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~The Fall~

~Chapter One:~
~Fall from Purity~

The boy was a walking demon magnet, that's the only reason he ever followed him. Well… That's the only reason he'd ever tell the slayer. Guaranteed spot of violence for the resident vampire and the Zeppo found a new purpose in the group. What he'd never tell the slayer is that he enjoyed watching that cute ass wiggle as he walked though the graveyard, claiming it to be the shortest way home. Honestly did the boy have a death wish?

Sometimes Spike wondered, however, if that were the case. On more than one occasion he had followed Xander LaVelle Harris home and on more than one occasion he saw the boy hesitate to go inside. This piqued Spike's curiosity as to what the boy would fear if he did not fear all nasty things that go bump in the night, especially a certain William the Bloody, chipped or not. So, being careful as to not be seen, the vampire snuck his way in one night. He was able to get in as Xander had never taken back his invite after Spike had lived in the basement, so the way was still open.

What he saw made his anger rise and his blood lust crest. It was no wonder the boy had so many bruises. On the particular occasion that Spike had decided to actually enter the Harris house without direct invitation at the time, he saw Xander's father in a drunken stupor pound on the boy for one stupid reason or another, not that Tony Harris needed any reason in his state to beat Xander.

The thing that angered Spike the most was his mother, also obviously drunk, did nothing to stop it. He watched the boy slink off to the basement as if exiled from the very family that spawned him. It also put new light in Spike's eyes. Having been cast out from his family as well, after Darla left and Angel got his soul, he too had no one. All except for Dru and she left for a bloody chaos demon.

Spike left that night with a new thing to do at the top of his list, kill the Harris's for ever treating Xander the way they treated him, that was right below getting his chip neutralized, so once the chip was gone he had a pretty good idea where he was going to head first. Sod the slayer; he didn't really need to kill her or her little lackeys. Lighting up a cigarette he smirked. He'd just take the boy, make him his, and after the family were dead leave the country with him. Perhaps Prague or Venice would suit the boy, either way he'd have his day to wreak vengeance in Xander's name and become William the Bloody once more.


This time was particularly hard to bear. His dad was drinking again, so was his mother, and as soon as he came in he got spotted. Xander had hoped he'd be able to just make it to the basement and tuck himself away before he got spotted, but spotted he was. His father called out his name while coming over. He turned just in time for a fist to collide with his face. He fell to the floor and remained there as he knew getting up would only provoke his father further.

The large man went on about being home late and worried his mother and something stupid he didn't really mean. All the words Xander just ignored and lay there, he knew the less he struggled the sooner it would be over. Which meant the sooner he'd get downstairs to lick his wounds.

Xander looked around his basement and was about to head in to find the first aid kit when a pair of hands grabbed him from behind. Never had his father followed him down, and he was suddenly frightened that this would be it, that he'd die. But when he turned his chocolate brown eyes met icy blue.

Xander just about jumped back, and would have if not for the steal grip holding him, "Settle down mate, I saw what happened."

"Come to mock me have you? The Zeppo strikes again, "Gee what did you do to provoke him this time?" yeah?" Xander was on the defensive, as most of the time he and the bleached vampire traded harsh words at each other's expense.

"I said settle down, I'm not here to mock or gloat or whatever your demented mind can come up with. Now set down, where's the first aid kit?" Spike made sure Xander sat on the couch that doubled as his pull out bed before started to search for it.

Xander watched him suspiciously, never had Spike done anything for them, unless it meant he got something in the end. "What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be stalking helpless victims wishing you could bite again?"

"Har har Harris. I'll have you know I could feed if I wanted, just find someone to kill 'em first then I drain 'em." Spike was still rummaging around for the first aid kit, not paying much attention to Xander and his harsh words, he was going to clean the boy up, put him to bed, and start plotting on how he was going to get the soddin chip neutralized so he could see to it the so called parents upstairs met their end by his hands. "Now where's the bloody first aid kit?"

Xander sighed, slumping on the couch deciding to give up any fight. For all he knew Spike was just there waiting for him to kick the bucket so he could drain him. "It's in the bathroom cabinet." The words were said so softly that had Spike not had his supernatural hearing he would not have heard them.

With the kit in hand, Spike returned back to the main area of the basement and sat it on the table. He knelt down next to Xander and looked up, "Alright, down to your knickers."

"My what?" Xander squeaked. He tried not to squeak, he really tried to sound manly, but when you had a vampire of 120 some years kneeling at your side telling you to get naked, you would be a bit put off too.

