This is the first time in a loooooooong time I've submitted something here. Sorry about that. I've just been busy, a lot has happened in my life lately, a lot of major changes. But here are some drabbles that I've concocted just for you all. Each one is set to a different prompt and most are of different characters that I'm sure you can figure out. Each one is about 100 words long. I shall update these as I see fit and when/if inspiration strikes.

Disclaimer: I hearby disclaim these characters.

First Glance

The first time he saw her he didn't think much of it (Not that you ever think much at all).

Just another one to coordinate and colorize.

Then he found out 'it' was a she, a kick-ass she thankyouverymuch. Go figure.

There was no heart racing, time stopping, tension induced breathing impairment. Nothing; just a girl who had far too much passion and not enough places to put it if her flaming eyes and impatient voice and gleaming fur had anything to say about it.

He was only interested in her as far as getting off this star-forsaken planet was concerned.

It was a good thing he never really believed in first impressions.


The first time she saw him she knew he was gonna be no good for her.

There was just something about him, something in his aura, his stance, his expression that just screamed for her to react. Maybe because he was her favorite color (ruby blood red).

She was raised to trust and follow her instincts, had been told that there was a very strong mystic power in her that elevated her above just simple soldier talent. This time wasn't any different. When he presented the opportunity, she reacted.

It became her favorite most hated game.

This supernatural magnetism.