Here is the first story of Ash and Pokemon sex stoies. This one is by Zackthorn, and here's the summery.

Buneary is sick of Pachirisu getting all of Pikachu's atension, hatches a plan to get it, and all she has to do is seduce Ash(Pikachu). Oh, and if your wondering, Ash never was changed back to a in that magic episode.

Chapter one: Anything for love.

Buneary watched in anger as she looked at Pikachu hanging out with Pachirisu by a tree. She had been trying to get his atension for months, and all Pachirisu came in a few weeks ago and he won't leave her. She just turned and walked back to camp. When she got there, she saw Brook and Dawn talking to Ashchu. (He looks like Ash, just in a Pikachu form.) And she got a devias idea, and it would began that night.

That night, Buneary waited for every one was a sleep to began the plan, she got up, and slowly walked to were Ash was sleeping. Ash layed by a big oak tree with no one around him, just how Buneary planed. She looked over him, and her eyes rested onto one area, in between his legs. She got on her knees, and with her left paw she began to rud fur patch were the shaft came from. As she rubbed, the shaft began to come into view, and it took Bureary by shock. "?Oh my," she said in a wihsper as she saw Ash 4 inch cock. She lick her lips, and then lowed her head to the manhood and began to lick the head. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft as she did with a pop sicle, and then she let it slide into her mouth.

Ash was in a deep sleep, but was statled by a rubbing sinsasion and he was getting turned on by it. He then felt a wet thing touch his dick and a slowly woke up. He look in his daze, and his eyes shoot open at what he saw, Buneary giving him a blow job. "Buneary," Ash said still in a daze.

Buneary eyes open seeing ash has awaken. This is what Buneary planed on. She left her head from the dick, tralling siliva fron her tongue to the head. She craled up to his ear, and said "Shhhh, just sit back and enjoy." And with that, she moved back to her spot, and continued her asalt on his dick.

"Ohhhhh," Ash said as she gave him a great blow jod. He began to lose the controle, his muscles began to tince as he felt a orgasm and he yeld, "I'm going to cum." Buneary pulled out, and the cum squirted all over her face.

She cralled up to face him, her face coved with his cum, and siad, "Come to a field at 4:30 just west of here for more fun." After that she walked away, and Ash fell a sleep. As she walkedaway, she thought, My plan is now in set. She then went to stream to wash her face, but desided to try some of it. She took some onto her paw and licked it off. It tased so sweet, that she lick paw after paw full her face, then used the steam to wash her face off.

The next morning, Ash got up thinking last night was just a dream. He walked to the center of camp, were all the pokemon and his friends were. Then Buneary walked by him, and whispered in his ear, "Just a few more hours." And all day Buneary flireting with Ash. At about three, she desided to start step two. She looked all over the camp site, and she finely fond Pikachu. "Hey Pkiachu, can I ask you something?"

'sign "Sure," he siad with a annyed tone, and he thought, When will she take a hint I don't like her like that.

"Would you like to come and pick flowers with me?" She said in a very sweet tone.

Pikachu let up on his stair and siad, "That sounds like fun, sure." Buneary was over joyed and hugged him.

A she walked away, Buneary smiled slyly and thought, Its show time.

At four, she snock away from the others, and walked to the field. When she waked up the hill and reached the top. The field was covered flowers after flowers , yellow,s, reds, green,and all the colors of the reinbow. She knew that she had little time until Ash came, so, she got ready. She walked to the center of the field, layed down on the soft grass, and she rubbed inbetween her legs, trying not to rub her pussy exactly.

Back at camp site, Ash asked the time from Brock, which 4:10, so he began to walk west from the camp site. After about 15 minutes, he came to a big hill. He ran up it as fast as he could, and as he came to the top he looked over the field. What cart his eye, was Buneary rubbing her self in the center of the field. He walked down slowly, not wanting to destorb her. As he came into view, Ash said, "Buneary, am I early."

Buneary opened her eyes, and saw Ash (it was the hat.) standing over her. Smiled and siad, "No, but would you like to have a treat before we start the fun." After she said that, Buneary lowed her paw, and pulled the lips of her pussy apart.

"Sure," Ash said as he got on his hands and knees. He pushed his face towards the lips and began to lick the outer lining. With evrey lick, Buneary was geting a lot of plesure shooting thorw her body. A few minutes of this, Buneary besied to go farther.

She pushed Ash face away, and said, "Now, it's time for the main event." Ash knew exactly what to do, and pasion him selfand standing up, and put hus dick to her entrence. "Be gentle, its my firs time," Buneary said in a scared tone.

"O.k" he said as he slowly push into her. Buneary tencede as it came to the size, and was about to sceam. But when Ash saw her pain he desided to help. Buneary sedenly felt lips on a breast, so she looked down and saw Ash sucking her left one. The sucking help Buneary's pain turn into plesure, and she enjoyed the sincashen.

Meanwhile, Pikachu began to walk to the hill. The time being, 4:56, he had just to the base of the hill, and he began to walk up. As he walks, he hears the sound of mouns and pant. He thought, Buneary must be having some privet time. He was going to make sure it's her, and other pokemon near by. But when he got to the top he was in other shock. There, in the field of flowers was Ash fucking Buneary. "She, She she's fucking him, he wasn't even a Pikachu by birth," Pikachu said as he was so angery as he looked on, he then turned and said to himself, "I have to talk to her."

Buneary opened her eyes to see Pikachu, in anger turned and walked away. She smiled a little of a ssuccessful plan, but it went a way as Ash kept on fucking her. This felt great to her, and she knew her orgasm was coming. She could mno long hold it back as she sceamed at the top of her lungs. Her muscles titened up around his dick, and yeld, "I'm CUUUUMIIIIING." He shot load after load into Buneary. After every last drop pured out of him, he rolled over, pulling his cock out of her. It made a loud, POP, sound.

Bunear, weak from having her greats asm ever. She looked at the now sleeping Ash, and her site fell onto his shaft,wtich went back into the fur patch. (I'm not sure what to call it._ Buneary beside to clean him up, so she lowed her head to his croch aera, and becane to clean tryed not to arouse work. She then cleaned her self off. She loved the mixter of there cum. After she finished, she looked at Ash laying there, and thought, Even if Pikachu doesn't work. I still have a fuck buddy. She then layed down, and cudle up next to Ash and fell into her deeps sleep she ever had.

Okay, there you are, Zackthorn, a Buneary/Ashchu fic. Now if you want to say one, just review or PM me and I'll do it. See'ya.