Feel free to roll your eyes and facepalm.

Summary: "I want my food dead. Not sick. Not wounded. Dead." -Woody Allen

Disclaimer: Disclaimed.

"So, explain to me again why we're being attacked?" Nova demanded, dodging a particularly giant limb swinging towards her.

"Well, it appears to be the result of the being having an overly ocular sense. It derives what is safe, edible, or even sanitary by pigmentation—much like humans and apes. It's sense of smell and hearing must be largely hampered though since it does seem overly developed in spotting what it's looking for," Gibson answered. He paused for a breather before leaping at the large thing to try and incapacitate it's movements for the time being. He didn't even register as an itch. He continued to answer Nova's question when she was forced to dodge another sweeping grab. "Most beings with that sort of strong eyesight dependency are more attracted to brighter, warm hues. They are usually the most ripe and safe when if comes to food."

"Let me get this straight: we're the targets because our fur just happens to be the most tasty looking?"

"In a sense, yes."

Nova turned her string of curses towards Gibson in a shout at Sprx to move his tail before he lost it. The red monkey managed to somersault underneath just in time and ended up at her feet. The perfect position for her to grab him and dive out of reach as they were once again persued.

"If we survive this I'm putting you on a diet," she grouched at him. "You're moving too slow."

"Well it's not easy to dodge three mouths at once," he retorted, shaking himself off before having to sprint off once again to avoid sight-seeing the digestion system of the giant monster out for him at the present moment. "Grr, Gibson, do something!" He shouted.

"It's hide is too thick for my drill to penetrate! What do you want me to do?"

"Maybe you could convince some of the non-tasty looking to come and help!" Sprx sent an especially angry glare over to the non-fighting-for-their-lives-so-called-teammates who were watching the spectacle with bemused and uncertain looks.

"If we move then the eggs might get smashed," Chiro called out. He tightened his grip on the large, and apparently very rare and valuable egg he was holding. Antauri and Otto held matching ones. They'd gone through other equally as dangerous obstacles to get them for the Shuggazoom anthropology and biological science labs. There was no way they could chance losing them now.

"Why in Shuggazoom aren't they being attacked?" Sprx called out.

"I told you," Gibson shouted. "It relies on it's sight. The most appetizing and appealing colors when it comes to choosing food are bright, primary colors. Especially the warmer ones."

"Think ketchup and mustard," Nova said, once again finding herself at the end of an oncoming massive limb. Sprx slammed into her sending them both rolling on the ground and away from the large claw that smashed into where they both had been moments prior. Unfortunately too much momentum was used and they were sent splashing into a mud pit.

"You stupid monkey!" Nova hollered once she'd surfaced and spat out a decent amount of mud.

Sprx tried to smile in apology but was currently without much air to his brain for it send such signals out to the rest of his body, seeing as Nova was on top of him with most of her weight on his chest and his muzzle was full of mud. Nova shifted off him so he could have enough leverage to sit up and spit out the foul tasting dirt-and-water combination. He instinctively looked about and found that the monster was currently focusing all its attention on Gibson, not even bothering to follow what was obviously its prefered choices for a mid-day meal anymore.

Nova was on her way charging again but was casually knocked aside by the creature in its haste to grab Gibson. Staring at the thing dazedly she shot a confused glance at Sprx who had just emerged from the mud pit and was similarly being ignored now.

"Hey Gibson, you said that thing relies on its sight, right?" he hollared out.

"Yes-" Gibson said before having to evade the easiest means of escape from his current cornered position in favor of leading the beast away from Otto, Chiro, Antauri and their precious cargo.

"Jump in the mud!" Nova called out, watching him struggle to keep evading now that he was the sole target.


"It won't think you're as tasty looking if you're covered in mud," Sprx said.

Gibson gave them a helplessly frazzled look before bee-lining for the mud pit. Once at the edge he gauged the chances he had of contracting some sort of microbiotic disease that would be worse than being eaten, before deciding he was clever enough to cure himself if it came to that and that the monster was far too close for him to be out of reach any longer. Cringing as he jumped into the disgusting pool of jungle-mud, he managed to get out of the way just in time.

The three sideliners watched the beast stomp away in search of more prey, and let out relieved sighs. Gibson came up spluttering, grasping onto Sprx outstretched hand and hauled out of the pit. Nova joined them shortly and shared a disgusted look between them.

"Well that's a new one," Otto remarked as the apparently-non-appetizing three joined them as well.

"What?" Sprx asked.

"Saved by picky eating."