Waluigi and Princess Daisy... errr...

Waluigi and Princess Daisy both moaned weakly as they tried to figure where they were. Getting up, the two humans faced each other, and looked around, dazzled by the very bizarre atmosphere.

"Why is... everything so... red?" Daisy asked, stunned to see the ground completely red, and the sky dark orange.

Waluigi rubbed his chin, getting a closer look of the atmosphere. "Hmm... it seems, Daisy, that we crashed landed somewhere remote..." He took note that Tatanga was nowhere to be seen, neither was his ship. "And it seems that we managed to lose pork butt."

Daisy smiled, sighing of relief as she rubbed her forehead. "Phew. I'm glad I don't have to worry about him, in that instance."

Waluigi nodded as he looked around, wondering what to do. "So... how to we get out of this predictament?"

Daisy paused for a minute, before gasping as she then got a grand idea. "I know! Let's just explore the area!"

"Great idea, Daisy!" Waluigi complimented while snapping his fingers as he turned around, not seeing Daisy there. He gawked as he frantically turned to the left and right, swapping his head positions. "Huh!? Daisy!? Where are you!?" He turned around, to see the tomboyish princess running ahead of him, miles away towards the northwestern direction. "Daisy! Wait for me!"

Tatanga moaned as his ship was completely devestaed from the disaster. He moaned in pain as he got out a pair of binoculars, looking towards the north, south, east, and west as he turned to a minature member of his species.

"Lord Tatanga, we haven't got any sightings on the princess or the plumber," The mini Tatanga stated.

Tatanga growled as he gritted his teeth, picking up the mini Tatanga and poking his plump stomach as he threatened, "Well, you make sure that we find those two, and plummel the purple one! The princess is reserved for me..." He dropped the mini Tatanga and sighed as he placed back on his binoculars. "I know you're out there, Daisy.... there won't be any escape from me!" He laughed evilly as the thunder boomed in the background, followed by no lightning strikes.

Daisy continued running as fast as she could as she jumped over a pit of fire, managing to land safely on the ground across. She dusted herself as she continued running, though she tripped over a pebble, smacking herself on the ground in pain. Getting up, Daisy was then captured by mutant vines from the tall fruitless palm trees, which started squeezing the life out of her. Waluigi came by just in time to use his Waluigi Tornado on the palm trees, forcing them to let Daisy go. Daisy fell, but she went through the ground, screaming as she held on tightly to the ridge. Waluigi bent down and tugged Daisy upward, causing both of them to roll into the pit of fire, burning harshly. Luckily, Daisy pulled out a can of beans, and ate them, using a huge fart to blast the two out from there, much to her embarrassment and Waluigi's apparant disgust. As the two landed safely on the ground, Daisy farted again, the loud frequency of it causing the entire planet to shake.

"Daisy, what kind of beans were those!?" Waluigi shouted to Daisy as he tucked his cap, while holding Daisy in his arms.

Daisy shrugged as she, too, held on tightly to Waluigi. "I don't know! All I did was pull them out of my ass, and next thing you know-" She farted again, causing the duo to be blasted straight into the planet's atmosphere.

"Ahhhh!" Waluigi and Daisy screamed as they held onto each other, coming back down to the planet with a loud thud.

Both Waluigi and Daisy moaned in pain as parts of their clothing were burned. Getting up, they turned clockwise towards the east to see a shadowy gang riding motorcycles. Waluigi squinted as he got a closer look, the shadowy figures being smaller versions of Tatanga.

"Daisy! We got to scramble!" Waluigi insisted as he picked up Daisy and began running away towatds the western direction, slipping on some pumpkin pie that was placed in front of him. He moaned in pain as he felt his back crack.

Daisy gasped in shock as she tried her best to pull Waluigi up, but didn't have enough muscles to do the job quicker as she turned around, seeing the gang of mini Tatangas approaching. Daisy suddenly got a brilliant idea, and she pulled a lighter from her butt, aiming it down on her ass as she pointed it at the mini Tatanga gang.

"Please work..." Daisy muttered as she struggled, turning on the lighter as she released her most powerful fart yet, aiming right at the mini Tatangas as a huge gassy flame came spiraling towards them. The Mini Tatangas screamed in horror as they were burnt alive, their motorcycles easily burning from both th heat and gas, as Daisy let out a sigh of relief, placing the lighter away. She smiled as she noticed all the mini Tatangas were gone, but didn't notice...

...That her powerful fart burnt right through her dress and panties, revealing her bare butt.

"Not too bad, right?" Daisy told Waluigi as she pulled him up, helping to dust off his purple overalls.

Waluigi sighed as he placed his hands on his hips, sniffing the air as he shuddered, covering his large pink nose. "Gah! Daisy, you really cut the cheese that time! Seriously!"

Daisy giggled as she slightly blushed, rubbing the back of her head. "Oh, Waluigi, you and your silly exclamations!" She then grabbed Waluigi by the right arm and started walking westward. "Come on! I'm sure there's signs of life nearby!"

"...That hopefully aren't going to find a way to zap us," Waluigi muttered as he was dragged by Daisy, looking around him to make sure that no one would try anything funny.