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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Divergence

A Mobile Suit Gundam SEED AU Novella

Written and brought to you,

By William R. Woods
aka "Deathzealot"

With input and ideas from SethMKlein

Chapter BGM is Life Goes On from Gundam SEED Destiny

After-Phase: The Peacekeepers

The Peacekeeper Faction was formed in late July of CE71 at the Mobile Ship Dock known as Mulciber located at L4. The Faction brought together anti-war and moderate factions from the Earth Alliance as well as the PLANTs and ZAFT. Not to mention the remains of the Orb Defense Forces that remained after the disastrous Battle of Orb. Also included are a few other third party forces joined as well wanting to end the war, including the crew of the Mulciber, along them the Serpent Tail Mercenary Group while being hired to protect Lacus Clyne still wanted an end to the war. They all came together for one purpose a quick end to the war and as a moderate third faction in the war. While not as large or powerful as the Alliance and ZAFT it was still has a lot of power with two powerful Archangel Class ships counted along their number. Even then no military group of ships were complete without support ships, while the Junk Guild has been contracted to provide resupply service to the ships of the Faction, none of the warships of the Faction would be able to operate without the support of the Mulciber…

- Taken from Factions of the Bloody Valentine Wars

Main Meeting Hall
Mobile Dock Ship Mulciber aka The Factory
Deep Lagrange Four Zone
July 14, CE71

In the main meeting hall of The Factory the various leaders of the various factions that called The Factory home at that moment met to decide the fate of their combined group and what they where going to do in the months ahead. First there was the leaders of the Orb Remnant with Captain Murrue Ramius, Captain Nadia Links, Colonel Ledonir Kisaka, and their overall leader Lady Cagalli Nara Attha. Then there was the leaders of the Clyne Faction being represented by Commander Andrew Waltfield, Marcus Navarre, Captain Serena Maxwell, Captain Alice Weaver, and their own leader Lacus Clyne. Thirdly the Valkyrie Faction were represented by Captain Natarle Badgriuel, Captain Vince Grant, Lieutenant Commander James Focker, Lieutenant Commander Henrietta Thompson, and the leader of the Faction Admiral Henry Gloval. Also included in the meeting where the commanders of the handful of smaller factions that where part of the larger faction. With Captain Adam Wells representing his own ship and crew, Jose Weaver himself represented the crew and civilians who called The Factory home, Gai Murakumo was representing the Serpent Tail Mercenaries, and finally a few Junk Techs there for the Junk Guild. All together it was a lot of firepower and a little political power as well represented in one room. For the combined group were represented by thirteen ships of various classes not including support ships and over one hundred ten mobile suits of various descriptions, of that number eight where the superior G-Weapon Type Mobile Suits. It was quite a powerful force all wanting the same thing, though of yet not under a single banner for every faction where still kind separate. Hence the idea of meeting like things to get things organized, and other minor things taking care of. Like who should be the leader of the gathered faction, for it would not be a good idea to have all of the various pieces of the combined force run with their own commands there had to be someone in overall command.

"So is everyone agreed that Vice Admiral Henry Gloval shall be our overall leader?" Jose Weaver, running the meeting since it was he was basically hosting the group, asked looking around at the group with a frown, where he receive various nods from the everyone in the room, all but Gloval himself who was shaking his head in disbelieve at this decision for it was the last thing he was expecting.

"Are you all sure about this, for like mentioned I was once part of the Earth Forces and will any Orb or former ZAFT soldier follow my orders?" the man asked looking around at the other heads wondering what they where all thinking. He was in turn surprise when Lacus Clyne herself stood up.

"Admiral Gloval I think I am speaking for many of the former ZAFT personal under me that they would honored to be under your command. For you are one of the few Alliance Officers that they respect above all else. For it was you who and your former ship the Gates which saved several PLANT Transports from pirate attacks, even one attack that was from the Eurasian Federation who happened to be your ally at that time. Not many would have done that Admiral," the young woman said with a soft smile before taking her seat next to her boyfriend Kira Yamato. She had mentioned the several times when Admiral Gloval and his former command the Gates had intercepted various pirate attacks on PLANT bound Transports. Henry looked shocked at this, and was about to say something when Colonel Kisaka stood up.

"Admiral I must say that any Orb soldier would gladly put themselves under your command sir. For it is not every day that an Atlantic Federation Officer would put his ship between a pirate attack and a civilian space colony, but you did sir and earned a lot of respect in the Orb Union for doing that. Beside I think I speak for the Clyne Faction when I say that with you getting command of the Herschel Shipyards before the war started no one under us have any resentment against you for you sat behind a desk for the majority of the since then," the Orb officer said much to Gloval's further shock and looked over at Lacus Clyne who could only nod at Colonel's point. He looked over at the other leaders and saw them nodding in agreement. However he was in turn surprise when Jose Weaver himself stood up and looked over at him.

