occupying that room who has specifically put in orders that he doesn't want to be disturbed." said the young nurse.

"I seriously doubt that since I was in his room a while ago." said Wilson, "You must be mistaken."

"Sir, I can't be mistaken, I can show you the paperwork if you want." said the young nurse as she started looking through her paperwork.

"Forget this, I'm going to see if Chase is in the room." said House already heading towards the room down the hall.

The young nurse frowning walked out from behind the station, ran up to House and blocked House's path and said, "Sir, I can't let you go and disturb this patient. He put in specific orders.."

"Get out of my way or else." said House losing his patience, since he didn't want to be held back from seeing Chase any longer.

"No, I have specific orders sir…" said the young nurse and placing a hand on House's arm.

"Don't you even dare." said House as he tried to shrug off the woman's hand. "I want you to get out of my way!"

"Please." said Wilson as he gently removed the nurse's hand and showed his id badge from PPTH to the nurse. "We are both doctors and we know that, that patient wouldn't have been discharged today since we were with him when he was admitted."

Looking at Wilson's badge the nurse looked slightly shocked at Wilson and House and said, "I'm sorry doctor. It's just that the man that went into the room was the Dylan Jameson from Trinity….Anyways, he said he was visiting his boyfriend and he told me that some reporters would try to get in and hassle them. So I assumed…"

Ignoring the rest of the nurses' excuse, House asked, "How long has he been here?"

"A couple of minutes before you arrived." said the nurse.

"Do your patient's rooms lock from the inside and if they do, do you have a key?" asked House.

"No but the janitor does and he was just around the hall cleaning up a patient's room that…" tried to explain the nurse but was cut off by House.

"Go get him!" said House while walking towards Chase's room.

As House got to the door with Wilson right behind him, he pressed down on the handle and pushed but the door wouldn't budge as he suspected.

Leaning in to press his ear against the door, House could barely make out someone talking in a hushed tone.

"I hear that ass talking but I can't make out what he's saying." said House as he turned his head to watch the nurse running back towards them with the janitor in tow.

As the janitor looked for the key to the room in his pockets, Cameron showed up and walked towards House and Wilson.

"So you were able to get past the nurse?" asked Cameron out of sarcasm.

"Actually no, Wilson had to show his hospital badge to this nitwit in order for us to get by her. Apparently the asshole inside told her that some reporters would be coming by and she assumed we were those reporters." said House as he scowled at the nurse.

The nurse in turn, glared back at House for being called a nitwit and turned to walk back towards the nurse's station.

As Cameron was about to comment to that, they heard from inside Chase scream out "NO! STOP! PLEASE!"

House felt at that moment his heart drop to his stomach as he heard the scream, so turning to the janitor he said, "Hurry up."

The janitor who was taking his time at first, quickly placed the key in the lock and turned it when he heard the scream inside.

Pushing the janitor out of the way, House opened the door and walked through the doorway first and saw Dylan holding Chase face down on the hospital bed.

To House it seemed that Dylan was too busy trying to restrain Chase who was sobbing loudly into the mattress and struggling, so he hadn't heard the door open.

Limping over to the bed, and holding his cane up and back, House said, "Hey."

Dylan surprised at hearing someone speak, sat up and as he did, House swung his cane like a baseball bat and struck.

Earlier in Chase's hospital room…

Chase had fallen into a light doze after he had cried but woke up when he heard a light knock on his door.

Waking up and thinking it was Allison, he said, "Come in."

When he didn't hear Allison's concerned voice ask him if he was alright, Chase turned towards the door and saw Dylan.

Sitting quickly up on his bed, he said in a harsh low tone, "I thought I told you to stay the hell away from me."

"Hey, I only came to check up on you. I was actually surprised that Dr. Wilson called me and told me that they were taking you to the hospital." said Dylan as he closed the door behind him and leaned up against it.

Chase not hearing Dylan lock the door, said, "I don't know how you found out what room I was in or even what hospital I was at but I want you to get out and leave me the hell alone. You've already done enough!"

Walking up to the foot of Chase's bed, Dylan ignored Chase and said, "It wasn't too hard to figure out, you know. You see, when Dr. Wilson called me, he let it slip that you passed out in the hallway at the studio and they were asking me if you had eaten or drank anything that could have given you an allergic reaction. So I told him you had a mixed berry wine and I knew they had to have taken you to the nearest hospital that was close to the studio to get treated immediately and after calling and asking for you they gave me your room number. So here I am."

