Chapter 1

"I'm…" He coughed. "Fine," He choked and coughed harshly. "Bones…"

He inhaled sharply and slid down the wall. His com slipped from his grasp and skidded across the floor and out into his main quarters. His fingers trailed after the phone lazily as it spouted insults in Bones angered voice. "Damn it, Jim! You are supposed to come get a full check-up after every mission! With you I should have you come in for a weekly check up to make sure you haven't contracted something while on the ship!"

A heavy silence augmented his strained breathing as he pulled his aching body across the floor. Jim's fingers barely grabbed a hold of the phone and dragged it towards him. Bones voice had taken on a worried tone behind the rage. "Jim! Answer me!"

Jim smirked and began coughing. He rested his head against the carpet and tried to take a breath. The air skittered down Jim's throat, scratching the tender skin. His voice came out cracked and gravelly. Jim winced at how bad he sounded. "Bones…"

There was a tense silence. "I'll be right there."

Jim slumped to the floor and his eye flittered closed.

"Chapel! You're in charge while I'm gone," McCoy had grabbed a field medical kit and rushed out of the infirmary. The 5 people who had been there had been starring at his closed door as he had a yelling match with their captain over the communicator. His face instead of being bright red with anger held a stern look of worry.

McCoy tapped his foot impatiently as the lift finally opened and he walked swiftly to the Captain's quarters. He didn't bother knocking but he stopped just inside the doorway when he saw Jim. He was sprawled out on the floor, his chest rising and falling rapidly. McCoy was beside him within seconds and running is tricorder over every inch of his body.

"Hi… Bones," Jim coughed hoarsely.

"Yeah… Hi to you too, you brash womanizing idiot," Bones growled as he jabbed a hypo into Jim's neck. He frowned as Jim merely closed his eyes against it. "Come on. I can't examine you while you lie on the floor."

McCoy helped Jim to his feet and fall onto his bed, half way across the room. "How long have you been like this?"

"Started bout halfway through the mission," Jim winced and turned away as McCoy shined his penlight into his eyes. "Bones… Don't…"

McCoy narrowed his eyes and grabbed the waste basket, which was oddly there despite the incinerator waste drawer embedded in the wall. He held it out just as Jim reached for it and threw up. McCoy ran his tricorder over Jim again while he retched dryly into the bin. "You've got a fever which is causing your headache. A really high fever, Jim. How you managed to go this long without anyone noticing is beyond me."

"Hnnn……" Jim fell sideways onto his bed, the basket miraculously falling upright next to the bed.

"Jim!" Bones grabbed him and looked into his eyes again. They were hazed and attempting to close. "Hey. Stay awake. "

"It's cold, Bones," Jim murmured. "Did the heater go out..? Get Scotty. He'll fix it."

Bones made a disgruntled noise. "You need to come to sickbay."

"Wha- No- Why?" Jim muttered, staring blankly ahead.

"I can't treat you here. That's why,"

"Sis…. Jus a cold….. let me sleep and I'll be…. Right as…. Right as rain…" Jim slurred. "No sickbay…. Nesa…nesa….needed…."

McCoy growled and closed his eyes in frustration. He flipped open his communicator. "Chapel. Can you be discreet and bring me one of the specialty kits?"

"Which one, Leo?"

"Make it yourself. Pain killers, fever reduction, decongestants-" Jim choked and reached weakly for the glass of water Bones had just realized had been sitting on the bedside table. He leaned Jim up against him and handed him the glass realizing Jim had set himself up on his bed so as to not aggravate his condition.

"Stuff for a really bad cold?" Chapel muttered darkly. "He's not too bad is he?""

Jim gagged and dropped the water glass, barely managing to grab the basket before he threw up. McCoy grimaced. "No… he's just puking his stomach into a basket and sweating his weight. Oh and don't forget he can barely breath. But yeah… He'll live if you take your time. He deserves to be miserable for not coming to me immediately after he got back."

Jim gave him a shaking bird. A small snicker came over the line. "You did get some coffee during your shift right?"

"Not in the mood, Chapel," McCoy growled.

"Alright. Alright. I'll be down in ten,"

McCoy closed his com and looked at Jim as sipped his water. "If you have such a nice set up here…. Why were you in the bathroom?"

Jim spat the water into the basket, choking slightly. "I hadn't taken a shower since we left for the mission…. And my shift was in an hour."

"I'm glad I called you when I did," McCoy grumbled looking at where the water glass had fallen, drenching the floor. "I would have had to drag you off the bridge…. Again."

"You look like shit, Jim" Chapel said as she knelt down in front of Jim. He mumbled inaudibly. "You weren't kidding, Leo."

"Help me get him out of his shirt," McCoy muttered from the other side of the bed.

"Bet he'd just love this if he was awake," Chapel winked. McCoy rolled his eyes. They both grabbed him under the arms and lifted Jim into a sitting position. He groaned and mumbled incoherently. Chapel looked at McCoy questioningly as they slid the black undershirt off of Jim's sweating body.

"What'd he say?"

"Something very Jim like," McCoy smirked and smoothed out a Monitor patch on Jim's chest. "'Let me rot in solitude.'"

"He feels that crappy?" Chapel asked blankly.

"Starfleet command track requires you to have a warped sense of when you need medical attention," McCoy tapped his PADD until life signs sprung up. "And they'll work till they drop and then refuse medical attention."

"He just won't let me die," Jim grunted.

"You two…" Chapel shook her head as she placed a fever reduction patch on Jim's neck. McCoy jabbed a sedative into the other side, earning an incredulous look at the force. He slumped into the bed, grateful for the cool darkness coming from the bee sting pain.


Found this on my computer.... It's a really short multi chapter fic.... But I am SOOO bored. Tell me how bad it is please! Thanks for reading!