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Chapter 14

Team 7

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Deidara groaned when the alarm went off. He hit it hard, before his hand snuck back into his covers. He was tired still from all the explaining he had done last night in the Hokage's office. He had blown cover when he said he was from Iwa and had to get the story straight with the rest of his friends. They all promised not to blow it, but sometimes, the way Ino and Naruto rambled, he wondered.

"Deidara, time to get up," Sakura said as she entered his room after a couple knocks.

"Tired," he mumbled as he pulled the blanket up higher.

Sakura approached him and rested her hand on his head that was under the covers.

"You feel a little warm," She told him, pulling away, "Alright, get some sleep and I'll bring you some breakfast. This better not develop into anything Deidara."

"Tired, not sick," he tried to refute, but was too sleepy.

He eventually heard people making noise downstairs. He muttered darkly when he heard the door swing wide open, too loud to be Sakura.

"Hey! Aniki!" Naruto said with a smile in his voice, "We have a whole week off before we have to go back for teams!"

"Yay." Deidara said dryly as he pulled the covers up further.

"Sakura-chan says you aren't feeling well, so I am suppose to keep an eye on you just incase you need anything, dattebayo. Anything at all and I go get it!" Naruto told him, pulling up a chair rather noisily.

Deidara gritted his teeth as he clenched his eyes closed.

"Wow, your room is filled with stuff. I have never seen so many things! I mean did you make all of those artsy stuff? And what about these scrolls? I mean, what do you study? I thought you were a fighter, not a bookworm like Saku-"

"Naruto!" Deidara finally yelled as he sat up throwing the blanket onto his lap, "It is very hard for me to sleep when you are talking so much, yeah!"

Deidara regretted his harsh tone when he saw Naruto's expression slowly melt into a sad, guilty face.

"I'm sorry," he said, making Deidara feel even worse, "I've just never seen your room before."

"Yeah, well, its fine," Deidara huffed out, "I am just cranky in the morning, yeah. Don't mind me, alright? I just need some time to wake up. Continue what you were saying."

His mood was instantly better, "I was just wondering if you really have read all those scrolls."

Deidara laid back but didn't try to sleep just yet.

"Yes, I've read them all and go back to them repeatedly. Most of those are scrolls on the art of seals, but some of them are about swords and things I need for my apprenticeship."

"You are an apprentice? To who?"

"I am an apprentice of a swordsman," Deidara told him calmly, "Though I might be here, I still am practicing what he gave me. I have all the katas and movements down, yeah. I just need practice, experience, and a master's touch"

"Cool! Who's your teacher? Is he famous?" Naruto looked like he was going to pee himself with excitement.

"Yes, he is famous, no, I can't tell you his name, yeah. No, Sakura won't tell you either, just like she won't tell you her sensei's name." Deidara said with a yawn, "Anything else?"

"Yeah, what was Teisei doing last night when he rested his mouth in the water and stared at it while you did that weird jutsu?"

"He was replaying all the events that he had seen of what Mizuki had done." Deidara told him, "That's one of his specialties, yeah."

"So cool!" Naruto said enthusiastically, "I want to get an animal just like him now!"

"It might be a little hard, yeah." Deidara told him as he found the cat in all his covers and began to pet him, "I got him as a gift. He is a rare breed."

"Why would someone give you him and not keep him themselves?" Naruto questioned.

"Because even though the man is the most stingiest money hoarder, he likes spoiling Sakura and I on rare occasion, yeah." Deidara told him with a chuckle, "You should see the jewelry that Sakura has, some of the finest gemstones in the world belong to her."

"Really?" His eyes were getting wider, "But then, if you had senseis and masters and guys who spoiled you with rare gifts… why are you living in Konoha without them?"

"That's not to be talked about Naruto," Deidara snapped, narrowing his eyes, "Whatever you do, never- ever- ask Sakura that, yeah. She lived with all of them since she was eight. I came when I was thirteen. The blow was softer to me."

"You mean…"

"Sakura still hurts from it, yeah." Deidara nodded, "So… never ask unless it pertains to something life threatening."

"Alright Aniki!" Naruto said with a big smile, "You can count on me!"

"I'm counting on it."

It turned out that Deidara was just fine, just fatigued from the events that had occurred. He had been the first one to start looking for Naruto and was the last one to go to bed after making sure each and every member of their group got home safely.

Now, after a week had gone by, he was awake, energetic, and sitting rather bored like next to Naruto wearing yet another Hitia-ite. If he kept this up, he was going to have a small collection of them.

"I am sooooo excited to know who I've got on my team. I hope its…. Kiba and… Hinata cause she's really cool!"

