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A Proverb from Nagato

"What!? Why!?"


My heartbeat dramatically increased from his insistent yelling. Having turned the corner (the word "turned" being used very loosely – I more or less ran as fast as my legs could take me), I felt safety as my back leaned against the wall. My mind instantly panicked when the thought came across my mind – not even a wall can protect me from his reach. I immediately rushed towards the clubroom, obeying Haruki's unreasonable orders.

Panting heavily, I entered the door. Nagato's gaze met mine for a split second before returning towards his book.

My body collapsed into a chair. I leaned on the table, face buried in my arms.

Why the hell did you drag me into this Haruki? I never had any say in my membership… and yet you act like you own me. I'm not one of your little dolls, dammit!

In all seriousness Haruki, you need to get your head checked out. Acting normal is acceptable since this is a NORMAL WORLD. I understand you find a normal world boring, but do you have to go to extremities? Considering the rather ridiculous requirements this newfound club has, don't you think it would be better off NOT forming a club?

All for your sake, Haruki… everything exists for your sake. Time travelers, espers, aliens, sliders… you name it. Why are you the special one?

More importantly, why don't you find out about it sooner?!

In the last 24 hours, I've just been attacked by one of those aforementioned aliens… and it turns out he was a classmate! And a pretty good looking one at th-… why am I thinking about this? Turn off those naughty thoughts brain, and comply with my current situation – complaining about Haruki. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have been in a life-threatening situation…

I can only guess that Itsuko was telling the truth about being an esper. With my luck, she'll probably show me evidence of her powers tomorrow.

Some unknown, supernatural force has got to take pity on me and do something… my sanity is at stake here! I'm on the verge of an existential breakdown…

I just noticed that I was sobbing uncontrollably at this point. The entire minute seemed to be much longer than that… with all the things running through my head, it could have been an hour, and I would have never noticed.

I wiped away the tears with the sleeve of my cardigan. I felt someone's hand touch my shoulder and looked back.

Nagato was standing behind me.

"Your meeting with him was a predetermined event."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"An emotional breakdown is not advisable…"

"And I suppose you're going to stop me? Just so I'm valuable to your observation?"

"No. Your emotional distress is impossible to 'stop' without the use of data augmentation. Something I am not authorized to do to you."

"That makes me feel loads better." I replied sarcastically.

"Suzumiya Haruki is the key to auto-evolution… "

"So where do I fall in all of this then?"

"My superiors have advised me to use statistical data in making decisions, but there exist flaws in relying on human statistics. Your connection with the subject is substantial enough."


"An analogy to lessen your confusion; Suzumiya is the key, but I believe you are the gatekeeper."

He immediately returned to his seat without another word.

Taking in his words, they invoked a lasting effect. He surprised me… especially when he expressed his own beliefs. So he's not a drone of the Data Entity-whatever-it-is-thingy… but actually has human characteristics.

Moreover, he made me realize that I'm not the only one experiencing the pain Haruki deals with… the entire SOS Brigade, the time traveling faction behind Asahina-sempai, the Organization, and the Data Entity-thingy all share the pain too. Nagato's words seemed to have lightened the load.

Are you sure you didn't manipulate data to stop me from crying Nagato?

I nodded and said a word of thanks. He didn't respond.

After another moment of silence, I told Nagato that neither Haruki nor I would be showing up for club activities today. I also instructed Nagato to relay the message to Asahina-senpai and Itsuko as soon as they arrived, but I didn't know if the silent alien would even say anything (especially after his small speech), so, just to be safe, I took a felt pen and wrote on the back of one of the SOS Brigade flyers.

The bell rang as I stuck the flyer to the door. I ran back to the classroom, silently thanking Nagato for his help.

I'll try and help in any way I can Nagato…


I found it strange that Kyon NEVER had any emotional distress in the novels… at least none that were blatantly obvious.

Seeing as genderswap universe has Kyon as a girl, the emotional problems would be more obvious, so I decided to create a mini-chapter of it. And while this was sort of influenced by the NagatoXKyon-shipping, I decided to make it very subtle… even though my writing has betrayed me on more than one occasion.

This occurs after the Asakura vs. Nagato fight, but before the taxi drive to the espers' Sealed Realities/Alternate Realities/Closed Spaces – immediately following Suzumiya screaming "YOU'RE A MEMBER OF THE SOS BRIGADE!" . It also appears to fit canonically in the genderswap story…

I myself hate it when I hear someone else crying… so I hope I was able to keep Nagato's character intact while putting a self-reflection of myself in him as well. Expect more of these one-shots soon… they'll be frequently updated compared to Mirror Image.

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