The Curse of the Black Cat


"Oh a black cat, do you want to come home with me?"

On a late night on a weekend, college student Amu Hinamori was out doing chores. She needed more milk for her apartment. At this time, she met a black cat. This black cat was hurt on the arm, a cut not too deep. She held out her hand to it, in return, it scratched back.

"I'm guessing you're a boy. Well, little cat; I am not going to leave until you come home with me."

There was a bench nearby the cat. She sat down next to it, waiting for it's movement. Thirty minutes had passed, Amu was still there. The little black cat didn't want her to get sick for his sake so he walked toward her, leaning on her with his answer.

"Haha, you're very stubborn you know that?"

She carried the black cat to her apartment. The landlord knew Amu very well so she allowed her to let the cat stay in the apartments. Amu's apartment was like any other apartment: two rooms: a bedroom and a living room that was connected to the kitchen.

She brought the black cat to her living room and brought some leftover fish from the refrigerator.

"I hope you feel better. You know, I should give you a name."

The cat looked at Amu, and thought,

"Is she really going to let me live here?"

"From the first time I saw you, only one name appeared in my head: Ikuto. I'll call you Ikuto then."

Amu smiled. She wasn't alone anymore. After Tadase had left for France, she had no one to rely on. Finding Ikuto had made her day. By the time she had stopped thinking about Tadase, it was 11 at night. Amu has school tomorrow so she needed much sleep as possible.

"Ikuto! Come here!"

Ikuto appeared from the hallway and jumped on Amu's bed to lie on her lap.

"Ikuto, this bell will tell me where you are. Don't ever take it off okay?"

Ikuto nodded. She put the bell on a ribbon and tied it to Ikuto's neck. He didn't mind being tied; he had faced worse things before. Amu got under the blankets and turned off the lights.

"Oyasumi, Ikuto."

Ikuto laid right next to her on her pillow with his bell on him.

In the middle of the night, the bell started to glow and eventually surrounded Ikuto's body. In the morning, Amu woke up due to the sun's rays. She turned right to see Ikuto. But he it wasn't a little black cat anymore, it was a blue haired man.

"Oh, he's so pretty…….. Wait, why is there a hot guy in my bed?!"


"Oyasumi" means "good night" in Japanese.

Here it is. The prologue. Haha. I would love to hear comments. I hope you liked this story so far!