"God, are you daft? Your knickers ya know your boxer shorts. I know your too self conscious to go commando. I gotta see what damage was done so I can fix you up." Spike looked frustrated, but that wasn't anything new really. He was always frustrated having to work with the scoobies and the slayer, especially the slayer.

Somewhat reluctantly, Xander began to shrug himself out of his coat; he was having some trouble as his back was sore from getting kicked. Spike noticed this and got up going around back and helping to pull the jacket off. "Ya know Harris; you'd do better to ask for help when ya bloody well need it."

Jacket on the floor, and Xander was unbuttoning the horrible Hawaiian shirt that made Spike's eyes hurt just looking at it. Once again he helped pull that off Xander's arms. "I don't need help; I'm just stiff from the walk home."

"Yeah an I'm the bloody queen of England. Arms up…" Spike didn't want for Xander to comply and grabbed the hem of the wife beater underneath and started to tug it upwards.

Once the shirt had cleared Xander's head he looked back at Spike, "How are you today your majesty?"

Spike gave him a stale look. "Har bloody har, 3000 comedians out of work an you're tryin to break into the business."

"Since when did this banter become second nature Spike? I mean it feels almost routine." Xander asked as Spike came back around and started to examine Xander's bruises and injuries from the beating. Most obvious was where Xander got punched in the face as he was coming into the house.

"Since we started to enjoy burning each other with the banter." Spike looked up and gripped Xander's chin so he could turn his head to view the bruise on the side of his face at a different angle. "Gonna have a nice shiner there for a few days." Spike got up and headed to the kitchenette there in the basement and started to gather some ice for Xander's head.

Xander shook his head watching Spike, "What are you doing here, and why are you pretending to care? Or no, who are you and what have you done with the real Spike?" Xander watched Spike return from the kitchenette holding a dish towel with ice cubes in it and came over. He held it to Xander's head waiting for the boy to take the hint and hold it there.

"Maybe I do care…" He knelt down next to Xander again this time making sure his ice blue eyes met the chocolate brown he so enjoyed getting lost in. "Maybe I understand what it's like to have so called family abandon an break you. Dru was there for me when Darla left after Angeles got that soul back. As nutty as she was at least somewhere in that damaged brain of hers she understood. After a bad fight she'd always come an lick my wounds clean until they healed. Sometimes I thought it was just for the blood or whatever, but I didn't care. It was comfort and everyone, even demons, need comfort sometimes." He saw Xander try to speak and he held up his finger.

"Got more, yeah I'm a regular wind bag tonight but your gona listen. After Dru left an I got this sodden chip implanted yeah it was a bad time an yeah…" He rubbed the back of his neck "I tried to stake myself but I got though it. It was hard but I did it. An I know you can get though this Xander. The way I know that is I'm gona make sure you leave this rat hole of a town an make something of yourself, even if it's just working your way up in the working world, or even college if you see fit to it. But I'm not letting you let yourself get down because of the bastard upstairs. In fact as soon as this bloody chip comes out he's first on my hit list."

Xander watched Spike for a long moment, opening his mouth and closing it again a few times, and then finally spoke. "So Buffy isn't number one anymore?"

Spike couldn't help but laugh. "No, she's on there though. But I figure if it's between killin' her an makin' sure you get the hell out of here, with me preferably, I'd skip killin the slayer."

Xander looked at Spike firmly "And Willow and Tara?"

Spike snickered. "Why would I want to kill those birds? They're nice, Red makes me cookies."

That made Xander to smile a bit but winced as the movement caused pain in his head. Spike went back to examining Xander's wounds. "Spike, do you really care? This isn't some mind fuck you're going for right? I mean, not killing my friends of the good, but I don't want to follow you halfway around the world just to have you leave me some where laughing your ass off at me."

Spike's hands stilled on Xander's body as he was checking for any bleeding wounds or broken bones. "Xander, I don't put much effort into things if it's just a mind fuck. If I take you halfway round the world then I mean it. The only one I ever traveled with was Dru, and you see how long I stuck with her." He went back to his examination. He enjoyed feeling the toned muscle that Xander had. As crappy as the odd jobs he had were, they still toned him up well.

"Spike I…" Xander stopped and seemed to think and then looked up at Spike. "I know vampires don't care about the gender of their partner but… How could you possibly know I swing that way?"

