Chapter Five - Age Seventeen

Stan sat down at his usual lunch table next to Kyle and across from Cartman.

"Hello!" Kyle chirped as Stan sat. Stan ignored his joyful friend and sighed.

"As something you would say to Celine Dion, why the long face?" Kenny chuckled at his own joke. Stan continued to ignore his friends.

"Stan?" Kyle nudged his friend. Stan sighed and looked at Kyle "I broke up with Wendy."




"Thanks, you guys are such great friends." Stan said sarcastically. "Well it's not like it's news Stan." Kyle hit Kenny's hand as he went for a fish stick.

"Yeah and why are you so upset if you broke up with her?" Kenny said going for another fish stick. He smiled proudly when he snatched one. "Would you knock it off!" Kyle glared at Kenny.

"Well this is actually great Stan, now you and Kyle can finally come out!" Kenny glared back at Kyle.

"Eh yeah everyone knows you guys are fags." Cartman added inhaling come food. "Fuck off fat boy!"

"Ass ramming Jew!" Cartman looked at Stan "Keep your boyfriend under control." Stan ignored him knowing Kyle wouldn't do the same.

"Shut up fatass, Stan and I aren't gay!" Kyle kicked Cartman from under the table. "Ow! I hate you Kahl, I hate you so very much."

"The feelings mutual."

"So you hate yourself too?" Cartman smiled. "Would you two just shut up!" Stan finally snapped. "No!" They both yelled.

"Listen Cartman, I'm so sick of your gay Jew jokes it gets old. Find new material. "

"Faggy Jew boy."

"I'm not a fag!" Kyle yelled.

"Says the homo who sucks Stans cock!"

"That was one time and we were only fifteen!" Kyle yelled in the heat of the moment.




Kyle laughed nervously, "Look at your guys faces, I totally got you!" Kyle continued to laugh.

"According to Stans face, you aren't joking." Kenny giggled. Kyle glanced at Stan who was staring down at his food frowning.

"This. Is. The. Best. Day. Ever!" Cartman smiled brightly. "I made jokes, but never did I think it was true!"

"You shut your mouth Cartman!" Cartman completely ignored Kyle. "You guys are gay." Cartmans smile grew bigger "So very very very gay."

"Shut up Cartman!" Stan yelled and ran out of the cafeteria.

"That's a gay run if I ever saw one." Cartman remarked and for once by some miracle, Kyle ignored him and took off after Stan.

"Stan!" Kyle caught up to Stan. "I'm so sorry it just slipped out. No one will believe fatass anyways." Kyle talked so fast he's shocked Stan understood him.

"Dude it's fine, I don't care." Stan laughed and start headed for the doors at the front of the school. "Uh were are you going?"

Stan turned to look at Kyle "I"m taking the rest of the day off!" He announced with a huge smile. "C-Can I come?" Kyle asked.

"Duh" Kyle smiled and headed out the doors with Stan. They got into Stans car and took off from the school with there middle fingers in the air. Not literally but figuratively.

"So were are we going?"

"Kyle you're my best friend right?" Stan ignored Kyle's question. "Yeah of course?" Kyle answered as a question. "And you would never judge me right?"

"What's this all about Stan?" Kyle asked growing impatient. "Well, I've been having these.... feelings" He replied slowly.

"Oh god!" Kyle suddenly looked terrified, "You're going to tell me you're a pedophile or or a cannibal, or gay!" Stan frowned at Kyle. "I am praying that you're gay." Kyle finished.

"Uh, you want me to be gay?" Stan laughed a little. "Well out of those opinions it's my favourite." Kyle smiled.

"Well I'm not a pedophile or a cannibal," He looked at Kyle "Or gay." He finally finished. Kyle looked a little disappointed.

"Okay, then what are your feelings?" Kyle rolled his eyes realising how girly that sounded. "Hm," Stan thought for a moment. "You've never had sex correct?" Kyle raised his eyebrow and blush. "No." He said quietly.

"We neither have I." Kyle looked shocked "Wendy?" He asked, Stan shook his head. "I don't know where Wendy has been, I'd rather not get diseases." Kyle laughed then stopped when he realised Stan was serious.

"So what does that have to do with your feelings?" Kyle asked but when Stan said nothing he put two and two together. "Y-You want to have sex," Stan looked at Kyle, "With me?" He finished quietly.

"What? Oh no!" Stan blushed "God Kyle." He laughed. "I mean I want to work up to that, sometime in the near near future." Stan said nervously looking at Kyle then back at the road. "Are you asking me out?" Kyle clearly finding this amusing.

"God whatever nevermind." Stan angered by Kyle's tone. "No no no, go on." Kyle waved for Stan to continue. "Go on? That's it." He shrugged.

"That's it?" Kyle asked annoyed "What would this imply Stan? Would we be boyfriends?" Stan gulped nervously. "Well, I- I don't know."

"You know more then me, you've had a girlfriend." Kyle become annoyed with Stans shyness.

"Uh, would you be cool with that?" Kyle shrugged. "I mean we could try it you know?" Kyle asked as a rhetorical question.

"Oh yeah totally, out of curiosity."

"Yeah like an experiment."


"Yeah!" They were silent for awhile, "We can go to my house, no ones home." Kyle suddenly said. "Oh okay." Stan said nervously.

Kyle laughed, "You're cute." Stan quickly looked at Kyle shocked by his comment. "What? Aren't you kinda meant to be my boyfriend now? Aren't I suppose to think you're cute?" Kyle smiled.

