Michael Jackson in heaven

Michael Landed in heaven in a crash. Still dazzled and squinting with the sunlight he faced the figure

in front of him. A man with a white long dread-locked hair and long strait beard. GOD.

Confused Michael stared and without thinking blurted out who are you ? Where am I ?.

God replied my dear boy I am your father God and this is your new home paradise.

You have earned your place here fore helping mankind and my precious planet earth.

Michael looked up still taking it in I'm dead ? Will I never see my children again?

God patiently answered back Michael your children our in safe hands, this is apart of

Adapting to your new life by accepting changes you'll be reunited with your loved ones in time.

Michael its your duty now to protect and comfort them at times like these there suffering is at their peak. I'm sorry Michael but this it the transition between life and death.

God offered sensitively a pair of binoculars. What are these for ? Michael asked To see your

Loved ones , God replied quietly.

Michael looked through them and saw his children getting pushed by bodyguards in big

Black cars surrounded by media. No masks on their faces. Vunerable to the rest of the world.

A tear rolled down Michael cheek he would never let them be exposed like this.

Why ? Michael said voice trembling. Why did your take me so early ? Michael please don't

Be angry with me, God answered back. We saw you stress , your tears and pain. You

Accomplished enough in your life you lived to gain your wings. That's what lifes about

Making a change in my planet for the future mankind.

Sorrow is a very similar reaction to a person who reaches here unexpected but time heals all wounds.