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There are a few selected things that please Gendo Ikari enough to bring a smile upon his face, for example Unit-01 going berserk and consuming an angel's core, which he presumes will happen in a near future, Yui actually answering his pleas to talk with him, the pain and suffer of others, the completion of the Dummy Plug system and oh yeah who can hope to forget that he smiles when Shinji screams like a little girl every time he faces and angel, or when so said kid is unable to stand against him when even the god he wants to kill for taking his Yui of him knows that Shinji, by all means, should break his jaw with a crowbar.

He also smiles when a plan comes together…and scowls when things don't go as planned, as it was happening now.

Seated as usual on the highest place of the bridge on NERV's base, Geofront, Gendo, along with Fuyutsuki and every single tech present and that kept watch in case an angel attacked, watched on the huge screen on it how Misato basically gave Rhino a taste of her military training coupled with her newly acquired super strength and resistance, the fact she was doing that in less than presentable clothes for society standards made the day of most men watching the TV at the moment.

"Look at her go!"

"Damn! Are those real?"

"Bow chika wow wow!!"

"How those clothes can hold THOSE?" that last one came of Maya who found herself intrigued and jealous on Misato's gamma enhanced assets, some girls use plastic surgery and implants to look better to the eye of men, Misato only used deadly gamma radiation to gain a body girls would die for.

Of course on top of them Gendo was far from pleased by the sudden turn of events, "You know…" Fuyutsuki began, only to shut up when Gendo turned his glare to him, taking a hint the old man shut up, but not before letting a quick "told you so" under his breath, one Gendo heard rather well if the intensification of his glare was of any indication.

But in any case that didn't mattered to him, even when Misato basically became a human bulldozer, took the damaged van where the SWAT officers were and Captain America had freed, ripped the hood off and use it as an overgrown Frisbee towards the mall, surely aimed to any bad guy inside, he didn't care, as long Lady Deathstrike held both inside the mall the time enough to Titanium Man to retrieve the case that SEELE had hid in the hospital for the next phase of his plan it didn't mattered if even Iron Man itself returned of the grave to stop him, as long it hinder SEELE plans and fueled his it didn't…

"We are outside the New Hope Hospital where just minutes ago Titanium Man, leader of the feared Oni gang had stormed out of the hospital after storming in, causing substantial damages to the hospital itself, wounding medical staff and using a group of teenagers as shields, has engaged combat with no one else with Iron Man itself"

Only to turn red in anger when a second newscast that somehow got winds up the situation of the hospital, along with a bunch of police officers, and also somehow, Iron Man itself had returned from the grave to foil his plans.

Being Gendo, he did the equivalent of an angry rant to him.

"I'm going to my office" he said, in the privacy of his office, and with a plasma TV set, he could go berserk without no one finding out and losing his façade of emotionless leader.

Anyone but Fuyutsuki who let a small smirk grace his lips, not even Gendo and SEELE can hope to advance in their plans unopposed, the return of Captain America and Iron Man was proof that it didn't mattered if they killed all heroes on the world, the ideals would never die, that and the revealing ways female heroes dressed.

Kensuke is a military fan and Otaku, anyone on the school knows that, hell even Shinji and Rei knows that, one is brand new in the school and the other is antisocial, so he was kinda surprised when he found out that both kids belonged to NERV staff, even more, they were pilots of the EVA units, but any surprise he had before died when he lay eyes on the most advanced combat armor know to man, the Iron Man armor.

Said to be build by Tony Stark itself, and given to an employee of trust, the Iron Man was at the time of the heroes, the terror of the likes of Mandarin, Crimson Dynamo and ironically, the original Titanium Man, teamed up with the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, hell it was rumored that Iron Man had an affair with the Black Widow and Elektra, and that Nick Fury hated Iron Man for being as late as Tony Stark to meeting of the once known as The Ultimate Alliance, a group formed by most of the heroes at the time, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, you name it they were there.

And now he was staring at one of the heroes of the old times, back of the grave and as good as new, but a little short.


Cops, newscast crew and the teens ducked when Titanium Man was punched towards a parked car unfortunate enough to be parked there, then blow to pieces along with Titanium Man when Iron Man used his Repulsor beams on the palms of his hands to ignite the fuel of the car and blow it up along with the armored criminal.

As the fire raged on, Iron Man looked at the fire and rubble that was once a car and where Titanium Man once was, narrowing his eyes behind the helmet, Shinji scanned the area.

That had been easy, too easy for a criminal of the category of Titanium Man…

Shinji brought his arms together on a X manner when a green plasma bolt was fired to him, making him recoil a little, but not enough, the armor was built to withstand even the raw strength of the Hulk…to a level, a single plasma bolt would do nothing when not even a tank shell was even able to scrap the paint of the armor during practice.

Soon Titanium Man rose of the rubble, green fire flaring under his feet, making him dash towards Iron Man who in kind dashed at the villain.


Both metal wearing teen's collided head first, hands entangled on a strength duel, green plasma against yellow Repulsor energy, tied in a stalemate, breaking the stalemate, Titanium Man launched a right hook at Iron Man who simply ducked the blow, then retaliated with a right hook of his own to the armored sides of Titanium Man, Shinji believed that the strength of the armor would be enough to kill a man or a meta-human who was neither armored or was a bruiser meta-human, but the armor of Titanium Man made him an obvious exception to the rule of not using the blows against normal humans.

The blow made Titanium Man stagger a little, enough to lower his guard to Iron Man to launch a left straight to Titanium Man's face, the impact, much to Iron Man's shock didn't shattered the glass visor, but left a visible crack on it, even staggering more, Titanium Man's head shot upwards when Iron Man uppercut him hard, adding a little of boost by using the Repulsor jets of his boots, Titanium Man was stunned enough to not notice when Iron Man, still in air, dived to the ground, spearing him wrestling style.


The impact caused by the clash of Iron Man at such speed caused a crater on the ground, followed by a ditch formed by Titanium Man's body after Iron Man dragged him towards the ground using his Repulsor jets boots.

Letting Titanium Man go, Iron Man hovered a little before landing near Titanium Man…

"Surprise!" only to be received by a surprise plasma bolt to the stomach that caught him off guard and send him flying a little before he was able to recover his stability and activate his jet boots and land softly, but leaving a visible crack on the concrete upon his feet making contact with the ground.

