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"Demon speech"

Master of the Kyuubi

Chapter I

Five years ago, a demon fox with nine tails attack the village hidden in the leaves. The shinobi of the village tried to fight against the powerful demon but weren't able to even hurt it in any way. However, the Yondaime the strongest and leader of village were able to find a way to stop the monster. Instead, of attacking the demon he performed a technique that would seal it into a newborn child at the cost of his life.

The child that the demon was sealed into was meant to be seen as hero but that wasn't the case. Instead, the villagers and even the shinobi believed that the child was the same demon now in human flesh and weak. They desired the death of the child but were denied this and were forced to follow a law set by the Sandaime, that no one was ever to speak of what happen that night ever again.

While the villagers did follow the law of never speaking of the demon aloud, that didn't stop them from forming mobs and attacking the boy without mercy. The child, a boy with blond hair, blue eyes, and whiskers marks on the sides of his face never knew nor understood why he was the center of the villages hatred and when he asked no one would tell him.

However, while the boy would ask questions he and the rest of the villagers would never ask the right ones. Questions such as why he was chosen when there were other orphans to pick from that were born that night. Why would the Sandaime take such intensive care while dealing with the boy? However, the most important question that was failed to be asked was, why, why did the Kyuubi attack without any warning at all?

Five years after the attack

After five years the Kyuubi attacked the village of Konohana managed to rebuild and return to it's former glory. On October 10, the day in which the Kyuubi was defeated the village would celebrate the demons defeat and praise the Yondaime for killing it. However, behind the scenes of the happy people enjoying the festivities there was one child who wasn't allowed to attend the festival as he was forced to be the punching bag for many drunken villagers.

This child name was Uzumaki Naruto and he was the unknowing container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Every year the villagers would get drunk and find and beat if not kill the small boy believing he was the Kyuubi in human form. The villagers and even the shinobi who were supposed to be protecting him would attack and the boy in their grief and anger. They refused to see that what they were doing was attempting to kill a young and innocent boy and not a demon.

This year was no different, the villagers would find Naruto drag him into a deserted area and beat him and until they grew bored or were sure, he was dead. This time they went all out and decided to 'finish the job the Yondaime started.' They had brought out everything they could find to that had a pointed edge and that could do some serious damage.

As the villagers drew closer to the defenseless and bleeding boy ready to finish him off. As for the boy, he had already passed out due to the pain he was in and the lack of blood.


Naruto regain consciousness and noticed that he that it was hard to breath and in the water. Then he noticed he was faced down in sewer water and gasping for fresh air and spitting the contents in his mouth. Looking around at his surroundings Naruto tried to see if he recognized his surroundings. It wasn't the first time he was thrown into a sewer or used it to escape and probably wouldn't be the last.

Naruto walked down the logs tunnels for what seemed like hours making left and right turns every now and then trying to find the exit. He kept following the way the wind was blowing and the dim light down each tunnel hoping to find the exit. After yet another turn, Naruto came across and long tunnel where the water was ticker but a light was at the end. Seeing this Naruto smiled believing he had finally found the exit and ran towards the light.

After Naruto had made to the tunnels end but was hit by a blinding light and forced to cover his eyes due to the pain. When the pain was gone and Naruto could see he looked hoping to see open sky and freedom. Instated, what he saw was what looked light a giant cage with iron bars and a paper seal keeping it closed.

Seeing the giant cage which mostly definitely had some kind of giant and blood thirsty and dangerous animal looked inside it. While most people would take the intimidating look of the cage as a reason to stay away do to danger, Naruto being a curious child that he was do the only rational thing his mind could come up with. That being right up to the bars and looking inside to see what kind of animal was being kept in it.

Looking around with a smile on his face Naruto hoped to see something cool but what he saw was not what he expected. For in front of Naruto was not some strange animal but a something that left the young blond haired boy completely speechless.