"Well yeah, it was just weird to hear I guess." Stan blushed. Kyle laughed "Dude."

Stan reached Kyle's house and parked. "So.." Kyle said out of pure bordem. Stan looked over at Kyle thinking maybe he should kiss him. He voted against for now. "We should go in." Kyle finally said having a battle in his brain on whether or not he should kiss Stan. Stan got out of the car and ran around to Kyle's side. He opened the door and offered his hand. Kyle looked from Stan's hand to his face.

"Hell no!" Kyle shouted, Stans face dropped. "I am not being the girl!" Kyle pushed Stan and closed the door. He sat there for a few seconds then reopened the door and stepped out. "Okay, I'm ready." He smiled at Stan who looked annoyed. Kyle laughed at Stans face. He placed his hands on his cheeks and pinched them "Aww little Stanny annoyed?" He said in a baby voice.

"Ow!" Stan pushed Kyle's hands away. After a few seconds of a slap fight Kyle grabbed Stans left hand lacing there fingers. He used his other hand to point in Stans face "Stop!" He laughed and tugged Stans hand signaling him to start walking. They held hands all the way up to Kyle's front door, Kyle let go reluctantly. "Was that weird?" Stan asked. "No, your hands are soft."

"I have gloves on." Stan laughed.

"Whatever." Kyle laughed and opened the front door.

Once inside Kyle decided this was the perfect time to try and kiss Stan. Kyle smiled and grabbed Stans face and went in for a kiss. Kyle's face slammed in Stans hard.

"Ow!" They both stumbled back holding there faces. "I think you broke my nose!" Stan shouted "What were you doing?" Stan yelled at Kyle. Kyle's face scrunched up in embarrassment. "Uh, I was trying to kiss you." Kyle laughed nervously. Stan stared at Kyle for a long time then smiled. "There's no wonder why you've never had a girlfriend, you kill them all." Stan laughed then winced and held his nose. Kyle frowned.

"That's mean, I no longer feel bad for your nose!" Kyle crossed his arms and looked away.



"I'm bleeding." Kyle looked at Stan and saw blood dripping from his nose down to his mouth. Kyle sighed stood in front of Stan. "Let me see." He moved Stans hand and examined his nose. "Well, it's not broken but we need to stop the bleeding." Kyle sighed and lead Stan to the upstairs bathroom. Kyle patted the counter top telling Stan to hop up. Stan hoped up on the counter while Kyle grabbed some tissues.

Kyle smiled at Stan and placed his hand on his forehead. "Tilt your head back." Stan tilted his head back and Kyle moved closer wiping the blood away. He tore two pieces of tissue off and stuck them up Stans nose. Stan looked at Kyle and smirked. Kyle took this as another opportunity, he leaned in and pressed his lips to Stans. Instead of responding he pushed Kyle away. Kyle looked like someone kicked him.

"Okay I think we should just forget the whole thing, I think you only suggested we do this because you feel sorry for me and that's not cool Stan." Kyle snapped. Stan laughed at Kyle.

"Why the fuck are you laughing at me?" Kyle grew red. "I didn't push you away because I didn't want to kiss you, I pushed you away because I happen to have things in my nose that kind of prevent me from breathing." Kyle thought about it for a moment, you do need to breath out of your nose when you kiss someone. "Oh right, sorry." Kyle blushed.

"Well it's not liked I cared anyways, this is just an experiment. I'm sure things will be normal by tomorrow." Stan laughed "I can tell you didn't care." Kyle looked embarrassed, Stan smirked and hopped off the counter. He grabbed Kyle's arm and pulled him into a hug.

"Why are you hugging me?" Kyle stood unresponsive. "Because I want to." Kyle smiled and returned the hug. "What makes you so sure this is only an experiment?" Stan said into Kyle's shoulder. "Because we're not gay." Kyle said softly.

"You sure?" Kyle didn't respond, he pulled away from Stan. "I- I just think all boys are just curious." Kyle mumbled. Stan sighed "We're not little kids anymore Kye, we weren't little kids when we were fifteen. We knew what we were doing. You can't keep blaming it on curiosity." Kyle knew Stan was right, he loved Stan but he worried what everyone else would think.

"I know." Kyle said softly. Stan removed the tissue from his nose and threw them in the toilet. He grabbed Kyle's shoulders and pressed him to the wall gently. Stan smirked then softy pressed his lips to Kyle's, Kyle added more pressure to the kiss and wrapped his arms around Stan. Stan sucked Kyle's bottom lip teasing him Kyle opened his mouth inviting Stan in. Stan slowly slid his tongue into Kyle's mouth, Kyle moaned at the contact. There tongues swirled around each other slowly, both boys just exploring each other. Stan broke the kiss and stepped back away from Kyle.

"Now do you really think you could go back to being just friends tomorrow?" Stan raised an eyebrow. Kyle smiled "I wouldn't want to." He said honestly. "Good."

"Let's agree to never tell Cartman"

Stan nodded in agreement and kissed his boyfriend.


A/N: Okay so basically I totally failed at life, I spend 90% of my time Monday - Thurday at Medical school and the other 10% is wasted on eating and sleeping. SORRY this is LATE and RUSHED. I actually just wanted this chapter to be short/sweet/fluffy. Oh and Cartman because he's my favourite :D. I hope you approve. If you don't in the words of Eric Cartman "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"