Slightly stunned, Iron Man was unable to defend of the left hook to his right side, making him recoil a little, Titanium Man then continued to pound Iron Man's right side with powerful left hooks, until he got tired and tried a right uppercut to the chin of Iron Man, only to Iron Man to take a step back and lean backwards, avoiding the impact, guard open wide, Iron Man rose his right hand, palm wide open, "Surprise"


Titanium Man screamed as a Repulsor beam came of the hand of Iron Man, hitting him point blank on the chest and sending him flying and crashing towards the concrete, rolling while at it until he dug his hands on the ground and stopped himself, rising his face, Titanium Man was welcome by a knee on the face, courtesy of Iron Man itself, making him rise and stagger a little, then giving his back to Iron Man, a grave mistake Iron Man capitalized when he rose both of his arms and aimed his palms at Titanium Man.

Two powerful Repulsor beams were fired at Titanium Man, cracking the back of his armor and sending him flying towards the ground, screaming while at the way until he crashed on the ground and didn't stood up anymore.

Iron Man kept his guard up for a whole minute, eyeing the prone form of Titanium Man, expecting any kind of reaction, until he believed he wouldn't stand up anymore…


Only to go eye wide behind his helmet when a green bolt was fired, but not to him, but to Mai, better said the case she held on his hands, "NO!!!"

The bolt hit the case, making the yellow case to blow into pieces, revealing what seemed to be a small piece of a crystal of the size of an index finger, a crystal that glowed mightily…

"AAAAHHHHH!" Kensuke, Touji and Hikari screamed as they were exposed to the now blinding light of the crystal while the adults around seemed to be stunned by the light, only Mai didn't screamed, rather she remained there, holding what was left of the box on her hands and the crystal that kept glowing, until the light died out, and the crystal cracked in two in Mai's hand, and the teens fell to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Rushing at the fallen teens, Iron Man ignored the laugh of Titanium Man as he rose up, "No…no no!" he said as he kneeled and overlooked at his friends, then focused on the still shocked and pale Mai, surely shocked and pale because a case with a glowing crystal saved her life of a plasma bolt that would have killed her.

"Mai…Mai!" Iron Man screamed, snapping Mai of her trance, "Y-yeah?"

"Are you okay?"

"Y-yes…" she then looked at her unconscious brother eyes widening as she used her hands to crawl herself to him, shacking him up, "Brother…brother!"

"He is fine…he is still breathing…thank Kami" Iron Man stated, ignoring the taunts of Titanium Man, "Listen Mai…" Iron Man began, looking around and seeing that most adults were kinda stunned by the light, lifting the gold mask, Shinji showed his face to a surprised Mai, "Shi…"

"No sshhh" he said, the gold mask again in place and making a sshhh motion with his finger, "Don't tell anyone…just keep the crystal pieces hidden for the moment, and anything of that case that might reveal who was the owner…" he said to the little girl who nodded, "And you?" she asked, seeing how Shinji turned around, seeing how Titanium Man flew away, the obvious direction to the mall, "Me? I'm going to deal with Titanium Man…he has gone unopposed long enough" he said as he stood up and padded the head of Mai with his metallic hand.

Taking several steps forward, and pushing roughly a reporter that tried to interview him after recovering from the stun, Iron Man ignited his jet boots and aimed his Repulsor beams of his hands to the ground, shooting like a bullet to the sky and for the hunt of Titanium Man.

"…Go get them" was all Mai whispered as she hid the pieces of the crystal that was no bigger than her index finger on her hospital gown along with a piece of the case that had a strange mask design with seven eyes in it.

Any adult survivor of Second Impact knows the stories regarding the lives of the superheroes of yesterday, they knew that the current meta-humans weren't called meta-humans in the first place, they were once called mutants, some called them mistakes of god, and others just plainly call them monsters, and was rather easy to hate someone who was not like them, simple as that, true, society became more accepting for the new meta-humans, more because those meta-humans were kids, and 99% of the kids born after second impact and their descendants would have powers, either the ability to heal at an astonishing rate, the 70% of those teens, the 29% would acquire super human abilities that was as changing as the current weather, only the 1% of people born after second impact would not have neither healing factors or powers, normal humans in a sense, in a way, the vision of Magneto of a world of mutants came true…just after a cataclysm erased half of mankind and mutated the survivors in a way that any children born out of those survivors would gain powers.

But acceptance was way different than getting use to see a girl with cat like features, long sharp nails walk around Tokyo-3 streets, or a kid of just fourteen years old capable of growing to the size of a ten stories building or being able to morph in any animal or person, or shoot beams out of their eyes, hands, and some mock out of their noses and asses.

That was mainly the reason kids ran away of their homes after they found out of their powers, some had the ability to control fire or ice, or generate their own energy, or read minds or move things with their minds, but in the end their parents were unable to get use to the fact that their son or daughter, and any kid they have in a future will develop superpowers or a healing factor that makes them impervious to most wounds normal kids would whimper in pain, the other factor was that some families, in extreme cases were too prude, and considered that kids with so said powers were mistakes, mistakes that needed to be corrected, one way or another.

That was the kinda of household Akira Sakuraba came to live in, for thirteen years of her life, she lived with parents that hated any meta-human, they drilled to her the hate towards meta-humans in general…until she developed powers of her own, nails as sharp as any know knife, almost indestructible, to make it worse they could grow larger, when she found out of this she tried to kill herself, only to find out that she was cursed with a power that had kept alive a very infamous mutant for a long time until he met a grizzly demise on second impact, a super accelerated healing factor that healed any wound, she tried to cut her wrists with her own sharp nails, only to see the wound and veins heal at the blink of an eye, she tried to hung herself, only to feel how her windpipe cracked back in place, she drank poison after poison…they only made her go to the bathroom a lot of times.

Then their parents found out, and she was forced to run away of her home, the place that once she called home sweet home became a place she rather forget, and the people she loved became the people that hated her the most…

So it was no wonder that her hate was misguided until she met Rhino and Tide Mutsuhito, or as he became know, Titanium Man, in them she found another family, hope, her rage was focused on making others feel pain, in time she learned that her body was a weapon, a weapon created by nature and tempered by hate, so when she decided to have a nickname on the gang, it was no surprise to no one what she chose, Lady Deathstrike, and so one of the most feared female meta-humans came to life.

