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I've always wanted to enter one of those contests… you know, the ones where you submit your name, address, phone number and get an awesome prize? I believe they are called sweepstakes? Anyways, I've always had a desire to enter one of those. And WIN one as well. Of course, the chances of that happening aren't at all likely. I mean, the probability of me winning a contest with thousands of other people entering as well is… well, thousands to one.

Still, it's just one of those feelings. So I decided to try my hand. I bought a magazine at some convenience store. A lesser known magazine, not one of those big tabloid type ones. Incidentally, there was a contest entry form on the first few pages.

Enter now for a chance to meet one of our model girls!

Eh, what the heck… why not? My parents probably wouldn't care at all. And it's not like this is anything gravure or whatever, so I'm not doing anything bad. I filled out the form, mailed it, and waited three weeks.

Three weeks later.

"Kyon-kun, denwa…"

That was the sound I woke up to on my day off of school. And off of the SOS Brigade. Haruhi hadn't called one of those city-wide searches because she had something 'personal to do'. Fine by me.

I took the phone from my sister and put the receiver end to my ear.


"Hi, yes… is this Kyon?"

"… uh, yeah."

"Congratulations. I'm the spokesman for J-Simple Magazine. We're calling about the contest two weeks ago? I'm pleased to inform you that you won! You'll be meeting one of our freelance model girls today. Do you have a pen and paper? I'll give you the time and place of where to meet her."

"Yeah sure."

I wrote down the location and time and thanked the spokesperson.

"Wow… I won."

Did I really write my stupid nickname on the entry form?

I pedaled my way to Kitaguchi Station to meet my date. Could I actually call it a date? It's not like I knew the girl, or was even interested for that matter. I just entered on the spur of the moment.


To my surprise, I saw Haruhi there, sitting on a bench like she was waiting for someone. Was she going to go on a city-wide search by herself? No, she wouldn't be sitting there, she'd have already gone. It's not like the others were coming along either. She's waiting for someone.

Could it be she's on a date? That would explain the cancellation of our normally scheduled searches. But why would she go on a date? I thought she wasn't into that sort of thing. Don't tell me she found an alien?

I walked up to her and plopped on the bench next to her. "Funny seeing you here."

"… what are you doing here?"

I asked you first.

"If you must know, I'm here on official business."

For what, the SOS Brigade? Then why did you cancel our normal meetings?

"Not the SOS Brigade, you idiot."

Then what?

"J-Simple Magazine. I work there part time, and they sent me on some blind date."