Hello, here is the thired story for you guys, and here is the somerry.

This is for Zombyra.

Ash has been trying to get Dawn in bed for months, but never even got close. So, he catchs a Glaceon and fucks her. here we go.

Chapter 4: Ice is Hot.

"Come on Dawn, how about sleeping in my tent," Ash said as he tryed to get dawn to sleep with him, again.

"Ash, for the hundreth time, I will not sleep with you!" dawn said realy loud as she went into her own tent to sleep with Piplup and her other Ash sat down on a tree stump by the camp fire, defeated and Brock was snerking at him

"What so funny?" Ash bracked at the older boy.

"You are! I mean, you've been trying to get in her pants a few months now, and made no porcress," the tan boy said with a smile.

Ash thought, You have to be kiden me, says the man you has no porgress with every girl he saw. but he just got up and said, "I'm going to bed." So he went to his own tent and zipped it up. In the tent, Ash got undressed and began to jerk him self as he thought Dawn. "Oh, Dawn," Ash moaned as he was plesuring himself, and the shoot out his load all over his sleeping bag as he yeld, "Dawn, I'M CUUUMING."

The next day, Ash and the gang were walking thru the forest when a rustling in the bushes. Dawn jumped back a step and Ash and Brock stepped in front of her as did Pikachu. The rustling contiued and out walk a Glaceon walked out, with cuts and bruses all over it. The poor thing looked at them with tears in her eyes, and then she calasped to the ground.

"Oh my god," Ash said as he knelt down to the poor creature.

"The poor thing," Dawn said as she walk over and knelt next to Ash.

"We need to find a center," Brock said as he looked in the map, after a few minutes of looking, and looked at them concerned and said, "It's five miles away, just down the path."

"Fine," Ash said as he took out a towel, rapped it around the poor pokemon, picked it upped, and then took off running straight down the path with pikachu right be hind him. Brock and Dawn looked each other, and then took off to catch up to Ash. Ash ran thru the forest getting cuts on his arms, face, and even his close were getting cutted up at the speed he was running. Ash kept on running after a few hours not letting up on his pass, or his mission. Brock and Dawn lost track of him, and just follewed his foot prence. After leaveing the woods, Ash came to a rocky hill, and just be low was the Pokemon Center. Ash rested a little, but stopped when he looked down and saw the towel was soked in blood. Ash then began to run down the steep hill, he tripped twice but kept his balence. As he got closer, the doors open and Ash did a baseball slipe as he was moving to fast. After he hit the desk with leg, he used his elbows to climd up, looked at the shock Nurse Joy, and said as he laid the Glaceon, "Pease, help her." And with that, Ash past out, and fell to the floor.

"Ahh," ash yeld as he awoken in a bed with his arms bandged up.

"Your finly awake," Ash looked up and saw Brock, Dawn, and Nurse Joy looking at.

Ash was a little confussed, but it all came back to him, and he then bolted up and said, "What about the Glaceon?"

"She fine. She was hurt pretty badly, but you got her here in time," Joy said

"Thank for helping my friend, with you lovely hands," Brock said as he was on his knees and holding her hands. Brock was all smiles until he was sunned and dragged away by Croagunk

"What will happen to Glaceon?" Ash said with a frown.

"Sense she is not a trainers pokemon, she would be let out in the wild," Joy said as she left, not wanting to see his sad face. The night, Brock and Dawn slept in they own rooms as Ash slept in his hospitil room while pikachu slept out the door.

Meanwhile, Glaceon was resting her head, but was awake. She was thinking of the person that saved her. She was wake for most of the ordea, and looked in to Ash's brown eyes, the look in his eyes were , fear, detirmenasion, and love. She just could not help, but see those eyes again. She hopped off the table, wencen at pain of her whole body was telling her to stop, but she just ceped on going. She push the door open, and walk out sniffing the air. She had alot of time to get his sent. She walked down until she frond his room. She saw a Pikachu sleeping in front of the door, she walk around the sleeping pokemon and sceezied into the crack in the doorway. Once inside, she pushed the door shot, and then she turned and walked to Ash's bed. She could see him in the moon light, when she got to the bed, she lowered her self, and jumped onto the bed.

"Ahh," ash yeld as he was awaken by something jumping on the bed, his ajusted to the light and saw it was Glaceon. He sat up and said, "What are you doing up?" After he asked the question he just looked into Glaceon's red eyes. With in secends of making eye contaked, Glaceon walk to Ash and licked his face. Ash inturned began to pet her on her back. She rolled over, and Ash began to rub her belly. She squermed up alittle, and made Ash rub her pussy Ash pulled away not knowing what she would do, but to Ash's sirprice she got up and turned around and show him her wet pussy. Taking the hent, Ash put his mouth to the lips and licked the flureds out. It ran into his mouth and down his throat, and he loved the icey, cold tase. As he drank her cum. he began to become hard. Ash just had to try it, so he removed his boxers and got on his knees. He put his head at the lips, and the looked a Glaceon for the o.k.

She looked back at him, and then pushed back towards him. Ash then took hold of her hips, and slowy pushed into her. A shiver went up his spine as he began to push in and out of her ice, cold pussy. He had fight from cumming to earlie, but he was losing the battle. He began pump in and out of her faster, loving feeling of it being in her pussy. He could not take it any longer, and with one last thrust he shot his load into her. Ash had never came like that before, and he became limp he pulled out and layed down. Glaceon began to clean her self and she laid next to Ash falling asleep.

the next morning, Nurse Joy was frantic and was looking all over the center for her. She nerely stepped on Pjkachu as she looked in Ash room. She looked at Ash and Glaceon sleeping, she just smiled and closed the door. Later that day, Joy let Ash take Glaceon with him. She gave him some anti-biodics for Glaceon. From then on, Ash never asked Dawn to sleep with him and all he did was take Glaceon in his tent and fuck the ice hot pokemon.

Ther you go Zombyra, Ash fucked a Glaceon. Now, I have a question, can some one give me a Christmas fic. I want to write one of those. Zombyra tell me what you think.