I'm warning you now, the awful sugary fluff in this will rot more than just your teeth; it will rot your brain. D8 It's no doubt OOC too…I can't really tell at this point. Prepare yourself for some melting inside the cranium. And I know the premise/theme for this is over-used and cliche in Bleach fandom but it's what came out so I went with it.

Like every morning he awoke sleeping next to Ichigo or Orihime he was met with a muted pounding which threw him off those first few moments-every single damn time-before he remembered the hearts that beat in their chests.

He scratched the white spikes on his head and sighed before climbing up out of the bed and shuffling toward the kitchen. He slumped down in a chair and stared off into nothing, frowning. Someone outside was playing their radio too loud again. Who the hell frigin' blasted their radio at seven in the morning anyway? God damn bastards.

And they couldn't even choose a decent station, He thought in annoyance. What the hell was this shit supposed to be anyway? He listened more intently.

"I'll give it to ya'

Give it to ya', yeah,

The keeey to my heeeaaart. Baby!"

The hollow cringed and instantly regretted that decision. Clearly these people wanted to go deaf. Though, according to that same irritating station it was the top of the charts-whatever that was supposed to mean. All he knew was that for some reason this gave them the excuse to play that same particular song over and over again at many times throughout the day, and also to follow him wherever he went.

"It beats for youuuuu, darling, and it calls for youuuuu!"

Shiro snorted and sat up, making his way toward the fridge. Seeing nothing of his interest he reached down and pulled an apple out of the crisper. He wasn't exactly sure what an apple would do for him-the three of them were still trying to find what the best alternative was to eating souls or getting specialty pills from Urahara- but he figured why not, seeing as Hime was always suggesting King eat more fruits-usually with other odd combinations of things- and he remembered Ichigo to have liked them.

The emptiness was one thing. He could deal with that, which was a good thing considering the only cure for that was to have a heart, something that was impossible for a hollow anyway. Regardless of that though, he had to eat. Hollows didn't just eat souls because they felt like it-mostly that was the reason but it wasn't the whole reason. Souls were the natural food source of hollows, whether the world liked it or not. Just like anything else, if he didn't eat he would starve. There wasn't much to be discussed there.

So he hoped they would find some sort of replacement food source. He doubted they would but he hoped. Then they might never have to see Urahara again and if that didn't put a kick in someone's step he didn't know what would. Still, a cure for the emptiness would've been nice too…

He opened his mouth to take a bite when he heard a small squeak and a call of 'wait' as Hime flew into the Kitchen. She was still dressed in her pyjamas, the pink silk ones that accentuated all the lovely curves she had- the hollow needed no prompting to take advantage of this chance to admire. She bounced over to him curiously and took the apple from his hand. She examined and gasped, breaking into a large smile. He raised a brow at the girl.

"It looks just like a heart," she explained cheerily, placing the thing back in his hand.

"A heart…?" he asked dryly. She nodded and hummed a 'yes'.

"Cause my heart's all yours, honey."

Okay, there really had to be someone he could kill for the creation of that song.

"Ha-ha, same here. I thought my heart was going to fly out of my chest!" Orihime laughed good-naturedly in response to Kiego's admission about the Horror movie they'd just watched. Ichigo grinned and Tatsuki shot him a steely glare.

"Alright, I admit… I thought I was gonna have a heart attack at that one part too," Ichigo growled, earning a triumphant smirk from Tatsuki.

Kiego gasped. "Really? You too Ichigo?"

At this he was Ignored and Miziuro went on talk about the acting with Ishida who showed disinterest for the most part until the costume designs were mentioned. Chad simply grunted.

The hollow rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses, too irritated to be amused by any of this. Though he was glad that the annoying "are you really Ichigo's twin separated at birth" questions had finally stopped, what weren't stopping were the rapidly pounding heartbeats surrounding him. He already knew that they were all cowards but holy hell. It made his head and his chest ache. Why were they so loud all of a sudden?

"I'll give it to ya'

Give it to ya', yeah."

His eye twitched. Oh yeah, that was right. He'd been trying to focus on their heartbeats so he wouldn't have to hear that damn song again. Where was that crap coming from now? He glanced at the group around to see Kiego waving a pair of headphones wildly.

"The keeey to my heeeaaart. Baby!"

Finally Shiro snapped. "Does the chick have to freaking screech about it?! It's not that god damned special!"