Inside the cage was a red headed girl that looked about his age sat on the other side of the wall her knees up to her chest and arms around her legs. She sat there with her head down not noticing that someone else was near by. However, upon getting a closer look Naruto saw something strange about the girl in front of him, for example she was naked which made Naruto blush a little, second had strange ears on top of her head like dog or fox ears and behind her their was what looked like tails behind her.

Seeing the strange girl in front of him Naruto couldn't help but want to get to know her better hope that maybe she would be his friend. With the thought of a finally getting a friend to play with Naruto called out "hey, over here."

When he said that Naruto noticed the ears on the top of her head start to twitch, which Naruto couldn't help but admit that it was king of cute as the girl began to lift her head to see what the noise was. When her head was fully up and her line of sight was focused on the first person to enter her prison for so long. Seeing the blond haired boy in front of her the girl eyes opened in surprised at see the blond and knowing that she was the cause of all the pain that the boy had ever experienced.

Naruto smiled when the girl looked at him showing she knew he was there and giving him hope that she would be his friend. To bad, that hope was short lived as he the surprised look on her face, something he had seen on many of the villagers, which was usually followed by an unnatural gleam of hatred most of the time. Seeing the girls look of surprise was there, but no anger instead there was what looked like guilt and sadness.

Seeing this in a persons eyes confused Naruto, as far as he could remember no body had ever show him any form of guilt for their actions towards him and yet this girl who he had just meet showed nothing but sadness. He wanted to know why, why would this girl be sad at the sight of him. He wanted to know if it was pity or if she did something to him and was now regretting it.

Getting annoyed at all the confusion that now sorrowed this girl Naruto decided to confront her and began to squeeze through the narrow bars of the cage. Once he was halfway through he realized he was stuck and tired to pull the rest of his body through but couldn't move. Therefore, he just lay in between the bars unable to move in mid air loudly cursing at the bars to let him go.

The girl heard all the noise that was going on and it was strange, she had not heard or seen anything since she had awaken and now here was the blond boy from her dreams making such a ruckus. Though she had to admit, he was quite humorist, epically watching him being stuck mid air between the bars she couldn't help but for the first time and in her existence laugh.

Naruto kept trying to slide his body through the narrow bars getting more and more frustrated at his predicament until he heard something. He looked at the girl and noticed that she was laughing at him. While her laugh did sound kind of nice it still bothered him that she was laughing at his misfortune and he didn't like that "hey could you give me a hand or something?"

The stopped her laughing when she heard his voice and gave a look of confusion not understanding why he was talking to her. Blinking a few times, she pointed a finger to her self "Y-You means me right." Naruto was getting annoyed "ya, you who else would I be talking to now will you please, HELP ME!"

The girl flinched at this she knew he was right to be angry with her, but it still hurt to be yelled at like that. Naruto could see that his words had an affect on her as her ears lowered like a dog that had done something bad and began to feel a bit guilty. He didn't mean to yell at her like that it's was just many people had laughed at his misfortune and it rubbed off on the wrong way.

Naruto sighed and looked at the girl "hey, I'm sorry for yelling you can you please help me." The girl looked at Naruto clearly surprised at his change of attitude but decided to help to help him before he decided to yell at her again. The red head grabbed Naruto by his shoulders and began to pull so that he would slide out of the cage but not enough to hurt him. After enough pulling Naruto, finally slide through the iron bars and fell face first back into the water.

After had yet again Naruto had to spit out sewer water out of his mouth again. After Naruto had gotten the nasty sewage out of his mouth and rubbed the back of his head "thanks for your help" looking around for the red head. Naruto noticed that she was back in her corner in a rolled up into a ball looked away from Naruto.

Naruto looked at her clearly confused as to why she was acting so strange around him. Naruto past experience with other children were that they either made fun of him or in one case were a girl with white eyes turned red and fainted in front of him. This was different; this girl just sat in a corner and refused to make eye contact with as if she was ashamed or something.