Spike couldn't help but snicker at that "obvious innit? You were chasing after those birds so hard, something had to be up. I figured yeah you like em well enough, but you really wanted a bloke. "

"It was that obvious huh?" Xander sounded a bit put off.

Spike smiled, "only to me, I bet. Experience an all that. The others I doubt had a clue. For all they knew you were really flirting with them." Spike stopped to think a moment, "Come to think of it, you probably were in love with Red for a while, she's been your friend since you were kids right? So, it's not that hard to believe."

Xander watched as Spike went back to caring for his wounds. There was a nasty cut on his cheek and Spike was about to do something with that one but stopped looking at Xander. He leaned up slowly until he was close enough to the cut and carefully licked it the full length. Xander closed his eyes and gasped softly, "Spike, don't start something you might not want to finish."

Spike smiled, "Vampire saliva pet, heals anything." He cupped Xander's cheek and turned his head to examine the area where the cut use to be and smirked. The flesh seemed unmarked by anything, as the cut had disappeared. "Perfect."

Xander shivered a little and looked down at Spike, "well, if that was the only reason then… I guess that's okay." Something in Xander's voice told him that maybe he'd want it to be more.

Spike just nodded, "And what if it wasn't the only reason? Would it change anything?"

"Of course it would. If it weren't the only reason I'd want to pull you into my lap and kiss you senseless," Xander replied as he grabbed Spike's hand that cupped his cheek and held it in his grip. If Spike really wanted to get away he could, but he really didn't want to.

Spike slowly got up and slid into Xander's lap, so that his thighs were on either side of Xander's legs and grinned, "Sounds like a bloody good idea to me pet." Spike slowly leaned in and sealed his lips against Xander's, initiating the hottest, most intimate kiss either of them had ever shared with anyone.

As Spike slowly pulled away Xander sucked on his bottom lip a bit before letting it go, "So, I'll take that as a yes?"

"For going with you? I'm yours…" Xander spoke softly, "I have no loyalty to my parents, if I can even call them that. I have no real purpose here, so why not?"

Spike smirked and leaned over again to kiss him, bracing his hands on the back of the couch as he did, "You won't regret it pet," Spike then got up off the couch and looked at Xander, "better not tell them lot with the slayer…" He scratched his head, "well, maybe Red cause I know she'd understand, but the rest of them best to leave in the dark."

Xander nodded setting up stiffly, "Yeah, I think I will tell Willow, but I'll make sure she doesn't tell anyone else until we're gone." He slowly got up trying not to over work bruised and damaged muscles. "But you gotta promise me one thing Spike, promise your gona train me to fight properly and teach me about the different demons we may come in contact with."

Spike looked at Xander a long moment then grinned, "great minds think alike pet, was planning to do that anyway. We'll start after you heal up; it'll be hard to train while your muscles are so sore an stiff." Spike was guiding Xander over to the bed, "and for now its rest, rest, rest. Pants off, now."

Xander turned around just as he got to the side of the bed and grinned, "or what?"

Spike stood straight and looked at him, "or I'll take them off you and if I have to do that I doubt they'll survive intact. In fact that's another thing we're working on, your wardrobe. I'm not gona have to look at those god awful shirts that make my eyes hurt."

Xander crossed his arms standing there, "not gona make me take them off."

Spike tilted his head in thought and then slowly advanced on Xander, backing him to the wall. He wasn't sure what kind of game Xander was playing, but he was enjoying it to no ends, "like to provoke vampires do you boy?"

Xander shivered at the tone, this was only something he'd just touched on in his life. He'd never completely explored it, but he did know it turned him on, "depends, do you plan to do something about it or just stand there and talk all day?"

Spike growled, going into game face and shoving Xander onto the bed. However he was careful not to hit any spot that may be painful, and made sure Xander fell on his ass before the rest of his body collapsed onto the bed. He then reached down flipping the boy over before carefully shredding the jeans so they fell off the boy in tatters to the floor. He was very impressed to see that the boy DID go commando tonight. He grinned, lightly running his claws along the exposed flesh, just enough to cause little red lines in their wake, "got brave did ya pet? I have to say very nice." Spike grabbed one of the strips of fabric that was left from Xander's jeans and pulled the boy's hands behind his back where he tied them loosely.

Spike then flipped Xander back over on his back and grinned seeing that the boy was enjoying this as much as he was. He palmed the ridged erection at the apex of Xander's legs and rubbed the tip with his thumb. The boy was cut here, no foreskin to get in the way, and he liked that.

Xander groaned bucking his hips up, "Spike…" Spike grinned at the needy wonton way Xander said his name.