"Hmm? What about me and old Sasuke here?" Deidara questioned.

"Well, teams come in three, so I know for a fact no one is stupid enough to separate you and Sakura and teme is the Rookie of the Year apparently, so he would no doubt be on your team." Naruto said as he rubbed his head.

"Ah, but none of you bothered to try to invoke the old medic movement that Senju Tsunade had suggested during her time here, yeah." Deidara said with a grin, "That would make one team have four members."

Naruto and Sasuke stared at him, "Who?"

Deidara smacked his head on the desk before raising it again and yelling at the two, "What do you mean 'who'! I am talking about one of the Sannin! You know, the three most powerful shinobi of all time, yeah! All three are from Konoha!"

"Who are the Sannin?" Naruto questioned, cocking his head to the side, "Are they super powerful like the Hokage?"

"Pretty much any of them could be the next Hokage." Deidara explained as he took a deep breath, "They are the three most powerful shinobi, only lowering their heads to the Hokage- or at least they use to, yeah. Then Orochimaru- the snake Sannin- turned against Konoha in a lust for power and youth. Shortly after him, Tsunade- the slug Sannin- left because yet another one of her loved ones died. She use to be the greatest medic in the world- still probably is if it wasn't for her hemophobia."

"What's hemo-hemo…ph…obia?"

"The fear of blood," Sasuke answered for Deidara, "Doesn't that defeat the purpose of being a medic?"

"Yeah, it does. She had suggested the idea of four man teams with three shinobi and one medic shinobi. So if they got in trouble there would be a medic to heal their wounds. The act was over looked, yeah. They were short on hand at the time, but not anymore." Deidara finished explaining, "She also is known for her bad gambling habit. She loses so many times that she is known as 'The Legendary Sucker'."

"What happens when she wins?"

"Nothing good, that's for sure. She's won only a few seasons in her life and during those times her brother and lover died, yeah."


It got quiet for a moment before Naruto mustered up the courage to ask about the third Sannin.

"He is the master of seals," Deidara told him with a sigh, "He also is the number one pervert in all the lands. Jiraiya the Toad Sage, yeah. He knows what he's doing when in battle, but…"

"Outside of battle he peeps on woman in the bathhouse and is the known writer of Icha Icha series," Sakura finished from where she sat, "It would be horrible to ever meet him."

"He did do one thing right though," Deidara said with a weak smile, "Namikaze Minato was his student, yeah."

"Alright, sit down and shut up!" Iruka yelled from the front.

All eyes went on him, even his usual two pairs that never, ever paid attention. Iruka began his speech. Telling them what an honor he had to teach them and how he loved every single one and hoped them to accomplish their dreams, promptly afterwards he began to read off names. He finally got to the first team with any of their names.

"Team seven: This one is going to be a trail team, going to be invoking the Medic movement. This team consists of Deidara, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, and as the in-training medic, Haruno Sakura."

Naruto let out the hugest whoop of joy when he heard that latching onto his two closest teammates, "We're all a team!"

"No duh, yeah," Deidara whispered, "I thought ahead and invoked the movement. Unlike some blondes, I am actually smart, yeah."

"Alright, next is Team eight: Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Hinata, and Inuzuka Kiba. Team nine is still in circulation. Team Ten is Akimichi Chouji, Nara Shikamaru, and Yamanaka Ino. Alright, go have lunch off and come back to be collected by your new Jounin instructors." Iruka said, a second before the bell rang.

"Okay, he's good," Deidara said with an impressed look.

The gang of ten all ate out for lunch at an Akimichi run grill. It was the best one around and Chouji told everyone to eat their fill. It was the last time they would all be able to hang out together like this and he wanted to do something special for them all. A small eating contest started between Naruto, Deidara, and Chouji. Chouji won hands down, but it had been close with both Deidara and Naruto being able to consume so much.

Afterwards, they headed back and each group was picked up…

Well… all except Team 7.

"You'd think that the number 7 was lucky, yeah." Deidara complained as he brushed his hair out.

He had gotten bored a while ago and began to groom his hair out of habit.

"Where is he?" Naruto whined with a longsuffering groan.

"We had to get the one that's late," Sasuke snuffed, "I would prefer to have a sickenly hard teacher to this."

"Had one," both Sakura and Deidra chimed together before Sakura groaned louder than all of them.

"Nooooo! It couldn't be him could it?"

Deidra looked at her, she was sitting in his lap, before pausing himself and letting out a unhappy sound, "He wouldn't, would he? I mean come on! I only asked for us to be together, yeah! Why him?"

"Why who?" Both Naruto and Sasuke asked, both looking interested.

