This part is between Carol and Chris. I'm writing this scene as a test scene to see if it should be included in the fic, Carol's Change. This is rated teen and above just to be on the safe side. There is some brief involvement of Maude and Philip, but otherwise it's all Carol and Chris.

Carol let Chris hold her in his arms. She was still quite surprised by the fact he came all the way to Tuckahoe to surprise her.

"Carol, I wanted to see you. It's been a week since I've seen you." They shared an intimate moment, kissing each other. Philip made a gagging noise in disgust, as Maude elbowed him.

"Phillip!" she muttered, "Let's go in the kitchen and leave them be. They probably want to be alone." She dragged her grandson into the kitchen. Walter followed them. Carol went over to the couch, and motioned to Chris.

"Honey, sit down. Please." She patted a spot next to her. He sat down and scooted closer to her and put his arms around her.

"You look great, sweetheart." Chris commented. The pregnancy was making her glow; she looked quite beautiful, her hair done into a swept look, and a beautiful maternity dress to show off the small bump.

"Thanks, Chris." She beamed. "So what gender do you think the baby will be?"

He smiled, and patted the small swell gently. "I'm betting it will be a girl. Has to be a girl." Carol took his hand and placed it on her stomach.

"I hope so too. One boy is enough for me." Carol looked around, checking for any sign of people, particularly her mother snooping. There was no one she could see, so she sighed in relief.

"Had to make sure Mother wasn't listening in. She tends to do that a lot. I don't want her knowing about what we're going to discuss, well, at least not yet." Chris nodded.

"I looked at homes in the area. There were a few nice ones that I thought would be perfect for us." Carol smiled.

"It was a perfect idea, moving from Denver. With you having to travel here a lot, it might help being closer to your work. I put in for a transfer at my job back to where I worked when I lived with Mother. The boss there understands of the situation. I will be able to take maternity leave for a month or two, then return after the baby is born." Chris embraced her.

"That's good." He leaned in to kiss her, holding her close. Parting they looked at each other, smiling.