The three men that were on the ground tried to subside her, two almost did it, the third was smart, when she lashed at the two who touched her, she left deep gashes on their chests, the third had only a flesh wound, but her cuts in that part were like paper cuts, they stung, while not deep it hurt like nothing like you could never imagine, especially the length each cut was made, but when she saw the face of one of the men who tried to subside her, she grew angry, because somehow, fate had deemed that father, mother and child would meet again in a mall, both mother and father hated meta-humans with passion, but they didn't hate her anymore, maybe because they missed her in their lives, but she hated them, and when she had decided to kill them both to vent a little of her anger because Tide had put her to guard some hostages and maybe kill a pair in front of Captain America while she and Rhino caused all kinds of destruction…

That was until she heard footsteps, she had hid and had saw much to her glee how Captain America had come to the trap, although she was pissed by not killing the persons who rejected her, their own blood, she would love killing Cap, after making herself know and seeing that the stories about Captain America strength, agility and his indestructible shield were in fact true and carried out to the current Captain America, and having some idle chit-chat, she had decided it was time to start the action.

Dashing at Cap, Lady Deathstrike dragged her nails to the ground, leaving visible marks on the ground, close enough to Cap, Deathstrike made a sweep with her left arm, Cap simply jumped away of the strike, but Deathstrike didn't relent in her attack, she advanced at Cap and began a series of wild sweeps at Captain America, every time Cap took a step or jumped backwards, until she felt the cold wall behind her, not taking the eyes away of the charging lady Deathstrike, Captain America brought her shield to bear, Lady Deathstrike made a stab motion with her right hand, seeing only how Captain America use her shield to deflect the impact, or better said drag her claws towards the direction Cap wanted, using her shield she forced the claws to meet the wall behind her, ducking then, but Lady Deathstrike was far from over, her free arm shot to Cap ducked form, only to see how Cap grabbed her hand with her free arm, then somehow shot at her, shoulder aimed at her, a vicious blow that met her stomach and made her gasp in pain as the air was expelled there violently and making her slightly take several steps back, grasping her stomach with her hand.

Angry at such display, Lady Deathstrike rushed again at Cap, only to jump and suddenly spin in mid-air, like some sort of twisted mix of a spinning top and a saw, the claws of Deathstrike were poised to cut Cap down, but only hit the ground when Captain America rolled to her right, seizing her chance, Cap suddenly launched a kick to the unprotected sides of Deathstrike, making the girl cry in pain at the sudden impact that cracked her ribs instantly, such ribs started to heal almost instantly, but one thing is healing skin and soft tissue, other is healing bones, those take time, and unlike Wolverine, she doesn't has an Adamantium skeleton.

Gasping for air after such strike, Lady Deathstrike never saw Cap's shield on her face until her brain registered the sudden spike of pain spreading all over her face, spitting blood Lady Deathstrike again tried to slash Cap, just to have her hand caught by Cap, then with a mighty show of strength, Captain America threw Lady Deathstrike over her shoulder, slamming her to the ground and causing the girl to gasp blood after the vicious impact.

Cap rose her right arm, fist aimed to the girl on the ground, ready to finish her off, "NO!!" until she was tackled by a man and a woman which Lady Deathstrike shared great resemblances to them both, "Stay away of her you filthy mutant!" the woman yelled, Cap saw that the man stopping her was one of the men who had been cut down by Deathstrike.

She could push them away like pushing a pillow away, but that was not something the former Captain America would do, "Please move aside, she is a danger to everyone, including you two!" Cap tried to reason with the adults.

"No! I won't let you take our baby away! Not again!!" the woman screamed, wailing right at the face of Cap who was eye wide, "Excuse me? This is your daughter?"

"Yes…we made a mistake…we want our baby back…and no mistake of god such as you and that gang of freaks will stop us!" the man gasped, trying to force his weight on Cap smaller frame, not that it would work of course…

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Captain America senses shot up when the woman screamed in pain, eyes widening when she saw Lady Deathstrike already standing up, the fingernails of her left hand extended and coated in blood, her own mother's blood.

"Dear! AAGGHHH!" the man tried to help his wife, just to be cut down again in the chest by Deathstrike, both adults collapsed on the ground on a bloody heap, a pool of blood slowly forming under them, "…Monster" Cap said, glaring at Lady Deathstrike who slowly licked the blood of her parents of her large fingernails.

"They are your parents, and you just struck them down!"

"Akira Sakuraba died the day they found out she was a mutant and tried to kill her out of shame and rage" she began, ignoring the whimpers and sobs of the people on the ground, not to say of the hostages who were scared by the act of Deathstrike, Cap easily saw a mother hug her five years old child tightly, "They educate her to hate the mutants…but she was one herself…so she taught herself something important…to hate humans…to hate ALL humans!" she screamed, making Cap to scowl at that declaration.

"I will kill any human who dares to stand in my way, any human…including them" she pointed to her fallen but still alive parents, "Even them" she added as she pointed at the hostages, "All…and if a mutant stand in my way…such as you are now…I will kill it as well…Akira Sakuraba died a long time ago, now Lady Deathstrike stands in her place!"

"…You know…that if you take that path…I will have to stop you…by any means necessary" Cap declared, "I know…and that's why I hate you now…you think you can help people…when you can't even help the people on the hospital! Let alone these worms on the ground!" she snarled, making Cap sigh, "You're a sad child…a sad, sad child"

"And you're in my way!" Deathstrike screamed, rushing and lunging at Cap with both fingerclaws aimed at her, sighing in annoyance, Cap suddenly spun, launching her shield like a disk, Deathstrike laughed when the shield wasn't aimed at her…



But stopped laughing when the shield ricocheted on several walls and columns, and impacted on her head, the impact stopped her dead on her tracks, grabbing her still ricocheting shield, Cap use it to bring Deathstrike down to the ground again, this time slamming it on her stomach and launching her above her, landing hard on the ground, unconscious and defeated at last.

