I got this idea from all that TDI put a person in a story. So, he is a Ash/Pokemon sex stories. Thats right, Ash Ketchum fucking around with pokemon. Here's what YOU need for it.

1. Be Orgienal, that does not mean I won't do a Picachu/Ash fic, but I would like to see some new faces.

2. A good plot would help me write it.

3. I need to know the gender of the Pokemon.

4. The location is needed.

5. Detales of the story is needed. For example, pokemon gets pregnant, Ash gets pregnant, or Ash is transforms into Pokemon

Now here are somethings I well not write about.

6. No death, now if the couple happens because of a death fine. But no sex then the deat of Ash or the pokemon.

7. If Ash or the Pokemon are roped, you have to explane that to me in sirten detales for it to work.

8. No sex slaves. I just can't write or read stories that have a slaves.

Here some pesal things I have to say.

9. This not a first come first serve thing. So, take your time, and have FUN.

10. If you don't want to say in a review, PM me and you could tell me to call you Jon or Jane doe.

That is my what I need to do this. And if you have any questions, ask and I would anwseryou to the best of my abilaty.