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Edward & Bella

Forgive and Forget

Chapter 2

(Edward's POV, present)

"What do you want Rosalie." I hissed into the phone, leaning back against the tree I had been sitting in.

"Edward, you haven't been answering any of our calls! What's wrong with you! Esme is going crazy, and Alice has tried to go see Bella-" I cut her off.

"Don't say her name." I growled. I could almost hear her eyes roll.

"Whatever Edward. Alice has tried to go see her, twice already! You need to come home." I could hear them all converging around Rosalie, listening to what I was saying.

"Edward! You need to get your ass back here! This is all your fault!" I heard Alice scream. Her voice sounded hoarse, like she had been crying. I also heard Jasper murmuring comforting words to her.

"Son?" I heard Carlisle's voice, and I took in a deep breath, even though I didn't need it.

"I can't come home Carlisle." I said, letting that breath out.

"Edward, look-" I cut him off.

"I. Can't. Come. Back." Just before I closed the phone, I heard Esme break into hysterics. I slammed it shut, squeezing my hand around it, turning it to dust.

(Bella's POV, present)

I called Jake the next morning, five times. The first three times, Billy answered, and told me that Jake was sleeping. The last two times, the phone just rang, and I left a message at the end, right after the beep.

"Bella, are you alright?" I heard Charlie call from outside my bedroom door.

"Yeah dad, I'm fine." I called out, cursing myself for how hoarse my voice was. I heard him knock again.

"Bella, what's wrong?" He asked, and I could tell he was beginning to worry.

"Nothing dad, I'm fine!" I croaked. "I think I'm sick, that's all. I'm staying home today." I heard his sigh, and walk away from the door.

"Yeah, I wish I was sick…." I muttered to myself, as I let the tears fall softly down my cheeks.

(Jacob's POV, 2 years earlier)

"They're gone!!" The tribe yelled over the roar of the bonfires. I just rolled my eyes, and grabbed another hot dog.

"Yeah, woot woot…" I muttered, scarfing that one down as well. My father had stayed home. In his wheel chair, he couldn't make it the far up the cliffs. I offered to carry him, but no, he was to proud for that…

Was this a good thing? I thought about that. The Cullens weren't really that bad. I mean, Carlisle was an amazing doctor, and their "adopted" kids never made any trouble. And Bella. They left Bella here. She would be distraught. I thought about that as well. Was I glad that he left? I wasn't sure. But…. Bella. She would need someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on. She is going to be broken. Does that matter to me?

No, no it doesn't.