It was then when Misato with a bunch of cops and medics came rushing in, "Sorry I was late, they were more than I expected" the green beauty said, "No sweat…it was better you weren't here…you might have killed Deathstrike for what she told me" Cap said with a sigh, seeing how several cops handcuffed Deathstrike after some medics checked her for serious wounds, then focused on her fallen parents, tears on their eyes as they saw their child being taken away by cops.

"That bad it was?" She-Hulk asked, seeing how Cap rose her head, the sound of something flying above the mall and approaching, reaching their ears, "That bad…and I think this is not over"

He had to get away, he had to get away of the damn monster behind him, that damn red and gold monster that was following him, he didn't knew that Iron Man was alive and would follow him, hell the only reason he accepted to do what their benefactor asked them to do was because only Captain America would be there, and not even Cap was a match against an army of meta-humans, of course he was surprised that his benefactor asked him to go to the hospital, attack it and grab something of the sub-basement, until he fired against it when the girl had it on her hands he knew he had attacked a hospital for a crystal…a crystal that caused any adult to be stunned for a good chunk of time and teens to fall on their butts screaming, of course not even his benefactor had told him that Iron Man would made act of presence to stop him.

True, Tide Mutsuhito is a wanted man, his only crime was to blow his home apart with his family inside when he was attacked by his drunkard mom while the wuss of his dad did nothing, it was then when his powers first manifested.

The ability to shoot green plasma bolts and generate plasma explosions out of his body was the reason he was alive and he was a wanted teen for murder, it was no murder, it was self-defense, but he would accept the murder charges, after all he is a teen who enjoys making people fear him, ever since his powers developed, he used them to his own gain, stealing any unlucky moron fool enough to wander alone at night, he mugged them and killed them, he didn't need witnesses to identify him or press charges.

It was on one of those successful mugs that he met his benefactor, a man who simply offered him one thing, more power, how he was able to not accept such offer, it was no mystery that his powers, albeit strong, had their limits, and so he, all it was needed was a lucky swing to his head to leave him stunned then no one would save him, after all he was a teen, his preferred targets were adults, adults hit harder than kids, harder than him.

His benefactor gave him the Titanium Man armor of course, he said that still was no a match to the Iron Man armor, but now with Iron Man dead and so the heroes, no one would pose a threat to a teen whose armor was made of titanium and used his plasma powers to power it up, those were two great years, two years were he formed the Oni Gang, met Rhino, met Deathstrike, met his new family, a family of misfits, one he fit rather well.

Until today no cop or valiant asshole had landed a hit on him strong enough to hurt him…until Iron Man came, then all changed, he was left stunned and stupefied by such act, no one ever had hurt him, never, that had angered him, what made his anger worse was that Iron Man was still superior to Titanium Man in every sense, so when he saw a chance to delay Iron Man in the shape of a little girl and a hazardous material he assumed, he took it without hesitation, just so he could make a tactical retreat into the mall where he could fight better with his gang at his side.

But it seemed Iron Man was not delayed enough, much to the shock of Tide, who in anger began to fire plasma bolts at his prosecutor, only to see Iron Man dodge every single one of his attacks.

With renewed anger, Titanium Man began to fire all he got, only seeing how Iron Man seemed to move back and forth between the attacks with ease, even making a barrel roll to the left to dodge a particular nasty barrage of attacks, then retaliate with much to his shock, a barrage of gun fire from a minigun out of his right wrist, the hail of steel hit him right on the back and his left jet boot, making him stagger in air and slow down a little on reaching his objective, something bad.

Upon seeing that Titanium Man slowed down, and seeing the mall so close, Shinji decided to take it up a knot, the Repulsors on his hands suddenly ignited further, adding speed to his already amazing thrush, like a homing missile, Iron Man aimed itself against Titanium Man who only had a second to only look at the approaching Iron Man…


The hit echoed on the sky, and so the screams and curses of Titanium Man after Iron Man tackled him in mid-flight on the back, causing them both to pummel to the ground as the impulse that allow them to fly died out.

Titanium Man began to struggle against the grip of Iron Man, trying to twist around, when he did it he began to punch Iron Man's face repeatedly, not even thinking of using his plasma bolts at such close range, when he thought of that it was too late already, Titanium Man looked behind him, seeing the approaching concrete.

"No…Let me go!!"

"Dream on!!!"

The ground came closer to both of them…

"Stop! You'll kill us both!!"

"Oh trust me on this; you're not going to die with unpunished crimes on your name!"

Titanium Man could clearly see the shocked faces of the cops upon seeing him fall at such speed…


"Why? Because you hurt my friends"


Both metal titans crashed on the parking lot, dust raised upon impact as concrete pieces rained of the crater onto the people around, cops and paramedics around saw with astonished eyes when that happened, it was then when Captain America and She-Hulk, escorting the unconscious Lady Deathstrike and the hostages of the mall saw upon exiting, a freshly new made crater on the parking lot, added to the others She-Hulk had done after her battle with Rhino.

"…okay, that's new" She-Hulk muttered, turning to Cap who looked at the crash site with inquisitive look at the hole and whatever that made it.

Soon every law enforcer and the superwomen tensed up when a humanoid in silver armor came out, such armor battered and sporting two burn marks on the back, while the visor of the helmet was cracked, but still holding, somehow.

"…I…won…" Titanium Man whispered, "I won…" he said a little louder…

"Not quite" Captain America and She-Hulk ears perked up at the sound of a oh-so familiar voice, now synthesized, "…no way" that no way of She-Hulk came to deaf ears when something shot out of the rubble, coming out of the dust, every single cop, paramedic and citizen saw the familiar glint of a red and gold tinted armor that identified one of the most famous heroes of the former world.

"…Iron Man…" Captain America gasped as she saw Iron Man on the air, suddenly falling at top speed and aimed at the shocked Titanium Man, right fist aimed to his face.



