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Chapter 1

"Ha ha ha! I won!" a little puppet dressed in black cloak with a sinister look 'said' pointing at the other one. "Now that I have his chest this all world will be mine! Ha ha ha"

"You moron!" said the other one looking like a samurai and drew his katana. "That's not 'that' chest!"


"Yep, it's fake" a 'samurai' crossed his arms over his chest.

"Ahh.. What do I do?" he shouted and began running in circles with his hands over his head.

Peals of laughter burst out through the audience.

"What are you laughing at?" the 'bad' puppet shouted at the children watching the show and was meet with more laughter.

"Kids just love him, don't they?" a low voice in the last row whispered. The man didn't turn his gaze from the scene. Only his golden eyes was visible in the dark auditorium.

"Yeah. Only kids can laugh at such stupid things" the man sitting next to him replied. He wasn't actually paying attention to the show, looking with his black eyes at the lock of a raven hair slipping between his fingers.

"C'mon. Aren't your tricks the same?" the golden-eyed man looked at him.

"Maybe you right. It's all about making them smile after all. But it doesn't change the fact that they're easy to amuse."

"I wouldn't say that. Kids can be very picky, you know?"

A loud applause interrupted their talk. Puppets on the scene bowed and thanked the audience.

"I guess it's my turn now" said the raven-haired man and quickly moved away.


"Nice performance, Sasori" the golden-eyed man said leaning against the dressing-room's door. In the bright light his eyes didn't seem so shiny, their color resemble honey now. The man's skin was pale, his hair brown and short.

"Thanks Zetsu. Kids were awesome, as always" said the other man while packing his puppets into boxes. His short red hair felt on his forehead slightly covering his chocolate eyes. He moved them away sighing "I gotta cut them a bit. What with your suit anyway?" he looked at the other man whose cloths were half white, half black.

"This is an expression of my philosophy. Every man has a good and bad side. This colors symbolize that. And the war which everyone wage within themselves…"

"I'll never understand philosophers… Honestly Zetsu…" Sasori sighed "Want some tea?"

"I don't know what is so difficult about this. My students got me instantly. Yes please." He sat at the small table. Sasori poured tea to the cups and sat next to him.

"'Couse they're just as crazy as you. Here you are."

"Thanks. Oh, that reminds me" Zetsu reached to a pocket inside his jacket and took out two pieces of paper before handing them to the red-head "For you."


"Yeah. A big exhibition in National Gallery starts in a three days. It promises well. I thought that you may be interested."

"Sure I am."

"There will be also some special event. Some artist is going to present their work in the biggest room, and it can be seen there only in that one night. A friend of mine, I have the tickets from, told me that this artist is very promising."

"Only one night? Hmm.. That might be interesting. Are you going?"

"Unfortunately I can't. I got some things planned already."

"Well then, I guess I may take Itachi with me."

"And I count on you, Sasori. You're gonna have to report to me on everything, got it?"

"You bet."


The night of the exhibition became. Sasori loved visiting galleries. Being an artist himself he appreciated the beauty of others' work, but could also see it with critical eye.

He stepped into the Gallery. That was mostly an sculpture exhibition. Some of them Sasori has already seen somewhere before but some were brand new.

He was examining one big sculpture in the middle of the room when something caught his eye. Something, he though, that didn't really match the scene. At the other side of the room stood a group of people, talking. One of them, standing with his front to Sasori, had a ginger hair and countless amount of piercings in his ears, nose, lips and who knows where else. Sasori recognized that man. He was known by the name of Pein, which wasn't his real name by the way, and definitely wasn't a person you want to mess with. Sasori didn't even want to know what exactly that man had done, but it was safer to assume he was possibly dangerous. A lot o legends were going around the city about his illegal businesses but he was never accused. I was told that's because the man was obscenely rich and powerful.

Next to him stood a woman with navy blue hair and a paper flower in it. She then walked away to the other people. Then there was another man with only a jacket and a tie covering his bare pale torso. His silver hair was slick back, his hands in his pockets. He definitely didn't look like somebody interested in that whole beauty around him, Sasori thought. But what really caught his attention was yet another person who came to those two. She stood back to him so Sasori could only see her long blond hair reaching to the belt of her red tartan miniskirt. She was wearing white tights and black heeled boots. The silver-haired man kiss the blonde on cheek and baldly placed his hand on her bottom whispering something into her ear.