Since he had nothing to lose Naruto tried to make friends with the strange red head "hey my name is Uzumaki Naruto what's yours?" The red head simply stared at him never saying a word but then went back to looking at the ground and ignoring him. This angered Naruto he was trying to be as friendly just like the old man had thought him and this girl didn't look at straight in the eye "FINE, I didn't want to talk to you anyway." With that outburst took a seat right next to her and just sat there.

The two children sat there shoulder to shoulder never acknowledged each other presence. While Naruto was still angry with the girl next to, him while the red head kept glace at him and then looked away as if embarrassed. After the third or fourth look Naruto let her know she was bugging him "what's your problem" the girl flinched at the tone in his voice again.

Naruto got right into her face and looked straight into her eye "first you laugh at me, then you leave me in the water and when I try to be polite and in-int-troduce myself you ignore me." The girl in front of him was shacking she hadn't meant to make him this angry she just fingered he would go away after she ignored him long enough he go away. Unfortunately, that didn't happen instead he stuck around and was now yelling at her making her feel worse then she already was.

Naruto could see that he wasn't getting anywhere, so he decided to use her looks against her. It always hurt him when people made fun the whisker marks on his marks on his face so I might get some kind of response. The response he got was not what he was hoping as the noticed the girls eyes start to water as she started to cry right in front of him.

At the sight in front of him was something he hated, seeing a girl cry and worse he was the one that caused it. All his life he was taught that, it was never right to make a girl cry no matter what the reason was.

Seeing the girl in front of him trying desperately to rub the tears away made Naruto feel a sort of guilt he had never felt before. Wanting the girl to stop Naruto did the only rational thing he could think of and hug the crying in front of him.

After this, everything went silent between the two. No crying red head or loud mouth blond, just pour silence between the two and they each had their own thoughts about this. The red head stood there in the arms of the boy whose life she had ruined. Naruto had other thoughts 'okay, she's not crying anymore so now what, I'm in a sewer, I'm holding a girl…a pretty girl in my arms, she has wired ears and tails…speaking of tails."

Ever since he first saw the tails, he had been wondering if they were real or not and looked down so see if they were actually connected. Looking down he saw that the tails were moving freely and that all nine of them were connected right to the girls body. To bad Naruto didn't stop looking and got a good, look at her butt causing him to turn red.

The red head noticed something loud in the background like a thumping sound moving faster and getting louder. Her ears were not for show she easily pick up the sound of Naruto's heart beat increasing for some reason and could feel an unusual warm feeling coming from his checks and noticed that they were a deep red.

Seeing this confused the red head "is something wrong, your face is all red." Hearing this Naruto jumped away from her and covered his eye's "I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare, honest it was accident, please don't be angry, I'm sorry." While Naruto was on his knees apologizing while the red head just stood there and blinked a few times not understanding why he was doing this.

After enough of Naruto begging for forgiveness which the red head could barely understand do to Naruto talking so fast "umm…what are you saying?" Naruto looked up his hands still over his eye due to the girl being naked "I'm…I'm s-s-sorry I…I was looking at your t-tails to see if they were real and…and."

Naruto was unable to finish his sentence due to his embarrassment. The red head heard him say something about her tails not being real. The read head gave him a confused look "of course my tail's are real, here look." Naruto did this and would never forgot this moment as the red haired girl was now bent over showing that her tails were indeed attached to her body, he also got a few view of her entire ass. Seeing this Naruto face turned completely red and felt blood come out of his nose for some reason "WILL YOU PLEASE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON."

Naruto now sat with his back turned to the red haired girl who just stared at the blond confused as to what she did to make him yell at her again. She thought she would getting on his good sign by showing her tails but that only made things worse "umm…I'm sorry for showing my tails, I thought you would like to see them" she said depressingly.

