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Ren sighed a little to himself after being ignored, yet again. It had been about three days since his mother had shown Kyoko the picture of him when he was little, and it didn't go down well. Kyoko's previous good mood had been completely dispelled; she'd come marching up to him while he was up to his elbows in suds and dishes, demanding to know why he didn't say he was Corn? Ren stood shocked, waiting for his synapses to start firing again. He immediately reverted to his Tsuruga Ren personality, and politely denied all knowledge. If anything it made her angrier. She'd actually thrown the little picture in his face, or near enough, before stomping off to her room. He heard her later that night crying from shock and loss, but knew he wasn't exactly the suitable person to deal with it. He'd sent Julie in.

Really, he was just unlucky. Unlucky that his mother had a picture of him in her bag. Unlucky that she'd decided to show it to Kyoko. Unlucky that she'd recognised him. Well, it really wasn't his mother's fault; she hadn't known about the secret history he'd had with Kyoko so long ago, lifetimes ago. He'd changed so much since then. Now that she knew, he'd had to try and explain to her why he had not told her he was her fairy prince before, even when she was crying over him. He felt bad about that, torn even, wanting to comfort her, wanting to keep his secret, wanting her. He didn't realise she was just annoyed that he hadn't told her at the same time; and just when she thought he trusted her!

Julie had been the one to convince Kyoko to stay; she'd been all for going back to the Daruma couple. Julie told her that she wanted to get to know her other child, and it was much better if they stayed in the same place. So, she had stayed. But she hadn't spoken one word to him since, other than a frosty 'Thank you' when he held the door open for her, as he'd always done before. It was as if he didn't exist. She still smiled brightly at everyone (except him) and talked (but not to him) and cooked food for everyone at his apartment (still for him. She seemed to still want him to eat. That was good, right?). His father was covertly laughing at him, and even Yashiro mentioned he was developing a pout. A pout. And Yashiro still didn't even know exactly what was going on, but if Kyoko kept acting like this everyone would soon know that they'd had a fight.

'A lover's tiff!', laughed his mother.

Now they were back at work, and Mayui's new manager was once again ambushing him the moment he walked in the door. Kyoko didn't seem to like it, but she was angry at him and so ignored it, walking away to chat happily with one of the stagehands. No help from there today. Ren took it as part of his punishment. Maybe if he suffered more obviously, she'd give in.


Kyoko pursed her lips briefly before turning away, her face morphing back into an innocent smile. Acting was becoming more and more a part of her everyday life. She could see how Ren did it... No. No thinking about him. Even if that horrible fake lady was trying to molest him.

Right now, she had got over the two shocks she'd received: one, Ren was Kuu's son; two, Ren was Corn, her Fairy Prince. She could forgive him for not telling her the first when they first met Kuu, but the second? Particularly when he'd already told her some of his past! She was really just angry at the memory. She had to remind herself to be mad at him. Julie she loved more with every passing day, Kuu was just as eccentric as ever, in his own way, but Ren... Ren was always there. She could constantly feel his presence, wherever they were. Before she had not minded it, she'd welcomed it even, but now it was a thorn that needled her. Kyoko had grown so accustomed to him being there. There were times when she felt like saying something and would start to turn around, only to stop uncomfortably then continue what she was doing. It made for a very awkward day, plus the growing feeling of guilt as she knew Ren would apologise, if she didn't keep cutting him off.

Now she chatted happily with a stage hand, the Natsu part of her enjoying Ren's discomfort but at the same time resenting the woman who caused it. Her characters were really starting to make themselves know. If any normal person went to a doctor and mentioned that they had personalities that sometimes took over, they'd be sent to an institution. As it was, she gathered that most actors had similar problems; characters they'd given their all into creating, strong characters, sometimes existed concurrently to their own consciousness.

Suddenly, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She paused for a second, her lips tightening slightly before she turned determinately around with a polite but dismissive smile on her face, totally prepared to breeze away and ignore a certain sempai. However, it wasn't Ren, it was Daijiro. The other actor smiled down at her and made a small motion with his head to move a little away. Kyoko excused herself from the stage hand, who cheerfully waved and got on with their work, and took the gallantly offered hand Daijiro had extended. Normally she wouldn't, but she was feeling annoyed and petty.

"Hello, Kyoko-chan, I haven't seen you in a while. Our schedules keep missing each other." Daijiro murmured, his face close to her ear. Kyoko smiled at him.

