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Chapter 2: Missing

"KAI.... KAI..." Tala cried out attempting to gain a response from his best friend but to no avail.

Tala prayed his best friend was alright but he couldn't rid the sinking feeling from the pit of his stomach. The feeling of dread escalated and turned to worry as the phone line went dead. The redheaded Russian didn't know what to do. His icelike eyes merely stared blankly into space, scenarios of what had happened to Kai flitting through his head.

Kai has to be okay. Maybe he just passed out from exhaustion or something like that. I mean we all know how poorly he sleep... it's plausible, right? Probably not with our luck. I really didn't like the sound of that thud either. It sounded like he hit the ground pretty hard and someone being at his door just before I lost ontact with him is just too suspicious.

What if something terrible happened to Kai and he's really hurt, or dying, or gone missing like my sister... This is bad, first Sally and now Kai... What's next, Biovolt being out to get us again? Could it be that they've come back to pick us off one by one? I sure hope it doesn't come to that, the redhead's thoughts raced freely with the worst possible scenario.

"No I have to stop thinking like that! Boris and Voltaire are in prison where they belong for everything they've done. Everything's going to be alright and both Kai and Sally will be fine... they have to be," Tala voiced aloud in an attempt to convince himself he was worrying about nothing.

The flat was silent, the only answer to the young man's fretting anxiety was the constant howling of the fierce wind. Tala tried to ease his desperate woes but nothing helped. He was alone with the worries of his wandering mind. After a while of contemplating the possibilities of his friend's fate the redheaded Russian heard a knocking at his own door. His icy blue eyes narrowing into cold slits the young man cautiously crept over to the entrance.

Ready to fight if it came down to it Tala called out, "Whoever you are if you think you're going to kidnap me too then you've got another thing coming!"

"Hey it's just me! I know you're on edge with what happened to your sister but you need to chill a bit, man!" A voice called back in response to the redhead's words.

Recognizing who was at the door, Tala dropped his guard and allowed his lavender haired friend to enter his home.

"Please tell me you have good news, Bryan! You have to have seen some sign of my sister... she's going to be okay, isn't she?" Tala desperately wondered in hopes of lifting his spirits.

"Well... uh... you see... The last I saw her was at the park where you told me she'd be. And then I um left her alone with my ssiter. She was going to drag Sally off to the mall. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I saw Bree's car stranded outside the airport earlier when I left work. So the girls might not even be in the country anymore... there's no knowing where they are or how far away they could be. I'm sorry man, this is all my fault... don't kill me..." Bryan stuttered out his explanation as he appeared to anticipate Tala's wrath.

The head of fiery red locks buried deep into a pair of hands as their owner let out a groan, "Great, this whole situation just keeps getting better and better..."

The lilac eyed young man raised a brow in curiosity and in a concerned tone of voice asked, "You don't look so good... Tala, what's wrong?"

"Well Kai called my sister's phone a while ago before you got here. And something happened to him too... What if he's gone missing just like my little sister?" Tala wondered hysterically.

He explained what had transpired during his previous conversation to the best of his ability. Falling into a nearby chair under the burden of his still frantic mind and plummeting mood.

"Hey Tal, it'll be okay. Kai's strong and can take care of himself... We all know that and maybe we can get in touch with Kayla or one of his teammates or something... As for Sally, we'll just have to keep looking and broaden the search. So don't worry we'll find them and everything will be alright, you'll see," Bryan comforted, drawing his friend into a reassuring hug.

"I hope you're right... I just wish I knew what the hell was going on..."

Tala calmed down somewhat as he and Bryan discussed what to do with the new development in the predicament. Devising a plan of action the two men eventually decided on catching the next available flight to Japan. If something more threatening had happened to Kai they could check up on him and be there to help the younger boy. On the other hand if Kai was fine like Bryan claimed then he'd want to help the Russians in their search for Sally.

If sis really isn't here in Russia anymore then Japan would be a good place to start looking. And if Kai's okay then having the three of us working together will be even better. We'll find her in no time and everything will be okay. Bryan's right and I'm worrying too much. Biovolt probably has nothing to do with this. We'll find Sally and figure out what happened to Kai and everything will be back to normal before we know it, Tala decided, feeling better after talking things out with his friend.

