Leia Organa, Jedi Knight
By: Julie the Tall Terror
Timeframe: ESB
Focus: Leia, Luke, Han, Yoda and Vader (notice I didn't say Anakin)
Summary: What would change and what would not if Yoda trained Leia?

I'm taking a leap from my usual prequel AU stories. Many people have said that they'd love to read a story where Leia became a Jedi. I've seen a few stories start it, but then the author gets writers block and it is never finished! :( So,I'm going to take my own shot at it - and yes there will be a happy ending (it's the middle you have to worry about).


Leia crouched on the ground and shifted a box. It was about as steady as it would get on the uneven swamp floor. She sighed dejectedly. All of her attempts of contact the Alliance cruiser in orbit had been met with static.

"This is the last time I run errands for Luke," she told Threepio.

She shook her head and looked back at her half-submerged shuttle. "How did he talk me into this anyway?"

"If I may say, your Highness," Threepio began, "he argued that as a starfighter pilot, he needed to help protect the fleeing transports. And you said it would be not be inconvenient for you to pick up this Jedi Master for him."

Leia sighed again as the droid babbled on in answer to her rhetorical question. She knew that Threepio might need to translate for her and she could tolerate him for now. It could be worse; she could have come on the Falcon. Han would have hated this.

Leia suddenly sat up straight.

"Princess? I say, are you alright?"

"Yes, I feel..."

"You feel what?" a gravelly voice asked.

"Oh goodness!" Threepio threw up his golden arms in surprise and teetered back and forth on the rough ground.

Leia contained her startled reaction as she had been trained to do and turned slowly around. A wizened creature looked up at her with wide eyes.

"Hello," she said pleasantly, "My name is Leia, I'm pleased to meet you."

The green troll nodded his head slightly, but did not give his name. Leia was not offended. In many places across the galaxy it was the custom of people to not give their name until the stranger had proven worthy, friendly, or acceptable.

"I am wondering, why are you here?" he asked.

"I am searching for a wise person, someone who may have been here for a long time," she carefully tried to describe the Jedi Master she'd never met. It wouldn't do to say she was searching for a Jedi. He was certainly in hiding here and the natives would not know what he was.

As she spoke the small creature hobbled over to her supply cases and began to rummage through them. Leia ignored his behavior. Diplomacy called for tolerance of your hosts' actions. Threepio moaned about the mess the little guy made.

He took a small lamp. "This is mine!"

"You are welcome to it," Leia graciously acted as though she'd offered it as a gift to him.

"Help you I can. Wise one you seek? Yoda perhaps?"

"Yes! That is his name!" Leia smiled.

"Ahaha. Take you to him I can, but first - eat. Come, good food. Come!"

He darted away and Leia rose silently to follow. Threepio whined from the camp. "Mistress, don't leave me!"

"You will be fine Threepio, I'll see you again soon."

The creature's miniature house was a little uncomfortable for Leia to crawl into, but she merely reminded herself of her childhood playhouses. He brought her a steaming bowl of something that tasted revolting, but Leia ate it without a single grimace.

"Thank you for inviting me to your home and offering such a generous meal," Leia bowed her head slightly.

Her host smiled graciously. Now that the meal was done, it was proper to discuss Leia's purpose for being here. She waited for him to begin.

"Why you seek Yoda?"

"My friend is looking for him. But, he needs to help some people right now and asked me to come find Yoda for him."

He amended his question, "Why does your friend seek Yoda?"

Leia began to realize that this person not only knew Yoda, but knew that Yoda was in hiding - and was protecting him from her. Leia's estimation of this little person went up. "He would like to be Yoda's student."

"Ah! Learn to be a Jedi he wishes! Come himself, he should have! Rather teach you, I would."

Leia was speechless and her eyebrows went up in shock. Here was the great Jedi Master Luke had spoken of, right in front of her. It took another second before the rest of what he said sunk in.

"Teach me?"

