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Most of my stories are kinda fluffy and nice and I decided to try my hand at something angsty. This is set some time in the near future.

Brennan opened her eyes. She waited as they adjusted to the low light. Beside her she heard the rhythmic breathing of her husband, telling her he was still in deep sleep. They had been partners for four years, dating for a year and had been married for a little more than three months now. She reached for the clock on the bedside table. It was early only six in the morning. Gently she leaned over to ghost a kiss over Booth's forehead before climbing slowly out of bed, careful not to wake him.

She pulled on a pair of sweats and a form-fitting tee shirt. She downed a glass of milk before slipping into her running shoes and heading out the door. Booth wouldn't be happy to know she snuck out without him but she'll probably be back before he woke. Even if he found out, she knew would easily make it up to him.

Brennan loved her morning runs. It was a time to think, and her genius brain loved to think. She stepped out onto the street, sucking in a breath of cold air before breaking into a slow jog. Booth usually accompanied her but they had just closed a difficult long-drawn case, and he was tired. That plus she was pretty sure she had worn him out last night with their love-making.

She smiled at the thought of the new life they had created together that waqs growing inside her. They had just found out a couple of days ago, and she was due for her first doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks. It was still too early to see her OB anyway. Booth had been elated, but they had both decided to keep the joyful news to themselves till after the first doctor's appointment.

Brennan had read up extensively on pregnancy. Booth and her had planned for this even before they got married. She knew that light exercise in the early stages of pregnancy was good, and wouldn't harm the baby and she was in fact planning to continue at the very least with her yoga throughout.

Running was good, it helped her think. And this morning, she had plenty to think about. Her pregnancy, how it would affect her work schedule, her apartment and how it would accommodate their growing family, Thanksgiving which was approaching and her father, Russ and his family and Parker were coming over, the paper she was working on and planning on submitting to the Journal of Forensic Anthropology. Their dishwasher needed fixing, it had been acting up since they got back from their honeymoon, and Booth was still insistent he could fix it although she was sure it was now a lost cause.

She thought so much she hadn't realized but she had jogged her way into the park. It was still early and there were few other people around. She was so preoccupied with thinking and moving her legs that she hardly had a second to register that she had tripped and was now tumbling face forward onto the ground.

Fortunately she instinctively stretched out her hands and cushioned her fall. She was sure Booth would be overly concerned and annoyed when he found out about this. Before she could pick herself up again, she felt hands on her shoulders and heavy breathing down he neck. A chill ran down her spine as a gruff voice spoke.

"Resist and I'll kill you."

Brennan's mind flashed to recent news reports of a serial rapist in DC. Guess he wasn't counting on her knowing karate. She allowed the man to roll her over. She came face-to-face with a man in a ski mask. Before he could react, she had bucked her hips and legs off the ground, using her foot to kick her attacker off her in a practiced move. She clambered to her feet, turning and running as fast as she could.

I can do , this, just keep running, don't look back.

Her eyes scanned frantically for help, anyone nearby but it was too early in the morning and she was in a relatively deserted part of the park, surround by tall trees.

Suddenly she felt herself being tackled from behind, the air being knocked out of her lungs as she fell to the ground again.

Her attacker flipped her round more roughly this time.

"That was a huge mistake."

"Help!" Brennan opened her mouth to scream, and only managed to get that one word out before a cloth was forced so deep into her mouth she started to gag.

"Na-uh." The masked man shook his head and whipped out a switchblade.

"This will be over before you know it, if only you co-operate."

Brennan fisted her hands and started raining blows on the man, but he was much bigger and stronger and he soon pinned her arms above her head.

"I told you to co-operate! Fighting will only make things worse."

He placed a knee on Brennan's abdomen, using his weight to pin her down.

Pain shot through her as she felt the full force of his knee on her mid-section. Her mind worried for the well-being of her unborn child. She watched as he pulled out a nylon string from his pocket, the kind used in fishing lines, and began to bind her wrists together. She realized that he must have done this before as his movements were swift and rehearsed. Just as he finished tying her restraints, he pushed the blade under the hem of her shirt, cutting it open.

Brennan winced and struggled.

"One wrong move and this knife sinks into you."

Fear for her baby made Brennan stop struggling. Then with another stroke he spilt her sweats. The cool morning air hit her and she shivered.

Her attacker chuckled as he slipped the blade under her panties, slicing it open.

No! This can't be happening. Booth is the only man I'm supposed to be with not him!

Her thoughts made her more desperate. The man pocketed the switchblade and Brennan started to squirm. She attempted to scream past her gag but it only made her more breathless from the exertion. She began to cry and sob, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her attacker still kept a knee on her and she was gasping for air now. With every breath she seemed to suck the gag further into her mouth, and deeper down her throat. Brennan felt as if she was suffocating. He vision began to tunnel.

Her mind faintly registered the sound of a zipper being pulled. The man had used his hands to hold her down at her upper arms, his fingers digging into her painfully. She felt his weight lift off her as he removed his knees from her abdomen and used both knees to push her legs open. The ski mask came into full view again.

"So beautiful."

Those were Booth's words for her and his alone for her in their most intimate moments. Hearing them from her attacker and knowing what was coming made her cry even harder.

Brennan tried to scream and kick and resist, all this while feeling her lungs burning. Black spots filled her vision. She tried to squeeze her legs together and fight against her restraints but the lack of oxygen weakened her. He was strong and had done this numerous times before. He kept her legs apart with his knees and thighs. She knew she was going to pass out, suffocating from the gag in her throat.

Am I gonna die? My baby! What about Booth?

She knew that Booth would only blame himself if anything happened to her.

No Booth this isn't your fault, it never was. It isn't your fault!

Brennan's mind registered a stab of sharp pain inside her as she felt the masked man push himself into her. She squirmed and bucked as best as she could.

"Won't hold still huh bitch?"

The last thing Brennan felt before her world faded into blackness was a blow to her head.

Booth woke with a start. The jarring ring of the alarm, annoying as usual. He groaned and reached to smack the snooze button on the offending clock before rolling over, expecting to see his wife looking back at him. She had really worn him out last night. Something about being pregnant and increased libido that he had read somewhere flashed across his mind.

Only, it was empty space beside him. He sat up, looking around. His first thought was that maybe the morning sickness had started and she might be in the bathroom. He climbed out of bed, pushing the bathroom door open.


The bathroom was empty. He threw open the bedroom door, only to be confronted with the quiet of the apartment that once was Brennan's but was now home. He checked the clock. Slightly more than an hour to go before they were expected at their respective workplaces. He had a hunch and he checked the shoe rack. Her running shoes were missing.

"Bones, Bones." He muttered. "Not supposed to go running without me, especially since you're pregnant."

He checked the clock again. She should be home any minute now. He would give her a piece of his mind. Booth sighed as he made his way back to their bedroom. Since when did she listen to him anyway?

He showered and changed, getting ready for work. They were gonna be late if she didn't get back soon. They'd just have to have breakfast on the go today. He had an early morning meeting and loathed to be late.

Booth gave it another ten minutes before he decided to call her cell. It wasn't gonna work, he knew she never took it with her when they went on their morning jogs. As expected the sound of his wife's ringing cellphone could be heard in the from the bedroom.

Booth waited another half hour. They were now officially late for work. Heck they were supposed to be at work at that very moment. He started to worry. Did she fall? Faint? Something with the baby? A memory of news reports of a serial rapist made him decide that enough was enough. He grabbed his badge, gun and keys. It wasn't like he didn't know their route. He was going to look for her.

Aye it's gonna be a rocky ride for BB in this story, but things should work out, they always do. Right? Right?