Titanium Man staggered after Iron Man's fist nearly took his head off, taking some clumsy steps back, Titanium Man gasped when Iron Man's left fist buried itself on his armored stomach, flying a little back, and landing with a loud 'thud' on his feet, cracking the ground upon impact, but everyone could see that the impact had him stunned for how he staggered around, Titanium Man had little time to react again when Iron Man was in front of him and backhanded him, what people would call a 'bitch slap' was enough to stun Titanium Man, long enough to Iron Man to kick him hard on the stomach, all heard how Titanium Man gasped in pain upon the impact of Iron Man's feet on his stomach, not losing time, Iron Man rose his right hand and opened his palm, a yellow beam impact on Titanium Man's right shoulder, that impact was enough to bring Titanium Man to his knees, there Iron Man simply walked to Titanium Man, grabbed the metallic head of Titanium Man, rising the armored man to his level, brought his head back…


And delivered a vicious head-butt at Titanium Man, the visor cracking further, with an audible growl, Iron Man tossed Titanium Man away, looking at the prone body of the armored villain, looking around, Iron Man spotted Captain America and…

"Misato!!" outside all saw only a proud Iron Man, standing over his adversary, on the inside however things were much different, Shinji was slightly panicking after seeing Captain America, surely surprised because the new incarnation of the super soldier and symbol of all the North-American government was created and stood for was in fact a girl, of course his shock was furthered when he saw Misato of all people standing there, Misato had always been more assertive than him or any other person than he knew, and he knew that she had expressed several times her frustration for sending kids fight against monsters that could easily kill them, sending them to fight a war, surely the reason she was standing right now there was the same reason she was so frustrated with the angel battles so far.

She was tired of being only a watcher, and decided to act for once.

Any thought of Shinji was suddenly cut off when something caught his attention, turning to that, Shinji eyes widened behind his helmet as Titanium Man's visor let out a green beam of the size of his head aimed at him, the beam hit Shinji square on the chest, sending him crashing towards a parked car, such car was unable to stand the sudden impact and bended upon impact.

It was then when Captain America and She-Hulk decided to move…

"Don't move!" only to stop when Titanium Man aimed his left hand to a group of citizens, "One false move and they pay the price!" Titanium Man snarled at the two superwomen, making both girls to visibly growl and snarl at Titanium Man, even with the helmet on, anyone could say that Titanium Man was smirking at that.

"Leave them alone!" there Titanium Man turned his sights on the rising Iron Man, the chest plate only sported a small blackened spot, nothing else, "You little shit!" was all Titanium Man said as he aimed his other arm at Iron Man, and let a continued stream of green energy at Iron Man, much to the shock of Titanium Man, Iron Man rose his hands and blocked the beam, never noticing how some of the gaps of the armor of Iron Man began to glow green, and so the central piece and eyes.

"No…" Iron Man said, taking a step forward, "YOU are the SHIT!" with that Iron Man suddenly separated his arms, his chest piece letting out a powerful green beam out, the beam overwhelmed the beam of Titanium Man, much to the shock of the armored villain that fired his other beam to the hostages in a attempt to wound the hero's pride, but the beam was deflected by the sudden arrival of Cap with her shield.



Titanium Man was launched several meters by the powerful beam that burned his armor from the left waist up to the right shoulder, exposing a variety of circuits and some skin, but it was obvious that Titanium Man was downed, this time for good.

Iron Man took some tentative steps forward before falling to his right knee, what seemed steam coming not of the armor exterior after being exposed to such heat beam, but rather from the inside of it, "…Note to self…never do that again" Iron Man muttered as he struggled to stand up, almost falling to his knees again if it wasn't for She-Hulk that helped him stand, "Thanks…" Iron Man said to the emerald beauty that he knew as Misato, but Tokyo-3 knew her as She-Hulk, after recovering his footing, Iron Man, accompanied by She-Hulk approached the downed Titanium Man that was being watched closely by Captain America.

Kneeling at the unconscious villain, Iron Man reached for the helm of Titanium Man, with all intentions of removing it, "Watch it Tin Man, it might be a trap" She-Hulk stated.

"Is Iron Man, unless you want me calling you She-Jelly" the scowl of She-Hulk did wonders, unknown to her, to the kid inside the armor, but not that she needed to know right?

With a single yank, Iron Man pulled the helm off the head of the villain, exposing to the world a teenage face with a shaved head and with obvious scars of burn marks on his face, not enough to disfigure someone, but enough to kill any social life any teenager has.

"Is…just a kid…like the rest" She-Hulk said, her emerald eyes staring at the unconscious kid on their feet, a moment of silence passed among the trio of heroes, that was until Captain America spoke.

"Sad…isn't?" she began, making She-Hulk and Iron Man to stare at her, "Deathstrike…no, all the criminal meta-humans in a way are to blame to the adults, parents who didn't tolerated their own children and feared their powers…that rejection is enough to many kids to be pushed beyond the edge, I find sad that if their parents had been more…open minded and less afraid…none of this would have happened" she added, turning around and spotting the parents of Lady Deathstrike being carried away to an ambulance, since they along with the other two adults were wounded of priority that needed to be tended immediately.

With a last sigh Captain America headed were the unconscious and defeated members of the gang, the ones with less danger of killing people, were loaded into a police van, "I'll go and make myself sure that they don't try nothing funny" she declared, "Who?" She-Hulk said, seeing how Iron Man took the helm of Titanium Man, and seeing how various cops stripped the teen of the damaged armor.

"NO…I'm making sure that neither side gets too violent with one another" she added as she walked away, She-Hulk scratched her head, only to turn when she saw Iron Man slowly lifting off, "I'm heading to the hospital…some people got wounded when Titanium Man made his escape, and I want to see the extend of the damage" he said, She-Hulk noticed the helm, or what was left of it on Iron Man's hands, "Yeah…sure…by the way thanks for keeping the hospital safe"

"Is nothing…is what heroes do" and with that told, Iron Man shot to the sky and directed himself to the hospital, for her part, She-Hulk was suddenly flanked by a dozen at least of reporters, all with cameras and microphones aimed straight at her, "Sure you want to keep an eye on the bad guys or check some people…like someone's going to buy that lie…they ditched me with the vultures!"

"I find intriguing that you don't…lash against Misato…after what she did in thwarting your plan I'm surprised to say the least" Kozo said as he eyed at Gendo with a calculating eye, he knew Gendo enough to know that he was planning something, and whatever it was, no matter how insignificant, it always involved manipulating someone.