Naruto heard the sadness in her voice and began to feel guilty again "No, it's your tails that are the problem is just…well…it's just." As Naruto babbled he turned his head forgetting about the girls lack of clothing as she was now standing in front of still nude causing Naruto turn red yet again "WILL YOU PUT ON A SHIRT ALREADY."

The red head looked at the blond confused "umm…shirt…what's a shirt?" Naruto just sat their with his jaw hanging in the air "your kidding right, you don't know what a shirt don't you have any kind of clothes." The red head just kept looking at him "clothes…I've never worn clothes before."

Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing that this girl had never worn any clothes before. Before the shock completely took over him, Naruto took off his shirt and threw at the girl "please put it on." The girl looked at the piece of clothing trying to figure out what to do and Naruto could tell she was having trouble and sighed.

He turned to look at the girl, took back his shirt, and told her to lift her arms. She did what he asked as he placed the shirt over her. The shirt was large and covered her entire body and made Naruto relived that he could now look at the girl without blushing 'when I get out of here I'm apology to all the caretakers for being such a brat about me clothes.'

While Naruto was in thought, the red head kept looking over article as it clung to her body tightly and restrained her movement's slightly. She didn't like this "shirt" one bit and wanted to remove it immediately, however the blond in front of her seemed to like it and she didn't want to make him any more angrier then he was now. She began to get nervous as to how he would react if he found out who she was she couldn't take that kind of pain but as long as he didn't ask for her name she was safe.

Naruto saw her get nervous and became concerned "hey is something wrong…umm…hey I don't think I got your name." Hearing this the red head began to panic 'damn it he just had to ask, okay what do I do if I tell him he'll hate me and if I lie it could make it worse.' Naruto could see she was panicking for some reason and went with what was obvious to him that she didn't want to be his friend and she was making up something to get away.

Before she could say anything Naruto decided answer for her "it's okay you don't need to tell me I understand, who would want to be friends with a demon like me." Hearing this the red head could feel her heart breaking from the sadness in his voice and knew that he had suffered before in situations like this. She didn't want to cause him anymore pain so she answered "Kyuubi…Kyuubi no Kitsune."

After hearing her name, Naruto just stared at Kyuubi not saying anything and it was making the fox demon a bit nervous. When he did speak it wasn't what she expected him to say "your…parents named you after the demon fox?" Kyuubi sweat dropped at this and shook her head back and forth Cleary saying no. With this Naruto did a quick look at the girl in front of him believing her to be crazy until he noticed nine tails, red cat like eyes, fox ears and fans in her mouth all proved that she was indeed the Kyuubi.

Now realizing the danger he was in Naruto was paralyzed with fear. Kyuubi could sense his fear and it hurt her, she had expected something like this but it still hurt and she didn't want to lose his boy for some reason she didn't want him to leave her alone. She could see that Naruto was about to make a run for it and before he turned Kyuubi called out to him "wait, please don't leave." Naruto heard this and was frozen again and thought he was prepared for anything the demon would try, expect for her saying please.

Then there were the tears pouring from her eyes again, even if she was a bloodthirsty demon, Naruto couldn't just turn his back to a crying girl. With a deep sigh, Naruto responded, "okay, I wont leave you alone so will you please stop crying already." With these words Kyuubi crying and began to rub her eyes "who would have thought the great Kyuubi was such a crybaby" Naruto joked. Kyuubi pouted cutely at this "I am not a crybaby" Naruto giggled at this.

After all the drama, the blond and the demon were now sitting in front of each other a bit of tension between the two. Naruto was the first to respond, "so…you're a demon" Kyuubi nodded her head "so, where exactly are we?" Kyuubi looked down disappointed "I don't know, I've been here since the first moment I opened my eyes and have know nothing else."

