Well, I have a lot of stories for this, and I like them all. So, I asked my to pick onesister one, between 1 and 4. And heres the winner of that.

Heres the summery, by Ms. Riddles

Perfecer Oak tries a know pill that would let pokemon talk to humans, but when it seamed not to work, he and Tracey Sketchit fo on a trip to find a berry. Ash is asked to look after the lab for them. And then the fun happens.

Chapter Three: A True Mate.

"Is it ready, Perfecer," Tracy asked his hero, you was working at the computer.

"Almost Tracy," Perfecer Oak said as he finished porting the reseach into the computer and pressed a botten off the key board. The michean begane to make spring sounds, and then it popped out a pill within a few minures.

"Will that let pokemon talk to humans?" racey said as he picked up the pill and examend it.

"It should," Oak said as he got up and walked over to Tracy. He took the pill from Tracy and said, "Have you picked out a test subject yet."

"Oh, yaeh," Tracy ran to a nother computer, and began to look thought the list, until he fond one. He said, "how about Ash's Charizard?"

"Ah, a good chose," said Oak as he went to a storge area for the trains. He went to Ash's shelfes, and pick the poke ball that hald Charizard in it. He came back to the lab, and let Charizard out.

'Roaaaar' yeild Charizard as hewas awaken from a good, and kinki cream.

"Relax, Charizard," Tracy siad as he tryed to calm the fire dragon down.

"All you have to do is take this pill," Charizard turned his head to look at Oak. He continued, "take it, we wait, and see if anything happens."

'geer' is the sound that Charizard made in anger, but opened his mouth any way. Oak smiled as he tossed the pill into the pokemon's mouth. The taest almost made pase out, and it made him very sleepy.

"Charizard, can you say something," Tracy said as he looked at the dizzy pokemon.

'Roaar' Charizard said as he fell head first onto the floor.

"That's it, Charizard return," Oak said as he put Charizard back into it's ball. He then went to the window looking into the night sky, and said, 'sign' "what do we do now, every peace of our info into that."

Tracey tapped in indesk finger in his chin, thinking of what to do. When it hits him and he says, "What about the Soke Berries?" (I just made thm up.)

"Ah ha," Oak said as he went to the computer, began to tipe on it, and showed a picture of a cherry-looking berry with a white flower on the very end of the stim. As oak looked at the fruit, he sudenly remembered something, frown, and said, "But the closes area that has them is in four days away."

"Maybe Ash could get them," Tracey said.

"No, it's to dangers to send him, you and me will go," Oak said getting up from his chair and walked down a hall to his room.

Tracey looked at the computor and his jar dropped, and said , "Oh My GOD." Tracey said as he looked at the place they had to go. It was Mont. Grim, a mountin with high cliffs, tretris paths, and the worst thing is that the muontin's pokemon have been knowen to attack human unpervoked. "It's to dangers for us," Tracey said and then he ran down the hall to Oaks room. He opened it, and the profecer packing a backpack.

"Tracy get ready, we'll leaving in the morning," said Oak as he continued packing.

"Profecer, we can't leave all these pokemon for four days," Trace said with a little fear in his tone.

"You're right," Oak said as he began to tap his chin with his pointer finger, thinking of what he sould do when he came to a siluston. "How about Ash, he's back from his last journey and will be in town for the next week."

"Maybe," Trace said, not sure he wanted to go any way.

The next morning, Ash awoke with a knock at his door, he walked to the door, and opened to see tracy and Porfessor Oak standing in the doorway "What's up," Ash asked as he let the two in.

"Ash, we need to ask a favor from you," Tracy said with a calm tone.

"What is it?" Ash asked.

"We need you to watch over my lab four lets say at leaced two weeks," Oak said strat forwad.

"Why?" Ash ask crossing his arms.

"We need to do some reseach, and Gary is to far to get here in time," Oak said as he let out a sighed and said, " so, will you do it."

Ash thought a bit and then said yes, and that was it. Ash wrote his mom a notesaying were he was going and then followed Tracy and Oak to the lab. Ash got a one hour chash corce into what to do, and then Tracy and Oak left him there. After they left, Ash got to work just as Oak told him to do. He let pokemon out who's day it was to be out, fed all the pokemon their food, and by 8:00 pm, Ash was excasted. As he sat in a chair taking a breather when the phone rang. Ash got up to answer it, and saw it was his mother.

"Hey honey, how was your day?" Delia said with her same motherly tone as alwas.

"It was a tough day mom, I think I'm going to bed soon," he said.

"Okay, hope you get some rest sweet," Delia said as she hung up leaveing the screne blank, but Ash had no idea someone had his eyes on him.

'Man, he has changed over the years, and he looks pretty GOOD.' he thought as he look at Ash from behind a corner. He took a step back to leave, but he dompd in to a table making a loud sound, weach staldled Ash.

"Who's there," Ash said slitely scaered from the sound. After just a few minutes of hiding, he desided to so himself be seen. He slowly walked in to the living room. Ash watch as a familer face in front of him, it was Charizard. "What are you doing out of your poke'ball," Ask said as he got up from the chair infront of the phone.

Charizard looked at him as he walk to him thinking, 'He must be mine.' then Charizard said, "Ash can i tell you something."

Ash stopped in his tracks and said, "Charizard, did you just talk."

"You can understand me," Charizard said looking confused. Ash just shoock his head as he looked at his pokemon. Charizard had to take this blessing and talk to Ash, he said, "Ash look, I have to ask you something."

"What?" Ash asked.

Charizard took a deep breath and continued, "look, it's my mating season and the only one I see fit to mate with is you."

Ash looked at him in shook again and said, "You..want..to..fuck...me?"

Yes," Charizard said as took a step closer to Ash.

Ash was speachless as a million thounghts ran therw his head. Some thoughts said it was wrong, others said go for it, and others were in between. Ash snapped out of it with Charizard infront of him. He looked at his blue eyes, and said, "Okay, but keep it a secret."

Chasizard was glad and said, "Good, now get naked." Ash did so as he took his shirt, pants, socks, and underwaer. Charizard liked his lips as he saw his trainer naked before him. He then mosioned for him to get down, weach Ash did. Ash now on his hand and knees started to have secend thoughts as he watch Charizard walk behind him. Charizard with his now fully ericted dick, at leced 7 inchs was ready to mate with Ash. He pulled Ash's asschecks apart, and slowly push his dick into the hole. Ash wenced as he felt the hard pokemon dick push it's way into his virgen ass, and then he felt something. He looked between his arms and saw that Charizard was gently playing with him. Ash's pain was becoming plesure as he felt the claw making became hard. As Charizaed was helping Ash, he was all the way in and began pump slowly in to him. He start to pick up the pase as he got closer to his climax, as was was trusting so hard, Ash thought he was going to need the see a doctor after this. Chairzard let out a loud moun and his tail borned blue as he shoot his seed into Ash's ass. Ash felt the hot seed shooting thru his body, and the claw around his dick sped up until he shoot his own seed alover the floor. After a minutes of rest Charizard pulled out of Ash, and fell over onto the floor. Ash got as his legs felt like jelly, he walk to the bath room, and washed himself up.

After cleaning himself, Ash walked back into living room, still feeling the cum inside of him. He looked at Charizard laying there asleep, and his tail back to normel. Ash smiled as he said in a whisper, "I wound how long the Charizard mating season is?" Ash said as yawned and then added, "I'll look it up in the morning." And with that Ash layed next to his new lover and in braset the fire pokemon as he fell a sleep.

There have it Ms. Riddles, A Ash/Charizard slash fic. Happy Thinksgiving, and I well pick a new fic. By.