Just what did they come here for? Sasori thought frowning. Sure not to appreciate art.. The pair then looked towards the statue the red-head stood by. The girl blushed a bit and they turned back. Sasori even thought that she looked at him for a second but he shook that thought off and decided to go to the biggest room to see that "one night"event Zetsu talked about.


"Hi there guys!" the blonde greeted the two talking men. "How do you like the exhibition, hm?"

"Hi sweetie" the silver-haired man kissed the blonde. "You know that I have absolutely no idea of a fucking art, right." Then he lowered his voice to whisper and grasped the blonde's butt "But I'm sure that if it was you, instead that statue over there, this room would be fucking crowded."

They looked over the sculpture. The blonde's gaze stopped at the man standing next to the statue, looking towards them. The blonde blushed and turned around.

"I know, babe. Pein, what do you think?"

"Unfortunately Deidara, I'm with Hidan. But your sculptures are amazing as always."

"You guys are hopeless."

"We know" they replied simultaneously.

"I'll better go ask someone who actually is interested. Anyway, where did you lost Konan, hm?" Deidara asked.

"She spotted some friends and went to them" Pein replied.

"Ok. I'll go find her. And you guys better back to the stuff you know the best, hm"

"We will, babe" Hidan pulled Deidara into the kiss and let the blonde went away.


Sasori went to towards biggest room. 'Only tonight' the notice above the sliding door said. Next to the door was wicker basket with mufflers, which Sasori ignored and went into the room.

There was big shallow 'lake' in the middle of the room. The bottom of the reservoir was illuminated, large blocks of snow were lying on the shore. The room was cold.

So that's what the mufflers were for, Sasori thought, but he instantly forgot that thought as he stepped closer to the 'lake'.

There were ice sculptures of swans drifting on the surface. Light was illuminating them from underneath making them sparkle. They were slowly dancing on the water getting closer or farther from each others, swaying with grace.

The view was fabulous. Sasori watched it completely mesmerized. His eyes just didn't let him turn around. It was like he became a part of some fairy tale that wouldn't let him go away.

A sudden warm feeling brought Sasori back to reality.

"You're gonna catch a cold" a warm voice said behind him. The red-head then noticed a muffler lying on his shoulders and looked to the side to see the person talking to him.

There was the girl he saw earlier also wearing a muffler, smiling and looking at him with a pair of big blue eyes, one of them almost invisible behind the long fringe.

"Thank you." Sasori replied after a moment wrapping the cloth around his neck. Then he quickly turned back to the 'lake' realizing that he had been staring at the blonde for a bit to long.

"You've been standing here for quite a long time" Deidara said "I guess you like the exposition then, hm."

"To be honest, I'm stunned" Sasori said truthfully "It's amazing. And it's a shame that ice is such an impermanent substance. The sculptures already started melting."

"But that's the point" the blonde replied. "Art is only beautiful because it's so fleeting, so transient, hm."

"I can't agree with that. What's the point of something that disappears as soon as it's born? True beauty lies in things that last forever, never rotting or fading."

"You're an artist, aren't you?" Deidara replied ignoring the comment.

"What makes you think like that?" Sasori asked meeting the other's gaze

"I am right, aren't I? I can recognize the real artist just by looking at them, hm. Besides, the way you've been examining the whole exhibition…"

"Were you watching me?" Sasori frowned not sure if he liked that.

"Oh, you got me" the blonde grinned. "I hope you don't bear me a grudge. I was hoping to find somebody who can really appreciate the true art, hm. I'm Deidara, by the way."


"Nice to meet you, Sasori. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the exhibition. Here" Deidara handed Sasori a piece of paper "An invitation card. There will be a brand new thing in a week from now in the 21st Gallery, hm. You can bring some friends."

"Thank you" Sasori looked at the card. Wait a sec…

"I gotta go now. My friends are waiting. Hope for seeing you in 21st" the blonde then waved Sasori goodbye and went away.

The red-head followed Deidara with his eyes until the door closed, and then looked at the invitation and the 'lake' again.

So that's the person who created this. Interesting. Sasori thought.

"I'm not really into art, you know" said a raven-haired man beside the red-head. "But this is really something."

"Itachi. Where have you been?"

"Around. And that was some nice chick you've been talking with. What did she give you?"

"Oh, an invitation for her next exhibition. She's the one who sculpted these." Sasori motioned the ice swans.


"And what?"

"You're going, aren't you?"


Itachi only smirked at that answer. He knew that the red-head wouldn't waste the opportunity to see a good work of art. And to see that blonde again. The latter Sasori probably hadn't even known himself yet, but the raven-haired man could read people like open books, and he was almost always right with his assumptions.