"Admiral I must say for myself that it would be an honor and a privilege to be once again under your command and I think it is the same with Captain Wells and his crew," the man said with a smile and nodded towards Captain Wells who could only nod in agreement with the engineer. Adam Wells had when Admiral Gloval commanded the Gates all those years ago been his chief tactical officer. Henry had been quite surprised to see his own former command as part of the combined group when he got shown around the large dock when he first arrived. The aged Admiral could only look around at the others with a shocked look on his face, but was shocked for a final time when one of the Junk Techs stood up and looked over at the Admiral.

"Admiral Gloval while my people and I will not see any real combat under your command, I still must say that I quite agree my compatriots here today that you will make an excellent leader of our gathered forces. For you did not really save any of our ships in the past like the others have mentioned, but you still helped us by securing our rights with the Earth Alliance," the man said with a smile on his face and a bow towards the Admiral who could now just shake his head and smile. With a soft sigh he got up and turned to look around the room at the beaming faces around him. Jose Weaver quickly vacated the head seat and sat down next to Captain Wells, actively turning the control of the meeting over to the older man.

"Very well then folks I gladly accept the position, but I must insist that Orb and the Clyne Faction supply my staff with an aide each to help me. Also we must decide which ship shall be my flagship for I can not really command from either the Dominion or the Loki for they are former ships of the Alliance, and not even the Archangel for the same reason," the Admiral said looking around at the others who could only nod in agreement with his suggestion, all of them where secretly glad that they picked the correct person to command them. Lacus Clyne looked over at Commander Waltfield before turning to look over at the Admiral.

"Admiral Gloval I believe the Eternal would be the perfect choice for your flagship, for not only was it built to serve as a support ship but it was to be a Flagship for ZAFT when it was needed. It even has a fully equipped Flag-Bridge built into it," the Pink Princess said after the commander nodded at her. The Admiral could only look at the two of them in surprise before nodding and bowing towards them.

"Thank Milady that is a perfect choice, and not to mention it helps that those Sheppard Class ships of yours are built to escort the Eternal doesn't it," the Admiral said with a smile at the shocked looks on their faces, though Commander Waltfield recovered first and could only laugh in response.

"Very well with that out of the way any of you have suggestions for names of our combined group for we have to have something at least to call ourselves by don't we," he said looking around the room and was surprised as many started to talk at once voicing their opinions on a name before Gloval waved them down.

"Well that was interesting. Lady Lacus why don't you go first since you just remained silent while the others all jumped up with their suggestions for a name?" he asked turning to look Lacus who smiled before standing up.

"The Peacekeepers since we are actively keeping the peace are we not?" the former songstress asked looking around to see the others nodding in agreement with the suggestion for it sounded perfect for such a group like them.

"Very well then we are now the Peacekeepers or for appearance sake the Peacekeeper Faction. Now with that out of the way I need to mention one final thing this maybe the final overall meeting, diplomatic meeting anyways, between us. For we are basically a military formation therefore I expect you all to follow my orders and not to complain about those orders. Granted I know that there are going to be some decisions I can not make by myself but overall I expect my orders to be followed. Is that clear?" he said with a serious look on his face as he looked around the room to see the others nodding in agreement though as expected there were a few who looked a little rebellious over this but the vast majority of the group where nodding in agreement with him. For it made sense to them for they voted to make the man their commander therefore it would be expected that they followed his orders.

"Alright with that out of the way I say our very first line of business as a whole is to start creating a clear chain of command for the Faction overall for we going to need one in place…" Admiral Gloval went on moving the meeting on and with it the birth of the Peacekeeper Faction.

Office of the Supreme Chairman
Aprilius One PLANT
Lagrange Five

In the darkened office of the PLANT's Supreme Chairman the man himself looked over his folded hands at the man standing in front of his desk. This man wore a white uniform of a ZAFT Team Commander and a very lethal air about him.

"Are you sure about this information Commander?" the older man asked with a frown looking down at the opened folder sitting in front of him.

"Yes Chairman my agent is very good and I doubt anyone is this rabble know about him being a ZAFT agent," the Commander replied with an evil grin on his face, one that that Chairman shared before he closed the folder and staring back at the Commander.

"Very well Commander I know you have been assigned lately to Intelligence but I want you to lead the attack on this rabble hiding out in L4 personally," the Chairman ordered handing the man the folder back which went under one arm, before the Commander saluted the Chairman.