"She has her uses" was all Gendo said, which Kozo traduced into 'she will be NERV's puppet until I deemed worth of disposing her' that was Gendo meant by saying that Misato had her uses, she is a high ranked officer of NERV, and her appearance is most distinguishable no matter how you try to hide it, her secret identity would not remain so secret after a week or two, a different matter entirely in the fact of Iron Man and Captain America, Misato, as a member of NERV will boost the organization reputation by her heroic actions, after all not many people considered NERV as a good organization, having the city being attacked so many times and trashed during that made people wary and un-trusty of NERV's actions, Gendo would use Misato obviously as a way to gain public trust, that way he would have a bigger hold on Tokyo-3 when the time of reckoning comes.

A different matter was of course Iron Man and Captain America, besides the obvious changes, Iron Man being less taller and buff than before and Captain America being a girl, they remained the same, at the same time they remained as an unknown factor that Gendo could not control, they were not like Shinji or Ritsuko, who he could control and direct into his goals, Iron Man and Cap were two different breeds of heroes, but heroes nonetheless, heroes that Gendo knew could not remain alive if he hoped to realize his plan, the only reason he was helping Gendo was because he knew too much, finding out the truth about second impact by himself was shocking enough to not add the little fact that either he helps to end the world and evolve mankind further, or ends up in a ditch with a bullet on his head, the choice was rather obvious, he might have lived during the times of the mutants, but he never developed powers and rather remained neutral in sakes of never getting on the bad side of any mutant, or human hating mutant.

"SEELE just won't stand for this…as soon words gets out that your captain has hulk level strength and two supposedly dead heroes are back they will take immediate actions…against them and against you" he warned to the commander of NERV.

"They will not do as you say sensei, SEELE is focused on other matters that will keep their sights away of Tokoy-3 until an angel attacks, and I just hope none of the heroes decides to nose about the battles, I already have enough problems with Shinji acting valiantly and defying orders…I will not let him act as a maverick just because he feels like it" Gendo declared.

"He is a teenager Gendo, no matter how antisocial and demure he is now, Shinji is still a teenager, he will by nature defy any kind of paternal control brought to him, in a way or another, the fact that he controls one of the most powerful weapons in the world doesn't help in the matter, do us a favor and don't make an enemy of him, I don't recommend it" Kozo stated.

"As soon the Dummy Plug System is ready…"

"And as soon Yui realizes of the folly set, she will block Unit-01 to be used by Shinji alone" Kozo snapped, only to hear Gendo snort, "when that happens…he will be at my whim, if I say him jump, he will ask how high, if I say kill he will ask who, simple as that"

"He is not Rei, he is not needed to take drugs, I really doubt that" Kozo replied, "Not if I play my hand early…after all the death of a little girl always breaks anyone" Gendo replied as he pulled a cellphone of the pocket

"…if I wasn't under the threat of death I would kill you myself for that"

Gendo ignored him of course, he had not time for the petty threats of Fuyutsuki, and instead he kept talking on the cellphone, "Yes…yes…now…yes…I want you to make it as tragic as possible…if there is someone else? Kill any witnesses there…"

Mai stared at the pieces of the crystal on her hands, to think that such small crystal had put her brother on some sort of coma along with his friends still had her shocked and frightened by her brother's welfare, now she understood what he felt when she was in her own coma after the incident relating Unit-01 and the…angel

She didn't understood why they were called angels in the first place, angels are suppose to be pretty, gallant, majestic and noble, not 200 feet tall, butt ugly, destroying everything on their path and obviously seeking destroying humans, if it was for her, she would call them aberrations instead of angels, because so far the three angels that had attacked Tokyo-3, to her knowledge and her brother talking, none of them were of what could be say…angelic like.


Any mussing of her died out when the window of her room was tapped, looking there her eyes got eye wide when she saw Iron Man, or better said Shinji hovering there, she saw how he slowly opened the window, somehow maneuvering his metallic body onto the room, and landing softly, "Shinji-san" she said, glad that the nurses were too preoccupied by the patients and doctors caught in Titanium Man's rampage and not on her, who was unharmed.

"I'm fine" Shinji said, the golden mask of his helmet lifting up, at the same time the jaw portion lowered, revealing his face fully to Mai who let a smile at the sight of Shinji, "How are you?" he asked.

"Fine…thanks for coming when I asked you...touji and his friends are also fine, just in a small coma they say" she said with a smile, "I see, is good to know, and the other was no problem…I should be thanking you Mai" Shinji said, "Me? Why is that?"

"…I was…doubtful of wearing the armor, I trained to wear it but when the moment of truth came I hesitated, if it wasn't for you I would have not wore the armor…and people would have paid the price for that, your brother, Kensuke, Hikari…you" Shinji confessed, letting a small sigh out when he did as so, Mai felt silent for a second, before her face lit up with a smile, "So you owe me?"

"Kinda…I guess…why?" Shinji asked kind afraid of the smile Mai wore now, a smile that in time, Shinji would learn to fear when other girls he knew came to bear, more than he feared his father.

"Well…I want you to take me on a flight over Tokyo-3" she declared, "What!?" Shinji exclaimed in surprise, "Is only fair I get to fly with the invincible Iron Man" she said, then pouted, "You don't want to do that…do you?" she said, those big eyes made Shinji recoil, it was the same damn stare that Misato used once when he had to clean Pen-Pen long before she transformed.

Before anything could be answered, the knob of the door was twisted, alerting Shinji and Mai who saw how Shinji's helmet switched back to cover his face, all that happened next was so fast that left her kinda numb afterwards.

A doctor came in, no big deal, but what surprised her was what when he reached for his coat, then pulled something out, that out turned to be a gun, her eyes widened when Shinji put his metallic body in front of hers, then ten loud bangs reached her ears, all followed by the clang of something tent times, not sooner than that her sight no longer registered a red and gold boy protecting her, but a red and gold boy rushing at the man who had not even a second to discard the gun when he was punched, rather hard she noted by Shinji, the punch on the chest lifted him up, only to his head hit the ceiling and land roughly on the ground, the gun still in hand.

Her sight remained the same after that, doctors rushing to see why Iron Man had attacked a doctor, only to see so said doctor with a gun, ten flattened bullets on the ground, inside the room of a ten years old girl, to say the least the doctor that had shot was bounded and taken away by the own doctors before anything could be done, all while Iron Man closed the door of her room.

"I guess I'm going to stay here a little while longer…do you have a phone or something?"

"…Doesn't that armor doesn't have one?"

