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Charter 12

"Itachi?" the familiar voice in the phone asked, "can you do something for me? Actually I need two favours from you, hmm."

"If it's about Sasori.." the illusionist hesitated not sure if he was be able to do what he was about to be asked.

"Yeah. But don't worry," Deidara added quickly. "I don't want you to convince him to get back to me or made you tell me why he was acting like a damn brat he accused me to be."

"You summarized it very well," Itachi sighed somewhat relived. "Ok, then what is it you need from me?"


"I'm off," the blonde announced, as he packed a container of an explosive powder into his bag.

"You still wearing that?" Hidan asked pointing at Deidara's outfit. "And the necklace.."

"Why not, hmm?" he was wearing white sleeveless shirt, pleated tartan skirt, studded belt, long black socks and black laced boots. A necklace with pendant of a triangle within a circle was hanging around his neck. "It's fun. And who said men can't wear skirts, hmm?"

"No one. Especially such a freaking sexy man like you. That outfit really suits you," Hidan said gripping Deidara's necklace and leaned to kiss the blond but was stopped by a finger pressed firmly to his lips.

"Don't forget!" Deidara reminded him and turned to leave.

"Rest assured, baby. I'll be there."

The blonde smiled small and closed the door.


"Itachi?" the puppeteer asked looking around, "have you seen my puppet?"

"I see them everyday, Sasori," the raven-haired man replied not raising his eyes from the newspaper. "They're everywhere in the house…"

The red-head looked at him frowning, "but I'm looking for the one in particular. It was this small," he pointed his forearm, "and have a red hair…"

Itachi looked at him smiling "oh, you mean the one that looks like you?"

"It doesn't," Sasori almost pouted, "it's only the hair.."

"But of course it does!" the illusionist didn't give up. "You even do the same eyes sometimes. Well, actually, you've been doing them quite often recently.."


"Sorry, I didn't see it in a while. Maybe you left it in theatre?"

The red-head sighed. "Maybe. I'll go check."



"You're not doing anything this Thursday, are you?"


And so the big day had came. Thursday evening.

"Quite a lot of people," the gallery director said peeking at the visitors from behind the curtains that covered the main scene they organized especially for Deidara's special show in front of the building. The blonde was also scanning faces of arrivals, looking for his main guests. "Are you sure it's safe?" the director continued pointing at the figure that was standing in the middle of the scene. It was the sculpture of a man in natural shape made from clay packed with explosive powder.

"Sure, hmm," Deidara replied still peeking at the crowd. "I tested it. There's no need to worry."

"If you say so.." the director said and left.

People outside were slowly taking their places, talking and looking around. Some of them were checking the time. Deidara did that too. It was ten minutes left before the opening. The sun was setting slowly and artificial lightning was becoming the main source of light. The sculptor returned to his observation. He noticed the ginger haired man at the back, Pain. He was talking with Hidan, and next to him stood Konan. Deidara looked at the watch again. Five minutes. His eyes narrowed as he scanned the visitors more carefully.

C'mon! There's no point if you…the blonde's worrying thoughts stopped as he finally caught sight of a one special person without whom the whole thing would be rather pointless. Deidara sigh deeply and went behind the scene.

"Oh.." he suddenly remembered one more thing, and took off the necklace, he was wearing, hanging it around the neck of the clay figure. "I don't think I'd need it any more, hmm. So now.. It's show time, baby!"


"I don't really see a point, why did you drag me here?" Sasori asked not looking at Itachi as they sat on their seats.

"Ah, stop nagging already," Itachi snapped. "Just sit on your butt and see what'll happen, why don't you?"

"And what will happen?"

"How should I know? Geez, Sasori, you can be such a pain sometimes."

"I just can't see what's the.."

"Shhh.." Itachi interrupted. "Looks like something is starting."

They both looked at the scene. The curtains were slowly opening, revealing the sculpture behind. As soon as it was fully visible the mechanical platform moved it to the front so everybody could see it better. Some people came closer to examine the perfect clay body, admiring it's natural proportions and shape of muscles.