"Liar! I know you drugged me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let you do that to me." said Chase as he scooted up in his bed and away from Dylan, who was walking closer towards him.

Dylan noticing the way Chase was retreating up on the bed, smirked and said, "Hey, don't be afraid, I'm not going to do anything to hurt you."

"I'm not afraid of you and I like I told you a moment ago, just get out!" shouted Chase, feeling uncomfortable as Dylan kept walking towards him to his side of the bed.

Again ignoring Chase, Dylan walked over to the side of Chase's bed and said, "You know being a doctor has it's perks. You can get your own private room, no neighbors in the next rooms if you wanted and no nurses to bother us."

"I can change that…" said Chase as he looked for the nurses button but saw that the button was hanging over the side of the bed.

'I must have knocked it off when I hit the mattress.' thought Chase, then looked towards the door and calculated how far it was from the bed.

Dylan watching Chase, said, "Don't worry, being a famous singer has it's perks too. I can get in and flirt with a couple of the nurses. Then explain to the most gullible one that I'm visiting my boyfriend."

"My friend Allison is on her way and she'll be here any minute." said Chase not liking that Dylan was now just staring at him strangely up and down.

"Really? Well I'm glad that I asked the nurse beforehand to keep an eye out for anyone coming towards your room and to let them know that you've been discharged since I don't want the media to know that I'm visiting my boyfriend. So they'll probably think she's a reporter when she comes by here." said Dylan as he lightly ran his fingers over Chase's arm.

Slapping them away, Chase said in a frustrated tone, "Don't touch me. Allison wouldn't believe that and it's against hospital policy for a nurse to lie about something like that."

Chuckling in amusement, Dylan lowered the rail on the hospital bed and said, "Dr. Chase, you do realize I can make that one nurse believe what ever I say because of who I am, don't you? So I can use that and a little bit of charm and well..."

Feeling a cold lump settle in his stomach, Chase moved to get out of the hospital bed on the other side but wasn't fast enough as Dylan pulled him back with an arm around his waist and held Chase against his chest.

"Let…Mmph!" tried to shout Chase but was quieted with Dylan's hand covering his mouth and nose and causing the oxygen tube to press roughly against his nose.

"I'm not giving up on us, Dr. Chase. I know we were meant to be. Besides you're my angel, you saved me and now I'm going to save you from making a mistake and show you how much better I am than Dr. House by making you mine." said Dylan into Chase's ear.

Chase meanwhile continued to struggle against the arm around his waist and tried to pry Dylan's hand away from his face with both of his hands but couldn't seem to pull the hand off.

He stilled for a moment in confusion when he felt Dylan remove his arm from around his waist.

Thinking that Dylan was going to let him go, Chase began to struggle anew when he heard Dylan start to unzip his own jeans and tell him in his ear, "It might hurt at first but you'll like it in the end when I take you."

Using as much force as he could, Chase forgot about prying Dylan's hand and brought his elbow forward and swung it back and made contact with Dylan's stomach.

Giving a grunt of pain, Dylan released Chase because of the blow and Chase took the opportunity to try to get off the bed again but was slammed face down onto the mattress.

"God, why are you being difficult. Stop struggling and you'll enjoy yourself more." said Dylan as he pressed down on Chase's neck to hold him against the mattress and finished unzipping his jeans.

Chase panicked when he realized his position wouldn't help him get a hit in to Dylan to let him go and so continued to try to struggle free.

Trying a different tactic to get away, Chase tried to turn his head to the side, when he was finally able to turn it. He pleaded in as much of a calm voice, "Please Dylan, let me go. This is wrong. So maybe we can discuss this."

"No, this is right, Dr. Chase, I'm going to make you feel really good in a moment, so good that you'll definitely decide to be with me So no talking." said Dylan as he untied the thin sash that was holding Chase's hospital gown closed.

Trying to shake his head no and still trying to struggle to get away, Chase felt Dylan try to slide his underwear down but couldn't get it off because Chase was lying down completely on his front.

"Bring your legs up." said Dylan tugging on Chase's underwear but sighed in frustration when Chase didn't comply.

"Let me go. Please!" sobbed Chase into the mattress as Dylan pressed down on his shoulders and roughly pulled his lower body up while sliding Chase's underwear down to his thighs.