"Hatake Kakashi," Sakura and Deidara responded.

"He's known as the Copy Cat, having copied thousands of jutsus with his Sharingan eye." Deidara started.

"But he has this chronic tardiness problem and is very lazy."

"Sharingan eye?" Sasuke questioned.

"Chronic tardiness?" Naruto asked.

"Yep." Both answered.

"He is the only non member of the Uchiha clan to have one, yeah. It's said his friend gave it to him before he died as a gift for becoming a jounin at the age of 13. His other teammate died shortly afterwards, yeah."

"So now, he picked up his old friend's habit of being late, but to the extreme of being late for hours." Sakura finished with a sigh, "He is the student of Namikaze Minato and the biggest fan of Icha Icha…"

Naruto looked worried, on one hand, the guy sounded cool… on the other…

"Are you two sure it is him?"

"We have the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, the last Uchiha, a foreigner from Iwa, and the princess of a dangerous group of men." Deidara whined, "No duh it's going to be Kakashi, yeah."

All of them looked at each other before letting out a unified, "We're screwed."

Indeed, it was Kakashi. He had come in, told them to meet on the roof and then asked for all their names, and the general likes and dislikes and goal of the future thing.

He had gone first, not telling them anything in return, but Naruto and Sasuke had already figured him out because of the info Deidara and Sakura had supplied.

Naruto was the first one to go.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto! I like hanging out with my friends, playing with Teisei, learning anything that is usable for battle, Sakura's cooking, and ramen. I hate the amount of time it takes to cook ramen, when people judge me for something I have no control over, and chronically late lazy people. My goal is to become the strongest ninja around and possibly Hokage! Dattebayo!"

Next was Sasuke.

"I am Uchiha Sasuke. I enjoy spars, fights, learning kenjutsu, and my friends. I dislike most civilians, not gaining anything from a fight, and being no use in a battle. I don't really have a goal other then to live life with eyes unclouded by hate. I can't explain it really well, but it has been my dream to be able to see the world without malice, so I can see it for itself."

Then it was Sakura's.

"Well since everyone else is opening up their hearts a bit, I guess I could too. My name is Haruno Sakura. I once lived in Konoha but left for four years. My hobbies are collecting rare dolls, being a medic, poisons, botany, learning about rare kekkei genkais, and being with my friends. I dislike it when people mention my height problem, being told I am too little to be something great, being underestimated, and when they waste my precious time." Insert hard glare. "My goal is to become the greatest kunoichi of all time as well as one of the greatest medics known to man."

Finally, it was Deidara's turn.

"I guess since Hime is being honest, I should at least be honest with my teammates." He said, raising his hands and exposing the mouths, "My full name is Deidara of the Gashu clan. I come from Iwa, but the Hokage already knows that, yeah." He closed up the mouths for now and set his hands in his lap. "I enjoy many things. I like art, discussing the philosophy of art, explosions, kenjutsu, learning in general, my cat, and training. Lots and lots of training. I hate it when people think me weak. I refuse to be weak. I hate it when people waste my time." Insert dark glare. "And I dislike the Jashinist religion, yeah. My goal is simple: to continue defying my fate."

Kakashi… he just blinked. Several times.

What the hell did he just sign up for?

Okay… let's see… One Jinchuuriki- check. One Uchiha- check.

But the Princess of the Akatsuki? And not only that, but her partner and also heir to the most powerful bloodline Iwa had to offer? (he had been told a little by the Hokage before coming.)

He didn't remember those being on the list originally.

And what was up with Ramen? Or the 'eyes unclouded by hate' thing? Or the collecting dolls as a hobby? Or the Jashinist religion? Or even the whole 'defy my fate' thing?

Great. He was never going late to the sign ups again. Who knew what he would get next time!

"Okay…" He finally said, "I am guessing that the hands are a secret?"

"Yes," Deidara nodded, "I would prefer it if you told no one about them, yeah."

"Alright." Kakashi looked at them a little strangely, "Well, on to other matters. A survival test!"


None of them looked thrilled at all.

Not even the cat that had appeared in Deidara's lap.

… yeah… being late to sign-ups was a bad, bad idea.

Okay, if he ever got the chance to back away from the position that he had decided to take as a sensei, there was no doubt in his mind that he was going to take it and join ANBU again. There was no way in hell he was going to be a Jounin sensei ever, ever again.

They had passed. It freaked him out. First, he thought it adorable when he got there and all of them were angry at him being, oh… Three hours late.

He had gone to look at their home lives while they were out and about. Naruto and Sasuke's house was easy enough to break into and look around. He thought it strange that two boys were so meticulously clean. Their kitchen had some food in it, but mostly snacks. It appeared as though they ate elsewhere for big meals.