The group fell into a stunned silence, that being the first time the hollow had spoken during the whole movie outing. He ignored the shocked stares and confused glances from his two majesties.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't too long before Kiego filled the silence. "What are you talking about? Why, the heart is one of the most magnificent gifts given to us as human beings. It is the tool, the delicate instrument used to store our deep seated-" The Hollow tuned him out, reluctantly finding himself listening to heartbeats once again as they passed by a jewellers with their many displays of heart shaped rocks. And to think, Valentines Day passed a month ago.

Growling Shiro ripped open a random cupboard and grabbed the closest thing to him, not particularly caring what it was just as long as it was edible. So what if he was eating his stress away like some fat kid? He was a hollow dammit, and hollows ate things. Everyone was just lucky he wasn't eating a soul or a puppy or something.

He yanked a chair out from the table plopped down on it, slamming the thing he'd grabbed onto the table in front of him. He became completely still as he stared at the box of cereal he'd blindly chosen. Cheerios. And on the cover, a red, heart shaped bowl was full of them. He might've ignored it. He really might've. But then he saw the blasted caption; for a happy, healthy heart.

"AAAAH, I can't take this anymore!!!"

The hollow let out a strangled roar of frustration and violently snatched the box off the table and launched it. In doing so, he nearly succeeded in unintentionally beheading his other half via projectile Cheerios, missing him only by a mere centimetre and hitting the wall. He sprang up, turned on his heel and stormed off to the bedroom, shutting the door behind him with a slam so powerful it made the neighbours flinch and the music finally shut off.

Ichigo stared, confused by the outburst after having just entered the apartment and looked over at Orihime who'd been sitting on the other side of the table the whole time. However, she appeared to be as confused as he was about Shiro's behaviour, and merely blinked at Ichigo.

Ichigo picked up the battered box of cereal and frowned. "So, I'm thinking he doesn't like Cheerios then."

The door opened with a creak and Ichigo and Orihime peaked there heads in wearily. On the edge of the bed, facing away from them, the hollow sat, with a heavy dejected air surrounding him. The orange haired pair looked at each other briefly and then looked back at the hollow.

"Hey…you okay, Shiro?" Ichigo asked slowly.

The Hollow snorted and fell back onto the bed. "Oh yes. Peachy."

The two took that as their sign that it was okay to enter and climbed up onto the bed to sit on either side of where he lay. They waited patiently for an explanation as Shiro glared up at the ceiling.

"I can hear them, you know," was what he said after some time.

"Hear what, Shiro-kun?" Orihime asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Your hearts," He growled exasperatedly. "Damn things never stop. They're not loud exactly but if I listen or if it's really quiet…"

"Like right now. I can hear them," he said. He refused to meet their eyes. The pair looked across at each other in solemn understanding.

"Did you know people can share hearts, Shiro-kun?" Orihime asked him suddenly. This caused him to narrow his eyes and he turned a confused glance onto Orihime.

"You can do all kinds of things with your heart," she continued thoughtfully. "You can save it, you can hurt it, you can heal it, you can give it away… and you can also share it with the ones you care about."

"Eh? I gotta say, that's a bit lame, Hime," Shiro remarked dully, though the gold orbs shone with interest. It wasn't like the idea was easy to resist.

"Whatever," Ichigo huffed, glancing off to the side. "My heart was technically ours to begin with so I don't care if you want to share it."

"Me neither," Orihime piped in, climbing over to sit beside Ichigo. "I mean…if Shiro-kun wants me to share with him." The hollow scowled and tore his gaze from them both, after realising he'd actually been wearing that expression, and far too long on top of that.

"You two are both lame-asses," He growled. His jab came out weak however as both orangettes noticed the light tint of blue on the hollow's cheeks signifying the hollow's extremely rare and abnormal blush. They smirked at each other in their victory.

"Come here, you jerk," Ichigo commanded.

The white clone debated with himself for a moment on whether he should tell the strawberry to go screw himself-him, alone, without the hollow- before complying and moving to lie between the two of them.

He fell asleep with his head on Ichigo's chest and Orihime's hand in his.


"Y'know…" Ichigo sighed, cutting through the quiet of the room and causing Orihime to look over curiously. "This could make for some great blackmail."

Orihime struggled to fight back a giggle.

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