Night came to Tokyo-3, a welcomed night filled with tranquility after the hectic day that many people passed by, most citizens found that night special, more because a dangerous meta-human gang was brought down in a day, all thanks to the efforts of three superheroes, Captain America, Iron Man and She-Hulk, now know for her real name, Misato.

For her the day was productive and kinda stressing, included Mari, while Misato had to answer all kinds of questions of the circus media had to ask her, some even asking if she knew who were Iron Man and Captain America, she had left them to make a patrol around the city, not that she had something better to do, NERV didn't need her for the day, thank god, Shinji was out, which made her worry sick, Mari had her back, comforting, and Gendo would flip when he finds out that she acted as a hero, it was obvious he didn't liked heroes at all.

In any case during her patrol she had stopped at least three car chases that could have ended up a lot worse and with civilian casualties if not stopped, beat the crap of part of another meta-human gang that tried to break into a bank, saved at least three men who attempted suicide, and who can forget the crazy guy who said that 'they' were among people and nearly committed a massacre and was stopped along with Cap bashing her shield on his face, not bad for her first day as superhero.

But much to her shock, and Mari's, Shinji was yet to arrive back, whatever the reason it had to involve one of the incidents of that morning…

The phone rang, Mari answered, as soon she exclaimed 'Puppy-kun' Misato was already over her, asking if Shinji was fine, Mari hung the phone, much to Misato's anger, "He said he is on the hospital…visiting a little girl" Mari said, making Misato blink, ponder, then go eye wide and sigh, anyone on NERV knew who the little girl was, the only casualty of Shinji so far as EVA pilot, Mai Suzuhara, Touji's sister.

She was worried of course, the hospital had been Titanium Man first target, and so in a way Shinji had been caught there if he had gone there early, she was angry and worried, yes, but as long she knew that Shinji was there and fine she could sleep fine.

"He is taking too much time" a man muttered to himself, looking around the empty apartment building that was located on the borders of Tokyo-2 and the ruins of old Tokyo, the man wasn't alone, he had several men with him, security, after all he had a line of work that made him a marked men, being a hired gun was a dangerous business, even more if he employed trained mercs to the highest bidder, so far his most constant client was one called simply as 'commander' nothing else, it was of a high rank that was sure, a man, and paid well, the third one was that kept him of looking who was this 'commander' if he paid that well he could care less, better for him.

Yet he was worried, the commander had called him to ask a hit on a girl, a little girl, now he had his standards, but the money that he offered was high, unfortunately there was no Merc on his current roster with the balls to kill a little girl, most of them were married and had families, believe it or not, so he had to resort to his own personal assassin, a man as cold as ice, he had 'iced' people of every age, planted bombs, slaughtered families, he was the man for the job.

Unfortunately he was late due, and that worried him, he was never late, punctuality was his motto, and so killing his victims with a headshot…

Soon he tensed up, the crickets that had found home on the building had suddenly silenced, that alone was a bad omen, turning around he pulled his desert eagle, looked around and took several deep breaths, he walked to the entrance of the room, leaned on the wall and waited, gun ready…


His eyes widened when a red and gold metallic fist busted behind him, breaking the wall, he had little time to scream, let alone shoot when he was dragged by the fist, soon to stare at the rectangular blue glowing eyes of someone he would fear for a long time.

That morning, on Tokyo-2 precinct, several cops were wide eyed when right in front of the precinct, the man known as jackal, the hirer of mercs, wanted by the Interpol, and at least five men wanted by the same organization were dropped on their doorsteps, the figure of Iron Man flying away.

It was obvious someone had pissed him, or explain why the men had used iron bars to bind them and all showed signs of getting on a fight with him…and lost…by a mile.

That morning the man who had tried to kill Mai found himself waking up in the hospital, surrounded by cops, medics, with his cellphone missing, and his gun turned into scrap, and to add Iron Man was there as well, of course a bunch of cops and medics were no match to him, and tried to escape, that was until Iron Man aimed his minigun at him.

"Go ahead…gimme a reason"

He learned the hard way that Iron Man was no tolerant with assassins, especially with ones targeting children.

and there it is people! another chapter done and redy for you to read, now before questions fly about Gendo's actions, let me clarify something, Gendo is the msot dangerous kind of bad guy know, the determined bad guy, the guy who doesn't stops at nothing, and i mean it, nothing, he is like a speeding train, and anyone caught on the tracks is going to be without a doubt be rammed and killed if they don't move, he is determined to regain the woman who saved him, in the manga is shown that gendo was prone to get into all sort of problems, but then Yui came and saved him of that life, he grew attached to her, when shinji was born all her attention was focused to baby shinji, which made gendo envous of shinji at that time, when she 'died' gendo immediatly blamed god, and already deep knee and soaked with the information of SEELE about third impact, he planned his own scenario, now we all know how it goes from here, he leaves shinji alone with his maternal aunt and uncle, both hate shinji, he grows antisocial and bordeline emo, all in gendo's hopes of having a puppet that didn't required drugs like Rei to obey him blindly, misato's action somehow fixed shinji, even asuka helped, until the events of the thirteen angel, the death of rei-II and asuka being mind raped, and misato now focused on discovering what the defunct kaji had left her, left shinji again open to gendo to use him as a pawn and implant the idea that only being an EVA pilot he will be worth somehting to gendo.

now with that clarified about gendo and hiw unforgiving attitude against any obstacle on his scenario, and why he is willing to even kill a girl to break shinji, which is not to be surprised, after all this guy basically screwed the world, sees people as pawns and in his way of seeing it, everyone has their uses, even a kid.

with thta now fully clarified, let's get into the omake section people!


