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It was really too easy for Artemis. He'd been able to do this to Holly since day one, though that didn't mean he ever got tired of it. All it took was a few light, rolling steps, heel to toe, and held breath. Then he reached out long, thin fingers and scratched them down the distracted elf's neck.

Holly shrieked, jumping out of her chair. She spun about in the air, landing in a perfect cat stance, ready to lash out with her forward leg or knife hands. To her side, a small book skittered across the floor, stopping as it crashed into the wall.

"Artemis! D'arvit!" Holly took a pillow from the waiting room's couch and tossed it at the smug raven-haired boy who wasn't exactly laughing, though his lack of audible ridicule did little to appease his red-hot headed (both figuratively and literally) friend.

"Captain," he chided, stepping around the room's mostly uncomfortable furniture, "you really should work on your awareness of the surroundings. We have far too many enemies on the loose for you to be distracted by..." Artemis crouched and picked up the book Holly had been reading, flipping it over so he could read the title page. "''Ghost Hunting.'" He seemed to squint at the cover, as if a more concentrated look would reveal that his initial reading had been faulty. However, Artemis's eyesight was perfect. As he went on with the title, he looked up to Holly. "'True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from the Atlantic Paranormal Society.' Holly...is this...a ghost story?"

Holly scowled, taking several steps that were too forceful than were really necessary to reach the young man's side. She yanked the book from his hands, shoved a bookmark in at random, and slammed it closed. "No! This is a serious study of paranormal activity. 'Ghost story' implies that it is..."

"Made up?" Artemis supplied, reaching out to flick the gold tassel on the end of the bookmark. "Do not tell me that you believe in that...that...drivel."


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