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I opened my eyes slowly, staring up at the ceiling. I was confused for a moment but everything came back in a flash.

Low Shoulder



The Devil




Bounty Hunter

It had all happened in a month. Well...in human time anyways. i had spent about a month in Hell itself.

I shot up...I was back in my room. Jennifer wasn't here. I slipped out of my much missed bed and looked at the mirror on my wall. I was me...I was Needy again. Back in my won skin. I could have felt myself up I missed it so much. I didn't like being a hard skinned, tough lipped guy. Although having sex with Jen that way was something i wondered about.

Right on que my door opened and in walked Jennifer, beautiful as ever. "Hey." She smiled and sat on my bed.

"Hey." I replied and followed her example. "Where were you?"

"Pregnancy test." She answered easily.


"I'm not pregnant." I was kind of happy. We had the rest of our lives for a kid after all. "Of course they can be wrong so we'll go to the doctor sometime to make sure."

"Sounds good. How are you?" Changing the subject.

"Better. I'm more worried about you though. How do you feel?" She crawled across the bed and cuddled into me.

"Glad to be in my own skin." I answered, smiling. She leaned up and kissed me.

"Mm...damn i missed those Needy kisses. So fuckin tasty." She grinned.

"Horny as ever I see." I smirked as she straddled my hips.

"Only with you." She kissed me again and pulled away...knowing I'd want more.

I was glad things were back to normal. Well...normal for me now anyways. Were things over? I doubted it. I felt I would meet Jack again. And the Devil. I felt that once again it wouldn't be under the best of circumstances either.

But that would be then.

All that mattered now was being here in this moment...with my Jennifer.

For now...it's all good.

The End

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