The two of them settling on the details of their plan they bid each other goodbye. Alone in his home once again, Tala went about making arrangements to get ready for the trip that lay before them.

A dark blue sky met a pair of soft lilac eyes as Bryan gazed out a small window that was next to him. The Russian watched on as the expanse of sky that lay sprawled out before him rapidly transformed to the dark of night. There wasn't really anything better for him to do.

Suddenly the young man felt a bump stir the airborne structure that surrounded him. Certain that it was only a pocket of turbulence, Bryan leaned back in his seat. He made himself comfoortable as the machine he sat within shifted to a downward direction.

Bryan was pretty used to flying and accustomed to the rocky ups and downs of turbulence. As he settled in his seat to enjoy the descent, Bryan stole a glance toward his companion. The redhead lay curled up in the chair beside the purple haired Russian fast asleep. It had been a long flight and it was obvious Tala was exhausted from his worrying and everything else that had occured over the past few days.

As he observed his peacefully sleeping friend the purple haired young man contemplated, I wonder if I should wake him? It would probably be best to let him sleep a bit longer. Ten hours on a plane is a pretty long time and then there's the time change between here and home. Oh well at least we'll be landing soon. And I'm not bothered by our trip like Tala thanks to all the work I do as a flight attendant.

It was lucky I was able to get some time off to take this trip so I could come help my friends. And the deal we got through my work with the airline helped too. I know Tala doesn't make a whole lot of money and was wondering how we'd afford getting all the way to Japan. So it was one less thing for him to worry about. Which is a good thing with how much he's been freaking out about Kai and Sally since Halloween. I hope they're somewhere safe and doing okay...

There was a jolt through the plane as its wheels touched down on the runway of the boys' destination. As they landed in Japan, Bryan reached over and nudged the slumbering redhead. There was a groggy yawn as he awoke. While the pair of icy blue eyes fluttered open to shoot the lavender haired young man a quizzical look.

"We've made it to Tokyo finally," Bryan stated in reply to his friend's unasked question.

"Good, we can get off this stupid plane, grab our stuff and hurry over to the Hiwataris place so we can find out what happened to Kai," Tala declared as he acknowledged Bryan's words.

Despite his fatigue Tala had managed to stubbornly rise to his feet and the two Russians departed the plane. Going through the customs of the airport the two men were able to locate their luggage and get themselves organized.

As they were preparing to leave the lilac eyed young man suggested, "I guess we should probably start looking for a pay phone so we can get a ride from someone."

"We don't have to I've still got Sally's cell phone on me, you know in case someone tried to call. I'll just bring up the number and give the mansion a call so someone can come and get us," Tala replied as he pulled the small pink phone from a pocket in his jacket.

Tala was about to push the button to send the call when the Russians were approached by a man, "Tala, is that you? What are you doing here so far from home?"

Spotting the man Bryan saw that he was older than they were and dressed in a business suit. The older man held a briefcase in one hand while the other ran through his short length of pitch black hair. Gazing up at him Bryan and Tala met a pair of crimson orbs.

Bryan wasn't exactly sure what to make of this man but his friend appeared to recognize the newcomer and greeted, "Hello Tom, didn't expect to see you here. My friend Bryan and I just came to pay Kai a visit. We were curious to see how he and the rest of you guys have been doing."

"Well I've been away on business but I'm sure everything's alright with the kids. I'm surprised you didn't bring your sister along with you, I know Kai would be happy to see her again," Tom beamed in response.

Before the redhead had a chance to get back into his worrisome mood, Bryan wondered in alarm, "Who is this guy, Tala? How is it he knows about Kai and Sally? He's not working for Biovolt and out to get us or something like that, is he?"

The black haired man chuckled, "There's no way I'd ever work for those crazy bastards! I'm Kai and Kayla's Uncle and now that we've cleared that up why don't I give you a kids a lift to the mansion?"

"Well if Tala trusts you then I guess I don't see a problem with it," Bryan replied, accepting the offer.

The three of them piled into a nice, expensive looking car. Tom took up the steering wheel and putting the car into gear the black haired man drove out into the city, headed for the mansion. Unfortunately the lavender haired young man had made the mistake in asking Tom about himself and the kind of business he'd been doing. As he figured that talking would pass some time.

