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Master of Kyuubi ch4

Sarutobi had been a ninja nearly all of his life and in that time he had seen many things in his long life, things that were beautiful, horrific, amazing and tragic. However, even with all of his experience nothing prepared him for the sight in front of him.

He had remembered the Night the Kyuubi attacked. He had remembered the destruction it had caused and the death of so many people that happened because of it. He remembered seeing both the life of his predecessor and his wife taken away in order to stop to the monster that trying to destroy their home and give Naruto a future. To this day, Sarutobi was haunted by nightmares of the demon fox being released and taking not only Naruto's life but lives of everyone in the village as well. He had been tormented by thousands of possible "what if" scenarios that could have happen if such a thing ever accrued. However, what he was seeing in front of them was not one of them.

Naruto was holding a crying Kyuubi in his arms and rubbing the top of her head, mostly on her ears since she seemed to like that "it's okay, Kyuu-chan." While he was trying, Kyuubi wasn't taking it well as she kept her face into Naruto's shoulder "I'm s-sorry (hic) master."

Sarutobi couldn't tell what was bothering him more the somewhat heartwarming innocence of a poor boy he looked after like a grandchild or the smell of burnt food that was filling his old nose. Seeing that the demon for whatever reason wasn't an apparent threat, for now anyway, he decided it was time to break up this heart filled moment and have a talk with Naruto.

So the old man made a loud cough and got the attention of both boy and demon "Naruto…about that tea and we still need to talk." Naruto nodded and turned to Kyuubi "kyuu-chan can you make some green tea for me and the old man here." Kyuubi looked at the old Hokage with still not trusting and even a little upset that he made master let go of her "why should make tea for this old monkey?" Naruto just let out a frustrated sigh "Kyuu-chan" he said with an authoritative tone which caused Kyuubi to flinch and admitted defeat "yes, master" and went to prepare the tea.

Sarutobi just looked at the two, clearly not expecting the Kyuubi that had attacked his village to be so obedient towards its jailer. This along with other questions and concerns began to invade his mind as he looked over the young blond and the demon who was pouring the hot tea carefully into the cup in front of him. She then came over and placed what looked to be a cracked and somewhat dirty cup and began to poured the tea into it, spilling it a bit and letting it overflow onto the table and near him. Sarutobi just looked at the demon who just gave an innocent looking smirk and asked, "Is something wrong, old monkey" in an innocent like voice. Ignoring her Sarutobi took a sip and found it to be somewhat pleasant to the taste. After a few more sips he decided it was time to get to business. He looked at the boy who was having another cup of tea from the demon and cleared his thought "Naruto we need to discuss your…vassal.

The two looked at the old man confused as they both titled their heads and asked "vassal?"

Sarutobi just chuckled at this "a vassal is a person who is personal servant whom dedicates their lives to serving a lord or noble till their death."

Naruto just sat in thought "I guess it does sound better than a slave, what do you think kyuu-chan?"

Kyuubi just looked at her master with a smile "whatever makes you happy master, would you like some more tea?"

Naruto just smiled at nodded his head while Kyuubi just poured more tea and Sarutobi just chuckled at the two. However, he went back to being serious "Naruto, I hope you understand the trouble you have caused by allowing the Kyuubi out of its cell and how the village will react when they get word of this."

The blond just looked and the old man concerned.

Sarutobi noticed that knew he would regret this "what happen five years ago was horrific and many people still bear the scars of that night well within them. Greif is a powerful thing and can drive even the kindest man to commit to revenge without a second thought, and as for your vassal is concerned many in this village will demand her life exchange for lives of all the loved ones that were lost."

Naruto looked at Kyuubi concerned while the demon just looked down at the ground refusing to make eye contact. Naruto just looked at the old man with a glare "you can't do that old man."

Sarutobi just sighed "Naruto, I'm sorry but I must do for the safety of the village and the demon must pay for the crimes it committed."

Naruto just slammed his hands against the table "but Kyuu-chan couldn't have attacked the village, she was locked in a cell all her life until I let her out.

This caused Sarutobi to pause "explain" he asked.

Naruto just looked at Kyuubi who was curious as well "Kyuu-chan said she was in her cage all her life, so if she had their all this time she couldn't have attacked the village, hell she's just as old as I am, old man, you can't punish her for something another demon did, that's not fair".

Sarutobi could tell this was going to be difficult for the boy to understand but he had to what was best for the village, until he released something Naruto had said, "Naruto-kun, you said that the Kyuubi was locked in her cell this whole time, that she has no knowledge of anything from before, correct?"

Naruto just nodded his head real fast and looked at Kyuubi who just stood there in thought, "red hair." The two looked at her confused "I…remember…a woman with red hair, she was warm and held me for a time but she soon left."

