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"Needy?" I looked over at my best friend laying on the bed beside me.

Jennifer Check.

She was the most popular girl at school and every boy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. I guess I was the only exception.


She rolled over and cuddled into my side. "I dunno."

I chuckled and slid my arm around her waist.

"Needs." She whined. She was only like this with me. With anyone else she's the fake sweet bitch.


"I didn't get my kisses today."


"So! I need my Needy kisses."

"No you don't." My stifled laughter made my body shake.

She slapped my stomach, I jerked forward. "Ow! Damn Jen!"

I felt myself being pulled back down and saw Jennifer sit up.

"Oof!" She straddled my hips.

"I need my Needy kisses." She toyed with the waist of her gummy bear panties. I bought those for her years ago, and they still fit perfectly.

I sat up, my hands going to her hips. "You need your Needy kisses huh?" I smiled when she stuck out her bottom lip in a pout and nodded.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, bringing my lips to hers.

Jennifer kisses were the best. They were sweet and sexy and amazing…they were everything Chip wasn't.

I pulled her closer, my hands still on her hips.

During all of this I wish I had remembered that I got a new cell and Chip had gotten one just like it. I wish I had remembered that it had video. I wish I had remembered Chip was on my last call list.

But I didn't. And because I didn't remember I didn't care.

The next day was pretty normal. I was at my locker at the end of the day when Jennifer came up to me. "Where's it at Monistat?" She smiled at me.

"In my bed last I checked." I smirked. She smiled coyly at me.

"Oh yeah? Where's it at tonight?"

"Where ever you want it to be."

She licked her lips with a suggestive smile. "Oh? How about…my place around…after school?"

"So early? You must want it bad."

"So bad." She winked at me and I just laughed.

"Hey Needy." We looked over…it was Chip.

"Hey Chip." I smiled politely. Jennifer rolled her eyes. She always hated Chip. She hated him because he took away from us.

He kissed me, hard. I pushed him off gently after ten seconds. "What's up?"

"Um, yeah…I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight." He'd been pressing the matter a lot lately. "You know like…watch a movie…or something?" He gave me that awkward smile I never liked.

"Sorry Chip. Needs is coming over to my place tonight. Maybe some other time." Jennifer gave him a sickeningly sweet smile. Her tone was one of annoyance though. I knew she felt threatened around Chip.

"I'll meet you outside Needs." She smiled at me and left.

I went back to getting my books out of my locker. "Hey Needy…"


"I um…I wanted to ask you about something."

"I already told Jennifer I would stay over at her place tonight. Sorry Chip." I closed my locker and zipped up my bag.

"No it's about this thing I saw on…"

"I have to go. Sorry." I kissed him on the cheek and left the way Jennifer had gone.

Chip was normal. Normal was what I wanted to be. But now that Chip and I were together…normal was not what I wanted at all.

I wanted Jennifer. Because Jennifer was not normal. She was extraordinary. And that was what I wanted, no…it was what I needed.

The drive to Jennifer's was quiet.

When she had parked outside of the house she turned to me. "…"

I just stared back. "What?"

"…Break up with Chip."

"What? Why?"

"Because Needs! He's a possessive dick that gets jealous whenever I'm around! Scratch that!" She turned and opened her door. "When anyone else is around!" She got out and I followed.

"He's not that bad."

"You're right," I was? "He's worse." Of course I wasn't.


It was like a race to the front door. "No Needy. He is an ass, he doesn't deserve you." I could have kissed her right then, but I'll wait till we're inside.

"You don't need a guy that acts like you're a slab of meat when other guys are around." She opened the door. Her mom was out on a date…again. "You need a guy that can be okay with you around other guys and not get jealous. You need a guy…" I closed the door and pulled her into a kiss.

"Maybe I don't need a guy Jen." I whispered against her lips.

"Huh?" I smirked and left her standing there as I went to the kitchen. "No fair Needy!"

"Why the rush? We have all night." I smiled to myself. Jennifer had a big house. But it wasn't homey. My house had that comfy feel to it. It felt like home. This house, Jennifer's house…was just a house. It was not a home.

I leaned against the counter as she hopped up onto it and flipped on the radio. "So are you gunna dump him?"

Plug In Stereo: Rackets, rippled out through the speakers.

"Maybe…I dunno. I'll have to think about it some more.

Well I've never been the kinda guy that
begs for the spotlight to put up a front
Try to pull stunts just to catch the people's eye

"What is there to think about Needs? He's a pansy ass! If you're gunna date a guy he should have a little muscle and not wear whitey tighties." I couldn't help but laugh. Maybe I shouldn't have told her about that.

And oh I know, you put on quite a show
But if I always get hurt throughout these versus
I'll win the hearts of most and
La la la la…la la la la

"Come on Needs. At least one more week them you dump his ass."

"Fine…but I'll wait the week. If he can change then…no deal."

"Good. Besides…he can't compete with me anyways."

Well I've always wanted what I can't have
What I get is not enough and beggars can't choose
And I'll always loose if I don't learn to love
And it's getting pretty hard to get rid of the selfishness
This habits made a mess of me
Of me

"Nobody can compete with you." I slid between her legs.

"Oh really?"

"Mm you know it." My hands went to her hips. I remembered last night. She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair.

Don't just wait and sit if you have a problem
Find a way to fix it, you're not as perfect as you think
Don't complain and wish cause all you'll ever get
Is a pile of rackets that need to be broken
That need to be broken

I tuned out the rest of the song and focused on the gorgeous creature in front of me. She removed my glasses, I really needed contacts because I hated those things with a passion. She pulled my hair gently out of the ponytail I had tied it in this morning.