"I work as a laywer if you must know, I've been trying to make Voltaire pay for everything he's done over the years actually... But it's been proving far more difficult than I expected," Tom explained as he navigated around other vehicles on the busy streets. "You know you never did mention why your sister isn't with you two, Tala?"

"We'll explain it later. I need to know if Kai's okay first," Tala mumbled still appearing quite exhausted from the long flight.

Glancing over at his redheaded friend Bryan voiced, "You know if you're tired you could always go back to sleep?"

"No, I can't rest until I've gotten the answers we came here for," Tala retorted determined not to submit to the sleep Bryan knew his companion desperately needed.

The Russians didn't have much more to say and remained silent for the rest of the car ride. While Tom on the other hand rambled on in an attempt to catch his passengers up on how life was in Japan. After a while the car pulled up in front of the Hiwatari mansion.

Man, that guy seems pretty crazy. I wonder how Tala and Sally were able to handle dealing with him for the Holiday last year? I sure wish that Kai is here and safe at the mansion... Biovolt better not have anything to do with this whole mess. If they do and mine and Tala's fears hold some truth to them, those bastards are going to have some very pissed off Beybladers to deal with! Bryan thought to himself as he stepped out from the car.

As the three of them entered the large building that stood before them Tom called out, "Hey kids, I'm home!"

"Hi Tom, it's so good that you're finally back! We've missed you," a female voice answered as a head of light blue hair tackled the older man in a hug.

"Yes I missed you too. It's good to be home and guess what? I brought a couple of stragglers with me that I picked up at the airport."

As Tom introduced the Hiwataris' guests Bryan locked gazes with the girl's brilliant blue gems. Her orbs sparkled with a bright happy light. The shimmering depths ensnared and entranced the lilac eyed young man who was lost in their spellbinding beauty.

"Bryan, it's been ages. It's so good to see you and it's good to see you again too Tala. How are you guys?"

"Hi Kayla, it's good to see you too... We've been doing alright," Bryan muttered as he continued to stare at the girl's stunning looks, Wow little Kayla's sure grown up since I last saw her back when we were kids in the abbey. She was sweet and kind of cute even then but I never really noticed how damn good looking she was before... She's so beautiful now!

"Hey, earth to Bryan! Everyone's gone into the sitting room are you coming to join us or not?"

Bryan was broken from his daydreaming as he heard someone address him. The young man's lilac eyes blinked as he turned to his redheaded friend.

"Yeah, sure... I'm coming..." Bryan responded as he registered Tala's words and followed him to meet the others in a relaxing looking room.

The two Russians perched themselves on a comfortable plush couch. Getting himself settled Bryan felt a breath of air brush the ends of his hair. The breath that bristled the lavender strands around Bryan's ear was from the one who sat beside him.

Having leant in closer to Bryan the other young man whispered, "I don't know what was going on with you back there, but whatever it was Bry, we're going to have a nice little chat about it when I'm more awake."

Bryan would have argued against his friend's request but the cheery voice of the Hiwatari sibling's Uncle broke into the quiet stillness of the room.

"So where's Kai? Let me guess he's up sulking in his room again to hide from our guests?" The man wondered bringing to attention the question that was on the Russians' minds.

Both Bryan and Tala had been plagued by that single question ever since they had arrived at the mansion. The stoic teen's absense sent more worry and doubt to their thoughts. They desperately hoped their worst fears wouldn't be realized and that Kai was okay. Now at last they would finally get the answers they had come for.

Kayla opened her mouth to speak when she was interrupted, "Hey Kayla, dinner's ready!"

The one who had spoken was a raven haired boy who was dressed in a Chinese looking outfit. As the catlike newcomer approached the girl he had addressed, he seemed to notice the black haired man next to her.

A toothy catlike grin crossed his features and he greeted, "Nice to see you finally home, Tom. The guys were really starting to miss you."

"Yes I know I've been away for a long time but I'm home now with Tala and Bryan here tagging along with me. They've most likely come to visit my nephew."

At the sound of the Russians' names, amber eyes narrowed in disgust as the Chinese Beyblader demanded, "What is he doing here?"

"It's none of your business and I should be the one asking you that," Bryan retorted his lilac gaze returning the formidable glare.

"That's enough, Bry! This is no time for trying to kill each other," Tala reasoned with as much force as he could muster.

