The Call


Pairing(s): Kaikato(Kai x Takato), will end up Jenkato

Summary: A few days after the defeat of the DReaper and the tearful farewell to their Digimon, Takato gets a phone call from Kai. Kaikato(I CLAIM! this pairing, unless someone else has made one but hasn't posted it on ) Mpreg Warning in later chapters.



The Call

It had been a few days, almost a full week, when Matsuda Takato got a call from his cousin, Urazoe Kai. It had been a rough couple of days, though most of all for Lee Jenrya. Shiota Hirokazu, Kitagawa Kenta, and Akiyama Ryou all returned to their normal lives rather easily, though Takato knew his two best friends well enough to see that they missed their new found partners as well. Makino Ruki was also missing her own yellow fox, but used Katou Juri as company, and to help the poor girl cheer up from the loss of her own partner way before everyone else had. 'But Jenrya...' Takato sighed, glancing down sadly at the wooden floor under his sock covered feet, recalling how furious he had been that dreadful evening.

Jenrya had been truly the most upset out of them all. Not only had he lost his partner, but he also lost his respect in his father, who had been the one behind the forced parting. Takato couldn't even bring himself to think of how he would of felt had his own father done something so cruel. His mother might of, what with her strict 'No Pets!' rule, but after she had met Guilmon, even she accepted the red dinosaur into the family.

Turning his attention back to the phone that was cradled in his palm, handed to him by his mother, Takato rose the device up to his ear, asking a soft, "Moshi moshi?" despite his knowledge of who was on the other end.

"Hiya, Takato-chan!" came Kai's overly cheerful voice on the other end, though Takato couldn't return his cheerful tone with even a smile without it being forced.

"Hi, Kai-kun..." gulping down stiffly, trying to clear his voice from sounding too stuffy, having been crying not too long before this phone call came through, Takato tried his best to hide his gloom with a forced happy tone, "What's up?"

"Well, its about your digimon..." Kai's voice spoke in all seriousness, dying off on the other end for a moment, the sound of calming waves sloshing against the sand filling in the silence before the other boy began again, "I know its probably too early to ask this, but now that Guilmon is no longer around to protect you, I think its time that you come move in with me and my old man."

"Wha-what?" Takato's voice cracked at this, cherry red eyes widening in shock.

"You know, our parents arranged this," Kai answered easily, calmly, as if talking about the weather. And Takato did know this. He recalled, when he was younger, visiting his cousin for the first time, as far as he could remember. Yoshie, his mother, gushed over how cute the two were together. She even went out of her way to catch a snap shot of the two, beaming with joy from the decision she had made with Kai's own parents. Takehiro, his father, hadn't been so eager about the arrangement, but put up with it for his wife. If it made her happy, he was happy, he had told Takato. Though, when she wasn't listening, Takehiro had whispered to him, "I still would rather you marry someone you truly loved."

Those words brought a blush to Takato's cheeks. Really, sometimes his father was more a romantic then he'd admit. Taking in a slow breath, before slowly exhaling it, Takato returned his attention to the phone, still feeling a little nervous about where this call was heading, "I know... But..." Shallowing, Takato let his eyes move about the hallway, hoping, wishing for one of his parents to come to his rescue, "Its... Isn't it too soon for that?"

"I know, I know," Kai waved off, or tried to reassure, Takato couldn't tell, "But I'd feel better if you were living with me now. With Guilmon, I felt you were safe enough still on your own. But now that he's gone--" Takato stifled a sob, still hurt from that quick, and forceful, farewell, "--I think it would be better if you got situated here, in Okinawa, with me. That way you can get used to living here."

"Well, I..." Takato paused, stalled, once again glancing around the hallway, still hoping for either father or mother to appear to his rescue, but both seemed too busy with late night customers before closing time. Gulping down harshly, wincing slightly when he found he had swallowed just a bit too hard for comfort, the brunette turned his attention once more to the accursed phone before him, "I'll... have to talk to my parents about it."

"What's to say?" Kai gave a rather gruff laugh at this, despite his voice still childish and not yet near as gruff as a man's would sound had one laughed like that, "All you need to tell them is that you'll be moving in with me earlier then expected. Just get them to pay for your flight to Okinawa, pack all your belongings, and I'll meet you at the plane station to help you carry your stuff to our place."

"Still, Kai!" Takato almost snapped, frowning deeply at how rude his cousin could be at times. Sighing, trying to relax his tense muscles, Takato began again, "They're my parents. I don't want to make any hasty decisions without their okay. We're still young. I still have school--"

"--You can go to school here," Kai reminded quickly, interrupting Takato's lecture.

"But still, Kai-kun," Takato whined lightly, eye lids drooping shut as they began to sting, from the tears he had shed early finally catching up with him or new tears ready to fall forth, he wasn't sure, "I want my parents to have the last word. Mom wouldn't be happy with me if I just up and left. I'm still her little baby to her."

A frustrated sigh was heard on the other end, and Takato knew Kai was about to fold, if only a little, "Fine, fine. But I still want you to move in with me as soon as possible. And I'm not taking no for an answer next time I call."

"Okay..." Takato sighed, finally feeling the fatigue of crying, depression, and now the rush of nervousness draining all his energy, as he let himself slid down against the wall, only to land on his bottom onto the cool wooden floor. The sound of the waves once again drifted into the phone, calming and peaceful to Takato's ears, before he finally forced out a soft, "Good night, Kai-kun..."

"'Night, Takato-chan."