Sasori sat there with his eyes wide open, disgust spiced with disappointment and hurt on his face.

"This is the sculpture of… Hidan," the red-head whispered. "Why would he want me to come here? To see this? That's shabby. Itachi, I'm leaving."

"Wait! Can't you be patient just this once and stay to the end?"

"Why? So he can humiliate me more?"

"Don't forget that you were the one who ended your relationship. And that wasn't really classy of you, to say the least."

"So that's suppose to be a revenge?"

"Man.. Just wait a while longer, ok? Please."


When the curtains were open and the sculpture revealed a big grin appeared on Hidan's face.

"See?" he said to Pain proudly, "I became my blodnie's art. Fucking awesome, isn't it? It even has the necklace I gave him."

"Awesome, indeed," the ginger agreed. "But knowing Deidara's view on art, I wouldn't be so full of myself if I were you."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Hidan gave the other quizzical look. "He's never done a sculpture of any real person before…"

"That's why I'm telling you it's not a good sign for you."


After a while, when everybody finished examining the sculpture Deidara came out on the scene asking the visitors to move aside so they were standing in the safe distance. Sasori looked at him. It was like that first time he saw that "girl" who made him go giddy. He was even wearing the same skirt. Although the puppeteer now knew the "girl" was actually the most gorgeous and sexy guy he had ever seen, not to mention, the guy who had stolen his heart. And because of whom he decided to crush that heart, so it could never feel the same again. Being so close to that man now was torture. And Sasori realized very well that the feelings he had been trying to suppress ever since he pushed the blonde away were still deep within him. They had become the part of his very existence. Never fading, but, instead of that, growing.

"You probably thought that this," Deidara said pointing at the sculpture, "is the main attraction of the evening, hmm. You were right… Partly. Because the real art is fleeting and transient, hmm. And the real art is just about to begin," he finished lightening the very thin fuse attached to the clay figure.

Complete silence reigned over as everybody froze motionless with eyes moving with the small glimpse on shortening thread. Finally the fuse ended up and all visitors held their breaths, awaiting.

Soon the figure was blown to pieces. The colorful fireworks shot high lighten the dark sky and the tiny pieces of clay landed here and there, fortunately avoiding people.

The only thing left was a small wooden puppet sitting in the floor where the sculpture was before. The puppet had a messy red hair.

"Oh, so there it was," Sasori whispered to himself somehow pleased that the clay eyesore was no longer existing, and then added louder, "you're sure, you didn't have anything to do with this, Itachi?"

"I'm not," the illusionist answered simply.

Sasori frowned.

"See," Deidara's voice spoke loudly making the puppeteer look back at the scene, "I've made up my mind," the blonde continued while the small puppet began to rise due to the strings connecting it to Deidara's fingers. "I don't care if you make all my exhibitions canceled, hmm. I don't care about whatever thread you could come up with… Hidan."

Sasori's eyes widened and so did Itachi's who spoke first, "don't look at me this way. I swear I didn't tell him anything."

The small puppet was now standing on the scene beside Deidara.

"And you know what? The man I love is standing right there," when he spoke this, suddenly the single shaft of light lit Sasori who closed his eyes because of it. Everybody in the room looked at the puppeteer instantly.

"This could be my last exhibition," Deidara continued, "but I don't care, hmm. I'm happy as long as I can make my creations. And I don't care about any other person that much as I care for you… Sasori no Danna," speaking that, he unfastened the strings from the puppet's limbs and hold the small wooden figurine close to him.

Eyes of everybody around were fixed on Sasori again.

The puppeteer was speechless. He couldn't believe what was happening. He wanted Deidara to be happy so much even if that happiness meant that they would be apart, but the blonde refused to agree on that. He refused to be happy without the puppeteer. Sasori's body froze completely as he stood there unable to move any single muscle. Even his heart stopped, it seemed, and the air in his lungs became solid. He was like his own puppet. The one so close to his beloved heart. And when his gaze met the blue one, the strings he had previously severed himself were attached again. He didn't even know when he became moving forward and when he found himself by the scene.