Other then that, there was the random katana that Naruto had and a few scrolls that Sasuke had from his family's stash, but not anything too impressive.

Then, he had made the mistake of trying to break into Sakura and Deidara's house. He at first tsked at the idea of a boy living with a girl, but the inner Icha Icha reader in him hoped for interesting developments in their relationship. When he had tried breaking in, no matter where he tried to enter from, he would somehow set off a trap. It had gotten to the point of insanity!

How many traps did they need!

He finally gave up and went to the Hokage. Apparently, all you needed was the right house key- which Sarutobi had. He kept chucking at him for trying to break in to two ex-Akatsuki member's home. It was like suicide, he had told him.

Sarutobi took the time to show him around, warning him of the poisonous greenhouse and such. He showed him the kitchen, which was well stocked- he now knew where Naruto and Sasuke ate. He even showed him Deidara's and Sakura's rooms.

Okay, he had thought her kidding with the whole doll collection, but apparently she had about twenty or so dolls in her room. What scared him most was her closet filled with the most frilliest girl cloths he had ever seen. It confused him because according to her senseis, she hardly wore anything that wasn't a button up shirt and a skirt or pair of slacks with suspenders.

Very confusing.

Deidara's room looked like a mixture of order and chaos. His room looked chaotic, but everything was neat and orderly in its own way. The floor was easily seen and he kept everything clean, but his bookshelves had things practically shoved into them, yet all of them were in some sort of order. He really did like explosions and not just the 'bang' kind apparently, it was all kinds.

So finally, he headed out to see his lovely little genins. They had been quite angry with him but he didn't seem to think anything of it. He told them the rules and began the test. To his surprise all four didn't budge.

He was about to ask them what was wrong, but they all looked at each other before finally disappearing. He just stood there, thinking him soooo smart. But then it happened.

Apparently, Deidara was actually good at making explosions and he had actually made all the seals that decorated his home. Because the moment Kakashi moved, he set one off.

It had scared the crap out of him. He had barely managed to move out of the way. He couldn't believe it but he set off another trap. It was like trap after trap and soon he felt humiliated for setting too many off.

After barely making it out of the bomb traps, he fell into a hole, or more like a large ditch. When he came out Sasuke attacked him immediately with a huge fireball and Naruto attacked him with clones…


Sakura was the one that grabbed him first. He could feel his arm snap under her crushing grip, he never knew that she was this strong! He managed to pull away, but Deidara was next. He used the mouths on his hands to bite into the flesh so he couldn't pull away without missing a chunk. That even ruled out a substitution jutsu.

He didn't know when, but somehow he managed to pull up his headband and managed to get away.

"You are really are a surprising bunch," Kakashi said in the lowest care-less tone he could keep, but he was razzled, "I didn't think I would have to use this on you."

"To late anyways," Deidara shrugged, holding up one of two bells, "We got them already, yeah."

His cat was on his shoulder staring at Kakashi with a pleased look.

"One for Hime and I," Deidara mused, "and one for Naruto and Sasuke."

He and Sakura held theirs up and Naruto and Sasuke held theirs up.

"Sharing is caring," Naruto said before laughing happily.

"You… figured it out?" Kakashi looked really surprise.

He would have thought that Naruto would try and prove himself, Sasuke would be arrogant and snotty like Uchihas were suppose to be like, and Sakura n' Deidara would refuse to work with anyone but themselves. But it seemed they were better friends than he thought. He cradled his broken arm as he stared at them lamely.

"You know," Deidara mused happily, "You shouldn't of given us three hours to prepare for this test, yeah."

"Especially since we went around and asked everyone else what they did for theirs, dattebayo," Naruto sniggered.

"By the way," Sakura said with a glare, "How dare you try to break into our homes?"

Kakashi looked confused, so Sasuke elated on it.

"Teisei was assigned to watch you until it saw you heading back." He shrugged, "Teamwork for us isn't too hard."

"Yeah! You can't break up a family like us!" Naruto cheered happily.

Kakashi watched as the other three people nodded and showed their happiness in their own ways. He had never thought that it was possible to ever have a team this rooted in teamwork in the very beginning. The ones before them paled and faded in comparison.

So for the first time in his entire 'sensei' career…

"You four… pass." Kakashi told them, half smiling under his mask as he watched them all hoot and hollar with happiness, even Sasuke cracking a smile and bumping his fists against the others'.

"Alright!" Naruto cheered as he continued to rejoice, "Our first official step in becoming the greatest shinobi around! Dattebayo! Who wants ramen? Kakashi-sensei definitely has to pay since we did such an amazing job!"