Chase feeling the air touch his bare skin, desperately tried to pull himself away by grabbing the footboard of the hospital bed. While trying to pull himself away, he gasped when he felt Dylan press a finger to his entrance and push it in all the way in one go without any form of lubricant.

"NO! STOP! PLEASE!" shouted Chase as he gave up on pulling himself away and trying to turn to his side to get away from Dylan's probing finger.

"Stop moving! If I don't loosen you up. I could tear you. So relax, I know what I'm doing." said Dylan as he pushed Chase back down and leaned down to kiss Chase's neck.

Continuing to kiss Chase's neck, Dylan whispered in a low tone into Chase's ear while he moved his finger in and out, "You feel so tight and hot, I can't wait to be inside you."

Chase could only sob as he felt Dylan remove his finger and then skim two fingers over his entrance and said to a sobbing Chase, "Shh my angel, I brought some lube to make it easier for you."

Chase at that moment could only sob as he felt helpless and let himself go limp, hoping that if his mind wasn't here, then it really wasn't happening.

After placing another kiss on Chase's neck because he thought Chase was finally giving in, Dylan sat up in startlement when he heard a voice say, "Hey" and saw House standing at the side of the bed before his world went dark with a cracking sound.

House held his broken cane for a moment longer to see if Dylan would get up from being knocked to the floor but realizing he had knocked him unconscious, he said, "Try smirking at me now you psychotic asshole."

Dropping his cane to the floor, he sat down on the hospital bed and noticed Chase was crying softly and shivering.

"Chase." said House gently as he laid his hand over Chase's head.

Flinching from the touch, Chase curled up on his side away from House and continued to cry.

Frowning at Chase's reaction House thought, 'He's in shock."

"House?" asked a worried Wilson who saw the whole scene as well but had stayed frozen to the doorway.

"I want you to call Tritter and tell him never mind about tomorrow and to come down here right now. Tell him what happened." said House as he grabbed the blanket on the bed and covered Chase with it.

Nodding his head, Wilson turned towards Cameron and the janitor who was also standing in the doorway and was about to direct them out the door but was stopped when House called Cameron's name.

"Cameron, call for what is security here and tell that nurse to come back here and check to see if that ass on the floor is still alive because if he's not, then I he has a concussion from the whack I gave him over the head with my cane." said House.

Cameron nodded her head and followed Wilson out of the room to go to the nurses' desk and request for security.

Noticing the janitor was still standing in the doorway, House said, "Thanks."

Nodding his head, the janitor left the room.

As several nurses and a doctor came in to check Dylan, House told the two security guards what had happened. So when they had laid Dylan on a stretcher and taken him away, House noticed that he was handcuffed to the rails.

Finally alone in the room with Chase, House turned to the now silent man who was still curled up on his side and said in a gentle tone, "Chase….Robert, I need you to look at me."

House waited with his breath held as Chase continued to ignore him but sighed in relief when Chase turned over finally and looked at him.

"House?" asked Chase as if he was just noticing that House was in the room and that Dylan wasn't holding him down anymore.

"Hey…" said House as he stroked Chase's cheek gently.

"House…" whispered Chase as he threw himself into House's arms and sobbed into his chest.

"I thought you…..you….you weren't coming back to see me! I thought…I thought you blamed…."tried to say Chase in between his sobbing but continued to cry into House's chest.

"Shh." said House as he held Chase tighter within his arms.

As Chase tried to say something else, House said, "Shh…I'm sorry Chase if I made you think that. I still forget you don't really like me or anyone else walking away from you and I'm sorry but you should know that it's going to take a lot more than you getting a blowjob from someone I hate to make me go away or let you go. So I'm warning you now, you're going to have me, my cane, sarcasm and everything else that's bad for you around you as long as you want me."

Chase smiled and let out a small snort of amusement at that but soon let out a sob as he remembered a few minutes ago he had almost been raped by Dylan and so held House's shirt within his fists and continued to sob in his chest.

Placing a kiss on the top of Chase's head, House stroked Chase's back to try to comfort him while he cried, since he knew Chase's mind was probably just catching up to what he went through.

As House swallowed a few tears himself, he thought that if they had been any later, Chase would have surely been raped by that psychotic boy band reject and so hugged Chase tightly as Chase continued to cry.