Waluigi and Daisy

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Author Notes: I'm doing this why becaus you know why. And all of this stuff, plus Waluigi and Daisy, belong to Nintendo.

It was a bright, rainy day in the Mushroom Kingdom, where the birds were singing, and the mood has returned to peace and harmony. Nearby Princess Peach's Castle was Waluigi, sitting firmly on a green bench as he sighed out of boredom.

"Waaa..." Was all he mentioned as he shook his head and closed his eyes.

It just so happened that Princess Daisy, who recently woke up from her sleep, was coming along the path that Waluigi coincidentally was on.

"Lalala lala, Daisy!" Daisy chirped as she twirled, wearing her usual yellow dress as she stopped upon Waluigi, noticing the boredom in his figure. "Waluigi? You okay, sweety?"

Waluigi remained silent as he quickly glanced at Daisy, and sighed, looking back at his brownish shoes.

Daisy frowned, and she sat down next to Waluigi on the bench. "Waluigi? Are you really okay?"









"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Waluigi screamed out of rage as he grabbed Daisy tightly, his eyes widened with frustration. "All I ask for is something that will keep me entertained, AND THIS IS THE REWARD I GET!?" He then pushed Daisy aside and stood up, pointing at the somewhat cloudish sky. "Hey, you! Narrator guy! Give us something entertaining to do to stop this infernal boredom! Pronto!"

...Wait. You want me of all things to stop your boredom?

"That is precise," Waluigi admitted as he grinned, massassing his moustache.

I don't know if I could do it. What if you get angry at me? What if I do something stupid?

"I DON'T CARE WHAT IT IS, JUST MAKE IT ENTERTAINING!!!" Waluigi screeched angrily as his entire face turned red, causing Daisy to gasp in shock.

...Okay. You're the boss.

And with that, have I, the Narrator of this tale of all things, decided to give Waluigi his wish. Suddenly, for no good explanation at all, the entire area started to shake, the rain began pouring down more furiously, and both Waluigi and Daisy clamped onto each other as they fell down into the newly formed canvas below, before being blasted into the air by a volcanic blast. The twosome screamed in joy as they soared across the rainy sky, being shocked by a lightning bolt. As the two then started coming down faster than you can say "giggity giggity goo", they crashed head first into a bank of poisonous masrhmallows, which started to take form as they grew hdeious arms and legs.

Both Waluigi and Daisy looked up, though the two were rather excited rather than frightened beyond all believe.

"Ready for some masrhmallowy goodness?" Waluigi chuckled as he looked over to Daisy and smirked.

Daisy nodded back, grinning moreso than Waluigi. "You bet I am. Why, I got a stomach made out of steel!" And with that said, she darted towards the mutated marshmallows and began chomping her way across them, rending the puffy sugary treats useless.

Waluigi followed, running across the middle and then zigzaging along as he used his special vines to tangle up and spike the masrhmallows. Within minutes, the weird duo managed to defeat the mutated marshmallows.

"All right, that was fun!" Daisy squealed as she let out a cute little belch, giggling as Waluigi heartily laughed.

"Now that's more like it," Waluigi said with a pleasing grin as he looked up at the sky, which was now purple andcloudy rather than filled with rain. "That was a good beginning, Mr. Narrator. Now give us something more!"

How about you develop your characters a bit more for the audience to like?

"But the audience reading this already like us!" Daisy pouted as she crossed her arms and frowned. "What does it have to take to make us seem more in depth?"

...I don't know. Be mean? Act tomboyish? Be agressive?

"Agressive!?" Waluigi and Daisy both exclaimed in shock, their jaws dropping at the same time.

"Why, that's what we do best!" Daisy exclaimed with glee as she then grabbed an orange colored baseball bat out of nowhere and whacked Waluigi, and thus, she began to spin around dangerously, knocking out large portions of the large sturdy trees that populated the purple poisonous marsh.

Waluigi, despite being whacked, managed to get back onto his feet and laugh with glee as he took out his trusty renowned purple racket and began whacking every animal and tree trunk in his sight with it, making the swing as powerful and painful as it could be. He sped up a bit, as he, too, began twirling around, with enough force to use his Waluigi tornados, his vines blending in along with the wind. With enough gusto, Waluigi plowed his way through the entire marsh, leaving it lifeless and souless as he collided into Daisy, who was in her own tornado with orange spikes surrounding her. The two formed into one spiky, viney tornado, and with the powerful swings of Daisy's baseball bat and Waluigi's tennis racket, headed eastbound as they cleared through the impending Woody Woods, knocking out more of the gigantic, looming deciduous trees down. As the two continued tornadoing their way through, they bumped into a huge wooden stop sign, which opened its brownish eyes and gloomed down at the two agressive humans.

"What thou you done to thy beautiful, wooden home," The wooden sign spoke as he looked around in utter shock, noticing the trees were all chopped down to nothing, "Have you no shame of such cruelity?"

Waluigi laughed as he rolled his eyes, placing his tennis racket over his right shoulder. "Heh heh! Of course not! Me and Daisy here are just reckless adults!"

Daisy nodded in unison, stuffing her baseball bat in her butt strangely enough. "Yeah! We just wanted to get excited and have some fun and tere, to prevent boredom, you know!" She chimed.

The wooden sign began moving violently, steam coming out from all corners as his face turned red. "Out of boredom, eh? Out of boredom, eh!? OUT OF BOREDOM, EH!?!? I'LL SHOW YOU MEDDLING TWERPS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MESS WITH THE WRONG WOOD, YOU PITIFUL MEATBAGS!!!!"

Waluigi and Daisy looked at each other, only for both of them to squeal with glee as they held each others' hands, giggling as they jumped for joy, whereas the wooden sign slammed on top of them and triggered a boss battle.