"I second it," Sakura yelled.

"I as well," Deidara said with a creul smirk on his face as he looked at Kakashi.

"Of course," Sasuke shrugged, "It's only proper since he decided to give himself a tour of our homes without permission."

Kakashi sighed. Darn it. They just weaseled a free meal out of him…

And from what he heard, Deidara and Naruto eat a lot of ramen.

There goes a month's pay in one sitting.

Well, hopefully Sakura was willing to heal up his arm, because if he had to go to the hospital and explain how his arm had been broken…

He didn't think he would be able to live that down.

I mean come on, her hair is pink and she's not even five feet! Kakashi ranted to himself as he kept pressure on his break, I would never be able to live that down with the ANBU.

Once again he made a mental note to never be late to sign-ups… EVER!

Sakura peered around the garden as she sat snuggly on her little chair. Naruto and Sasuke were currently with her and Deidara enjoying the night sky from the windows of the greenhouse. It was almost amazing how much time had gone by.

She had once considered her only family Akatsuki. She had seen no one else and never had been lonely even though she was the only one around her age. Then, Deidara had come into her life and it felt like all the colors in her life suddenly were amplified and she was seeing the world like never before. She had explored all sorts of areas, seen the world pretty much, with Deidara as her teammate and it made her already wonderful life better.

Sakura had felt almost abandoned when her and Deidara had first been brought to Konoha and had felt dulled again, sorrow filling her heart because she had lost her only family because they wanted to protect her from a psychopath… well… a bigger psychopath than any of them were.

But soon she and Deidara had discovered Naruto and Sasuke and made friends with Ino and Hinata and Shikamaru and Chouji and Kiba and Shino and everything was alright again. Her world felt wonderful again. She had a smaller family now with the last Uchiha of Konoha and the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. The four of them were family now and that made her so happy.

"Neh, Sakura-chan?" Naruto's voice pulled her out of her musings.

"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"What do you think we are going to do starting tomorrow? Do you think we will get super cool missions and save princesses and stuff?"

Sakura almost laughed. She remembered what it was like when her and Deidara had been given their first mission, but she had a feeling this was going to be even more simplified than their first official one. It might have been more like her fetching Kisame his sake from the nearest village.

"No Naruto, we have to work our way up." Sakura said, "If anything, they will be chores that people need help with."

"I just hope we don't get stuck babysittin' brats," Deidara shivered, "That will be like a living hell, yeah."

Sasuke nodded his agreement.

"Hey, Sakura," Sasuke finally spoke, "What's out there?"

"Out where Sasuke?"

"Of Konoha."

Sakura paused for a second before looking at Deidara, "I think Dei could answer that better than I can. I only began to see the world when I was ten or so. Deidara was the one who traveled everywhere before he met me."

So Sasuke looked at Deidara. All eyes were on him actually as he pondered what to say.

"The world is big, yeah." He began, "In a shinobi village, you see only the village in your childhood. You think that your world is already the perfect size or large already, but the moment you step out of the gates, out of the safety of the village, you realize that the world is so much bigger than just your tiny little village. There are so many places with different people and different clothes and food. The cultures are vast. And that's without even getting close to the ocean, yeah. If anything, the world outside of Konoha will make it look small and almost insignificant."

He paused, taking a moment to let that soak in with Naruto and Sasuke while scratching Teisei behind the ear.

"Does that answer your question, yeah?"

Sasuke nodded a little as he stared out into the vast skies.

"I'd like to see it." He finally said after a pregnant silence.

"The world is beautiful, and even though some people can sometimes be heinous, don't let them ruin your perception of everyone else, yeah."

"Hn." Sasuke grunted in affirmation.

"Hey, Aniki, how do you know so much!"

"I read Naruto. I think it would be a good habit for you to get into," Deidara said as he stood up to stretch.

"Awwwh," Naruto whined, "Reading is boring!"

"Reading broadens your horizons and teaches you things. Plus, doesn't being Hokage mean that you have to read paperwork." Sakura said with a teasing smile.

Naruto paled before letting out a huge groan. "ARG! Sakura-chan! Don't remind me!"

"Paperwork! Paperwork! Paperwork!" Sakura chanted while Naruto tried to make her stop.

"Sakura-chan! Aniki, make her stop!"

"No way itouto, I don't stop hime from doing anything."

"Ha! Deidara is on my side!"

"Teme?" Naruto asked weakly.


"Argh! Not you too!"

Somehow through all their struggles and feeling alienated by others, the four found themselves apart of a team… apart of a family.

Ages at the end of the chapter:



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Sasuke- 12

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