Understanding how the exhausted redhead must be feeling Bryan settled down, obliging his companion.

"Just because stupid Tala doesn't want me to kill you why should I have to listen? You should never have come here, I don't trust you!"

"Oh come on Ray, I don't see anything wrong with Bryan. What's so bad about him being here?"

"Nothing wrong with him? Kayla, he tried to kill me when our team first became the Beyblade World Champions!"

"Look Ray, I've put that behind me and come to my senses thanks to Tala and Kai's help. And Tala's right, now's not the time to discuss this. So could you just try to tolerate my being here?"

"Fine, if it's what Kayla wants we can call it a truce, for now. But know that this isn't over yet, I'll deal with you later," Ray growled as he wrapped an arm around the blue haired girl.

A lilac orb twitched at the gesture but Bryan decided to let it pass for the time being. The two of them had just agreed to a truce after all so it wasn't like he could really do anything about it.

Man I would love to punch that damn cat right now with how he's all over her like that! No I can't start thinking like that... I have to calm down and focus on the task at hand. The important thing now is to find out about Kai, Bryan let out an exasperated sigh and the tension in the room began to subside.

As the room reverted to a more relaxed state Tala directed the conversation back toward the information the Russians desperately needed to know, "So Ray I'm guessing you're here to keep an eye on Kai's sister... Do you know what happened to him or if he's alright?"

The neko-jin shook his head as he answered, "I walked her home from the party Tyson was having and Kai wasn't at home when we got here. Kai left before we did so I just figured he went off for a walk or something... you know, how he's always disappearing to get some time to himself? Maybe you could tell us more on where he is? I think he's been gone way too long to have simply wandered off the way he usually does..."

"Kai's missing," Tala bluntly stated.

At the shocked expressions the Russian received Tala explained the conversation he'd had with Kai before the boy's disappearance. When Tala finished it was clear the other occupants of the room were stricken by as much worry as the Russians themselves.

Bryan noted the alarm in Kayla's voice as the girl exclaimed, "And here he was worried about something bad happening to me... He just better be alright! You guys don't think that he could be in a lot of trouble or that Biovolt could be behind this, do you?"

"Don't worry Kayla, your brother is tough. I'm sure he's fine, so calm down," the Chinese boy comforted the girl in his arms though it was aparant his amber orbs were full of worry as well.

Bryan stifled a growl of indignation at the closeness of the two as he replied, "We hope the bastards aren't involved but with Voltaire and Boris one can never be sure. That's why we came here, to find Kai and our sisters. They went missing too and Japan seemed like a good place to start."

"Ah so that explains why little Sally didn't accompany you boys," Kayla's Uncle spoke up, having obviously been following the conversation intently.

'As bad as them going missing and vanishing into thin air is, it's kind of nice not to have to listen to Kai and Sally calling me a damn cat all the time," added Ray.

"But they're right, you are a damn cat," Bryan smirked.

Kayla grasped the neko-jin's hand to silence him before he could make a snide comeback

The female Hiwatari pleaded, "Don't start fighting again, you too! We need to figure out what to do and how we're supposed to go about finding my brother."

"You've got to admit she has a point," Tala agreed with a yawn.

"Yeah I know, Tala. Any of you got any bright ideas?" The lavender haired Russian inquired.

After a moment of what seemed like forever Ray suggested, "Maybe if we go over to the BBA Headquarters' office we could see if Mr. Dickinson has heard anything from Kai."

"Sounds like you kids have a good plan there for starters. Now I think you should all go and get a good night's sleep so you can be well rested enough to put it into action," Tom piped up.

Bryan glanced to his side to catch the slight bob of fiery red locks. It appeared that the lavedner haired young man's friend approved of the idea. The redhead finally allowing his weariness to wash over him. Crystal blue eyes drooped closed as their owner's form slumped against the other Russian.

In a soothing tone Bryan calmly assured, "Don't worry man... we'll get to the bottom of this. Even if we have to turn over this entire country in our search, we'll find them, you'll see!"

With another weary nod, Tala was fast asleep. Everyone else trickled off to bed but the lilac eyed young man remained with his friend. Bryan allowed the clutches of sleep to steadily take a hold of him as well. As he wished that the confidence and certainty in his words would hold true and they would be able to find their missing friends.

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