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Chapter 8: A High Toll.

It was a nice and sunny day in the Johto, and Ash was traveling to the next town through a mountain range.

"Man, this is a beautiful day and what a view." Ash said as he looked over a cliff and saw a valley underneath it. He smiled as he took it all in. Then he heard his stomach growl and laughed as he got some lunch ready for himself.

He began to look for some food. He first fond some wild potatoes, onions, and celery. He then went back to his cliff, got a pot of water, and began to cook him a stew just how Brock taught him to do. After he was done with lunch, Ash packed all his stuff together and began to climb down the rigid cliff. He almost fell down twice, but he held on and got to the valley.

"Wow, look at all this." Ash said as he began to look at the wild Pokemon and beautiful plants all over the valley. He walked for a while, until he fond some berries growing on a bush. "Hmmm, I wonder if these are safe?" Ash questioned as he took a book out and began to look through it. After a while of looking, he saw that the berries were safe for humans. So, he pick most of them and ate them for a quick snack. Ash yawned after he ate the berries, so he laid down under a tree by the bush, he pulled his hat over his head, and took a nap.


On the other side of the Valley, a lone Tyranitar was looking for some food. She was larger then most of her kind, and for that, she had never felt the touch of a male, and for years she wished she could feel a males inbreass.

"Huh, what is wrong with me?" is a question that Tyranitar had asked her self since she was a Larvitar. She felt mad for the reason that no male wants her because of her being bigger then most. She shock her head to clear her mind as she found some apples, so she picked quite a few of them, sat down with a pile in front of her, and began to eat. She chomped on the apples and soon they were gone. Her belly began to rumble again.

"Hmmmm, there is only one thing that can fill me up." said Tyranitar as she got up and began to look for something special, but when she fond the bush it was bare. "The berries, were the hell," she was cut off by something snoring. Tyranitar looked towards a nearby tree and saw a human sleeping under it. 'growl', Tyranitar was pissed, How dare that human come into my territory and eat my food.' Tyranitar thought as she towered over the young human. The human even awoke at the sound of something growling, and when he opened his eyes, he got a eye full of Tyranitar.

"Ahhhhh," Ash yelled as he saw the large Pokemon looking very mad at him. The Pokemon lowed her head, so they came face to face. "Uhh...is something wrong?" Ash asked locking eyes with the very large Pokemon. She nodded her head towards the bush and Ash looked at were she was looking. "Oh, sorry about the berries." Ash said in a panic while the Tyranitar growled at him, but as she got close to him, the more a strange smell came to her notice.

'What is that smell, I know it but I just can't put my finger on it.' Tyranitar thought to herself as she began to smell down the young boy, who had his eyes closed. Then when she got to his crotch, she realized what the smell was. "This human is MALE!" Tyranitar yelled, but all Ash heard was her name. She drew back and began to think again. 'He looks scared and he needs to pay for eating my favorite food,' then Tyranitar eyes widened and she got an evil grin on her face.

"Um, are you okay?" Ash asked the large Pokemon, that had a smile on its face that made him feel really uncomfortable. Then the Tyranitar turned around and began to walk away, but when Ash thought it would leave him alone, the Tyranitar turned looked over her shoulder, and motioned for Ash to follow it. Ash followed, looking a little scared at what this Tyranitar wanted with him. He didn't know what would happen and didn't want his Pokemon to get hurt.

After following the Tyranitar for about half an hour, they came to a cave and Tyranitar pointed into the cave.

No, I'm not going in their." Ash said but he changed his mind when Tyranitar roared, scaring him. Ash slowly walked in as did Tyranitar. Once inside the cave, Tyranitar used earthquake and blocked the main entrance. Ash was scared but light from a hole in the roof fell into the room.

"Now, lets start." Tyranitar said in her language. She walked Ash into a corner and used her sharp claws to rip away his close, leaving just his boxers.