"My friend, Luke, is the one who needs your instruction," Leia tried to explain. "I have a ship in orbit, I can take you to -"

"Come to me he must."

Leia's face was rather stony, but she couldn't quite bring herself to be rude to a Jedi Master, "Very well, I'll tell him, Yoda. Thank you again for your hospitality."

Leia crawled outside of the hut and irritably brushed the dirt off her trousers. Yoda followed her.

"Be a Jedi you could," he insisted.

Leia paused, "I have responsibilities, I really cannot."

"Do you always quit before you begin?"

Leia grit her teeth and vowed to tell Luke exactly how she felt about this mess he'd dumped on her. Not trusting herself to reply civilly, she stomped back to her camp.

"Threepio!" she called out when she saw lights. It was beginning to grow darker in the swamp.

"Oh, your Highness, I'm so glad you have returned safely. I -"

"Is the Com working now?" she interrupted.

"Intermittently," the droid answered. "The interference is lessening. I estimate another half an hour until we have a clear channel."

"Good," Leia turned to reach for one of the lamps Threepio had set up and almost stepped on Yoda.

"Will you just leave me alone?" Leia finally snapped.

Yoda was unperturbed that he was nearly squashed, "Not even know what a Jedi is, do you?"

Leia wasn't about to admit he was right. "I've seen what Luke can do, and though I never met General Kenobi, I've heard much about his life," she evaded. "If I could do those things, I'm sure I'd know it already."

"So sure you are always right. Arrogant, stubborn, prideful you are!"

"I didn't ask for your opinion," Leia glared down at him.

Yoda cocked his head, "Control your emotions you can. But not well enough."

"I can very well when I want, and right now I don't!" Leia crossed her arms and briefly toyed with the idea of throwing the little guy. However, common sense prevailed. From what she'd seen Luke do, she knew that her chances of getting rid of Yoda were nil. Leia checked her chrono and reminded herself that she just had to tolerate this for a little while longer.

"Good, good," Yoda said suddenly.

Leia blinked in confusion, "What?"

"Angry and insulted you were. Useless such feelings are, you knew, so calmer you became."

Sighing, Leia rubbed her temples. "Yes, well, my father always said that staying angry doesn't solve anything and just gives you a headache."

"Sensible, but not easy," Yoda sat on a tree root. "Humph."

Leia nodded, "Its vital when dealing with sand brained senators and annoying Jedi Masters, it would seem."

Yoda smiled at her for a moment and then grew serious, "Only a Jedi can defeat Vader and the Emperor."

"Mistress Leia!" Threepio exclaimed. "I have a clear signal the captain now. " He stumbled on the swamp floor trying to bring her the comlink.

Leia looked at Yoda gravely and then glanced back at the droid. "Tell the captain to wait for a moment."

"Oh dear," Threepio moaned and began chattering into the link.

Leia's mouth formed a thin line as she thought. "Yoda," she began. "The Alliance needs my leadership. I have an obligation to them, I can't just..." Leia sighed in exasperation.

Yoda sighed as well. He looked so tired and so very old. Leia couldn't help noticing the way he winced as he stood back up. His small hands were so gnarled and stiff that even with both hands he was hardly holding his cane.

Luke had told her that he suspected Yoda was the last Jedi in the galaxy.

"Threepio, tell the captain to send down another shuttle," Leia rubbed her eyes.

"Splendid! I will be so glad to leave this swamp."

"Yes, Threepio," Leia looked back at Yoda again. "Tell him to send extra rations and to take you back with him. I'm going to investigate another method of fighting the Empire."


Luke jerked his X-Wing sharply as he covered the transports fleeing Hoth. He and his squad were keeping the Imperials off as best they could, but he knew they'd have to leave soon as well. Those Star Destroyers were getting closer.

Luke was glad that at least he knew Leia was safe. Her transport had successfully escaped shortly after he'd hit space. He'd seen to it personally.

