Summary: Halloween episode continuation. While Justin and Alex sort through leftover candy, they remember the Halloween they spent together when they were kids.

Edit: Decided to cut this in half and make it a two-shot for easier reading. Also changed the title - the original was actually a working title because I couldn't think of anything better.

Halloween 2009

After their haunted house was a bust, Alex and Justin sat opposite each other at a table in the restaurant, a bowl of candy between them. They were waiting for Harper to get back with some scary movies from home, where she'd also gone to get changed out of her costume and drop off her new-found jewelery from the graves. Max had decided to catch up with some of his friends who were trick-or-treating, and their parents were upstairs watching whatever horror movies were on TV until Harper got back and the teens took over the living room.

For the time being, the siblings had confiscated the candy that their mother bought for the trick-or-treaters that would probably never come, and looking for their favorites. "Oh, that Blow Pop is mine!" Alex said, then snatched the candy from the bucket.

"Like I would even touch it. You know I like the chocolate ones," Justin retorted, then triumphantly held up a Reese's peanut butter cup. He glanced down again. "There's a packet of Sour Worms over there, by the way."

Alex had spotted it before he even brought it up. "I got it," she assured him, then grabbed that one for her pile. Each of the siblings had a pile of candy next to them on the table, which grew as the amount of candy in the decorative orange bucket dwindled.

While Alex took over the candy hunting for the moment, Justin leaned back on his chair and looked around at the still-decorated sub shop. "This Halloween was so lame," he said with a sigh.

"No more lame than it usually is," Alex quickly retorted. "And at least this year we scared the pants off some trick-or-treaters."

Justin rolled his eyes. "Who are probably scarred for life, thanks to Mantooth. What were you thinking bringing him back here?"

"I was thinking that I was told to bring back some scary ghosts. How was I supposed to know how wimpy this neighborhood was?" Alex said with a shrug.

Irritated, Justin crossed his arms. "I still don't get why we couldn't do my moral skit this year. It's a tradition! With all the sugar-filled candy and mindless horror movies, kids should have something good in their Halloween."

"Only you would try to turn Halloween into an educational experience," Alex said. She was hardly listening to her brother as she scoured the candy bowl, her hopes high for some good sour candy, or more lollipops so she would be stocked for a while.

However, Justin wasn't about to let this go. "No, Alex, this isn't fair. Between the haunted house and Mantooth, you ruined my Halloween. And it's not the first time."

"Please, when did I ever ruin your Halloween...before tonight?" Alex replied, not sure which one he was referencing."You've been ruining my Halloween for years with your stupid skits."

Justin shook his head. "This was before we started the skits. I was talking about that one Halloween, you were ten, and I'd just turned twelve..."

"Oh yeah," Alex said as the memory came back. "That was the first Halloween you had your powers."

Halloween 2003

In her room, Alex fixed her hat and made sure her costume looked good. She'd just come home from school, and she wanted to get to Harper's apartment building as soon as she could to start trick-or-treating. This year, she was determined to get more candy than she'd ever gotten before. Hopefully most of that candy would be lollipops and sour candies, because she hated it when Justin went into her bag to take the chocolate ones. Oh, sure, he only did it because she knew she didn't like them, but still - hands off her candy.

Her costume to her liking, she got her trick-or-treat bag, which had a picture of a spooky haunted house on the front, and went downstairs to the loft's living area. She stopped at about halfway down, then cleared her throat for dramatic effect. "Look at my costume, everybody! Isn't it cool?"

Despite her mother's repeated offers to help with her costume, Alex had refused because she wanted to keep it a secret. Of course, at ten-years-old that wasn't the easiest task. She'd had to beg Harper's mom to take her to the store to buy most of her costume.

She grinned when her parents' jaws dropped, and Justin - who was already dressed in his costume for the Halloween party at his school - jumped out of his seat. That was the reaction she was going for.

"Mom, Dad!" Justin exclaimed. "Alex is wearing that just to make fun of me! Make her change!"

And so she was. She'd bought a long, sparkly, purple wizard's robe and hat for her costume. While she'd really wanted to steal Justin's wand to complete the look, even she knew that was crossing the line, so she'd bought one at the store. However, she'd been disappointed to note that the fake, plastic one currently in her hand didn't even compare to the real version.

Ever since Justin got his powers, Alex had been insanely jealous he had magic and she didn't, though of course she would never admit it to anyone. It wasn't fair that he got to use magic first just because he was older. Sure, she could do little things, but it was nothing compared to the spells Justin had been allowed to try lately.

That was what inspired her. All she wanted was to be a real wizard like Justin. So, at least for one day, she was.

While Justin was predictably annoyed, her parents were actually a little amused. Her mother was trying hard not to laugh, Alex could tell.

