Ladies and Gentleman, today i start a new story that has catched my attention, and trust me that ain't easy, considering all the other good stories around that goes from Naruto to Dragonball (why Naruto and Bleach can't be like Dragonball, without fillers?) but this one has catched more my attention, Mike313 and orionpax09 started this trend in the Eva fandom, superpowered evangelion characters, from the hot Misato as either the equally hot she-hulk or the green lantern, to Asuka as he Ghost rider and powergirl, even Rei, Hikari and Maya, hell even Ritsuko, her mother, shinji's mom also has a privileged post there, and the bad guys of course, there is a fic where the almighty bastard Gendo is the equally bastard like Mr. Sinister.

But in every one i have only seen a handful where shinji has superpowers, maybe a pair of fics of other writters give him the power of Superman, or Shinji the mighty, where he gets fused, or the other way, he gets inside the body of Birdy while his body is reparied after a rather nasty encounter, yet still Shinji don't get whatbthe other girls get, sure we know he is the Anime equivalent of the universe bitch and he invented the emo trend on other main characters, but come on, at least even he deserves to do what the other girls, including the girls of several evangelion games included on those fics have done, beat the crap out of Gendo for being an ass and for once sneding the plans of the bastard and the ancient ones to the toilet.

And with that in mind, and also adding what we all like, super powered girls on scandalous clothes fighting i have been working on this, Superpeople of eva, my answer to all those fics where only one or two girls get to have all the action while shinji becomes their love interest and damsel in distress, this time Gendo is going to have more what he can handle normally, all the girls, including the new addition of Rebuild of Evangelion, Mari will join the fray along with a now armed shinji to fight Gendo in a battle and destruction extravaganza only Marvel comics can hope to dish, but don't ge tthe wrong ideas, maybe in the first chapters it will seem Gendo will have a headache with the sudden tsunami of super powered teens, but trust me, he ain't the most daunting enemy know either in the manga, animes, games (with the clear expections of Sephiroth, Apocalypse and Nemesis) for nothing.

well enough jibber-jabber, let's but this show on the road people, oh and don't forget to read my other stories, i would apreciate the feedback.

neither neon genesis evangelion nor any marvel comics related hero or villain belongs to me, any similarity with the real or the fictional world is mere coinsidence.



He felt like dog shit, hell feeling like shit was putting it lightly, Misato was still on the hospital after the Jet-Alone incident, Rei…was being Rei, antisocial, and not to mention that Ritsuko was basically working his ass on those Synch-tests, and Maya…did all the women on his life seemed to be odd in a way?

To Shinji life was already bad enough as it was, his dad had left him alone when he was three, his mom had died when he was three, his uncle and aunt were…not satisfied by his presence, he was meek, weak, introverted, and he was self-conscious of all that and more, as things were going he might end up crazy and killing someone, he couldn't love no one without hurting them while at it, like if his skin was barbwire.

So he had opted for taking a small walk around, to ease his confused mind…but in the end he wound up getting lost on the woods surrounding Tokyo-3, not a smart move if someone asked, especially with 200 feet tall monstrosities dubbed 'Angels' trying to destroy the world and him being the pilot of the only weapon capable of stopping them, the equally highly monstrous, oddly comforting and overall the source of his most recent pains, the all purpose humanoid Evangelion Unit-01.

As he looked around the foreign area that was the forest of Tokyo-3, Shinji began to panic, things were getting already out of hand, with Misato on a hospital bed there was no one who would check on him unless an angel was attacking, and by that time he would be either death or about to kick the bucket.

Fortunately Shinji's good luck star, if you can call it that seemed to work for him this time, because so wrapped up in his self-loathing and fear that he didn't noticed the hole he was about to walk to until it was too late…

"Oh man what I'm AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" the small boy screamed as he fell to what many would call his ultimate doom, fortunately he didn't, fate had other plans to him.

After a while, the young Ikari began to stir of his unconscious state, his body slightly aching of the fall, which was weird, after all he fell of a rather considerate altitude if his eyes were not tricking him after looking at the hole he felt, and the height separating the entrance hole of the floor.

Groaning, Shinji finally stood up, slowly at first, he didn't want to risk of pulling something up after such nasty fall, the first thing he noticed was that he was on a cave, not a normal cave, but a man made cave if the metallic support beams and the flickering lights hanging of the 'roof' was of any indication.

He was afraid yes, who wouldn't, but his natural and somehow repressed curiosity surfaced once again after god knows how many years of imprisonment and overshadowed the fear he felt, Shinji began to walk towards whatever the cave might lead to, hopefully to an exit directly to Tokoy-3 suburbia.

As he kept walking he noticed that the rock walls were being slowly being replaced by metallic ones, there was appoint where both walls were perfectly mesh together, until the metal began to overshadow the rock, until only steel remained on the walls, Shinji also noticed that on the floor, seeing how the floor in general was also steel, and powered by something, whatever it was.

