Too Young


Pairing(s): Taito

Summary: 'It was only a quick bathroom break. And we're sharing a room, too! Why would those two be doing THAT now?!' Jyou thought as he overhears the activities Yamato and Taichi are doing behind closed doors... Taito


"Ah, Taichi..." Yamato gasped as tanned fingers caressed his back, pushing him harder into the mattress with the mentioned boy's weight on top of him.

"So tense..." Taichi groaned, leaning in closer to the blonde boy under him, hands sliding down to paw at the lithe, pale sides brandished to him so willingly.

A shiver ran up Yamato's spine as warm hands caressed his sides, almost releasing a chuckle at the faint tickle that came forth from the kneeding touch. Breathing deeply in a sigh, blue eyes fluttered closed in pleasure. "Careful..." he whispered in a rather sensuous voice.

"I am, I am..." Taichi huffed, but there was no edge in his tone as he continued his petting motions on Yamato's bare flesh. A slow grin slipped onto his features as he leaned forward, whispering airily into Yamato's ear, "You're rather sexy like this, ya know..?"

"T-Taichi!" Yamato yelped, smacking the brunette as quickly as his face lit up with a blush, causing the other boy to moan as he rubbed his poor, abused head.

From outside the room the two boys were occupying, Jyou gave a nervous gurgle where he stood, back glued to the door as he listened to the conversation inside. He had just went to use the bathroom and now... now--!!! "YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO BE DOING THAT--!!!!!!" Jyou screamed in a cracking voice, throwing the door open with a loud bang, face flushed and wet with sweat. But as he moved to advance on the couple, Jyou was frozen solid, mouth agape, at what he saw.

"What are you talking about?" Yamato asked with an arched brow, chin resting on a pillow as he lay harmlessly on his stomach, shirt gone. Taichi, who sat on top of the blonde's legs, glanced up from where he was massaging the pale back, an expression of pure confusion slapped across his face.

"Ah-ah, I-um..." Jyou stuttered, stiffly moving to the other side of the room where his bed lay, Gomamon snoozing on top, undisturbed. Gulping, the blunette eeped a quick, "I'm-very-sorry! Please-ignore-me!" before jumping back into bed, hiding under the covers with a flourish.

Blinking at the lump of shaking blankets, the couple gave an uncaring shrug before Taichi continued to kneed the slender back of one very sexy Yamato. 'Who cares about age,' the brunette thought smugly as he was rewarded with another breathy sigh as he caressed those special spots the blonde loved so much, 'It's privacy we need before we can do THAT.'

"Taichi..." Yamato sighed, before raising a hand to give the brunette another hard whack, "Stop thinking dirty things."