"Thank you sir I shall not let you down," the Commander replied before making his way out of the office, however he was stopped by the Chairman's raised hand.

"Please tell Commander Le Creuset on your way out to come in," he ordered making the Commander salute again and finally leave the office. A few moments later another white uniformed man entered the office before saluting the Chairman.

"Commander Le Creuset reporting as ordered Chairman," the masked man known as Rau Le Creuset said looking down at the Chairman.

"Ah Commander, I must say that I am not all that impressed with your latest mistakes therefore I am relieving you of your command and putting young Yzak Joule in command of your team. However you are still useful therefore I am assigning you to a special project," the Chairman ordered with a glare at the masked man who remained impassive at this and only stand there.

"Understood sir I understand," he said another salute to the Chairman and internally cursed wondering why the Chairman was doing this.

"Very well then here is your new orders, I am sure you shall enjoy this little assignment I am giving you," the Chairman said handing over a folder he took from a pile of other similar folders before handing it over to masked commander, who took it and opened it to look. As he did so his eyes widened in surprise before he internally started to cackle in glee. With a snap he closed the folder and saluted the Chairman a final time.

"It will be my honor to accept this assignment sir," the blond haired commander responded with an almost insane grin on his face, one that made even the Chairman question the others sanity.

"Very well you are dismissed Commander," the Chairman waving the man out of his office and with a final salute the masked commander was gone. With a sigh the Chairman picked up another folder before opening it. His work continued on and paper rustling was all you could hear in the office as the Chairman started to look through the various reports on his desk.

Fleet Admiral's Office
Pentagon, Atlantic Federation

In another equally darkened office three men sat around a table looking through a similar report. After a brief few moments they almost as one turned to look over at the skinny and bald man standing in front of the table they sat at.

"This is very good information you brought before us Director, and we shall make use of it. You are dismissed," the center man said before turning to look at his two companion's sitting with him, not even noticing the fourth man rushing out of the office.

"So what exactly should do with this information Director?" the center man asked with a frown waving at the folder he just finished reading. The addressed man simply folded his hands over his own folder before him before looking over at the third man.

"Well Admiral Sutherland's Mobile Attack Group, the three G-Weapons along with them, is not ready for deployment and since we lost Commander Gustav's squadron are options are limited," the man answered waving at the third man, Rear Admiral Sutherland and sighed.

"Yes it is to bad about Gustav he was an excellent and fine officer, not to mention the defection of Gloval and his group is a very big hit to our moral," the first man said a little wistfully, which made the two others scowl for the defection of the Valkyrie Faction was still a sore point with them. Suddenly the second man looked up and grinned evilly before chuckling.

"I do believe I have the prefect man for this job," he said with another chuckle making the other two men look at him in confusion before the first man Fleet Admiral Hudson suddenly look shocked and almost scared before staring at the second man.

"You don't mean…" he said in disbelieve but was cut off as Admiral Sutherland started to laugh as well as he got who was being mentioned.

"Oh yes he would be the prefect choice for this mission," the second man said with another evil chuckle. The Fleet Admiral could only look over at his two companions and shrug before dragging another folder in front of him.

"Anyways moving on should we really form two more Mobile Attack Groups…" the Fleet Admiral said bringing the other two back to the present and back to business as usual for the three men, who where the most powerful men in the Earth Alliance at that moment. Unknown to them a new enemy was about to make itself known to the world at large, shocking not only them but the world in general.

-o-The End-o-


Post Chapter Notes

Well folks that is officially the end of Divergence, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading my little piece writing here. I know I am not one of the best authors on this side and I am quite glad at the reactions I got from this story. I hope everyone returns for the Sequel.

Anyways moving on, I know some are going to be surprised about Admiral Gloval becoming the overall commander of this new Peacekeeper Faction, but I had planned for this since the start of the story. For another thing I never understood why no-one was in overall command of the TSA. Granted I know the three commanders shared overall commander but there was not overall commander in charge of them. It may have worked with the TSA, but with the larger Peacekeeper Faction they need someone to hold command that like mentioned in Phase Eight it had to be someone that both Orb and ZAFT respected. Therefore the reasoning of Admiral Gloval in command.

Also some of you are sure to be shocked that he choose the Eternal as his flagship, but as mentioned I had a few good reasons for him to do it. Besides I always thought the Eternal would make a pretty good flagship. Granted we see it playing that role in the last bit of Destiny.

Before I forget once more I like to direct you to my profile where I have set-up a small section for Reference Links and in this section is links for Line-Art for the now famous Skull Dagger, M1 Astray in Factory Colors, Duel Dagger in Gustav Squadron Colors, and finally Buster Dagger in its Skull Squadron Colors. Enjoy!

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