Hidden Behind My Secrets

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This story is pointless, and really random nothing to do on a Halloweeny Night so decided to write not a Halloween story trust me.

Something was off. Something was different. He seemed to drift so easily and forget everything that was said and done. Moments passed where it seemed almost too unreal like he was a statute in this real world and only lived like a robot that would come alive when you clicked the magic switch of on and off. When he was awake and fully aware of the outside surroundings he would get ticked off with any comment and attack there was nothing playful, nothing happy, no emotion. He lived in his separate world where he would drift off during most periods of his daily life, his grades slipped, his appearance changed, his attitude became difficult, and he became a shell.

"Freddie!" he was sitting on the couch in Carly's apartment.

"What mom," I sat beside him eating my ham.

"Tick-bath now!" she walked in and started dragging Freddie out of the apartment, I sat laughing. Carly was out with Spencer buying food, for me.

"Mom, I'm not a little kid leave me alone!" he got out of her grip and pushed her back.

"Fredward James Benson, don't take that tone with me!" she pointed to the door, "Walk!"

I expected Freddie to bow his head down and flush with embarrassment as he walked to his apartment.

"No!" he screamed. I sat there wide-eyed I haven't even been noticed by Mrs. Benson yet.

"Freddie?" she sighed, shocked at his outburst, I was still with my mouth open and a piece of ham dangling from above.

He walked up to her, Freddie now towered over everyone that growth spurt helped him a lot. "Screw you," he whispered but, loud enough that I could hear.

I had to fight for my breath; I started choking on the ham in my mouth. Freddie stalked off and slamming Carly's back door behind him.

Mrs. Benson stood wide-eyed still staring at the back door after minutes which felt like hours Carly and Spencer walked into the house.

"What's going on?" I explained the story to Carly and Spencer. They were also shocked.

It was obvious to me, Sam Puckett, Carly Shay, Spencer Shay, and Marissa Benson that everything was going to change because Freddie snapped, and it was going nowhere good.

Random Right? The beginning is like what she thinks in the future of the story when she still doesn't know the secret so I might write it again for that time's present time like chapter 2 or something, maybe. Right now the story might seem like Freddie snapped or whatever, but its Sam's point of view she thinks that's what it is the title Hidden Behind My Secrets is based on Freddie he has a secret which is why he is acting unFreddie like LMAO! I just had to point that out.

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