"Have you ever done this before luv?" Spike asked as he got Xander up onto the bed more, so the boy was comfortable.

"If your asking if I've ever had anything up my ass, then yeah." Spiked liked to hear that, he leaned in closer.

"Ohhhh, tell me about it pet, what did you stick up your arse."

Xander grinned up at him, using his sexiest voice possible, "a vibrator, I came three times using it."

Spike was now rubbing his jean clad erection against Xander's leg, "And where are these toys you use?"

Xander grinned rubbing up against Spike, "they are under the bed, in a box."

Spike purred and then moved off the bed, looking under. He grinned pulling a box out and started to rummage though it, "oh you have been naughty pet. Look at all this…" He chuckled and sat the trove of goodies to the side, "Maybe later." He got back up on the bed, "The only thing up your ass tonight is gona be me."

Xander shivered, "Is that a threat?" He watched as Spike began to strip.

"That's a promise luv," Spike replied as he began working on his belt. His hips were thrust out just a little and Xander couldn't wait to see the treasures hidden beneath. From what he'd heard Spike was well endowed. Spike pulled the belt out of the loops and let it drop to the floor where his shirt had landed. His shoes were already gone so that only left his pants.

Spike easily unsnapped and unzipped his pants using one hand and let them drop. Xander was not disappointed, Spike was in fact well endowed and Xander might even call it impressive. He grinned up at Spike, "so, your just going to stand there posing all day or what? I might just have to finish without you…"

That earned him a snarl from the vampire above him, who was still in game face. He didn't really care what his friends said; he thought Spike looked sexy as hell in his vampire guise. Spike crawled on top of Xander slowly, "mine, forever and always."

Xander shivered again, this time at the determination in that single statement. He knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Spike would never abandon him. "Forever Spike and you better be prepared to put up with me that long."

Spike snorted a bit , with a nibble at Xander's shoulder. The chip gave a slight twitch in his brain, warning him not to bite. Sodding chip… "When I make a claim pet, I keep it." Spike wondered, if Xander wanted to be bitten, if the chip would go off like it usually did. He wanted to claim Xander, not hurt him, and leaving his mark on the boy would ensure his protection. No one messed with anything that belonged to William the Bloody.

"Xander, before we start I want to know, would you allow me to bite you? Not for feeding, I want to mark you. Any demon around will know who you belong to, and they'd be damned if they ever touched you…" Spike was already feeling up and down Xander's body, making the boy twitch here and there.

Xander closed his eyes, he looked as though he was thinking but really he was trying to keep himself from shivering. He always wanted to belong to something, or someone, so completely and to have a purpose. "Yes, Spike, I would want that. I'm not afraid of you hurting me, I know you won't."

Spike leaned closer; Xander could feel the cool breath on his neck as Spike scented him, "are you sure, you understand what you're getting into right?"

Xander closed his eyes, "yes now hurry up before I finish without you fangless." He heard Spike snort in a small laugh and he sat back up.

"I'm just that sexy, don't worry I have that effect on many." Spike smirked and positioned himself between Xander's legs, making the boy as comfortable as possible before reaching down and using a finger to probe his entrance. Xander closed his eyes to keep control of himself, "you wouldn't happen to have any…"

Xander cut him off before he could finish his thought. "In the top drawer, to the left." Spike smirked and reached to the drawer and pulled out a half full tube of lube. He squirted a generous amount on his fingers and started to work Xander open, a couple of times he had to clamp his fingers around the root of Xander's cock to keep him from coming too early.

Spike finally deemed him open enough and removed his fingers. He could always play with the boy later, when he had a cock ring securely around his cock and trussed up spread eagle for him. Spike licked his lips, thinking about feasting on the boy like that. He shook the thoughts from his mind, time for day dreaming later. He positioned himself at Xander's entrance and slowly pushed in. It was easy as Xander had used things on himself before, but he went slowly just to torture the boy.

No mater what the boy had done to himself, it was still a tight heat that Spike craved and made him go insane. It was so hot it was burning him. Where he had gone back to his human guise his face now shimmered into the demon he truly was, "remember when you had me tied up in that chair; too bad you never took advantage of that. That would have been hot… Maybe I'll let you tie me up eventually." Spike felt Xander's hole constrict and he groaned, "I see you like that idea pet." Spike continued to thrust hard as he talked dirty to Xander. He always loved it and figured it might put Xander over the edge, "or maybe I'll tie you up to this bed so you're spread out, helpless to me, unable to get away…"

Spike felt Xander's hole flutter and then contract hard, signaling his orgasm. Just as Xander erupted Spike leaned down and struck hard, burying his fangs into Xander's neck. Amazingly, the chip didn't even squeak. Spike pulled deep from Xander's vein, pulling a mouthful out, before removing his fangs and licking the wounds clean. Spike leaned up to Xander's ear, "Now bite me, hard as you can luv."