"Oh, this can't be good." Ash said as he watched Tyranitar lay on her back and motioned for him to come closer. As he did, she opened up her legs and showed Ash her soaking wet pussy. Ash looked in away as he looked at his first real pussy in his life. He had seen some in some of Brock's books when no one was looking, but Tyranitar's pussy was twice the size of the human ones.

Suddenly, Tyranitar roared in announcement and pointed to her leaking pussy. Ash gulped, lowered his face to the moist passage, and took a little lick of the clear liquid coming out.

"Wow," Ash said as he began to lap up the fluid, but he need more. So, he used his hands to part her lower lips and he drove his face into her pussy.

"OHHHH, That is good." Tyranitar cried out as she felt the human feeding from her pussy. She began to moan as he human drank from her.

'She's liking this, and the more she moanes the more comes out, so.' Ash thought as he lifted his face away from her honey pot, and then he started to push his fingers into her. he started with one, but soon there was two in her, then three, and then he put his whole fist in her.

"Ohhh, yes." Tyranitar said as she felt the human pump his arm in and out of her as she licked up the liquid squirting past his arm. Tyranitar then roared as she came, but Ash just kept on with his assault. Soon, Tyranitar had her second orgasm overrun her. After the second one came, she used her legs and push Ash away from her.

"Ouch," As said as he landed on his butt, but he then began to lick his arm clean from the juices.

'Wow, he definitely earned a reward.' Tyranitar thought as she sat up and then crawled towards Ash. But as she was about to use her claws, Ash stopped her. Tyranitar was mad as hell, but when she saw that he was slipping his boxers off himself, she got a good look at him naked. Tyranitar was happy to see that he was well endowed for his age with a 9 inch dick. She lowered her mouth to the semi-hard member as she licked it with her tongue. She had to be careful not to use her sharp teeth on the gentle member.

"Ohhhh, That feels great!" Ash yelled as he watched his dick began swarmed over by the large Pokemon. Tyranitar was enjoying the look of her human prey as she pleased him, and soon she got a face full of cum squirting all over her face, but she didn't stop. She loved the taste of it and the feel of it on her face. So, she just kept at it until Ash shot his second load on her face.

'Wow, this human is still ready for more.' Tyranitar thought as she removed her tongue from Ash and was surprised to see that his dick was still hard as a rock. "Now, time for the main event." Tyranitar said as she stood up, lined up her entrance with the dick, and pushed down on it.

"OOOOOHHHHH," both cried out as they felt the new sensation. Tyranitar was careful not to hurt Ash as she bounced up and down. She was liking the feel of being fucked by this human and knew that she might just have to keep this human as hers.

"Ohhh, I'm gonna cum." Ash yelled and climaxed inside her. As she felt the warm liquid shot through her body, she hit her climax as well. Soon, she was resting from her latest orgasm, but Ash had to have the last word. It took all his strength, but he managed to roll her over so he was on top.

"One more round," Ash said, and with that he began to hump her like a crazed animal.

"Ohh, that little shit," Tyranitar said as she felt Ash fuck her wildly and she had to admit it. She liked being taken by this human. She then began to feel her muscles tighten and she climaxed for the fourth time that day by this human.

"Ohhhh, I'm going to cum again." Ash screamed as he shot his second load into her. Spent, he fell back on to the floor of the cave, and he was fast asleep in seconds.

Tyranitar looked at him with a smile as she said, "Hmmm, he might be a fun master."

Ash yawned as he awoken in the cave to the feeling of the sun running over his face. Ash sat up and saw that he was still naked. He then saw that his backpack, which he had left the night before, right next to him. And then he saw a lot of fruit by the bag. He then took a look at the entrance of the cave. Tyranitar was there next to a cleared cave entrance. She looked at him with a smile and he smiled as he saw that his cum was still on her face. Then she held up a pokeball, smiled even bigger, and then tapped her forehead on the ball. Soon, the red light engulfed her, and then she was gone into the ball.

Ash crawled to the ball on the floor, picked it up, and said with a sign, "This will be fun."

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