Summary: Stan and Kyle are NOT gay, just two very curious little boys ;)

Rating: T- May change to M for later chapters.

Pairing: StanKyle, STYLE!

Disclaimer: Don't own South Park!

Chapter One - Age Eight

"Okay ready?" Stan looked at his best friend. "On the count of three." Kyle nodded.



"Three!" Kyle pulled down his pants. "Ha ha look at Kyle's penis!"

"Stan!" Kyle yelled pulling his pants back up. "You said together and that's cheating!" Kyle pouted. Kyle knew from the start this was a bad idea, two eight year old boys playing 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' just isn't natural. But all little boys are just curious.

"Okay sorry, well go again." Stan laughed. "No cheating this time!" Kyle glared at Stan.



"Three!" They both pulled down there pants and straightened up. Stan looked from Kyle's to his own. "That's not fair, your is smaller!" Stan complained.

"Is that good or bad?" Kyle wondered out loud. "Good, I think." Stan shrugged. Kyle was about to say something when Sheila Broflovski walked into Kyle's room. Both boys quickly pulled up there pants.

"Oh my god! What is going on in here?" Sheila shrieked in pure terror. "Uh.." Kyle looked from his Mom back Stan about ten times thinking of something to say.

"We're looking for cancer, you can never be to careful." Stan smiled at Sheila. "Yeah... ball cancer!" Kyle quickly agreed.

"Oh okay then." Sheila left praising the boys.

"I can't believe that worked." Stan said in shock.

"Let's agree to never talk about this."

Stan nodded in agreement.

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