Naruto looked at her believing her somewhat but not fully since she was a demon, "your telling me you've been in this cell the whole time." Kyuubi nodded again being completely honest "Hai, this cell is all I've know ever since began to learning to walk and talk this cell has always been my home." Naruto couldn't understand what was going on, according to Kyuubi she had been in this cell since she was a baby and if she was here who attacked the village that night. While he was thinking there was something Kyuubi wanted to say, "well…I do have these dreams…nightmare's really." Naruto looked at the fox demon curious "what kind of nightmares?" he asked and noticed Kyuubi began to shake in fear.

Kyuubi held herself tightly and began to explain "in my dreams I see a village burning with fire every where and people screaming for lives and hurting me. They attack me with strange powers hurting and forcing me to fight back. I…I want them to stop and leave me alone. But, the man…the man dressed in black with a strange orange mask. He tells me to attack, his eye tells me to attack, to kill, this man's evil eye spins behind his mask screaming telling me to kill" suddenly all Kyuubi knew was pain as she held her head and screamed.

Kyuubi was trapped in what felt like an eternity of pain and she begged it to end but she knew it wouldn't. She had been through this before and it had never ended before every time she closed her eyes this pain would come along the images of people begging for their lives and one blond boy being beating to death and she had to watch over and over again. She never understood these dreams, she had never seen the outside of her cell and yet she knew these palaces and the people that were dying in front of her.

However, this time was different because the pain, for some odd reason was fading away and she could hear something. It sounded like a voice "kyuu-chan" the voice was familiar "Kyuu-chan" she had heard it before but where "Kyuu-chan, please wake up." Kyuubi opened her eyes to see Naruto over with concern in his eyes something she had never experienced before with anyone.

Naruto saw that she had finally come around and he was glade she was okay. He didn't know what to do all he did was ask her nightmares and the next thing he knew she was screaming in pain. It terrified him to be so helpless as some he considered a friend was in pain even if this friend was a demon.

It was strange in the short time they had know each other this demon and treated him more human then anyone in the village had, even the old man had never been this kind. He started to wonder if he could help her out of horrible place, while she did deserve some kind of punishment for what she did she did it against her will so she deserved a lighter sentence at least.

After Kyuubi had clamed down and pain had faded, she noticed, that Naruto was staring at her "is something wrong?" Naruto gulped "kyuu-chan…is there any way to get you out of here?" Kyuubi sat there with her mouth hanging open at what he had just said "w-what did you just say?" Naruto looked at her confused "I asked if there was some way to get you out of here Kyuu-chan."

Kyuubi looked at blond trying to process what he was trying to say, "You…you want me to leave me cell?" Naruto nodded his head "ya, I mean from what you've told me you personally didn't do anything so why should you be punished for something another fox demon did." Kyuubi thought about this and agreed that his logic maid sense. After thinking, a little harder Kyuubi gave a grin "there may be a way for me to trade one prison for a better one but it depends on you Naruto-kun."

Naruto blushed at being called "kun" and blinked with a face that clearly said 'me' on it. Kyuubi had to smile at this it made him somewhat cute "I don't know why but everything about this place has always felt wired and now that I you're here It feels…different?" Naruto blinked at this "different" he asked. Kyuubi at this "ya, ever since you showed up the cell feels like it's change like you have a connection."

Naruto just stared with his mouth hanging open clearly not understanding. Kyuubi saw this and tried to explain it better "I mean it's like I'm a prisoner and you're the new warden and if we make a deal or a 'pack' I might be able to leave."

Naruto looked at her not understanding what she meant by a 'pack.' Seeing the confusion Kyuubi decided to explain, "a pack is an agreement between a human and a mighty and powerful demon like me." Naruto rolled her eyes at this as Kyuubi continued "now pacts can be made between other creatures such as golems, fairies and even dragons but with theses came with high prices. For each time a person made a pact, whether it was to save their lives or to obtain power for whatever reason that person had to give up something important to them."

Naruto looked at the Kitsune and was a bit nervous at having to give something important up, while he didn't own much the little he had was important to him "so what did they have to give up Kyuu-chan?" Kyuubi sighed, "I've heard that through packs a person could become mute, lose their singing voice, their sight, the ability to have children, their time even their hair."