It only took Xander's sex fogged brain half a second to consider that and Spike felt blunt human teeth dig their way into his shoulder. He groaned thrusting deep once more before exploding into Xander's depths. Feeling Spike's cool cum flooding him spurred yet another orgasm out of Xander and Spike grinned as he felt his blood pool and be sucked into Xander's mouth.

After a second of letting Xander suck at his shoulder Spike pulled away. "That's enough luv, too much would be bad for you." He looked down at Xander, who looked totally debauched and had streaks of blood across his lips. Spike leaned over kissing and licking said lips clean. "You are a nummy treat luv, moist an delicious."

Xander lay there and just mmmed before his head rolled to the side and his eyes closed. The boy was worn out and Spike knew. He carefully pulled out of Xander, the bond was complete, he and Xander would have many long years together, and no one would dare touch him or risk Spike's wrath.

Xander wasn't sure when it had happened, but his hands had been cut free of the denim strip that had bound them, and he felt a cool wash cloth running over his overheated body. He cracked open his eyes just enough to see Spike cleaning him up.

Spike obviously noticed his state of wakefulness. "Back to sleep poppet, sunrise is soon, an I'll be joinin you soon as I get done."

"Done with what?" Xander asked, he wasn't sure he was comprehending correctly what he said or what was being said, but he knew sometime later that day he'd wake and remember everything, so he could process it then.

"Well, makin sure neither of us has to sleep in a wet spot, making sure our bond is solid, and your gona be hungry when you wake up so I set stuff out." He purposely put the bond part in the middle, so hopefully Xander wouldn't worry about it too much.

Xander mmmed before laying his head down only for it to pop back up. "Wait bond? We're bonded?" Xander took a moment then smiled "Really we're bonded?"

That wasn't exactly the reaction Spike was expecting but he wasn't complaining. "Yeah, we're bonded. It's what happens when we share blood and other body fluids. I'll explain it later, now go back to sleep luv." Spike was just getting up and sat the cloth down somewhere. He slipped into bed next to Xander and pulled the boy into his arms. He always loved sleeping next to a warm body, regardless of the gender, it was his addiction. Right about now he'd have a smoke after good sex but he wanted to make sure Xander knew he wasn't going anywhere.

Xander was close to sleep, but he just couldn't sleep, his mind wouldn't stop. He was bonded to a vampire, a vampire who obviously cared a great deal about him or it never would have happened. Yeah, he read the books and the stories in the watcher journals, when everyone thought he wasn't paying attention he was. But what surprised him the most was he wasn't afraid. In fact this opened up a whole gaggle of opportunities for him. He'd always thought he'd be stuck here on the hell mouth, but this was his chance to get out. Willow, he had to talk to Willow before anyone else. He knew she'd understand. Among all of them, she and Jessie were the only ones who knew what kind of home life he had and Willow would be happy for him that he was getting out of that situation. He wasn't sure what she'd think of Spike, but he knew she'd understand.

At this point it was obvious to Spike Xander wasn't going to sleep any time soon, he just had too much to think about at a time like this. The boy needed three things, Food, Sex, and Sleep. He'd already had the sex, damn good sex too. Exhausted as he knew Xander was the boy should be sleeping and they'd handle the food issue later.

Before Xander could think further on how to confront any of his friends about leaving he started to hear a rumbling beneath his ear where Spike's chest was. He concentrated on the sound trying to figure out what it was. It couldn't be Spike's stomach, the vampire didn't eat. Well didn't have to eat, that said he ate human food all the time. In a moment of realization Xander knew what it was, Spike was purring! The sound was oddly soothing and he snuggled closer to the cool body. His own personal AC, it had always been too hot down there in his opinion.

The purring was turned up a notch and it was a little louder, like a huge cat was in bed with him making the bed vibrate. Spike ran his cool fingers down Xander's back, soothing the boy further, and soon his snoring joined Spike's purring and Spike smiled, that little trick always worked. Of course if Xander asked him about it in the morning he'd deny it. Vampires don't purr… much…