Reed Richards knew something the moment he used his latest invention to bring a literal army of Iron man of different dimensions, he was going to kill ayone of them who dared to flirt with Sue, not that Johnny would not help, he had actually said to the assembled iron man that whoever made a move on his sister was going to find themselves with their skin forever fused with the armor...by a very hot flame.

now the reason Mr. Fantastic had actually brought such a number of iron man of different dimensions had a very good reason, he assured to Nick and the Tony of their dimension, that reason had a name, She-Hulk, someone had the bright idea of taunt her, on other words, say that she was fat and she had zero fashion sense, now there was an unspoken law among heroes and villains alike, they can be chauvinist bastards and say that men are better than girls on the hero or villain line, it only incurs in minor cranium fractures and massive internal damage, nothing life endangering, but one thing is being a chauvinist, other is being a complete suicidal moron and tell a superwoman that they are fat and they have zero fashion style, is enough say that even Dr. Doom and Mephisto would rather face Galactus, Odin, Juggernaut and a very pissed Hullk at the same time than doing that.

sadly no one told that to that poor drunk moron that now lies six feet under rubble, concrete and cars, but that wasn't enough to calm the enraged cousin of Banner, they had tried it all, Ms. marvel and Spider-woman fought, they are now floating on the waters that surround New York, Spider-Man and Thor faced her, both are on ICU now, hell even the Thing, Captain America and Hulk faced her, Dr. Pym is still trying to figure how to pull Ben's head of the shield of the shocked Cap while figuring how to snap Bruce of his trauma after being beaten in his Hulk form, then they tried the more diplomatic aproach, which means Tony offering her a credit card with unlimited credit to buy to her hearts contempt, it worked...until deadpool had to open his mouth, now Reed's next task after stopping She-Hulk is to pull Tony's helm out of deadpool's mouth, much to many pity, there are few things that actually shut up the merc with a mouth, one of them being Wolverine, his claws, and the threat of cutting something that is most definetly will not regenerate even if attached.

which now brings to the current solution, if one Iron Man is not enough to bring her down, then an army will, Johnny had actually asked his brother-in-law why not an army of hulks, until the mental image of a leveled New york, now the biggest parking lot thanks to an army of Hulk's all screaming 'Hulk Smash!' came to his head, that was the last resort if the Iron Man army didn't worked.

Reed and tony were shocked to say the least by the number of Iron man incarnations so far, there was an Iron man that was only Tony's head attached to a cybernetic body, much to the current universe tony's shock, an iron man that was the current sorcerer supreme, a zombie iron man, a female iron man, a teenage iron man, an iron man that dated to the world war 2 era and was in fact steve, but without the super formula serum and with a blue, red, star themed armor, and the oddest of the additons, much to the shock of even the zombie iron man, an iron man that was no tony, but another person that was not related to tony or another hero, Shinji Ikari, who was as shocked as the other iron man after being transported of his world by Reed Richards.

"So...yummy" the zombie iron man moaned, "okay freak-o, one more leer at me or another of my brother of another dimension and i'll shove a part of my body that you will not certainly not enjoy having inside!" it was obvious to all that the female iron man, Toni stark, the sister of the only head tony was on her 'day' the zombie iron man decided to zip it, he might be a zombie, but last time he remembers he pissed a girl, he ended up having to reatach most of his body parts after so said woman rip him onto pieces.

"Okay gentlement, i know this is confusing to say the least, disturbing and scary" Reed said, refering mostly to the zombie iron man and shinji, "but we have a situation" he said, the rion man were filled by the current situation, and came with only one coclusion...

"we are so boned" all, without expecption said, well not all...

"...again!" shinji replied, rubbing his temples at the sight of an enraged she-hulk, "Again?" Captain America asked, "Yes, well our she-hulk is kinda...well she is short tempered...she drinks, she lacks modesty and manners"

"The only difference i see so far is the drinking part" Toni replied, "You say that to us, i am the flesh eating one of the pack, and even i'm my world she doesn't drink beer...i think"

"Enough...so you have dealt with this before right?" Reed asked, "Yeah, three times in fact, the first time someone stole her beer, the second someone called her fat, the third one was when kaji cheated on her...kami mighty that was the worse, but i know a way to calm her and any woman down" shinji declared proudly, much to the shock of the men, and the only two women present, Sue and Toni, "How?" Reed asked at the same time with every single one of the men, hell even the zombie asked.

"Just leave that to me, we japanese have a weapon that can stop any rampant woman, super or not super dead on her tracks" he said, "...I'll take a wild guess and say godzilla" Johnny said, "He is a fiction character!" shinji said, "...besides the fact that even in other dimensions a mutated lizard capable of launching radioactive flames is still a fictional character, what do you have to stop her rampage" Reed asked, "Just give me five minutes...and something to draw her attention" in that istant all turned to the tony of that dimension, or better said the credit card stll on his hands.

five minutes later...

the horror, the destruction, the humanity, the carnage, any villain dreamed with this kind of destruction...but not even they dreamed that al this kind of destruction would come not of a massive weapon, or a masterplan or an epic battle bewteen good an evil, but of a woman, She-Hulk in fact.

many citizents of the great apple were scared of even breathing, she was mad, mad as hell, not even her cousin, the invincible hulk was able to stop her...

"Hey!" many were scared when Iron Man made his appereance once again, althought many wondered why he was so short, "I got something you will love!" he said, lifting the credit card any woman would kill to have, ulimited credit, unlimited ability to buy all they dream off, "I won't fall for that!!!" she-hulk snapped, it was then when all got went eye wide when iron man removed his helmet, showing not the handsome Tnoy Strak, but an asian teen...

"Not eve for me" he said, it was then when she-hulk stopped dead on her tracks, eyes wide, her eyes were focused on the face of the teen, those big sparkling eyes, that pouting lower lip, that miserable yet cute look, that, that...

"SO CUTE!!" no one could believe it, she was stopped by a dammed pout, not any pout, the cutest pout any woman had ever seen, most women exclaimed the same, but only she-hulk was able to express any affection....by hugging the kid on her huge bossom as she exclaimed how cute he was that she was willing to kiss the soul out of him.

to the assembled heroes, it was more of a shocker, all the iron man had their jaws on the ground, in fact zombie iron man jaw actually fell of his rotten jaw, "Oh for fuck sake not again!"

"...that...was effective" Cap exclaimed, "The ramifications of that...the power...the advances....dear lord he can have any woman he wants!" reed said with a shocked look, turning to Sue, then having an idea...

"We must learn it" all Tony's including the female said, if that worked for that, god knows what else it would work for.

"Hey!" they heard shinji exclaimed, "I do enjoy being smothered in huge boobs like any other guy...but i don't have indestructible bones, save me!!!!"

until a next time people, i hope you enjoyed the omake and the chapter, Hypn0s wish you all a good weekend!!