Naruto looked at Kyuubi with confusion but Sarutobi had a look of alarm on his face the he quickly hid it and looked at the blond "Naruto, I need to assemble the council right away and let the rest of the village know about this, I want you and…your vassal, to stay here until I call you."

Naruto nodded his head but then realized something "hey old man, can we get some ramen fist, I'm hungry."

Sarutobi just gave the young blonde a stern look "no, this has to be taken care of right away Naruto."

The blond just glared at the old man "but I'm hungry, old man." Sarutobi just gave him a stern look but the blonde just returned it was a sour glare "you just don't want to get me any because you're cheap and want to read that stupid book of yours."

The old Hokage just gave an angry and somewhat alarmed look "I'm not cheap Naruto, your just a glutton and a bottomless pit and what were you doing in my private studies, you brat."

As the two argued Kyuubi just stood there confused 'what's ramen?'

After enough time arguing the old man and young blonde finally stopped after the Hokage made a valid threat to cut off Naruto's ramen supply that shut him up. After that the old man began to leave, Kyuubi began to follow him so he could get past the barrier and away from her master. The whole time they were walking Kyuubi kept glaring at the old man who turned to her and asked "it there a problem?" Kyuubi just narrowed her eye's "master doesn't like you, so I don't like you, you stupid old monkey."

The old village leader just looked at the young demon blackly and then smiled and even began to laugh a bit much to the confusion of the young kitsune, the old man just smiled and said "it's nice for Naruto to have finally found a friend."

Kyuubi just looked at the old man unable to hide her confusion as she asked "friend."

Hearing this, the old man gave a kind smile he was well known for throughout the younger generation "a friend is someone special to you, someone you know you can trust with your life and more, they are someone who is with you in times both good and bad they are always with you, no matter what." The demon just looked at the old man stunned by this as he kept walking away never seeing the huge grin on his face.

Eventually the two had reached the barrier and saw a whole squad of ANBU waiting on the other side just waiting for anything. Kyuubi just looked at the old man still confused but it didn't stop her from opening a small hole in the barrier. It was clear she wasn't going to let it down anytime soon and was only going to let the Hokage out. As the old man was walking Kyuubi called out to him "hey, old monkey." Sarutobi just turned to the demon and noticed a look of discomfort "you…you said I was master's friend…does…does that make special to him."

The old man just looked at the demon with a smile "you're his first friend, which means you have a special place in his heart." Hearing this, Kyuubi's ears shoot straight up and large blush appeared on her face and the hole to the barrier closed rather fast. The old leader just smiled at this and turned to one of subordinate "assemble the council; Naruto has caused yet another head ach.

(Back in the barrier)

Kyuubi pondered the words of the old man as she walked back towards her master home never noticing the extra skip in her step while she walked.

When she waked back into the apartment she saw her master back at the table his head lying on it looking depressed. The fox demon walked over to master to see what was wrong "master…is something the matter?"

The young blonde just looked at the demon with watery eye's "There's no ramen kyuu-chan."

Kyuubi just looked at her master feeling pity and sadness from the dead look in his eye's "it's okay master, I'm sure we can get you some ramen later, when the old monkey returns."

Naruto just looked at his demon with and even sadder "but I'll die if I don't get any ramen."

Hearing this Kyuubi turned pure white in fear 'MASTER WILL DIE WITHOUT RAMEN' she thought to herself and came to a decision as she looked towards her master "don't worry master, I'll save you" and made a rush to the door.

The young blonde just looked at the door confused.

(Outside the barrier)

Many of the Jonin had left to guard the Hokage on his way back to the tower, but the one left behind were not happy that they had to guard the barrier "this sucks," one of them shouted. His fellow guard to him with a questioning look "after all this time, we finally have the proof to get rid of that filthy demon brat but instated of doing what must be done, where stuck guarding not one but two monster, what the hell the Hokage thinking?"

His partner look at him with a mixture of pity and anger "I'm sure, Hokage-sama knows what he is doing, so I'd advise you to watch your mouth. And second, Naruto isn't a monster; he's just a kid, after what we just saw that should be obvious, even to an idiot." The other guard wasn't convinced and just scoffed angrily.

Before anything else could be said between the two, the barrier began to glow and started swirl around the middle of one of the walls. The Shinobi guarding it stood ready for anything, until a hand appeared from beyond the barrier, followed by another and soon a head and then an entire body was soon visible and just sitting there.

Kyuubi looked down at the all the men who were guarding the barrier and as much as she wanted to teach them a lesson about trying to hurt her master, she knew she didn't have the time. She had to go out and get some ramen for her master or he would most likely die a horrible death, in her mind anyway. She began to channel her energy into the barrier and let it build up until.

As the guards were about to make a move a bright light sudden appeared flashed from where Kyuubi was sitting and shoot her off into the distance. The only thing anyone heard besides the ringing was a loud "BANZAI" in the background.