"I know, it's been pretty hectic, but we'll soon be able to finish the filming. I've seen some of the editing that they've been doing with the completed scenes; it's really good!" Kyoko exclaimed. Daijiro seemed a little confused that she wasn't flattered by his attentions, but Kyoko didn't notice. He tried again.

"It's a pity we don't see more of each other." He said. How smooth.

Kyoko nodded, "I always thought it's best to have a strong bond between the main cast, because then they can work better together. Although, you and I don't really interact much. Chauvelin's main target is Re-" she stopped, frowning slightly, "Never mind."

She did not want to think about Ren right now. A glance over to where she felt his presence showed him reclining on a chair, no doubt studiously re-reading his lines from one of the scripts that were always scattered around the place. His silky black hair fell over his forehead into his eyes, and Kyoko felt the urge to walk over and fix it, an urge that she instantly quashed. She turned back to a somewhat bemused male actor.

"I'm sorry, is there some problem?" Daijiro asked politely .

"No, I'm just a little out of it today!" Kyoko replied cheerfully, smiling her version of Ren's courteous paparazzi smile.

"Well, I hope you're up for today's scenes." Daijiro joked, so hell bent on flirting with her he didn't realised that he was being somewhat offensive to someone who took their work as seriously as Kyoko. Plus she was having a bad day. To her credit, she didn't attack him with her demons, but that's not to say she didn't want to. She frowned at him, and said that she'd be perfectly fine, thank you. The she stomped moodily over to her dressing room and dumped her bag with a little more force than needed. She felt like calling Moko, but no doubt the other girl was busy with her own work. Her best friend had also recently got a good role in a TV drama, which was going to start airing in two months.

Sighing, Kyoko got to fixing her hair in preparation for the next scene. She wasn't needed for another half hour or so, but Ren had an earlier scene and she still caught a lift with him. Kyoko was not generally inclined to sulking; usually she just let out what she thought and if she heard a suitable response, she forgave and forgot. At the moment, she was simply making herself miserable, and she knew it. Julie had promised that she'd come around after the filming and they could go to lunch together, so that was incentive.

She heard a crash. Someone, probably the director, shouted immediately afterwards, then the low murmuring of a crowd of people. She suddenly felt a pain in her right shin, and instantly pushed her chair back in favour of running out the door to the filming room. As she thought, there was a large group of crewmembers and actors gathered around, with more people coming to see what the fuss was about. There was glass on the floor.

Pushing her way into the group, Kyoko heard Shinkai calling for everyone to get back to work, and that it was nothing major. A stage hand dragged a hefty light stand away from the centre of the hall. It had evidently been knocked over, and the large bulbs smashed on impact. Kyoko winced. Those things were expensive, the Director wouldn't be happy. More importantly though, was Ren, who was currently moving awkwardly to sit down on one of the side chairs. The right leg of his sensible black pants was wet looking and ripped, and although no colour was visible Kyoko knew it was wet with blood. Yashiro ran out the room, to go and find a first aid kit. The light had splintered and shards had flown out to cut Ren's lower leg.

Kyoko stood as the crowd started dispersing, watching as Ren tried in vain to calm down a young man with scraggly black hair and pimples, probably an apprentice, who was evidently responsible for the injury. He kept bowing, despite Ren's polite smile and assurances that it was not painful and he could still act fine. He had not yet noticed her. Kyoko watched as a drop of blood made its way down Ren's shoe to pool on the floor. It was followed by another, then another, but not too much. She suddenly felt extremely annoyed at herself, for being so immature.


Yashiro returned with the first aid kit, slightly puffed from running around the building to get one. He'd been right there when the accident happened; the silly boy was too busy staring at Ren to keep a watch on the heavy lap he was carrying. When he tripped, it slipped and Ren had moved forward to try to grab it, but it was too late. The glass bulbs had exploded outwards and caught him on the lower shin, ripping though his fashionable suit pants. Luckily, Yashiro knew the wounds themselves were not bad; Ren would've signalled him if they were.

When he re-entered the room, he saw Kyoko standing staring at Ren who was smiling away a troubled teen. She looked sort of angry, and when she saw him, she stomped over. Yashiro backed off a step. Kyoko merely took the first aid kit from him and went to help Ren, without saying a word. He smiled. He'd noticed that things had been decidedly cool between them recently, and he was glad it seemed to be ending. Good thing too. He'd hate to have to trip up more workers; Shinkai wouldn't give him any more.


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