The fighting was getting worse and Luke frowned when the call for everyone to jump came. Luke knew that Millennium Falcon hadn't been seen and he couldn't leave if Han and Chewie were still down on Hoth.

The last ships were just beginning to jump when Artoo whistled excitedly. The screen in front of Luke displayed the droid's message that he'd picked up the Millennium Falcon. Luke sighed in relief, but then stared. Han was flying insanely between the Star Destroyers. Darting and twisting to avoid a herd of Tie-fighters, Han began to skim one of the Star Destroyers.

"What does he -" Luke murmured, but then stopped. He knew that something was terribly wrong. Instead of following the Alliance transports into hyperspace, Luke moved in to pick the fighters off of the Millennium Falcon.

"Han, what's wrong?" Luke hoped that the Imperials hadn't yet cracked the comlink frequency he chose.

"Hyperdrive," came Han's terse voice. "Chewie's working on it."

Luke understood. They just needed a little time. Then to Luke's astonishment, the Destroyers ceased firing and the Ties began to ignore Han. They were coming after Luke's X-Wing and tried to herd him towards the nearest Destroyer.

"Kid," Han spoke again. "I think they are -"

"I know," Luke answered. The Ties were only aiming to disable his X-Wing and most weren't even firing anymore. They were trying to force him in the Destroyer's tractor beam range. "Get going, Han! The other side of Hoth, or something! I'll lead them away."

Han and Chewbacca sped into a nearby asteroid field un-noticed while Luke drew the Imperials in the opposite direction. Once he was sure they were intent only on him, Luke made a short hyperspace hop and waited.

After he couldn't stand to remain any longer, Luke jumped back into the Hoth system. He knew that if the Imperials didn't fall for the trick, they'd still be there ready to grab him --or worse, with the Millennium Falcon either caught or destroyed.

But the space was clear and Luke smiled. Han's ship was limping out of the asteroids.

"That's one I owe you, Kid."

Luke smiled and shook his head as Han's voice and Chewbacca's gleeful howls came scratchily over the com. Since destroying the Death Star, Luke had become somewhat accustomed to being a hero. However, coming from Han it was different. His best friend rarely gave out praise of any kind.

"You and Chewie would have found a way to escape those Star Destroyers and -"

Han interrupted Luke's protest, "Maybe, maybe not. At the very best, my ship would have been smashed up badly. You saved our necks out there. I mean it, Luke."

Luke didn't often hear Han say his name. Usually, he was called the Kid or something equally juvenile. Much like the way Luke had imagined an older brother would be like. Han only called him Luke when something was very serious and it took a lot to qualify as serious for Han.

"Chewie says the hyperdrive is a mess," Han continued.

"Can you fix it?" Luke asked.

More howls came over the com. "No," Han translated. "Some parts melted in a small fire."

Han and Luke listened as Chewie began to explain in loud detail about what was wrong with the hyperdrive and just how he felt about it.

"Okay, okay!" Han tried to calm the Wookiee down.

"Should I run ahead and buy some parts for you?" Luke offered.

"No, no," Han said grumpily, not liking that idea. "Hey!" he exclaimed suddenly. "Lando."

Chewie began to yell again, drowning out Luke question of who or what Lando was.

"I've got an ol' buddy, over in the Bespin system," Han said. "Lando Calrissian. A gambler, con artist, scoundrel -"

"A lot like you," Luke couldn't help pointing out.

"Yeah," Han actually agreed. "Except he's really flashy about it."

Luke looked down at the information Han was sending him, "A mining colony," he noted absently. "It is rather far without lightspeed."

"Nah, we can make it," Han said confidently. He could tell that Luke didn't really like this idea. "Lando and I go way back," he reassured him.

"Can you trust him?" Luke asked.

"No. But I know he hates the Empire," Han said and then addressed his co-pilot. "Lay in the course, Chewie."

Luke sighed, the discussion was over.

End part 1