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Chapter 13

Misao woke up, only to find total darkness. Although she did not have her glasses on, she could tell that it was not her room. She decided to rely on her sense of touch until she could find the light switch. Just as she was about to slide her legs of the bed, she noticed something preventing her from doing so.

I stared at the object that was draped on top of the azure sheets. I figured that if I stare long enough, I would be able to see what it was. The dim moonlight shone through the small gap in between the drawn curtains. The glint enabled me to see what this 'object' was.

How could I not notice? His silver hair stood out and shone in the light. His lips were slightly parted, emitting light snores. His sleeping face was serene, yet it felt kind of strange. His arms were crossed on top of the bed, his face resting on the arms as support

Misao gazed at Niou's sleeping figure for a while and smiled. "Why?" she asked aloud.

She felt her cold hand touch his cheek.

"Even though Sei-chan warned me," she started, "He told me that you were a playboy, he said I would just get dumped once you got tired of me. At that time, I didn't understand what he meant by that… After all, I don't believe in love at first sight so it was kinda strange how he knew I would fall for you."

"When I first met you, I thought that your fangirls were really dumb for being so excessive as to pick on me just from sitting near you in class," she smiled ruefully, "Now that I think back, I realized how dumb I was."

She looked up at the ceiling and then back down at his face again.

"Even though I knew that this was so not Cinderella and her prince charming, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty nor was it Juliet and her Romeo," she then realized something. "Even thought Romeo and Juliet did not have such a happy ending," she added as an afterthought.

She pulled her arm away from the sleeping boy.

"How ironic… I used to be called the Ice Princess because I never let my emotions show, but whenever I'm around you everything gets messed up. Before I knew it, it was already too late; I had already fallen in love with you."

She tousled the 'Trickster's' silver hair lightly and she pushed him slightly to the side so that she could get out of bed.

As soon as she stood up, she felt a jolt of pain in her head. Her headache caused her to lose her stability. She mustered all her strength just to stand properly; she just couldn't find the energy to walk.

Just when she was about to collapse again, a strong pair of arms appeared from behind and wrapped around her. His gentle yet firm grip tightened around her.

Niou pulled her body closer to his own and spoke. "You seriously love falling, you know?"

"Niou?" she spoke softly.


Not hearing a reply, Misao tried to turn around, but was unable to because of his strong grip.

Niou let go of Misao and stepped away from her.

Realization finally struck her. 'Did he just hear everything I said?' she panicked, 'What should I do, what if he rejects me?'

She didn't want to turn around; she didn't want to face him after saying all those things. A blush crept its way to her pale cheeks.

Niou noticed the fact that Misao suddenly became quiet and he smirked. His hands reached for the pair of glasses on the desk beside the table.

"I wonder what this is, puri~" he asked playfully.

Misao turned around to look at what the boy was holding.

She couldn't really see well because it was dark and also because she was not wearing her glasses.

He walked closer to her. Misao's eyes widened when she recognized what it was. She immediately reached out for the pair of spectacles in his hand.

Niou pulled his hand away from her so that she couldn't reach it.

Judging by the way and how normally Niou acted, Misao concluded that he probably never heard her thoughts earlier on or if he did, he pretended he didn't.

Misao's heart ached as she thought of the second possibility, but she tried to hide it.

However it never escaped Niou's sharp eyes.

"I'm going to kill you for this," she threatened.

"No you won't," he responded defiantly.

"I swear I wil-" she got cut off.

He grabbed her wrist which was up in the air. "You won't, because you love me," he said affectionately.

Misao felt the blood rise to her cheeks once again. 'So he did hear me!'

He leaned closer to the raven haired girl and kissed her gently. Misao's eyes widened in shock as Niou pulled back and looked at her sincerely, "I love you too."

Misao doubted him, until she saw the look in his eyes. Those eyes were enough to make her Icy heart melt.

Heart of Ice


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