"Now, Justin," Jerry replied. "I'm sure this has nothing to do with you. Alex is just...showing pride in her wizard heritage...right?"

To hide her true reason for the costume, Alex nodded. "Yeah, Daddy. Everyone is always a witch or a vampire or a mummy. No one's ever a wizard, so I figured, who better to play one for Halloween than a real wizard like me?"

Worried, seven-year-old Max ran to his father. "But Dad, won't everyone know we're wizards now? You and Mom always say we're not supposed to tell anyone."

Jerry laughed. "No, son. It's Halloween. Everyone will just think Alex is dressing up as a wizard."

"Well, I think it's very cute...and funny," Theresa couldn't help but say. She began laughing again, but at least tried to stop when Jerry raised an eyebrow at her. "What?" she argued. "Come on, Jerry, a real wizard dressing up as one for Halloween?"

"Alright, it's a little funny," Jerry admitted, then smiled.

Still angry, Justin exclaimed, "No it's not! Dad, as a real wizard, I am insulted by the stereotype."

"Actually, a lot of older wizards still dress like that," Jerry argued, much to Justin's surprise. "Mortal stereotypes of beings like wizards, witches, and vampires usually have some truth to them."

While Justin pouted, Theresa went to her daughter and crouched down so she was eye-level. "Alex, honey, I have some bad news. You remember how Harper was coughing at school today?"

Alex nodded. She remembered that Harper had to go to the nurse to get some cough drops. "Yeah, Mommy. Is she okay?"

"No, sweetie. She has a cold, and her mother just called me to say that Harper can't go out trick-or-treating this year," Theresa answered, a sympathetic frown on her face.

"But her mom was supposed to take us trick-or-treating in her building, while you and Dad took Max to the school Halloween party!" Alex exclaimed, upset. She could feel tears start to well in her eyes, at the thought that her day might be ruined. "What am I going to do? I don't want to go to a stupid party for little kids!"

Theresa gave Alex a comforting hug. "Aw, sweetie, it'll be fun. You can help your dad and I chaperone. And you do go to the same school. Maybe some fifth graders will be there."

"No they won't. They were all making fun of the party at school today," Alex insisted, with a sniff as the first tear fell.

"Wait a minute," Jerry said. He was looking at his oldest son. "Justin, you're not going to your friend's party until later, right? You could take your sister trick-or-treating at Harper's building. It would only have to be for an hour or so."

As Alex expected, her older brother hated the idea. "No, that's not fair!" Justin exclaimed with a glare at his sister. "My Halloween shouldn't be ruined just because her friend is sick!"

"But you're not going until later!" Alex spoke up. True, she wasn't crazy about going trick-or-treating with her brother, but it was better than no candy at all. Besides, now she had to get enough candy for Harper too. She knew how much her best friend looked forward to trick-or-treating every year. "And I need to get candy for Harper! You have to take me!"

Justin's irritated glare deepened as he crossed his arms. "No I don't, especially when you look like that. I don't care if it isn't a stereotype, I still don't like it."

"Like Dad said, it is not a stereotype..." Alex paused as she searched through her weak vocabulary. "What is a stereotype, anyway?"

Before the fight could escalate, Jerry stepped between them. "Hold it you two. Justin, can I talk to you for a second?"

Alex smirked as her father pulled her older brother to the side. A smirk on her face, she thought Justin's in for it now. But she became confused when, after her father whispered for a moment, Justin smiled, and eventually nodded in agreement.

They came back after a minute or two. Justin was still smiling. "Alex, I've decided that since I'm your big brother, I'm going to be nice and take you trick-or-treating."

"That's very sweet of you, Justin," Theresa replied, then put a hand on Alex's shoulder. "Now, Alex, what do you say?"

"Thank you, Justin," Alex grumbled. She liked it better when her parents were making her brother take her. Now, since he actually didn't mind, it wasn't any fun

"You're welcome, squirt," Justin teased, which made her glare at him.

Their father reached for the coats, thrown on the couch in anticipation of everyone leaving at once. "Come on, you two," he said. "You can still trick-or-treat in Harper's building like you do every year. I'll drop you off - Max still needs to get into his costume."

Alex ran for the door. "Race you downstairs!" she called. She grinned to herself when Justin whined about her getting a head start. Even if he was older, she would always have the upper hand.

Halloween 2009

As the memory faded, Alex smiled as she absentmindedly unwrapped one of the lollipops. "Yeah, that was a good Halloween."

"For you," Justin retorted.

"You know," Alex remarked. "I never did find out what Dad said to make you take me trick-or-treating. I bugged you about it, but you never told me."

Justin shrugged. "I wanted to, and I was going to. I thought it would've hurt your feelings if you knew, and at that point, I wanted to get back at you for ruining my day. But, as I'm sure you remember, something happened that changed my mind."