But that was it. He couldn't tie up the strings well enough. His eyes fell.

"I'm sorry…" he muttered barely audibly.

Deidara jumped down from the scene dropping the wooden figurine. That wasn't the real thing he wanted to embrace anyway.

"I love you," he whispered to the red-head ear holding him tight.


"No way I'm gonna fucking leave it like this," Hidan muttered through gritted teeth. "I won't lose."

"That's enough, Hidan," Pain scolded him. "You've already lost, can't you see it?"


"I said that's enough. Quit acting like a snotty-nosed brat already! You had your chance and you screwed it up. You won't be using my contacts anymore in your silly game and humble yourself, or else you'll be dismissed, understood? A man should know where to stop."

Hidan looked at him with fading anger and then peeked at the artists before walking away. "I need a fucking drink… And a good fuck, damn it!"


A round of applause broke the silence. Some people left, but the rest was smiling and showing their support to the artists. Some of them came closer, congratulating, but the pair was barely able to see or hear them, as they seemed to notice only themselves.

"Excuse me, ladies, gentlemen," the gallery director shoved up just in time. "I think it's time we give our love birds some time to talk their things over. Why don't you see the rest of our exhibition inside?"

While the director was talking Itachi and Konan was able to successfully lead said love birds out of the crowd and to Itachi's car.

"Thanks. I'll take care of them from now on," the illusionist assured as he began driving away.

"How did you know?" Sasori asked still not quite believing in what was going on around him.

"You left me with no answers, hmm," Deidara replied. "I hate to be left without answers so I had to find them by myself. I knew it had to have something to do with Hidan. It had to happen when he was in your house, when you so easily lied to me about his real intensions, hmm."

"I'm sorry. I.."

"Well, you should be, hmm! You told me I was being a brat, while you were the one who acted like one. But never mind that," Deidara smirked and placed hand on Sasori's thigh, "you can apologize to me properly when we get home..".

"Whoa, gentlemen," Itachi interrupted peeking in the mirror, "don't forget I'm still here, please."

"Sure, Itachi. And thank you, hmm."

"No prob, man. I'm the one who should be thanking you. I was tired of this middle aged brat, you know," the raven-haired man smiled.

"Hey! I'm not middle aged!"

"So you agree you were acting like a brat.."


"Anyway," Deidara interrupted, "I thought that maybe Hidan was trying to get to you using me, hmm. I remember him talking about how much you care for me. And I know that you know how much my art means to me, so I thought that maybe he actually had something to do with my exhibitions closing, hmm. I asked Konan to check that for me. She used her personal charm to get the major to tell her everything. Mainly that Hidan is the one who made him close my beach exhibition. Then I just gather the pieces of the puzzle and voilà! Hmm. He thought that his little intrigue was smart, but I told you I know the bastard too damn well."

They arrived home quickly and two artists went to Sasori's room.

"I have very good earplugs, so you don't have to hold yourself anymore," Itachi said smirking before walking into his room.

"Oooh, so wise of you, isn't it, Daannaa?" Deidara replied, drawing out the last word so it sounded more like a moan.

"But.." Sasori began when they were finally alone. "Is that true? That you don't care whether you can show your creations?" he asked with worry in his voice.

"Nah, of course I do care, hmm," the blonde replied sitting on the bed. "But don't worry. Pain has to be tired of Hidan using his contacts in his personal deals already. He doesn't like it when his authority goes to waste. And without Pain's permission Hidan won't be able to do much, hmm."

"I'm so relieved," Sasori said sitting next to Deidara and cupping the blonde's face in his hands. "I was going mad because of losing you. I love you so much.."

"I love you too, Danna. You can't get rid of me so easily," Deidara smiled, but his lips quickly took on a shape of a devious smirk as he continued, "so…" he untied the ribbon holding his ponytail so his golden hair fell loosely on his shoulders, "about that proper apology you owe me…"


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