Naruto gave skeptical look at last part but instead asked "what did you mean be time Kyuu-chan" Kyuubi sighed at this not really a believer of the story herself "just that a child made a pact with a golem and with it lost his ability to grow old." Naruto heard this and smiled "that's sound kind of cool" he then noticed Kyuubi's had another opinion "I don't think so after all imagine your friends and family growing old around you and eventually dying of old age while you remain a child and alone, no thanks."

Hearing this Naruto rethought his opinion of eternal youth and shivered. This also brought a deep thought about this pact and he wondered what he would lose and what would happen to Kyuu-chan if they did this and how exactly do you know all this if you've been here the whole time. Kyuubi open her mouth to say something but stopped herself "I…don't know I just think and it's their…wired, huh" Kyuubi chuckled nervously.

Hearing this Naruto confidence was fading and Kyuubi could sense his doubt and wanted to reassure him of what would happen "you don't need to worry Naruto-kun are pact will be a little different then the others." Naruto looked at "different how?" Kyuubi made thinking pose "well…for starters the other pacts were made by two separate creatures, we are in theory already bonded to gather so the rules are different."

Naruto nodded his head and listen as Kyuubi prepared him for what was to come "when are pact is the seal on my cell may have a reaction to it." Naruto looked at the gates, noticed for the first time gates, and noticed they were being held back by piece of paper on it with the word seal on it.

After he saw this Kyuubi continued "that seal is what keeps me here and connects us and it might change with us. It stay as it is or change into a object with are pact to keep be undergrad, I really don't know."

Naruto nodded at this not seeing anything wrong, "next, with our pact you will gain some my power to the point that we will be evenly balanced in power no stronger no weaker." Naruto nodded at this understanding "also with our pact you will be my master and I will be your loyal slave."

With this Naruto could only say one thing "ARE YOU JOKING." Kyuubi flinched at this "of course I'm not joking, why would I?" Naruto was speechless "I-I-I don't want you to be my slave why would you even ask me to do that?" Kyuubi just stared at him confused "I don't see the problem, you get a powerful and loyal slave at your command along with half of my power, I don't understand why you don't want this?"

Naruto looked the Kitsune clearly surprised that she was so willing to give up her freedom so easily, as if it was a simple business deal. Taking a deep breath Naruto responded "because it's wrong to keep someone as a slave no one as the right to control another like their some kind of toy, everyone deserve to be free." Kyuubi looked at the blond and didn't know what to say, she had him and complete control of the greatest of demons and he threw it away because he didn't want take away her freedom. She didn't know whether to cry at his kindness or call him an idiot for his stupidity.

Despite his words Kyuubi had to do this, if she wanted her redemption for her past crimes she may have committed she had to do this, no, she wanted to this. For some reason she wanted serve this boy she felt drawn to him and felt this strange warmth in her chest and she wanted to understand it.

Since Naruto was going to give in Kyuubi did the only thing she could. She got on her knees and bowed to Naruto. Naruto was surprised to see this, no one had ever bowed to him before not to make a request and especially not out of respect to him. Kyuubi didn't do anything for a while but then spoke "Uzumaki Naruto, for my past actions I have committed great sins and dishonored my name, please let me become your slave to redeem my self for my past actions."

After hearing, this Naruto was left speechless. He didn't how to respond at hearing all of this, he had seen in movies that when people did this it was meant to be beyond serious. He wanted to say no, he didn't want a slave but he didn't want her to suffer anymore the she already had. Seeing no other way Naruto made his decisions "Kyuubi no Kitsune" the fox demon looked up with hope in her eyes "I accept your offer and allow you to become my slave and serve me."

After hearing, this Kyuubi stood up and looked at her new master straight into his eyes and a smile on her face. Then she dove her hand into her stomach where the seal was still smiling "Thank-you…My Master" and a white light fill the room and everything went silent.

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