I should really do my history work now.

Bossman is Tony and Pepperpot is Pepper. Enjoy! (and then review!) I may turn this into a mini series, depends on reviews. I know it isn't clear, but Tony is in his office at Stark Industries and Pepper is in hers. I know in the film there isn't a glass door between the two, but I'm using creative licence. I'm also not sure if Pepper actually has an office and if she does if it's connected to Tony's but never mind.

Disclaimer- I take them apart and play with them, but I don't own them.

Bossman has just logged in

Bossman- Pepper you there??



Pepperpot- Yes I'm here!

Bossman- You were asleep.

Pepperpot- No I wasn't.

Bossman- Yes you were.

Pepperpot- Was not, and anyway, did you go to that meeting?

Bossman- What meeting??

Pepperpot- Tony…

Bossman- Just kidding, yes I went and yes it was very boring. And you were asleep because I can see you through the door and you have panda eyes you naughty girl.

Pepperpot- I wasn't asleep, and if I was then it's your fault for working me too hard.


Pepperpot- Only you would think that was rude!!

Bossman- :)

Pepperpot- You hate smiley's.

Bossman- Yes I do, but you're not looking at me so I can't smile at you.

Pepperpot- You do realise how sad this is don't you?

Bossman- Talking to each other on the computer when we're in opposite rooms and can probably lip read through the conveniently placed glass door that allows one of us to see when the other is asleep?

Pepperpot- I wasn't asleep. And yes.

Bossman- :)

Damn these smileys!!!

Pepperpot- You're the one putting them.

Bossman- Only 'cause you won't look at me.

Pepperpot- I'm professional.

Bossman- Sleeping in the office is hardly professional Pepper; this is why apartments were invented.

Pepperpot- As opposed to Malibu mansions?? And I WASN'T ASLEEP!!

Bossman- Yelling at and lying to your boss also isn't professional.

Neither is smirking.

Pepperpot- I didn't smirk.

Bossman- Yes you did.

Pepperpot- No I didn't.

Bossman- Glass door remember Peps.

Pepperpot has logged off

Bossman- Your professionalism amazes me.