(Several miles above the village)

High in the air the Kyuubi looked down at the village of the leaf in awe at just large a place it was. She kept her eyes open for any signs of ramen that she could give to her master and make him happy. However, much to her annoyance she noticed one thing about village 'ALL THESE BIULDINGS LOOK THE SAME UP HERE, AND WHAT THE HELL IS RAMEN!' Seeing that she wasn't going to get a further in her search, she began to notice she was beginning to fall and looked around for a place to land.

She noticed a large tree to with an open area below her and began to adjust herself so she could land on it and after that she would began her search. After getting the angel right she managed to land on the top tree with ease and began to think of what to do next. When she heard something from below and looked to see a group of children who were surrounding a small girl whose back was against the tree. She could tell the girl was scared and the other children had a grin on their faces she didn't like. Seeing that this wasn't her problem so she decided to just forget about it and move on with her task and gather the ramen for her master. Until, she was suddenly stopped by an image of Naruto, he was lying bloodied and surrounded by people with the same grin the children had all around him appeared in her mind and forced her to stop. Looking back at the group and onto the next set of trees she found it hard to decide what to do until she noticed the leader of group pull out something and forced her to act.

(With the group of children)

The group of children and finally managed to get their prey into a corner and the leader of the group step forward "we finally got you, you Hyuuga freak."

The young Hyuga stood there with tears in her eyes and cowered in fear as she tried to find a way to escape, but sadly there was none.

The leader stood right in front of the young girl his twisted smile never leaving his face as he rose his hand and smacked her across the face "you Hyuuga think you're so special because of your freaky eyes, don't cha" he asked her and when she didn't answer he smacked her again a bit harder "I asked you a question."

The Hyuuga trembled in fear and tried to answer "n-no" only for to receive an even harder slap to the face that had knocked her to the ground, she tried to get up only for the leader to place his foot on her head and keep her pinned down. As the Hyuuga tried to get up the leader eventually took his foot of her and kicked her.

After that he and his friends started to laugh out loud as the young Hyuuga began to cry. Looking around she saw an opening between two the older boys and thought she could make a run for since the leader was too busy laughing to notice her. Seeing her chance she got to her feet, but before she could take her first step she noticed a sharp blade in front of her.

Looking over to the leader who was just smiling while holding the blade "where do you think you're going, were not done talking yet, Hyuuga." Many of the other children began to whisper a bit nervous about just how far their leader was going but he just ignored them "Nice, isn't it, I took it from my older brother when he wasn't looking and thought It would be fun to try it out on something or someone."

Hinata began to shiver in fear as the leader kept moving the blade back and forth just inches away from her face. Before the leader could make any more threats a reddish orange blur passed by him and forced to step back due to sight in front of him. What he saw looked like a girl but she had strange dog like ears and nine tails behind her and it didn't help that her ruby red eyes were focused straight at him. Without even realizing it the leader and figured out that he had stopped breathing and took a breath only for the blade he was holding to suddenly break into several pieces like it had been cut.

Looking at the thing in front of him and seeing the nine tails in wither he soon figured out what was in front of him "it-it's the Kyuubi, the demon that blonde freak had inside him, it's come here to kill us." He said this franticly looking at the other children only to notice they had already left and that he now alone to deal with a monster. Holding the severed blade in front of him and shacking in fear he said "stay back….monster."

Kyuubi just looked at the poor fool and front and put a smirk on her and flexed her claws and dropped pieces of metal between her fingers. When the leader saw this he suddenly realized that it was once a part of the blade he was now carrying. Kyuubi gave the human another smirk and showed off her claws one last time before she crouched down on all fours and lined up her back looking like a predator ready to pounce on its pray. The Leader seeing the danger he was in, did the only thing he could and drop the blade and ran as fast as he could.

Once he was out of sight, Kyuubi looked towards the person the kids were picking on and noticed something about her that caught her interest.

Hinata wasn't scared anymore, no; she was terrified for her life at this point. In front of her was the demon Kyuubi no Kitsune, the demon that had attacked and nearly destroyed the village years ago. The members of the clan who had actually served that night had told frightening stories of the monster fox and what it had done to their allies and loved ones. Now, that same demon that had killed so many was now standing in front of her ready to attack and kill her as well. The demon still stood on all fours and began moving towards her, its tails straight; its blood red eye's locked on to her as it moved closer and closer to her until it was in arms reach. Hinata not seeing any way out closed her eyes and waited for the monster to get her and for the end to come.

At least that what she waited for, after what seemed like hours nothing happen and Hinata began to open her eye's and to her horror the demon was sitting right in front of her and was staring her down. Trembling with fear the demon just looked at her with a curious look on her face and began to lift it hand towards her. Soon she noticed a clawed finger was getting closer and closer to her until it stopped and a grin began to form on the demons mouth as it spoke "you have pretty eyes."