Finally, after what he assumed were five minutes of walking by sheer curiosity fueling his steps, he reached some sort of blast door, it was odd, way too odd to him, and more when the door slowly began to hiss open, taking a step back, Shinji saw how the steel door groaned until it was fully opened to him to step into whatever was inside, which he did so.

Entering Shinji noticed several things in particular, one was the massive cavern where he was now, second was the amount of technological gadgets around that would make his Otaku and military loving friend have a seizure on the spot, along with an orgasm, the third of course was the amount of dust on the room, it was far worse that the mess in Misato's home, the fourth thing he noticed however caught his eye instantly, making him to walk to it.

It was in some sort of crystal display, and armor, gold and red platting, intimidating along with the sheer sight and the helm which displayed a very serious face, rectangular holes on the face seemed to be the eye holes, and a small one near the jaw seemed to the mockery of one of a mouth, most of the displays like the one the armor was were empty, so it seemed the armor was the only thing placed on those displays, with a gulp, Shinji tentatively reached for the crystal separating him of the armor, touching the dust stained glass with his right hand, brushing the dust with care, so no amount would get into him.

'Activating recognizance protocol…scanning…'

Shinji eyes widened when he saw the armor eyes glow blue, suddenly letting a blue arc of energy around, him, like in a sci-fi movie making some sort of body scan or something.

'Scan ended, researching for physical profile of the scanned subject on city mainframe'

Shinji eyes widened, the only city mainframe he vaguely knew was the MAGI, not only that, it was looking info of him, he might be shy and introverted, but not stupid, his information is well guarded as a EVA pilot…

'Data found, subject: Ikari Shinji, age: 14, biological father: Ikari Gendo, biological mother: Ikari Yui, profession: school student, Evangelion Pilot, designation: Third Child…psychological profile… usable, expendable, emotional…not recommended for piloting…file closed by Ikari Gendo, supreme commander of NERV'

Shinji eyes were wide for a variety of reasons, one of them was that the suit had actually entered the MAGI and had got his profile, of part of it, and of course the information inside it, which was far for encouraging, "He…he still thinks I'm just a thing…" Shinji muttered bitterly.

'New user…Ikari Shinji…'

"…Eh!?" Shinji exclaimed with surprise, did the thing just call him user?

'What can I do for you master Shinji?'

Unable to believe what just happened, Shinji began to make a storm of ideas, wherever he was seemed to belong to someone already dead, second, it seemed to recognize him as user and owner of the place now; third…he had just an idea.

"Uh…can you download my complete profile? Along with the other EVA pilot files and any personnel of NERV?"

'That I can, please name of the personnel you desire their profiles'

It was invasion of privacy at is best, but what the hell, he felt rather lucky now, considering his suck ass life so far.

"Give me…the files regarding Gendo and Yui Ikari…and what this armor is for?" Shinji asked the last part with sheer curiosity, he knew the armor from somewhere, maybe a newspaper of a TV show, somewhere, but he couldn't tell where.

'The armor is original of Tony Stark, created by the purpose of combat…codenamed 'Iron Man''

The sole mention of the name Iron Man was enough to make Shinji go eye wide, that was the armor of one of the many Supermen that once populated the world fighting evil before second impact and seemed to die before, during and after the impact, along with the boom of super powered teenagers born before, during and after second impact, Iron Man was a legend itself, and he was staring at the armor of THE MAN, better yet…

He owned the damn armor!!

But to be sure…

"Uh…does the armor now…belong to me?" Shinji asked, while being excited naturally, but experience has taught him to not expect much, his life was full of disappointments one after another…

'Yes, per previous orders of the former owner, the armor, the underground base which is placed and the funds of the diseased Tony Stark are now property of Shinji Ikari, his name is already placed as rightful owner of the money of Mr. Stark and can be claimed at any time…'

Now Shinji was truly shocked, he didn't only owned the most powerful combat armor know to man, but he just found out that Tony Stark, the man all men tried to be was the pilot behind it, and to boot he just now owned the place and the money of the man.

For the first time in many years, Shinji's face lit up like a little kid just seeing his Christmas and birthday gift at the same time, a shitty day had just turned into a kickass day.

But then he remembered something…

"OMG Pen-Pen!!!"

and there you have it, first chapter of another of my alternative universe stories, i have been brainstorming this one for a while, most of the stories made by the other writters never state was happened to the other heroes like Captain America or Spiderman, if they died on the cataclysm that was second impact or someone used that chaos to kill them, well with that in mind i have been working to put those doubts to rest once and for all (or until orionpax09 and Mike313 read this and add that to their own stories) but until then just read my friends, and review of course, what's a story without reviews that point several facts the writer might have forggoten.

until a next time, Hypn0s signs off!!