"…We're not having sex in the kitchen." I pulled away from her and walked out, leaving her pouting I'm sure.

"Needy! Stop doing this!" I heard her feet hitting the ground hard and getting close faster, which meant she was running. I laughed and charged up to her room. I hid beside her bed. She banged the door open. I heard it click shut a second later.

"Needs." She called. "Come out…please. If not in the kitchen then maybe on the floor?" God she was such a sex addict.

"Needs…come on, seriously…I'm all hot and uncomfortable." She wasn't even trying. I felt the bed creak from added pressure. "Needs?" She was almost right above me. I slid under the bed quietly.

"Okay I'm freaked…Needs…" She was so cute when she whined. I slid out from under the bed on the opposite side and stood up. Her back was still facing me. I smiled.

She turned and screamed. I laughed. "Jesus, Needy!" She grabbed a pillow and threw it at me. I caught it easily.

"Are you scared Jennifer?" I was trying not to laugh anymore, she looked embarrassed.


I smirked and went over to the light switch. "Really?"

"Needy don't!" I flipped the switch. The room was tucked into darkness.

"Sure you're not scared?"

"…Needy stop…" She would have boasted about the person being a jerk and a child if she was with anyone else. I knew Jennifer was scared of the dark.

"What's the matter Jen."

I heard her breathing become shallow. I moved closer to the bed. "Ooooooo." I whispered. I grinned when she gave a small 'eep'.

I stood there, listening. Neither of us moved. Jennifer's breathing was still pretty shallow.

I climbed onto the bed, I heard her gasp. "Shh." I found her legs. I slid between them again. My hands slid up to her waist. Her breathing was still shallow but I'm sure it's for another reason. I found the button to her jeans and snapped it open.


"Shh." I pulled the zipper down and pulled her jeans down, she lifted her hips to help with their removal. I'm not sure why I wanted no words to be spoken. Maybe to prove that we didn't need words.

I sat back and tugged off my hoodie and t-shirt. I tossed them aside and went back to Jennifer. She always had to wear some kind of hoodie. I guess it was just her style though. I unzipped it and she leaned forward, shrugging it off.

Jennifer tried to kiss me but I pulled back. I heard her whine. I smiled as I tugged on her skin tight white shirt. She lifted her arms and I pulled it off. I shivered when I felt her cool hands go to my waist to unsnapped and unzipped my jeans. I laughed quietly when she huffed.

I stood up and pulled them down. I felt her slide back on the bed. Maybe we're animals in the dark. I knew Jennifer was still a bit scared because of the dark. And the sun was setting fast. I fell down beside her.

"Needs." She shivered.

"Under the covers." It felt strange to talk after such a long silence. She pulled them back and slid under the warm covers. I climbed in after her, I smiled as she snuggled up to me. "TV." I mumbled. Jennifer wriggled around and the TV clicked on.

The silence had been nice. Technically there was still silence between Jennifer and I. There was an odd burning in my belly. I looked at Jennifer. "Jen?"


"Still heated?"


I smirked.

"Wh-…" She gasped and looked over at me. I just watched the TV. "Needy." She groaned and her legs locked around my hand. I bet you can guess what I'm doing now huh?

"Shh. What are you making such a fuss for Jen?" I was never this way with anyone else. Jen and I were total opposites, both in public and alone.

In public or with others, Jennifer was the self assured girl who was out-going and amazing. In private and with me she was like this. Reserved to some extent and sometimes shy.

In public, I was the self conscious and insecure. In private…well I was almost what Jennifer was in public, but still just as caring. We were constantly switching rolls.

"Needs." She whimpered and writhed beside me.

"Shh." I smiled, still keeping my eyes on the TV. Her cell rang. I saw her look at me from my peripheral vision. "Answer it."

She groaned and picked it up. "Hello? Ugh…what do you want?" I felt my smirk widen. I jerked my arm, she gasped into the phone and glared at me.

I never took my eyes off the screen. "No we're just…watching a scary movie. Yeah…no. Forget it." I jerked my arm again. She gasped again. "No, it's just a really scary movie. I have to go. Whatever, bye." She hung up and slammed it back on the table.

"Who was that?" I asked innocently.

"Chip. About you of course." She crossed her arms and began sulking.

I laughed. She glared at me. "What's so funny?"

"I've got my hand in your panties and I'm making you squirm and you want to talk about being jealous of Chip?" I jerked my arm, driving my fingers deeper.

Her back arched and her arms uncrossed, her hands fisting around the covers. I finally looked away from the screen.

Jennifer Check…my goddess. Her mouth half open, but no sound came out. Her eyes were stuck staring at the ceiling. Fuck…she was perfect.

She fell back against the bed, panting. She looked over at me. I smiled sweetly and removed my hand. "Wow…" My hand was half soaked. "Nice." I grinned at her, I could see her blush from the light of the TV, she covered her face and turned away.

I laughed. "Don't be that way Jen." I sat up and she looked over at me. I licked my finger.

"Oh gross Needy!" She sat up and swatted my hand away from my mouth, but she was smiling.

"Please, it's not like I haven't gone down on you before." She covered her face again and fell back on the bed.

It didn't matter what Jennifer I was with. The one in public or with others…or the one when we're alone. Both treat me special. I wouldn't give Jennifer up for anything. At least not without a fight.

I wouldn't even give her up for Chip.

Jennifer cuddled up to me later that night after I'd washed my hands (she made me). I realized how much I loved her. I kissed her temple.



"I love you." I whispered so quietly even I could barely hear it.

"Mm…love you too." She sighed and snuggled up closer, if that was possible.

I love life right now. And almost all the people in it.