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Heart of Ice

Chapter 1

Maiko PoV

As I walked into my new school, to my left I heard familiar sounds of tennis balls banging on the racquets. I avoided the tennis courts and headed towards the office to get my schedule, but unfortunately I got lost as I never had a good sense of direction.

Normal PoV

As Maiko turned a corner, she knocked into someone and fell back. "Oww" she mumbled as she lifted her eyelids. When she opened her eyes she was kinda surprised to see a silvered hair boy. He looks the same age as me, she thought. Niou examined the girl that just knocked into him. He looked at her black hair, slightly rounded glasses and well proportioned body. She would look prettier without her glasses. "Are you new?" he asked.

"Yeah" she replied casually

"Hn" he smirked, "You should watch where you going next time, unless you're blind!"

Maiko twitched at this statement "I am not blind, you donkey!"

"You will never get a boyfriend if you talk like that!" He walked past her and went up the stairs.

Who is that guy, he just ruined my first day at school, I hope I don't end up in the same class as him.

After 20 minutes, Maiko finally found the office, got her schedule and was now headed for class. She found her classroom and opened the door. When she walked in, she saw the person who she didn't wish to see. Why am I stuck with him of all people?

"Please introduce yourself" the teacher told her politely

"Watashi wa Maiko, yoroshiku"

"Alright, does anyone have any questions?" the teacher asked the class. Nearly the whole class raised their hands. "Ok, Kazuma-kun" the brown haired boy stood up" Do you have a boyfriend?"


"Where did you come from?"


"Do you speak English there?"

"Yes" Wow these people ask obvious questions.

"What's your favourite sport?"

" ."

"Alright class save your questions for later. Lets' see… you may sit in the desk next to Niou"

All the female population glared at her. "Who's Niou?" he asked dumbly.

"Niou-kun please raise your hand" the silver haired boy raised his hand and smirked. Maiko rolled her eyes as she went to sit in her desk next to Niou.


Break time…

Three girls walked up to Maiko while she was eating peacefully in the cafeteria. "Niou-kun is mine, don't you dare touch him!!" shouted Rima.

"I wouldn't even if you asked me to" replied Maiko in a bored and irritated way.

"Don't get ahead of yourself!" the other girl came forward.

"I can do whatever I want; I don't need you stupid fan girls to order me around."

Rima went forward and tried to slap Maiko, but she stopped her immediately by grabbing her wrist and twisting it slightly. This caused everyone in the cafeteria to stare at them. She was really pissed off, she glared at the three fan girls as she took her plate and left.

Maiko decided to cool off a bit on the rooftop. She took out her i-pod and plugged the earphones into her ears. She took off her glassed and pulled out her hair band that kept her hair up in a ponytail. She started to sing along to the music started playing. Her long black hair fluttered in the wind and a single drop of tear rolled down her cheeks.

I trembled like a child
gathering the roses
we sang for the hope
your very voice is in my heartbeat
sweeter than my dream
we were there, in everlasting bloom

The tennis regulars opened the door and was surprised to see the girl standing there, but they decided to keep quiet and listen to her beautiful singing.

Roses die,
the secret is inside the pain
winds are high up on the hill
I cannot hear you
come and hold me close
I'm shivering cold in the heart of rain
darkness falls, I'm calling for the dawn

Silver dishes for the memories,
for the days gone by
singing for the promises

another tear rolled down hr cheek, she opened her eyes to see the blurry figures standing in front of her.

They were speechless"Err"

Now she was annoyed "What do you want?" she asked impatiently.

"Never thought you could sing" Niou spoke up.

"You never asked"

"Niou, do you know this girl?" asked Yagyuu


"I see"

Yagyuu introduced himself to Maiko followed by the rest of the regulars.




"Ehh!! Long time no see, what are you doing in Japan?"

"I just started school here today"


After the bell rang, they went to their next classes. "Do you know Akaya?" asked Niou.

"What about it?" she asked.

"I was just curious why he called you Misao"

"Mind your own business"

"Why did you put your glasses back on? You looked so cute without them!" Niou commented.

Maiko blushed slightly, but hid it away before anyone saw it


After school…

Maiko met up with Kirihara who was with the other tennis regulars. "Do you have practise now?" she asked.

"No, we going to visit the buchou" replied Kirihara.


"He's in hospital"

"…I see" she was slightly hesitant.

"So are you going to join the tennis club?" he asked.

"No" Her emerald green reflected something of sadness.


"So Akaya, tell us what's your relationship with her?" asked Marui.

"We're childhood friends, but she moved to America when she was eight"

"Is that all?"

"She used to play tennis, but I don't know what happened to her while she was in America. She changed a lot, she used to kind, cheerful and strong, but just now when I asked her if she was going to join the tennis club, and she looked s if she was going to break"

"Is she any good at tennis?" Niou asked.

"She's strong; I've never even gotten a point from her before"


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