Itachi wasn't mistaken. Sasori went to the 21st Gallery a week later taking his two closest friends with him. The exhibition was even better than the previous one. This time it was an ice castle with princess on the balcony, and horses, carriage and the servants waiting for her in front of the building. Zetsu stood there with his mouth open while Itachi was watching his red-head friend out of the corner of his eye.

"So, what is your art, hm?" Deidara asked Sasori.

"I carve out of wood. Puppets mostly. I use them in performances."

"That's nice. Where can I see those performances?"

"They are for children" Sasori smiled small.

"Well, what of it?" Deidara frowned. "I can bring my friend's kids if that's the only way to get in, hm"

"Ok, ok. Here" Sasori handed the blonde a card with the name and address of the theatre.

"Cool" Deidara grinned.

"What do you think, Zetsu?" Itachi said still looking at the pair of artists.

"It really is a masterpiece…"

"Not this. Look there" the raven-haired man motioned the artists.

"What? Oh, you mean the blonde? Well, you know that Sasori's not into girls, don't you?" Zetsu said looking at the pair then at Itachi.

"Yeah, but it's definitely something different about that one."

"You seeing things. She's a fellow artist, that's all."

"I'm telling you, my friend, she's something else."

"Well, I guess we'll see, then."


"That was hilarious!" Deidara said grinning at Sasori in front of the dressing-room after the performance. "Oh man, I couldn't stop laughing! But those puppets, hm… May I see them from close up?"

"Sure" Sasori said motioning the blonde in and approached the cabinet with the boxes in.

He took one of the cases and opened it. There was his favorite puppet inside. He took it out and looked at it for a while. There was some good memories about that one.

"Beautiful, hm." a voice over his shoulder brought him to reality. He turned around and met a pair of a crystal blue eyes looking into his chocolate ones.

Sasori's body froze. He couldn't take his gaze off that blue lakes. Of course he's seen them before but never from that close. He was drowning in them, inhaling a soft smell of their owner. He liked the scent…

"May I?" the voice echoed in Sasori's head.


"The puppet. May I see it, hm?"

Sasori snapped back to reality recognizing Deidara's voice.

"S-sure. Here" the red-head handed the puppet to the blonde and moved away. "Want something to drink?"

Deidara looked at the puppeteer with a slowly appearing smirk. "Yeah… I feel a little thirsty…"

"S-so.. I have a very good tea." Sasori felt a bit hot under the other's gaze. "Please, take a sit" he said pouring the tea into the cups then putting them on the table.

"Thank you. Your puppets really are amazing, hmm."


"Well, a beauty of an artist is shown in a beauty of their art, hmm." Deidara said looking Sasori in the eyes.

The red-head tried to fight a blush but he failed. Deidara smiled.

"Masterpiece…" the blonde said.


"Oh, Sasori, my friend. Just look at you. Do you need a glass of cold water?" said Zetsu as he came into the room and looked at Sasori's flushed face.

"Oh, shut up Zetsu! I feel like a timid school girl…" said Sasori before opening the window.

"Wow. So Itachi was right after all?"

"About what?"

"The blonde, of course."

"I don't know. To be honest I'm confused and angry at myself."

"And why is that?"

"Why? She's a girl, Zetsu. You know that I've never been attracted to a women before. Of course there was some girls I considered beautiful. As an artist I have an appreciation for real beauty. But I could never went all the way with them. I tried, but it just didn't work. I really don't like tits nor pussies, you know. Come to think of it, every girl I ever considered attractive were almost flat-chested and boyish. But if it comes to that what they hide behind their panties… it's just a one big turn off."

"Well, Deidara is completely flat-chested and boyish. To be honest, if it wasn't for the outfit, I'd say that she is actually he. Maybe this is really a feminine looking guy who likes cross-dressing?" Sasori raised an eyebrow, and Zetsu continued "Anyway, she's definitely your type. And you obviously are attracted to her. Why don't give it a try?"

"Oh yeah, that reminds me. There is another thing about it."


"She has a boyfriend."


"Not just any boyfriend, Zetsu. He's a friend of Pain's! A good friend."


"Exactly. I don't feel like risk my life for something I'm not even sure myself about."

"So… I seems that you have to make sure first…" Zetsu pondered for a while. "Ok my friend" he continued, "I think I have something to do now" he then turned around and went to the door. "Later, Sasori."